Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3696, A Turn of Events


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Li Wu Yi’s expression changed as he yelled, “Stop them!”


In an instant, countless Humans shot into the sky as the lights of their Secret Techniques and artifacts engulfed the beam of red light.


However, they were unable to stop it. The red light only twisted for a bit to dodge the attacks and broke the siege before it became a small dot in the distance.


Of all the Demon clans, Shadow Demons were best at concealment; however, when it came to fleeing, Blood Demons were unrivalled. Their escape techniques were peerless in this world.


Li Wu Yi’s expression turned livid as more than twenty Demons had fled. The number might seem small, but those were all Half-Saints. If they hid in the Star Boundary and created trouble, the world would descend into a reign of terror. Nevertheless, no one was able to stop them now.


There were many Pseudo-Great Emperors in the Star Boundary as well, but after days of intense battles, they were all exhausted. Regardless of whether they were able to chase after them, it would be pointless even if they decided to do so.


“I’ll go!” Yang Kai offered and moved forward.


Seeing that, Li Wu Yi hurriedly clenched the young man’s shoulder and shook his head, “There’s no need.”


Yang Kai asked, “Are we just going to let them flee?” The situation was in their favour. If they didn’t kill the Half-Saints now, many problems would ensue.


Li Wu Yi explained, “What can you do even if you run after them on your own?” He grimaced and pointed at the battlefield, “We have to settle the problem here first.”


Yang Kai knew that Li Wu Yi was right, but he still felt unresigned to let so many Half-Saints go.


Knowing what was on his mind, Li Wu Yi persuaded him by saying, “It won’t be too late to hunt them down when we’re done here. They’re all Half-Saints. It won’t matter if they remain hidden forever, but if they dare to show up, their whereabouts will be immediately exposed.”


Yang Kai nodded and said with a doubt, “Why did they flee so decisively though?” Even though the Two Worlds’ Passage had been sealed off, the Demons were still able to fight back. If the battle dragged on, those from the Star Boundary would have to pay a hefty price even if they could win the battle eventually. However, the Half-Saints decided to flee when things went south, leaving millions of Demons behind, as though they had already made such a decision before coming to this place.


Without the Half-Saints, the Demons, who were already on the losing side, were unable to even put up a fight against the Human cultivators anymore. It could be said that even though the fact that the Half-Saints had fled had created a potential trouble for the Star Boundary, it had actually helped with the present war.


It was indeed a big sacrifice to make if that was how they decided to save themselves.


Furthermore, what Li Wu Yi had said wasn’t unfounded. Demons were constantly surrounded by Demon Qi, which was a conspicuous feature. It wouldn’t have mattered if they remained hidden, but once they showed up, Masters from the Star Boundary would swiftly move to besiege them, so it wasn’t really a big deal to let them go for now.


While he was pondering on the Demons’ true intention though, Li Wu Yi suddenly frowned, “This is bad.”


A shocked Yang Kai followed his gaze, only to see Demon Qi surging on the battlefield. Countless Demons seemed to have gone mad as they attacked all the living creatures around them.


Their targets were not limited to Human cultivators as they had even started harming their own companions.


Whether they were common Demon soldiers, Demon Generals, Demon Great Generals, or even Demon Kings, in just a short moment, their eyes had gone completely bloodshot. They didn’t seem to recognise their companions anymore as all they did was kill.


The Demons, who were already on the losing side, became even weaker. Even though the Half-Saints had left, the remaining Demons were still a force to be reckoned with; however, they seemed to have gone insane as they started killing one another. Li Wu Yi and Yang Kai were dumbfounded upon seeing this, not to mention the Human soldiers who were still battling against the Demons.


In just a few breaths’ time, countless Demons had lost their lives.


Li Wu Yi and Yang Kai traded glances as they saw the shock and puzzlement behind one another’s gazes. However, it wasn’t the right time to ponder on the root of the problem. Li Wu Yi immediately began passing down orders through his flag.


Yang Kai also moved and returned to the Sixty-First Army.


“Sir, what’s going on?” Yao Si asked anxiously. He had seen what was going on, so he was baffled as well.


“I don’t know. We need to withdraw for now,” Yang Kai looked around and found the spot with the smallest concentration of Demons before leading his army to charge forward in that direction.


As they killed more Demons along the way, they were drenched in blood, and their murderous intent seemed able to fill the sky.


The Sixty-First Army and all other armies saw Li Wu Yi’s flag and started retreating.


On the battlefield, all fifty-five armies turned into crushing tidal waves that washed over and destroyed any Demons that barred their path, soon breaking free from the engagement.


The armies consecutively left the battlefield, with Li Wu Yi’s First Army being the last one to retreat.


Turning around, they realised that the slaughter on the battlefield hadn’t stopped. The only difference was that there were only Demons left on the battlefield.


As the midnight breeze whisked across them, the Star Boundary forces felt chills running down their spines.


“W-What is going on?” Xie Wu Wei muttered.


No one knew what was happening as Yang Kai couldn’t provide an answer either. No one could have expected such a turn of events. The Coiling Dragon Grand Formation had been disbanded as Li Wu Yi, from the First Army, was puzzled as well.


None of them was prepared to welcome such a sudden victory, and it was because of this suddenness that they felt uneasy.


If things kept up, the Demons would eventually kill themselves off. After giving it a thought, Yang Kai turned to look at Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo.


The two Demons were perplexed as to why Yang Kai was staring at them and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“Are both of you fine?” Yang Kai asked.


Yang Kai wanted to ask them why the other Demons had gone mad, but the two Half-Saints shook their heads, and even the Embodiment didn’t show any signs of anomaly.


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai raised his hand and summoned two people.


The second region had been separated from the Small Sealed World and became a Star in the Lower Star Field, but many Demons still lived in the third region. Bo Ya, Huo Lun, and Mo Sheng were among them. Bo Ya had been following Yang Kai for a long time now, while Huo Lun was forcefully stuffed into the Small Sealed World by him as his first test subject. As for Mo Sheng, there were no problems with his background, but Yang Kai had a feeling that something was off with this man. So, when he released the Demon Kings and Half-Saints from the Small Sealed World in the past, he kept Mo Sheng inside and told Bo Ya to keep watch on him.


Now, Yang Kai had summoned Bo Ya and Huo Lun to test his theory.


After the pair appeared, they became confused for a moment before they saluted Yang Kai. Before Yang Kai could ask anything, however, Bo Ya suddenly grunted in pain as her face contorted. Huo Lun was in an even worse situation as his eyes had turned bloodshot. With Demon Qi roiling around him, he directly tried to land a palm on Bo Ya.


Yang Kai was well prepared though so he stopped him before he could hurt Bo Ya. He single-handedly clenched Huo Lun and pushed his Demon Qi to seal off the latter’s cultivation.


Huo Lun seemed oblivious to the fact that he had been captured by Yang Kai as his expression remained hideous and ferocious. It was as though he was determined to bite off a piece of Yang Kai’s flesh.


Everyone was stunned, while Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya stared at Huo Lun with solemn expressions.


“S-Sir!” Bo Ya bit her lip until it started bleeding. She seemed to be in pain as though she was resisting something. Both of them were also Mid-Rank Demon Kings, but Huo Lun was clearly much weaker, so he had succumbed to madness quicker. Even though Bo Ya could still resist, clearly it wouldn’t be long before she was driven insane as well as her eyes had already started reddening.


Seeing that, Yang Kai finally realised what had happened. Pushing his Divine Sense, he put both of them inside the Small Sealed World.


After that, the redness in Bo Ya’s eyes started fading as she came to her senses; however, her clothes were already soaked in sweat, sticking close to her luscious figure. Appearing rather lethargic, Bo Ya was panting heavily as though she had just gone through an intense battle.


It was the same case for Huo Lun. His eyes stopped appearing red, and seeing Bo Ya kneeling on the ground and panting, he asked in puzzlement, “What just happened?”


He couldn’t remember anything he had done.


Bo Ya ignored him because Yang Kai’s voice was ringing in her ear. He was asking about what had happened, and after giving it a thought, Bo Ya replied in a weakened voice, “Just now, I heard a voice speaking directly into my head, and then I couldn’t control myself anymore. If I stayed there any longer…” 


She would have lost her mind and become unable to recognise her friends and family anymore, just like Huo Lun. At the thought of this, she shuddered because nothing was more terrifying than losing control of one’s body and mind. It would be like becoming a puppet without free will, a fate worse than death.


“What kind of voice was it?” Yang Kai asked.


Bo Ya shook her head as she had no idea. Yang Kai asked a few more questions, but he had to give up in the end.


Outside the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai told the two Half-Saints what he had just discovered, and upon hearing his explanation, Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya turned pale at the same time.


Bai Zhuo concluded, “So, this sudden turn of events was caused by someone.”


Bo Ya could hear a voice speaking in her mind, then her temperament started changing. It was obviously someone’s doing; however, who could be powerful enough to influence so many Demons all at once?


The reason he and Bai Ya were unaffected was because their cultivation was strong. Below Half-Saints though, even Demon Kings couldn’t resist the power of the voice.


That was the reason Bo Ya and Huo Lun were immediately affected after they were released from the Small Sealed World.


“Can the Demon Saints do such a thing?” Yang Kai turned to look at them and asked.


Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya traded glances and fell silent for a moment. Then, Bai Zhuo replied, “All Holy Venerables possess their own Divine Abilities, and we’re not able to speculate how powerful they truly are.” 


He didn’t really answer Yang Kai’s question as, apparently, they couldn’t be sure which Demon Saint was behind this; however, it shouldn’t have been possible because all ten Demon Saints had fled together not long after they appeared some time ago. If they had left behind any tricks, there was no way the Great Emperors wouldn’t have noticed.


Even though they had no idea what the Demon Saints were up to, they had figured out why the Demons had gone mad at the very least. Just when Yang Kai was preparing to inform Li Wu Yi about what had happened, his expression changed as he said, “Damn it!”


“Sir, why do you look anxious?” Yao Si asked.


“Where’s Ru Meng and the others?” Yang Kai turned to look at Su Yan and asked.


All of their expressions changed drastically when they heard what he asked.


Presently, besides the Demons from the Demon Realm and all fifty-five Human armies, there was another vast army in the Western Territory that hadn’t participated in this battle… the soldiers under Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, and Chang Tian’s command!




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