Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3700, One Incident After Another


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Yang Kai said nothing despite having those thoughts in his heart. There was a lot at stake here. If word got out about this matter, it would definitely affect Star Boundary’s morale; therefore, he could only make an assumption in a more positive direction. Unfortunately, the best outcome in this situation would be that the Great Emperors were in the Demon Realm.


“Sir, I’ll head to the Demon Realm to check,” He took the initiative to suggest. He had a Space Beacon in his possession that could allow him to contact Yu Ru Meng. If the missing Great Emperors were all in the Demon Realm, then he would know just by going there.


Li Wu Yi pondered in silence for a while before dismissing the suggestion with a wave of his hand, “There’s no hurry. At the very least, we should figure out what happened to the Great Emperors first before making any plans.”


Yang Kai could only nod at those words. Despite the worried look on his face, the anxiety in his heart had lessened considerably. He had been extremely frightened when he first realized that the auras of all the Great Emperors had vanished in an instant. Now that he had calmed down enough to consider the situation, he realized that it was impossible for the Great Emperors to meet with an accident out of nowhere. They were such powerful Masters that there was no need to worry about their lives being threatened.


The chase between the Great Emperors and the Demon Saints would surely cause a great commotion, so they would only need to investigate a little bit to gain clues about the situation. With Li Wu Yi as the leader, the Army Commanders took out their Space Beacons and sent out many jade slips to inquire about news in all directions of the Star Boundary.


While waiting for news, Yang Kai suddenly felt something and turned to look in a certain direction.


It was one incident after another today it seemed. The second wave was already crashing down before the first wave had settled. First, it was the members of the Demon Race in Star Boundary going berserk, losing their sanity, and slaughtering one another. After that, the World Barrier broke in multiple places and the auras of the Great Emperors vanished. This news had yet to even sink in yet when another incident occurred.


When Yang Kai looked in that direction, he saw a black dot the size of a needlepoint appearing out of nowhere in the sky far, far away. It was as though somebody had dripped a drop of black ink into the void. The ink spread out in all directions and began dying the Star Boundary. The dot had expanded by several times its original size in the blink of an eye. Demon Qi seeped out from that black spot and turned the world into something that was from the Demon Realm, a Demon Land.


Yang Kai’s expression grew solemn. Everybody noticed the change in his expression and followed in the direction of his gaze. In the next moment, all of them paled in unison. Everybody present in this place was among the strongest in terms of cultivation in the Star Boundary, so it was only natural that their eyesight was equally extraordinary. The changes occurring in the world might be quite a distance away from them, but they could still observe the changes clearly from here.


“The Two Worlds’ Passage?” Fu Ren Jie exclaimed in shock, “How… How can there be another Two Worlds’ Passage there!?”


All this while, everyone believed that the Two Worlds’ Passage only existed in one spot, which was the centre surrounded by the previous Coining Dragon Grand Formation. The place where the two Great Worlds were connected had to be a location where the World Barriers between the two Great Worlds were quite weak, and such places generally rarely existed; hence, Li Wu Yi had set up a Grand Formation, composed of various armies formed in the Star Boundary, and everybody’s attention had been fixed on that particular spot.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai had plunged into the enemy lines, and resealed the Two Worlds’ Passage, laying the foundation for the victory of the Star Boundary’s armies. Although the members of the Demon Race later killed each other off after going mad with bloodlust, the sealing of the Two Worlds’ Passage could be regarded as a true reason for the Star Boundary’s triumph today.


Be that as it may, a second Two Worlds’ Passage had appeared in the distant sky. How could this not shock everyone who saw it?


[Where did this Two Worlds’ Passage come from?] Without waiting for them to understand the situation, Yang Kai took to the skies and flew over in a rush. Regardless of how or why another Two Worlds’ Passage appeared, it would be best if he sealed it as soon as possible.


Li Wu Yi quickly followed the moment Yang Kai made his move. After that, many Army Commanders and even the Demon Race Half-Saints tagged along. The large group of top Masters rushed toward the Demon Land in an instant.


Before Yang Kai could get close though, he narrowed his eyes suddenly only to see a Demon Race army crossing into this world inside the Demon Land. The army came in full strength. Moreover, several powerful auras emanated from among the army.


His brazen charge towards the Demon Land was naturally very eye-catching and dozens of sharp gazes from within the Demon Land turned in his direction. The Demon King in the lead was riding a tall Demon Beast with a sneer on his face, his eyes filled with a bloodthirsty light. With a wave of his hand, the Demon Race army crossing into this world organized itself and prepared for Yang Kai to rush towards his death.


Soon though, the Demon King’s laughter caught in his throat. Yang Kai was followed by a large number of flowing lights, each one giving off an aura that could make one’s scalp go numb, horrifying the lead Demon King. How could he not know that he had crashed right into the tiger’s lair? He squeezed his knees and the Demon Beast he was riding hurriedly turned around with the intention of rushing back through the Two Worlds’ Passage.


Unfortunately, the Demon Race army was pouring out from the other end of the Two Worlds’ Passage at a steady pace, so there was no way he could return, at least not in the short term. In his desperation, he drew upon his Demon Qi and attacked ruthlessly, carving a bloody path through his own men. The Demon Race army around him were shocked as they did not know why their leader had suddenly gone insane.


“Dragon! Transformation!” A shout reverberated through the air, and upon hearing those words, the members of the Demon Race army looked up. A high-pitched Dragon Roar resounded throughout the skies, one so loud that it caused the ground to tremble. Following that, the small figure that was approaching them suddenly expanded and transformed into an enormous creature that slammed straight into the ranks of the Demon Race army.


Like a meteor falling from the sky, the group shook violently from the force when Yang Kai’s 300-metre Half-Dragon Form crashed to the ground. A tremendous force erupted around the spot where he landed and swept out for several kilometres in all directions. The Demon Race army suffered a heavy blow that threw their lines into chaos.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai slowly straightened up his body that was as lofty as a mountain, his pale golden Dragon Eyes overflowing with an infinite majesty. Next, he reached out with a hand and clenched his fist. The Demon King in the lead who had been fleeing for his life felt the space surrounding him tightening. It gave him the impression that he was sinking into a pool of mud, and the harder he struggled, the deeper he sank. In his panic, he let out a roar and turned around to lash out with a Demon Artifact Spear.




Sparks flew as the sound of metal clashing against metal rang out. The spear hit Yang Kai on the back of his claw that was covered in Dragon Scales and left a white mark; however, his large hand had already captured its prey. He was now holding the Demon King tightly in the palm of his hand.


Yang Kai gave a squeeze, and the Demon King let out a blood-curdling scream, accompanied by the sound of his bones breaking. With a surge of Demon Qi, both the Demon King and the Demon Beast he was riding exploded into blood mist.


With Yang Kai’s current strength, it did not take much effort for him to kill a Demon King. He could even match a Pseudo-Great Emperor in a life-or-death fight, so what was a Demon King in comparison?


After squeezing the Demon King to death, he leaned his body backwards slightly, his chest heaving as he took a deep breath. This breath he took felt as though he was sucking all the air out of the world. Amidst the sound of the howling winds, the surrounding members of the Demon Race lost their footing and those with weaker cultivation were pulled in by his sucking force and flew towards Yang Kai.


Just when those members of the Demon Race thought that they were going to be devoured by this monster, Yang Kai released a terrifying roar. The Dragon Roar shook the skies and a scorching flame swept outwards. An area spanning several thousand metres in front of Yang Kai instantly turned into a barren, scorched wasteland.


There were countless Dragon Clan Secret Techniques and each one had its own special characteristics. Be that as it may, Yang Kai especially loved using the Fire Dragon’s Flaming Breath simply because this attack packed an explosive destructive power. Part of the reason might also be that Zhu Qing was a Fire Dragon.


Those from the Demon Race in the area covered by the Dragon Breath were either incinerated or severely injured in an instant.


Before Yang Kai could fire another shot, the Army Commanders behind him arrived. Their numbers were not high, only slightly over thirty in total, but among them, Pseudo-Great Emperors abounded. Even the weakest was in the Third-Order Emperor Realm. Like fierce tigers among a flock of sheep, the thirty or so Masters scattered and began slaughtering their enemies without another word.


On the other hand, the Demon Race Half-Saints stopped some distance away and simply watched without doing anything. Although they had followed Yu Ru Meng and allied themselves with the Star Boundary, they were still part of the Demon Race, so they couldn’t bring themselves to kill their own clansmen. Besides, there was no need for them to participate in this one-sided slaughter.


The army crossing over into this world from the Demon Realm did not have a Half-Saint leading them. Perhaps, there might have been one at the start. Perhaps, that person fled a long time ago upon discovering the dangers. In any case, the strongest among the remaining Demons were but High-Rank Demon Kings. Despite their overwhelming numbers, they were no match for the group of Army Commanders working together.


The army was swiftly and decisively defeated! They had crossed over into this world with great enthusiasm, thinking that they would be reaping a great harvest, but how could they have known that they would stumble straight into the lion’s den instead? A Demon Race army of several hundred thousand was completely routed before they could even leave the newly appeared Demon Land.


The Two Worlds’ Passage was right behind them, and when they saw that the situation was dire, they naturally tried to flee back towards it.


Yang Kai and the others gave pursuit all the way into the Demon Realm, their paths littered with countless corpses. Only then did they sound the gongs and withdraw from the battle.


One hour later, the Army Commanders returned from the Demon Realm to the Demon Land just below the black spot in succession. Yang Kai was the last to return. As soon as he reappeared, Li Wu Yi immediately looked in his direction and asked anxiously, “How was it?”


Yang Kai shook his head in response.


Li Wu Yi frowned deeply, “I’ve tried it too. The Space Beacons aren’t connecting.”


Yang Kai paused for a moment before saying, “The situation in the Demon Realm is special. Each continent is connected by Territory Gates to other continents, but they are all independent of each other. Hence, each continent can be considered a Sealed World in its own right. If the Great Emperors are really in the Demon Realm, it’s not strange that we can’t contact them through Space Beacons as they might simply be on other continents.”


Li Wu Yi nodded, “That’s the only possibility.”


Lifting his head to look at the sky, he continued, “The situation here is somewhat different from the previous Two Worlds’ Passage. Can you seal it?”


If Li Wu Yi could sense the difference, how could Yang Kai fail to notice it? It didn’t seem to be a simple channel connecting between the two Great Worlds anymore. Rather, it felt as though the Great World itself was carrying out an invasion. It was almost like the time when Heng Luo Star Field was being devoured by Grand Desolation Star Field.


“I’ll try!” Yang Kai gently nodded before flying upward and taking a shallow breath. In the next instant, Space Principles fluctuated around him. Two hours later, he flew down again. He was pale-faced and covered in a sheen of sweat. It was obvious that the endeavour had taken a lot out of him.


The black dot in the sky was gone. It had clearly been sealed, but the Demon Land that had been contaminated showed no signs of returning to normal. The Demon Qi permeated the area, and the Demon Essence was very evident. The average cultivator would find it extremely uncomfortable to remain in this place.


Turning to look around, Yang Kai showed an astonished expression, “Where is everyone?”


Li Wu Yi and the others had disappeared from the surrounding area. Even the Army Commanders were gone, and ninety percent of the Half-Saints were nowhere to be seen. Only the Lotus Sisters remained in this place.


Yang Kai had noticed some movement coming from below when he was sealing the new Two Worlds’ Passage just now, but he had been at a critical juncture of the process and could not spare the energy to pay attention to anything else, so he was only discovering this strange situation now.


Hei Lian stepped forward and handed him a jade slip, “Li Wu Yi asked us to give this to you. He said you will understand after seeing it.’


Yang Kai took the jade slip from her with a frown. His Divine Sense surged as he checked out the contents of the jade slip. He had only just begun glancing at the contents, but his expression changed drastically and he exclaimed, “How is this possible!?”




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