Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3703, Precarious Situation

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Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Demon Half-Saint leading the Demon Race army to besiege High Heaven Palace was not weak. He was a Stone Demon with inherently powerful defensive abilities, but even so, Bai Zhuo, Bai Ya, and the Lotus Sisters were working together against him, so how could he fare well when he had to face all four of them on his own? 


By the time the Sixty-First Army rushed in from all sides and laid waste to the enemy, the Stone Demon Half-Saint had already been killed on the spot by Bai Zhuo and the others. A Stone Demon’s defensive abilities were truly outstanding, but even if he had a powerful defence and equally strong offence, it was a given that a one-against-four battle would end in tragedy. 


Unfortunately, Bai Ya had been injured quite severely in the process. The Stone Demon Half-Saint had desperately retaliated with everything he had when he saw that he had no hope of surviving this battle. Even the four Half-Saints working together could not come out of the battle unscathed.


The moment the Stone Demon Half-Saint died, the Demon Race army that was already at an absolute disadvantage fell into even greater panic. Despite having the courage to take on thousands of enemies, nobody was willing to voluntarily seek death when they could survive instead; hence, they immediately scattered and fled in all directions. 


The Sixty-First Army pursued the enemy force for thousands of kilometres before withdrawing. 


When Yang Kai next saw Bai Ya again, the latter was sitting cross-legged on the ground with a pale complexion and a bloody gaping hole in his abdomen that almost penetrated right through his body.


“How are you?” Yang Kai asked.


Bai Ya opened his eyes and shook his head weakly, “I won’t die from this, but I will need to recuperate for a year or so to fully recover.”


Yang Kai said, “The most prominent Alchemists in the entire Star Boundary are currently gathered in High Heaven Palace, so we have the best Spirit Pills available. Why don’t you rest and recuperate here? You can also take care of High Heaven Palace for me while you are at it…”


Bai Ya had no objections to this arrangement, so Yang Kai had Hua Qing Si lead him into the palace and settle him down somewhere.


“Sir, look at the surroundings…” Yao Si stepped forward and murmured solemnly.


There was no need for Yao Si to mention it, Yang Kai had already noticed the anomaly in their immediate vicinity. This battle had caused the deaths of many Demons, and it could be said that the mountains and plains outside High Heaven Palace were littered with corpses.


In the past, nothing special had occurred when a Demon died in the Star Boundary; however, Demon Qi was escaping from these Demon Race corpses at this moment. It would have been nothing if it had been limited to only one or two corpses, but it would turn into a terrifying situation if all the Demon corpses were showing similar signs. What’s more, the sinister Demon Qi that was released by the two or three hundred thousand fallen Demons seemed to be drifting in a certain direction under the influence of some invisible force.


Demon Qi was surging violently outside High Heaven Palace, shrouding the entire area in darkness. Even though it was in the middle of the day, it made a person feel like they were standing in the dark of night.


Yang Kai looked in the direction the Demon Qi was travelling and saw an enormous black spot in the sky. It was as though somebody had splashed a large blot of ink on the once blue sky. Moreover, the entire area under the black spot had become a piece of Demon Land!


The black spot was located some distance away from High Heaven Palace, at least a few thousand kilometres. Nevertheless, it was so large that it was already a plate-sized patch in Yang Kai’s vision. One could only imagine how large it would be if they were standing in the middle of it.


Yang Kai frowned. A Demon Land had appeared several thousand kilometres away from High Heaven Palace. The situation was identical to the situation near the battlefield of the Western Territory. Furthermore, he did not know how many other areas in the entire Star Boundary had been eroded and turned into Demon Lands.


After going all out just now, the Sixty-First Army was resting and recuperating. They would not be able to fight again in short order.


Yang Kai pondered in silence for a moment, but just as he was about to go and check out the situation in the newly appeared Demon Land, he saw Hua Qing Si running towards him in a hurry, “Palace Master, the Branch Sect has been attacked! In addition, Temple Master Wen of Azure Sun Temple has asked for support! There is a Demon Race army attacking Azure Sun Temple! There is a Half-Saint among them, and nobody at Azure Sun Temple can hold that person back!”


Yang Kai’s expression turned icy at those words. The Star Boundary had just achieved a great victory in the battle at the Western Territory and he thought that it would be the battle that determined the victor once and for all. Who could have known that the chaotic situation had only just begun? At present, the entire Star Boundary was like a house with a broken roof that leaked badly from everywhere. It gave off a precarious vibe that was threatening to fall apart at any moment. If High Heaven Palace and Azure Sun Temple were having so much trouble, it was easy to imagine how the other Sects were faring in comparison.


The Sixty-First Army could not be deployed again, so mulling over the situation for a moment, Yang Kai ordered, “Those in the Emperor Realm and above who can still fight, follow me to the Branch Sect.”


Then, he turned to look at the Lotus Sisters, “Please head to Azure Sun Temple to help. I will head there shortly.”


The Lotus Sisters did not object to his orders. Now that Chang Tian was not here, they had no choice but to obey him.


Yang Kai still had the Space Beacon to contact Gao Xue Ting in his possession; therefore, he immediately drew upon the power of the Space Beacon and sent the Lotus Sisters to Gao Xue Ting’s side. After that, he placed all the Emperor Realm Masters that had gathered around into the Sealed World Bead and arrived at the Space Array with a flicker. Stepping onto the Spirit Array, Yang Kai instantly arrived at the Branch Sect in the Southern Territory.


High Heaven Palace had more than a hundred thousand disciples, too many for the Main Sect to accommodate despite the large area it occupied. Therefore, half of the disciples had been placed in the Branch Sect in the Southern Territory. It was just that the situation at the Branch Sect was similar to the Main Sect. There were no Masters standing guard, so they only relied on the Sect Defending Array to fend off foreign enemies.


When Yang Kai arrived at the Branch Sect, rumbling sounds were constantly coming from the Sect Defending Array. Even so, it still looked solid and showed no signs of damage. The main reason was that Yang Kai had arrived soon after the Demon Race army started attacking. Otherwise, the Grand Array of the Branch Sect would not have lasted for long without support.


The disciples of the Branch Sect were still in a positive state of mind and had not fallen into panic. Moreover, those with some measure of ability were getting ready for battle under the instructions of their Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters. Everyone was preparing to face the enemy should the Sect Defending Array be forcefully broken; hence, they were oblivious to the fact that Yang Kai had appeared at the Space Array.


Time was short, so Yang Kai didn’t spare any time to talk to the Branch Sect’s disciples. He quickly flew out of the Branch Sect’s shield and stood in the middle of the Demon Race army, his Divine Sense sweeping outward and giving him an almost complete grasp of the situation. Their numbers were not overwhelming, but not few either. There were around a hundred thousand Demons here but no Half-Saint leading them. The ones with the highest cultivation were High-Rank Demon Kings.


Zhui Feng appeared with a loud neigh. Yang Kai mounted the beast and gave a wave of his hand. Then, hundreds of Emperor Realm Masters along with several Half-Saints appeared next to him. Holding the Myriads Sword in the palm of his hand, he pointed forward and roared, “Kill!”


A group of Emperor Realm Masters wore savage smiles as they scattered in all directions, forming groups of three to five to cover each other’s blind spots. Organized, they rushed into the midst of the Demon Race army. Like wolves running wild in a sheep’s pen, the Demons were unable to fight back wherever these Masters passed. Some Demon Kings managed to persist for a short while, but they ultimately could not escape their fate of being slaughtered.


Although Yang Kai hadn’t brought many people with him, each one he did was an Emperor. Furthermore, his side included three Demon Race Half-Saints, Bai Zhuo, the Embodiment, and Zhui Feng, as well as three Dragon Clan members, Zhu Qing, Zhu Lie, and Fu Ling. How could the Demon Race army withstand such a powerful lineup?


Zhui Feng galloped through the army, and regardless of whether it was a Demon Great General or a Demon King in front of him, they all exploded into blood mist. There was no exception whatsoever. Riding on Zhui Feng, Yang Kai swung with his Myriads Sword wantonly, sending out waves of Sword Qi, beheading Demons and slicing off their limbs.


It wasn’t until the Demon Race army was fleeing in all directions that the Branch Sect’s disciples hiding inside the Sect Defending Array reacted and realized that reinforcements had arrived. Looking out into the distance, they recognized the figure riding on the strange beast to be none other than their Palace Master. Cheers immediately shook the sky. Following that, the shield was deactivated and they rushed out to clean up the straggling enemies.


The strength of the disciples who remained in the Branch Sect was honestly not that powerful. Those who had some strength had been recruited into Sixty-First Army by Yang Kai after all, so it was only natural that only the less powerful remained. A group of people like this would have been wiped out by any random Demon King. Even so, they rushed out fearlessly and chased the Demon Race members with great enthusiasm. On the other hand, the Demons being chased fled desperately without even looking back.


Fortunately, the Branch Sect’s disciples still had their wits about them to a certain extent. They knew that their strength was lacking and they would surely suffer if they chased the enemy too far, so they only pursued them for a few hundred kilometres before turning back. Upon meeting Yang Kai, they bowed in unison.


Yang Kai nodded in acknowledgement, “Wait until the Demon Qi dissipates completely from the Demon corpses before cleaning up the battlefield; otherwise, there is a risk of demonification.”


The many disciples nodded in acknowledgement.


Then, Yang Kai waved his hand, “Return to the Sect. If the enemy comes again, don’t forget to send a message to Head Manager.”


After some organizing, he placed all the people he brought with him back into the Small Sealed World. A Space Beacon flashed with light next as Yang Kai teleported to another location again.


When he reappeared, Yang Kai was already inside Azure Sun Temple. A beautiful figure with a longsword in hand was fighting a Demon King next to him. He had teleported here through the Space Beacon he used to keep in contact with Gao Xue Ting, so it was only natural that he appeared beside her.


The longsword in Gao Xue Ting’s hand flourished, and her Sword Qi slashed in all directions. There was also a round mirror hanging above her head. The mirror’s surface was shining brilliantly like the sun as bursts of flame shot out in the form of vicious fiery snakes, striking the Demon King. Yang Kai immediately recognised her Natal Emperor Artifact, the Radiant Sun Mirror. The mirror was so powerful that he had not seen her use it many times himself.


Gao Xue Ting’s opponent was a High-Rank Demon King with powerful cultivation, so logically speaking, he should be stronger than her; however, her Emperor Artifact was extraordinary and this was the Star Boundary, so the Demon invaders had yet to adapt to the slight differences in World Principles here. As a result, the High-Rank Demon King was flustered and panicked even though he was marginally stronger than Gao Xue Ting. While it was not a life-threatening situation for him, he was still in terrible condition.


The Demon King, seemingly realizing he was losing momentum, suddenly became resolute, but just as he was about to unleash a Secret Technique he kept as a trump card, he saw a slightly grey-haired youth riding a strange beast appearing in front of him. The youth was nothing special, but the strange beast was giving off the aura of a Half-Saint.


Their abrupt appearance at such a close distance and in such a strange manner frightened the Demon King greatly and left him feeling flustered. In addition, a glance from Zhui Feng caused the Demon Qi in his body to churn chaotically.


When Gao Xue Ting noticed this, she did not let the opportunity slip by her. The flames of the sun burst out from the Radiant Sun Mirror, burning so fiercely that the Demon King had to strain himself just to block them. At the same time, a longsword appeared in his blinded field of vision and stabbed straight at him. A pain spread out in his chest as the sword pierced his body.


Pushing her Emperor Qi wildly, Gao Xue Ting unleashed a burst of Sword Qi from her weapon and cut the Demon King in front of her into pieces. She then retracted her sword and gave it a light swing to remove the Demon Blood on the blade. Looking Yang Kai up and down, she commented, “You look quite majestic like that.”


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “Many thanks for the praise, Senior Sister.”


His expression then turned serious, “What’s the situation?”


She sighed softly, “Thankfully you sent those two Half-Saints over to help, otherwise, the Temple would have been in serious trouble.”


Yang Kai then swept his gaze around and saw that everywhere in the Azure Sun Temple was burning with the flames of war. It was clear that the Demon Race army had broken past the Temple’s Sect Defending Array.



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