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Martial Peak – Chapter 3699, Missing

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Right after the Iron Blood War Banner swept away the residents of Profound Frost City, Zhan Wu Hen made his move.


He didn’t seem to have moved a muscle, but the next instant, he appeared in front of Huang Wu Ji. At the same time, he pushed out a fist that was powerful enough to shatter the world.


A glint flashed across Huang Wu Ji’s eyes as he pulled his arms closer and sandwiched Zhan Wu Hen’s fist with his palms, resulting in a deafening boom.


Their Demon Qi and Emperor Qi surged as two eruptions of light, one red and one black, struggled in the sky like two Stars clashing with one another. With their location as the centre, space around them shattered like a mirror breaking into pieces.


Huang Wu Ji’s expression was fierce. It seemed that he had expended all his energy to parry Zhan Wu Hen’s attack, but oddly, instead of panicking, he was laughing instead, “Many thanks!”


Zhan Wu Hen remained unfazed. Despite knowing the consequences of his attack, he still had to push out a fist. He wanted to retract his fist, but Huang Wu Ji wouldn’t give him that chance and tightened his grip.


An unperturbed Zhan Wu Hen pushed his Emperor Qi as the force of his fist gushed forward like three rounds of tidal waves, which became increasingly violent. Huang Wu Ji used his own Secret Technique to neutralise the force as his Demon Qi weltered around him; however, he was already in a passive situation from having to grasp Zhan Wu Hen’s fist, and they were in the Star Boundary, so how was he supposed to resist?


A moment later, blood started leaking from Huang Wu Ji’s mouth, but he remained unfazed and only laughed louder.


All of a sudden, a Flood Dragon made from an enormous amount of Demon Qi flew over from the horizon, as if it was leaping across space. The Demon Qi, which was as black as night, soon dyed a particular spot in the sky dark.


The dark spot was the same as the one that had appeared on the battlefield in the Western Territory, where the two Great Worlds had been connected.


It wasn’t until this moment that Zhan Wu Hen realised what the Demon Saints were up to. The battle in the Western Territory was just a feint. The Demon Saints’ real intention was to permanently establish a connection between the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm.


However, he was puzzled by one question. Previously, it was because of some special reasons that Can Ye was able to use his body as a bridge to connect the two worlds.


So how did Huang Wu Ji manage to achieve this? He was a Demon Saint who had nothing to do with the Star Boundary. The battle between them had indeed destabilised the surrounding space and weakened the World Barrier, but it was unlikely that the barrier would be broken from just that. How did he even establish the connection?


Was there some kind of powerful force in the Demon Realm that could coordinate with him? Otherwise, how had he managed to do that? 


Furthermore, where was the origin of the Demon Qi that came over from the horizon? The situations the other nine Demon Saints were in must be similar to the one between Huang Wu Ji and him, but how was that possible?


Previously, there was only one Two Worlds’ Passage in the Western Territory, so the Star Boundary was able to gather together and stop the Demons from invading their homeland. If ten such passageways appeared in the Star Boundary though, how were they supposed to stop the Demons?


Zhan Wu Hen didn’t have the time to ponder on the issue as he knew that if he couldn’t defeat Huang Wu Ji quickly, a calamity would befall the Star Boundary. Enraged, Iron Blood’s strength surged even more than before.


Presently, blood was still streaming out of Huang Wu Ji’s mouth, but the smile on his face had become even more savage.


The new dark spot was only tens of metres wide, but the aura of another world could be felt coming from the other end of the dark spot. Zhan Wu Hen had been to the Demon Realm, so he could immediately recognise that it was that realm’s aura.


The two worlds had been connected!


The next instant, Zhan Wu Hen, who had always remained unperturbed, suddenly turned pale. Looking up, he realised that an unimaginable amount of Demon Qi was streaming out of the dark spot in a continuous manner.


The Demon Qi that came from afar was already fairly intense, but it had only managed to open up a passage that was a couple dozen metres wide. However, the Demon Qi that was erupting from the passage was significantly stronger.


The Demon Qi was just like a nutrient, and the more of it that flowed through, the wider the passage became.


After just ten breaths, the passage had expanded to a thousand metres wide; furthermore, the speed at which it was expanding didn’t seem to be slowing down.


Looking from afar, the sky seemed to have been covered in dark clouds, like a piece of paper that had black ink dropped on it. The Principles of both worlds converged and integrated in the dark spot as though a large area had turned into a Demon land.


Just then, Zhan Wu Hen shouted, “Release!”


Muscles started bulging on his arms and with the help of the World Principles, he was able to push his fist forward despite it being still clenched by Huang Wu Ji, and struck the other party’s chest.


The sounds of bones cracking were heard at that moment. Even though Huang Wu Ji was the strongest Demon Saint in the Demon Realm, it was expected that he would be injured as he was in a situation where he couldn’t proactively attack.


After getting struck by Zhan Wu Hen’s fist, he became severely injured. 


However, Huang Wu Ji just wouldn’t relax his grip as his Demon Qi surged and engulfed Zhan Wu Hen, as though he was determined to perish together with him. At the same time, he said with a grin, “Iron Blood Great Emperor lives up to his reputation! This Huang’s eyes have been opened today!”


Just then, a terrifying pressure descended from the sky. It was so powerful that even Zhan Wu Hen turned pale for a moment. With a horrified look, he turned to stare at Huang Wu Ji, only to see that the latter’s mouth was drenched in blood.


With a wicked smile, Huang Wu Ji announced, “It’s coming.”


What he had said sounded absurd, but after he finished speaking, a humongous hand descended from the dark spot and reached for them, who were in a deadlock. The speed at which the hand was descending seemed slow, but following its movement, the world seemed to be on the brink of falling apart, and the pressure on Zhan Wu Hen’s shoulders became as heavy as a mountain.


He wanted to flee from this place, but Huang Wu Ji wouldn’t give him that chance. Huang Wu Ji seemed determined to lock down the Great Emperor no matter the cost.


It felt like a short moment, but it also felt like a few years had passed. When the gigantic hand reached them, all the Demon Qi dispersed in an instant, and the Demon land expanded by several hundred kilometres. On the other hand, Zhan Wu Hen and Huang Wu Ji, who were locked in a stalemate, disappeared at the same time.


The same thing happened in nine other places in the Star Boundary.


Thirteen Demon Saints and seven Great Emperors had gone missing. 


Under the azure blue sky, ten Demon lands appeared in the Star Boundary.


Violent Demon Qi was pouring forth from the Demon Realm, and the speed at which the Demon lands were expanding was rapid. It wasn’t until a quarter hour later that the expansion slowly halted.


Groups of Demon soldiers crossed over at that moment and appeared on the Demon lands in an orderly manner. 


A huge calamity had officially befallen the Star Boundary!


On the battlefield in the Western Territory, Yang Kai had turned ashen as cold sweat streamed down his forehead.


Li Wu Yi had never seen him losing his composure in such a way, so he hurriedly asked, “Has anything happened? What did you mean when you mentioned the World Barrier?”


Yang Kai turned to look at him. His pupils had been reduced to the size of a needle. After taking a deep breath, he replied, “Just now, I could feel that the World Barrier had weakened, and then ten places in the barrier broke.”


No Emperor Realm Masters could detect such an occurrence. Not even the Pseudo-Great Emperors could. However, Yang Kai had inherited the World’s Will from Bright Moon Great Emperor, so he was far more sensitive to changes in the Star Boundary.


Upon hearing what Yang Kai said, the Army Commanders broke into commotion.


Li Wu Yi said with a frown, “Maybe the clashes between the Great Emperors and Demon Saints caused the breakages.”


Every move the Great Emperors made would implicate the world, and the Demon Saints were formidable enemies. If the two parties got into an all-out battle, the world itself would crumble around them, so it wasn’t surprising that the World Barrier had been affected.


When the Demons invaded the Star Boundary for the first time more than ten years ago, the Great Emperors didn’t dare to make any rash moves because of this very concern; however, since the Demon Saints had arrived, they had no choice but to battle against them now.


The Army Commanders agreed with Li Wu Yi’s statement.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai was still pale as he stared fixedly at Li Wu Yi, “The Great Emperors’ auras have disappeared.”


The commotion stopped abruptly as everyone fell silent and gazed at Yang Kai in disbelief. Li Wu Yi’s pupils contracted as he asked grimly, “Which Great Emperors are you talking about?”


Yang Kai gulped and replied with difficulty, “All of them.”


“Impossible!” Li Wu Yi shouted. It was indeed impossible for the Great Emperors, the strongest cultivators in this world, to simply disappear. Regardless of how formidable the Demon Saints were, they would only be on par with the Great Emperors at best. Furthermore, the Great Emperors had some natural advantages against the Demon Saints in the Star Boundary, so how was it possible that they had gone missing for no reason?


It might be possible that one to two of them had fallen, but Li Wu Yi would never believe that all the Great Emperors had lost and disappeared.


However, what he had just said was simply an involuntary, instinctual response. He knew that Yang Kai wouldn’t lie to them, and since Yang Kai had said so, he must have sensed something. Recalling that he hadn’t received any reply from Zhan Wu Hen, Li Wu Yi frowned even harder and fished out another Space Beacon before activating it with his Divine Sense.


As Space Principles undulated, his expression darkened. The Space Beacon in his hand was connected to the one held by Martial Beast Great Emperor, Mo Huang. As long as the Great Emperor was still in this world, regardless of where he was, Li Wu Yi could reach him in an instant. The prerequisite was that the Great Emperor wasn’t trapped in some kind of sealed off space or surrounded by an array that isolated space.


Nevertheless, the Space Beacon didn’t seem to react in any way after it was activated. There were only three explanations for this to happen.


The first one was that the Space Beacon in Mo Huang’s possession had been shattered. Nonetheless, it was unlikely that it would happen unless the Great Emperor had passed away.


The second one was that Mo Huang was inside an array that could block off the world, rendering the Space Beacon ineffective. However, which array in this world could stop a Great Emperor from leaving?


Thus, the only possibility left was that Mo Huang wasn’t in this world anymore!


Seeing Li Wu Yi experimenting with his Space Beacons, Yang Kai also fished out a beacon, which was connected to the one held by Yu Ru Meng. As Space Principles undulated, he was unable to reach Yu Ru Meng’s side, just like what had happened to Li Wu Yi.


They traded glances and saw the terror behind each other’s gazes. The Great Emperors had really all gone missing at the same time, which was terrible news for the Star Boundary. Without the Great Emperors, who could possibly stop the Demon Saints?


“Maybe they’ve gone to the Demon Realm?” Li Wu Yi attempted a guess.


Yang Kai nodded his head, “That’s possible, but…” He couldn’t understand why the Great Emperors had disappeared at the same time. Previously, they had pursued the Demon Saints in ten different directions, so theoretically, they would come across different incidents. How did they all end up in the same state all at once?



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