Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3702, Relief


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Yang Xiao was obviously aware of the urgency of the matter, so he immediately saluted, “Yes! This child will definitely live up to your trust, Adoptive Father!”


“Go!” Yang Kai waved Yang Xiao away.


“Be careful, Big Brother! Take care of our parents!” Yang Xue warned. Now that the Demon Race had attacked, the only thing she couldn’t help but worry about were her parents’ safety.


Yang Kai smiled and rubbed her head, “Don’t worry. As long as your Big Brother is around, nobody can harm a single hair on our parents’ head.”


She nodded at his words. Only then did she set off with Yang Xiao and Qiong Qi. They were heading towards the hall where the Cross-Territory Space Array was located. Dragon Island was also a Sealed World in itself, so Space Beacons could not connect from the Star Boundary; hence, they could only use the Cross-Territory Space Array to arrive just outside Dragon Island before heading into the island.


After watching the three people leave, Yang Kai finally turned around to look in a certain direction.


In that direction stood Nanmen Da Jun, who was busy leading a group of disciples as they made urgent repairs to the Spirit Array. He was the one who arranged the entire Sect Defending Array of High Heaven Palace, so nobody knew the various secrets of it better than him. Under normal circumstances, he could have completed repairs on the Grand Array by himself without much effort, but although he was not slow when it came to making repairs, his speed was unfortunately not enough to make ends meet with the Demon Race army constantly attacking.


He was currently scolding several disciples that were slightly slower than the others in his anxiety. While he was in the middle of his scolding, he suddenly felt a pat on his shoulder. He was furious, “Who the Hell… P-Palace Master? Palace Master, you’re back!?”


His furious expression turned into one of pleasant surprise. At the same time, he felt the anxiety in his heart receding. Now that Yang Kai was back, the immediate crisis would soon be resolved. After following Yang Kai for so many years, Nanmen Da Jun had inexplicable confidence in his Palace Master.


Yang Kai gazed through the light curtain formed by the Grand Array. Staring forward, his gaze pierced through the void. There was an extremely powerful aura on the other side. It was like a bright light in the darkness of the night, which made it stand out among the many other members of the Demon Race. It was a Half-Saint!


It turned out that there was a Half-Saint leading the Demon Race army that attacked High Heaven Palace.


The Half-Saint sensed somebody spying on him and a powerful Divine Sense subsequently poured out and transformed into a vicious attack that pierced the depths of Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea like waves crashing against the shore.


Yang Kai coldly snorted in response and his Divine Sense surged as the black flames in his Knowledge Sea swirled and turned into a gigantic vortex. At the same time, he opened his defences and took the initiative to welcome the Half-Saint’s Divine Sense that was attacking him.


An invisible and intangible power fell into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, but before it had time to do any damage, it was completely devoured by the vortex.


Several tens of kilometres away, a burly Demon Race Half-Saint riding a tall Demon Beast grunted in response. His body swayed unsteadily on top of his mount, and a look of horror swept over his face.


When he perceived a fairly powerful aura appearing out of nowhere, he wanted to use the other party as an example to demonstrate his strength; therefore, he launched a Soul attack without hesitation. Who could have expected that his Divine Sense would be cut off without warning? Even his mind had been shaken greatly by the encounter as a result.


A look of incredulity appeared on his face. He had clearly sensed that the opponent was no stronger than a High-Rank Demon King, but unexpectedly, this person’s Soul turned out to be much stronger than his own. Something that went against common sense like this left him feeling utterly confused.


Before he could figure out the situation, he felt his vision going blurry for a moment. Then, a figure suddenly stood in front of him. That person stood on the head of his mount, less than a metre away from him, and watched him quietly.


Looking at that face, the Half-Saint couldn’t help thinking that that person looked rather familiar. [He looks like that Yang Kai who caused a huge fuss in the Demon Realm before. But why does he have grey hair now?]


Caught up in his thoughts, the Half-Saint missed Yang Kai forming several hands seals before pushing his palms out towards him. When the palms came at him, the Half-Saint felt as though everything around him became slow. Even his thoughts seemed to have become sluggish. The only thing in the world that moved was that palm in front of him that was rapidly becoming larger and larger.


Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream! 


Yang Kai had only managed to scratch the surface of the Dao of Time, but that did not hinder the power of the Time Flies Seal.


Just as the palm print was about to strike the Half-Saint, he suddenly let out a deafening roar. He roared so loudly that his face flushed beet-red. Forcefully freeing himself from the influence of the Time Flies Seal, his large hand reached out to grab something in the void. A spear appeared in the palm of his hand and with a flick, the spear stabbed toward Yang Kai like a Flood Dragon heading out to sea.


A burst of Demon Qi followed as a loud explosion sounded. Yang Kai grunted and at the same time, his body was sent flying backwards like a paper kite.


He was the one to suffer a loss in the head-to-head confrontation even though he had the advantage of taking the initiative. There was a large gap between their cultivations after all. Even so, Yang Kai had fought against a Half-Saint with the cultivation of a High-Rank Demon King before, so nobody could have done better than him in this situation.


Staggering backward, pale-faced, Yang Kai found himself in quite a predicament.


On the other hand, the Demon Race Half-Saint refused to let up after succeeding once. Straightening his body, he flew off his mount and struck out viciously with his spear. His imposing attacking aura enveloped Yang Kai so much that even the world was sealed off as he grinned savagely and shouted, “Die!”


He didn’t care whether the person in front of him was Yang Kai, who had caused a huge fuss in the Demon Realm or not. As long as he killed this person and brought the corpse back for his clansmen to identify, everything would eventually be resolved.


As soon as the words left his mouth though, the Half-Saint felt a throbbing in his heart as though something bad was about to happen. At his cultivation, he would get a vague but mysterious feeling whenever he was faced with an imminent crisis. He himself might not be aware of what the crisis he was about to face was, but he would become aware of it just before it struck him. Thus, he could act to avoid the disaster.


The last time he experienced this feeling, he had only been a High-Rank Demon King. At the time, he had faced a strong enemy and nearly lost his life to his opponent. After so many years, this feeling struck his heart again. He reacted rather decisively and immediately drew back his spear the moment the throbbing began, just in time to see a sinister smile curling the corners of Yang Kai’s lips.


*Shua shua shua…*


When Yang Kai waved his hand, several figures appeared out of thin air, each figure exuding the aura of a Half-Saint.


That Demon Race Half-Saint had just landed on his mount again. Turning his head to the side, he saw that he had been surrounded by several people. He swept his gaze over those faces, his expression changing as he did so, “Bai Zhuo, Bai Ya…”


Aside from these two Half-Saints, there was also a pair of twins. If his guess was correct, they were the twin Sisters of Hundred Spirits Continent, Hei Lian and Bai Lian! Each of these figures was not inferior to him in terms of strength; thus, his expression turned grim in an instant. A faint sheen of sweat oozed out of his forehead as he finally recalled a rumour, the brat known as Yang Kai was not only proficient in the Dao of Space but also had a storage artifact that could store living beings in his possession!


After seeing these four Demon Race Half-Saints mysteriously appearing around him, how could the Half-Saint remain oblivious to the fact that the person he had sent flying with his spear just now was Yang Kai? Moreover, these four had most likely come out of Yang Kai’s storage artifact, so he lamented in his heart. [I‘d have nothing to fear if it was only one Half-Saint, but four… Two fists can’t block four punches! Could my luck be so bad that I accidentally barged into Yang Kai’s territory right after I arrived here from the Demon Realm? Why else would that damn plague be here?]


“I’ll leave him to you!” Yang Kai released the four Half-Saints, borrowed their strength, and flew away, landing directly in the middle of the Demon Race army.


From the moment he stepped out of High Heaven Palace to the moment he attacked the Half-Saint, everything had taken place in the briefest of moments. It was so fast that most of the Demon Race army had yet to react to his presence. Besides, there were several hundreds of thousands in the Demon Race army. They covered the mountains and the plains, practically surrounding most of High Heaven Palace. It was on such a large scale that the commotion had not spread far even though it was a confrontation between Half-Saints. Therefore, only some of the nearby Demon Race members had noticed the anomaly when Yang Kai landed amongst them. The ones located further away were unable to see anything at all and continued to launch attacks at the Sect Defending Array of High Heaven Palace.


When Yang Kai landed on the ground, the surrounding Demon Race army was taken aback for a moment; then, they immediately attacked him without hesitation. He was surrounded by many people in an instant. A furious roar rang out in response and an earth-shakingly violent burst of power erupted outwards. The Demon Race army surrounding Yang Kai suffered a crushing blow that left them in a miserable state. Many of them were thrown into the sky, exploding into a blood mist that rained down on the others below them. In the blink of an eye, there was no one left within three hundred metres of his vicinity.


He lifted his hand and Zhui Feng appeared with a series of neighs. Mounting Zhui Feng, Yang Kai lifted his hand again to summon the Embodiment.


The moment the Embodiment appeared, he sped out to a place several kilometres away and transformed into a giant in mid-air before landing among the Demon Race with a crash. There was another loud explosion. An earthquake spread out, causing the loose rock in the surrounding mountains to come tumbling down. Reaching out his hand, the Demonic War Hammer appeared in his grip and he swung it horizontally. Nobody could get to within a thousand meters of the Embodiment. Just the powerful Demon Qi vibrations he released were enough to kill any Demon with no chance for them to resist.


When the Embodiment began his slaughter, a large number of people appeared around Yang Kai. The space was not that vast, so the Sixty-First Army could not be brought out all at once. Yang Kai could only take out the ten Divisions worth of people from the Small Sealed World in batches.


There was no need to say anything. When he left High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai had communicated with the Small Sealed World with his mind to inform the Division Commanders and the army of more than two hundred thousand about the current situation. For that reason, the Sixty-First Army was already fully-equipped and prepared for battle as they appeared. Under the leadership of the Division Commanders and Vice Division Commanders, the army began cutting down the enemy with great vigour while making their way toward a certain direction.


An army of two hundred and seventy thousand spread out in ten separate directions, ploughing through the battlefield outside High Heaven Palace and leaving ten empty spaces in their wake. Everywhere they passed, the opposing Demon Race army was killed on the spot.


There were many among the Demon Race army too, more than the Sixty-First Army in fact; however, none of them could have imagined that their enemies would launch an attack from the middle of their ranks and they were caught off guard as a result. On the other hand, the Sixty-First Army was well prepared in advance, so it was only natural that it turned into a one-sided battle under these circumstances. Especially since Emperor Realm Masters and above were everywhere to be found in the Sixty-First Army.


The pressure on High Heaven Palace’s Sect Defending Array dropped sharply as the Demons attacking it had stopped their actions after hearing strange noises coming from behind them. When they turned to look behind them, their expressions turned blank in shock.


Both Hua Qing Si, who was preceding over the Grand Array, and Nanmen Da Jun, who was repairing the Grand Array, couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they noticed the changes.


Just days after the Great Emperors disappeared and the two Great Worlds were connected, hundreds of thousands of Demons and Humans fought a desperate battle outside High Heaven Palace. This battle left rivers of blood and mountains of corpses behind. It was a tragic scene comparable to the Western Territory battlefield.


In this battle, the Sixty-First Army killed countless enemies while the Demon Race army of hundreds of thousands lost nearly half of their numbers. Even an enemy Half-Saint was killed in battle. It was not an overstatement to say that it was extremely devastating for the Demon Realm’s side.




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