Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3704, One Each

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That was an inevitable situation. Even High Heaven Palace’s Sect Defending Array, which was extremely sturdy, was about to fall apart at any moment under the Demon Race army’s siege. In fact, it would have been breached if Yang Kai had arrived any later.


Although Azure Sun Temple’s Sect Defending Array was not to be taken lightly either, it was slightly inferior compared to High Heaven Palace’s. How could it hold up against the Demon Race army?


When the Sect Defending Array had been breached, Wen Zi Shan had taken decisive action to send a message to High Heaven Palace for help. That was because he knew that numerous wars had broken out everywhere in the Star Boundary and all the armies were probably exhausted from defending against the enemy, so asking for help from them might not be of use. The Sixty-First Army was the only force still in excellent condition. What’s more, Yang Kai had as many Masters under him as the clouds in the sky; therefore, asking Yang Kai for help was the only chance Azure Sun Temple had of surviving this crisis.


Not long after the request for help was sent out, the Lotus Sisters were sent over to help with repelling the invading Demon Race Half-Saint leading the enemy forces. Wen Zi Shan then led his army into a fierce battle against the Demons inside Azure Sun Temple and gradually stabilized the situation.


Yang Kai glanced over and took in the situation within the Temple before swiftly shouting, “Senior Sister, take care of yourself!”


Yang Kai clamped his knees around Zhui Feng, and Zhui Feng charged forward. Meanwhile, the Myriads Sword flashed with a cold light, rushing straight at the nearest Demon King.


When the Demon King saw Zhui Feng bearing down on him, his expression changed to one of horror and he made a decision on the spot. A cloud of blood burst out from his body and transformed into a ray of blood light to escape.


Yang Kai reached out to grab the Demon King and Space Principles flared. The space around the Demon King hardened and he was instantly frozen in place, unable to move. On the other hand, Yang Kai galloped away on horseback, swinging the Myriads Sword slightly and speeding into the distance several kilometres away without even looking back at the Demon King. Behind Yang Kai, the Demon King swayed unsteadily, his eyes widening for a moment before he exploded, leaving no corpse behind.


The hundreds of people that Yang Kai had placed back into the Sealed World Bead just a short while ago were released again. There was no need for him to say anything. They immediately scattered in all directions and slaughtered the Demons.


Riding on Zhui Feng for a while, Yang Kai could sense his companion’s bloodthirsty aura; thus, he decided to let Zhui Feng simply run wild. As Zhui Feng charged, Yang Kai’s figure flashed erratically as he slashed at his enemies with his sword.


The Myriads Sword was seemingly unstoppable as one after another, the members of the Demon Race fell to its blade. Needless to say, most of the Demon Great Generals and the Demon Generals lost their lives before they even realized what was going on. There were few even among the Demon Kings who could last three strikes against Yang Kai.


Yang Kai cut down a Demon King who was fighting Murong Xiao Xiao, but just as she was about to thank him, he suddenly turned his head and looked at something several kilometres away.


Xia Ning Chang’s figure was whirling about in that direction like a dancing butterfly. She was struggling hard to keep up with the fierce attacks of a Mid-Rank Demon King. Her flying figure was akin to a willow branch swaying in the storm, unable to control herself.


Although she was also an Emperor Realm Master, she rarely engaged in battle throughout her cultivation journey, much less fought on the frontlines of a war. Among Yang Kai’s many women, Xia Ning Chang was by far the one with the least actual combat experience. Moreover, her opponent’s cultivation was higher than hers so it was only natural that she was struggling to match up against her opponent. Even though she was moving about nimbly, she was still stuck in a dangerous and hard-pressed situation against this Demon King.


In comparison, the Demon King had a savage expression on his face and put up a frenzied offensive as though he wanted nothing more than to kill this annoying woman on the spot.


Just as Yang Kai looked over, the Demon King sent out a fierce punch. The Demon King’s huge fist, which was almost half the size of her face, flew straight at her chest. That punch was so heavy that even a mountain would have collapsed under that impact, much less her delicate body.


Murong Xiao Xiao screamed and instantly rushed over to help. Unfortunately, there was a distance of several kilometres between them, so it would be too late no matter how fast she moved.


On the contrary, Yang Kai remained motionless, his mental state strung so tight that he was on the verge of a breakdown. Still, he was prepared to rescue her the moment the situation turned dire.


Faced with this punch that was powerful enough to break a mountain, a trace of panic inevitably flashed across Xia Ning Chang’s beautiful eyes. There had never been a time when she felt so close to death before, not even during the time when Grand Desolation Star Field invaded Heng Luo Star Field and defiled Tong Xuan Realm. With danger so close at hand, she lifted her hand and a longan-sized bead was clamped between two jade-like fingers. That bead looked rather unremarkable, a dull brown with not the slightest bit of energy fluctuation.


The words Yang Kai had told her when he first handed this bead to her flashed in her mind at that moment, “If you are ever in danger, throw this at your opponent. It will turn the situation around!”


Xia Ning Chang naturally held complete trust towards her Junior Brother; therefore, she did as she was told at this moment of desperation and threw the bead at the Demon King in front of her.


When the Demon King saw her throwing a bead at him, he instinctively reacted warily; however, when he realized that there was nothing special about that bead and saw the panicked look on his opponent’s face, he sneered, [This weak Human woman in front of me is so frightened that she lost her wits! Does she even know what she threw at me?]


The force behind the fist that blasted forward became more and more powerful, slamming straight into the oncoming bead.




A clear sound came from his fist the next moment, followed by severe pain. The Demon King paled in extreme horror as he wondered what was happening. When his fist came into contact with the seemingly unremarkable bead, he felt an oppressive and unstoppable force smashing into him.


His fists that he was so proud of and his body that could withstand even the forces of a Demon Artifact were as fragile as paper in front of this strange bead. An overwhelming strength washed over him from the front and his arm shattered. Even so, the bead did not stop and continued to crush half of his body before flying out and striking a mountain behind them.


The Demon King howled in agony as the expression on his face no longer held any contempt when he looked at Xia Ning Chang; instead, his eyes were full of horror and disbelief. However, his scream was covered by a deafening noise that followed. The entire world shook for an instant, and the chaos inside Azure Sun Temple went silent as everyone who could turned to look at the source of the sound.


A mountain that was several thousand metres tall had been struck by something and exploded with a deafening roar. In the next instant, rubble and dirt rained down from the sky as though the world itself was collapsing. When the noise subsided, the tall mountain was reduced to a height of only several dozen metres while a giant crater had formed. It was a scene of absolute destruction.


Xia Ning Chang stared in a daze at the scene before her. Others might not understand what had happened, but she was well aware of the situation. She had simply thrown out the bead Yang Kai had given to her, and it had severely damaged a Mid-Rank Demon King before crashing into that mountain and reducing it to a blasted crater filled with rubble…


[That bead… actually contained that much power!?] She knew that what Yang Kai had given her was definitely no ordinary bead and it would definitely be something that could protect her in a moment of crisis. Still, she never imagined its power to be so great. For a moment, she was unable to recover from her shock and even forgot about her opponent who had been trying to kill her just now.


Feeling two gazes on her, Xia Ning Chang turned to look in that direction and saw Murong Xiao Xiao, who had the same blank expression she did, and Yang Kai, who was smiling gently at her. Seeing his look, she couldn’t help sticking her tongue cutely before focusing her mind and reaching out her hand. The bead she threw out earlier instantly flew back to her in response and she gripped it between her fingers again.


The Mid-Rank Demon King had not died yet even though half his body had been crushed, and he had quickly taken the opportunity just now to put some distance between himself and Xia Ning Chang. Seeing her appearance as she held the bead between her fingers at this moment, he gave a cry of despair and turned to run. He had just suffered a huge loss, so how could he make the same mistake again?


Xia Ning Chang narrowed her sapphire eyes and unrelentingly chased after her opponent. He had been severely injured and lost most of his strength as a result, so when else would she kill him if not now? She threw the bead in her hand continuously, unleashing a terrifying force with every attack. The Demon King desperately dodged those attacks a few times but eventually couldn’t avoid them in the end. The moment the bead landed on his body, he died a horrible death on the spot.


Shan Qing Luo watched Xia Ning Chang hunting down a Mid-Rank Demon King with her own eyes. Those attacks were so fierce that the Demon King was fleeing desperately. In her curiosity, she couldn’t help taking out a bead. That bead was practically identical to the one in Xia Ning Chang’s possession, and it was not the only one. Xue Yue, Su Yan, and Zhu Qing each had one too.


Shan Qing Luo glanced about her surroundings and found a High-Rank Demon King who was currently locked in a melee with Xi Lei. Curious, she casually tossed the bead in her hand at the High-Rank Demon King.


The bead silently approached the Demon King, but be that as it may, his cultivation was not poor, so how could he fail to notice a sneak attack from behind? Making a feint, the Demon King opened some distance with Xi Lei and grabbed at the bead, fully intending to catch this ‘hidden weapon’ in the palm of his hand. He had not seen what happened to the poor Mid-Rank Demon King just now; otherwise, he would never have been so careless.


As soon as the bead touched his hand, the sound of bones breaking immediately rang out. Starting from his palm, the Demon King’s entire arm exploded into pieces. That unremarkable bead actually carried such unimaginable weight and power behind it!


Feeling extremely shocked, the Demon King hastily withdrew what remained of his arm in an attempt to dodge the attack instead. Xi Lei’s attack struck him during that momentary distraction. Lightning in the sky turned into a pillar of light, encasing him inside. The lightning snakes danced wildly with a loud crackling sound and his entire body stiffened in response, but it was too late to escape now.


At that moment, the strange bead landed on his body and there was a loud bang, after which his body exploded into pieces. However, the power of the bead was unabated and smashed into the ground nearby, causing the earth to shake for a moment. Xi Lei even lost his balance and nearly fell to the ground as he was too close to the epicentre.


The surface of the ground sunk and an enormous crater appeared out of nowhere.




Deep cracks in the ground appeared, spreading outward like spiderwebs with the crater as the centre.


“What the hell is that!?” Xi Lei’s expression changed drastically, turning his head to look at Shan Qing Luo.


Shan Qing Luo bore the bloodline of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider; hence, she could be considered as a member of the Monster Race. That was why the Monster Kings from the Ancient Wild Lands regarded her as one of their own and took good care of her. As such, they also knew just how strong she was. It was impossible for her to unleash such a powerful attack even if she was desperate, but she had undeniably performed that attack just now. Moreover, Xi Lei had the feeling that he would not have ended up any better than that Demon King if he had been hit by that blow just now.


Meanwhile, Shan Qing Luo was stunned. She had simply tossed out the bead casually out of curiosity. It never even crossed her mind that a High-Rank Demon King would die by her hands just like that. Seemingly not hearing Xi Lei’s question, she blinked and stretched out her hand to summon the bead back to the palm of her hand before studying it carefully.


Xi Lei rushed over to her side in the next moment, glanced at the bead in her hand, and murmured, “What is that?”


“It’s something my Husband gave me…” she replied, “All my Sisters have one too.”


Xi Lei’s eyes narrowed at those words as he stared at the bead intently. Something so powerful could only be an incredible artifact; however, from what she just said, it would seem that each of Yang Kai’s wives had one in their possession. 


[When did High Heaven Palace get so wealthy it could afford to produce so many treasures?]



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