Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3697, Immense Losses


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This army not only included the top cultivators that worked under the three Demon Saints when they were still in the Demon Realm in the past, but also many that the Demon Saints had taken in in recent years.


There were two million people in total in this army; however, since they were all Demons, Li Wu Yi didn’t have confidence in deploying them on this day, so they were told to stay put.


Presently, all the Demons on the battlefield had become insane as they couldn’t even recognise their own companions. Even the two Demon Kings that Yang Kai had summoned from the Small Sealed World were not spared this fate. As such, they wouldn’t dare to imagine what the two million troops had become.


Upon hearing Yang Kai’s question, Su Yan quickly pointed in a particular direction. The next instant, Yang Kai disappeared from the spot as his voice still reverberated around, “Inform Supreme Commander Li about it now!”


A few thousand kilometres away, the base of Yu Ru Meng and the others had become a mess.


When Yang Kai arrived at the place, the two million Demons could be heard howling and screaming. The base had been turned upside down. Countless Demon corpses were scattered everywhere, and the ground had been dyed crimson. All the Demons, whose eyes had reddened, had gone mad as they ragingly destroyed everything around them.


Seeing that, Yang Kai secretly heaved a sigh as these Demons were not spared the calamity.


Amidst the chaos, about thirty figures had gathered together as they hovered in the sky. All of them were dumbfounded, and their gazes were filled with puzzlement and sorrow. They were all Half-Saints.


Some of these Half-Saints had been working under Yu Ru Meng and the other two Demon Saints, while some of them were abducted by Yang Kai when he was devouring Flame Demon Saint Chi Yan’s territories. These Half-Saints were loyal to Chi Yan, but they were now in the hands of Yu Ru Meng and the others. Certainly, they had many ways to make sure that these Half-Saints wouldn’t betray them.


At this moment, just like Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya, these Half-Saints were not affected one bit; however, they were dumbstruck by what had happened to the army.


Unless they killed all two million people, they were unable to stop so many people going mad at the same time. Nevertheless, could they kill them all? They wouldn’t even know how to explain themselves when the Demon Saints returned.


On the other hand, there were about a hundred people who had sat down with their legs crossed, Demon Qi roiling around them. These Demons seemed to be shaking violently and as Yang Kai scanned them with his Divine Sense, he realised that they were all High-Rank Demon Kings.


Obviously, they had been affected as well. Nonetheless, they had strong cultivation, so they hadn’t lost their minds yet as they resisted the influence with difficulty. However, judging from the state they were in, Yang Kai reckoned that they couldn’t persevere much longer. If this dragged on, it was just a matter of time before they became insane.


Following that, he moved and appeared above those High-Rank Demon Kings as he bellowed, “Don’t resist!”


As he aimed his palm at them, his Divine Sense engulfed all the High-Rank Demon Kings like a tidal wave. When he retracted his hand, all these Demon Kings, who were resisting the madness with difficulty earlier, had disappeared as they had been put inside the Small Sealed World.


“Sir!” The Lotus Sisters flew over and pleaded with him as though he was their last hope, “Sir, please save them! We don’t know why they’ve become like this all of a sudden!”


Yang Kai nodded and didn’t waste any time, “I’ve come over for this reason.”


After he finished speaking, he raised his hands as several dozen beams of light shot toward the Half-Saints. Every one of them had exactly one. Upon grabbing them, the Half-Saints realised that they were just longan-sized beads with no energy fluctuations. Not knowing what these were for, they gazed at Yang Kai in puzzlement.


“I’m sure all of you know about my Sealed World Bead. These beads are similar artifacts. They can keep living creatures inside of them, and they can be used even without refining them. Move quickly and save as many of them as you can!”


Upon hearing that, the Half-Saints were elated as they clenched their World Beads.


Yang Kai also dashed towards the Demons and surged his Divine Sense. Wherever he went, a large number of Demons would disappear as they were thrown into the Small Sealed World.


There were some particulars Yang Kai had to adhere to if he wanted to move living creatures inside the Sealed World Bead. If the other party didn’t resist, it wouldn’t take him much effort as he just had to open up the World Barrier and send them inside. If the other party wasn’t cooperative, however, he had to expend a lot more energy. Depending on how powerful the other party was, the energy that would be needed varied too.


If the target was more powerful than Yang Kai, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about them.


He still remembered when he put the gigantic Embodiment inside the Small Sealed World the first time, causing a complete exhaustion of his Spiritual Energy.


World Beads were imitations of the Sealed World Bead, so the same rule applied. None of the Demons that had gone mad at the scene were more powerful than the Half-Saints, so they could easily utilise the World Beads in their hands.


On the other hand, Yang Kai’s Soul cultivation was much greater than the average Half-Saint’s, so even if those Demons were not cooperative, it wouldn’t slow down Yang Kai in keeping them inside the Small Sealed World one bit.


With Yang Kai leading the way, the Half-Saints dispersed around the battlefield. Using the beads in their hands, they hurriedly put the insane Demons away.


A moment later, Yang Kai had the Sealed World Bead assume its Gun-Gun form. Its gigantic figure covered the entire sky, and as it opened its hideous mouth, it devoured many Demons with just one bite.


However, they were in the Star Boundary, so Yang Kai didn’t dare to let Gun-Gun devour everything as it pleased. If Gun-Gun gobbled up any part of the world, he would become an eternal sinner to the Star Boundary. Therefore, despite Gun Gun’s appearance, the problem in front of Yang Kai couldn’t be solved quickly.


Furthermore, all two million Demons had begun to scatter, so it was difficult to swiftly put them all inside the Small Sealed World.


The Half-Saints were anxious as they diligently carried out their tasks. They knew that for every clansman they put away, more lives were saved; however, their energy wasn’t inexhaustible. Despite the fact that they were Half-Saints, they had to expend an unimaginable amount of energy to take in the Demons when they were resisting.


Soon, all the Half-Saints turned pale as they had expended too much Spiritual Energy. Nevertheless, they had only managed to save about half of the Demons on the battlefield.


Fortunately, at this point, Li Wu Yi had arrived with many of the Army Commanders behind him.


Upon learning what had happened in the Sixty-First Army’s base and that Yang Kai had come over to this place, he immediately realised what was happening. Swiftly, he gave the order for the armies to stay put while the Army Commanders followed him.


When they arrived at this place, they happened to see that the Half-Saints had all turned pale.


Upon Yang Kai’s explanation about the current situation, Li Wu Yi picked out more than thirty Army Commanders who had stronger Soul cultivation to replace the Half-Saints to continue putting people into the World Beads.


After a long day, they finally managed to store all the Demons that were still alive and heaved a sigh of relief. Hovering in the sky, Yang Kai looked down at the mountain of corpses and rivers of blood and sighed.


They hadn’t done a count yet, but after the incident, at least five hundred thousand out of two million Demons here had surely lost their lives. Basically, twenty-five percent of their forces were gone. This kind of loss was unfathomable and ineffable.


Yang Kai was busy just now, so it wasn’t until this moment that he was free to find out what had been going on inside the Small Sealed World.


Upon realising that the Demons, who had just been put inside the Small Sealed World, had regained their senses and stopped attacking one another, he was able to set his mind at ease. He reckoned that the situations in the World Beads must be the same as that in the Small Sealed World.


At that instant, he was torn between tears and laughter as he had never expected that the World Beads that he had spent so much effort to refine would become useful so soon, and in such a way.


“Sir.” The Lotus Sisters flew over as they adjusted their breathing. Even though they hadn’t fully restored themselves, they no longer looked pale, “Where is Sir and the two Holy Venerables?”


Yang Kai replied, “All ten Demon Saints have arrived, so they’ve gone to pursue them.”


The Lotus Sisters were shocked upon hearing this and asked, “Sir, do you know what happened just now?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t know what exactly happened. A Demon King told me that she suddenly heard a voice in her head, then she started losing her rationality.”


The expressions of the sisters changed again as they traded glances. They found it inconceivable because they hadn’t heard any voice. Nevertheless, they knew that Yang Kai wouldn’t lie to them.


“We have to look into the matter before coming to any conclusions. I’ll ask the Holy Venerables about it when they return.”


The Lotus Sisters nodded as all they could do was wait.


Seeing as Li Wu Yi beckoned to him, Yang Kai flew over.


Li Wu Yi narrowed his eyes at the Army Commanders as he spoke, “Why are you holding on to the beads? Return them to Yang Kai now. He has to transfer the Demons that have just been put inside.”


All of the Army Commanders traded glances as they didn’t seem to have the intention of giving the beads back. Some of them grinned at Li Wu Yi while some of them looked fervently at Yang Kai.


They had just had a taste of the wonders of the World Beads, so they were not willing to return them to Yang Kai. Obviously, they wished they could keep the beads forever.


Knowing what was on their minds, Yang Kai smiled helplessly, “I was short on time, so I haven’t managed to create adequate beads. When I’m free, I’ll make more so that every army will have one.”


However, all of them remained unmoving. Since there were not enough beads, it meant that some of them would have to give up the beads for now. All of them wanted to be the first ones to get their hands on the beads.


“All of you are grown men and women! Masters who have lived for thousands of years! Do you have no shame at all!?” Li Wu Yi scolded fiercely.


Seeing that, the Army Commanders reluctantly passed the World Beads back to Yang Kai.


Every World Bead contained a lot of Demons, so it took Yang Kai quite some time to transfer all of them to the Small Sealed World. Eventually, these World Beads would be given to the Army Commanders, so no Demons could remain behind.


When it was Bing Yun’s turn, Yang Kai saw her smiling faintly at him. After a cough, he transferred all the Demons to his Small Sealed World and immediately passed the bead back to her, “Senior, I’ll present this to you as a gift of gratitude on Su Yan’s behalf.”


Bing Yun said, “I don’t think it’s appropriate…” 


Despite what she had said, she had already taken the bead without feeling bashful.


“There’s nothing inappropriate,” Yang Kai shook his head repeatedly.


“Brat, don’t forget about your Seniors!” Wen Zi Shan passed the bead back to Yang Kai, but he wouldn’t retract his hand as he winked at the young man.


A helpless Yang Kai heaved a sigh, “Temple Master, please take this bead as my tribute to the Temple.”


Wen Zi Shan guffawed, “En, a promising young man indeed!”




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