Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3708, Rupture


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After obtaining the power of Yu Ru Meng’s Primordial Yin, Yang Kai’s Soul cultivation soared to the point that even Half-Saints and Pseudo-Great Emperors could not compare, much less the Demon Kings who had gathered in this hall.


If he really wanted to kill them, he could obliterate most of the Demon Kings’ Souls in an instant and kill them on the spot with the barest surge of his Spiritual Energy; however, he had witnessed such a vile tragedy in the mountain valley, then entered the hall only to see a bunch of Demon Kings feasting on Humans. How could he allow them to die so easily when he had so much fury festering in his heart?


If they liked eating flesh so much, he would allow them to eat all they wanted! It would only be over when they finished devouring themselves! Two lines of blood slipped down Yang Kai’s cheeks from his scarlet eyes that were flickering like burning flames. It was much more laborious to use this method just now compared to directly using his Spiritual Energy to attack. Even if his Soul cultivation was unimaginably powerful, targeting hundreds of Demon Kings at once was beyond his current ability, so his Spiritual Energy had been poured out to the extreme.


The expressions of the ten or so Demon Kings who remained sane changed drastically. They quickly drew up their defences to resist. Among them, a few of the top Mid-Rank Demon Kings were finding it very difficult to fight back. Their bodies were trembling uncontrollably, and they gritted their teeth without making a single noise, for fear that the slightest negligence would leave them in the same predicament as their companions.


While the remaining High-Rank Demon Kings had a slightly easier time, they were by no means relaxed. A voice kept echoing in their minds, tempting them to eat their own flesh. They couldn’t suppress it no matter what they did.


“Arrgh!” A furious roar rang out as a Mid-Rank Demon King, who couldn’t bear the pressure, chose to seize the initiative. If he did not act now, he would not be able to hold on much longer. Having seen with his own eyes what happened to his companions, how could he not know what fate would befall him once the defences of his Knowledge Sea collapsed? He would rather die at the hands of the enemy than literally eat himself to death.


The furious roar was like a fuse that set off an explosion. When the Mid-Rank Demon King lunged toward Yang Kai, the other Demon Kings that were still standing in the hall lunged forward too. Suddenly, Demon Qi surged violently, and a murderous intent flooded the hall.


Yang Kai felt wrath washing over him but only became even more livid when he saw the Demon Kings taking the initiative to attack. Due to the great shock to his mind, his mental state suddenly became incredibly tranquil. His body and will united and resonated with the world around him. Something seemed to move inside his mind, as though it was about to break out of its shell.


All of a sudden, a glimmer of the Grand Dao flashed across Yang Kai’s mind. His vision was no longer filled with approaching enemies, his body was no longer standing in the Main Conference Hall of Water Cloud Sect, instead, he seemed to be standing in a vast, endless expanse. His mind was constantly being elevated, climbing infinitely into the skies to overlook all the living beings in the world.


He felt the World Principles pouring into his body in this peculiar state, tempering his mind and spirit. Meanwhile, World Energy flooded his form like a thousand streams gushing into the sea, causing his cultivation to climb rapidly!


Because he received Bright Moon’s legacy in the Demon Realm, Yang Kai broke through to the Third-Order Emperor Realm. Because of the Demon Realm’s World Principles, his Emperor Qi was transformed into Demon Qi and he became a High-Rank Demon King as a result. Since escaping from the Demon Realm and returning to the Star Boundary, he had been fighting countless battles up until today. 


Suddenly, an enormous pressure bore down on him, causing his rising cultivation to gradually stabilize.


After returning to the Star Boundary for more than ten years, Yang Kai had spent much of his time in the Lower Star Field to refine worlds. It had been of great help in furthering his comprehension of the Dao of Space. He was showing such great improvement that even Li Wu Yi felt humbled; however, he had not experienced much improvement in terms of cultivation.


But now, Yang Kai suddenly felt something change as he stood in the Main Conference Hall of Water Cloud Sect. It was as though his very being had been transformed to become a part of this world. He was furious, and the world was furious too!


Lightning cracked and thunder boomed, rumbling in all directions as Yang Kai’s already powerful aura had clearly soared to the point where it was considerably more powerful than before.


Without even consciously acting, Yang Kai instinctively lifted his fist and struck out. He did not strike at any of the Demon Kings but rather at the empty space before him instead. The world collapsed the moment he struck and the Void appeared. A mighty and unparalleled suction force emerged with his fist acting as its core, drawing everything in the surroundings towards it.


There was the sound of something shattering loudly as the tables, chairs, benches, walls, and even pillars in the hall flew towards the Void and vanished. The Demon Kings who had charged at him just now, be they Mid-Rank Demon Kings or High-Rank Demon Kings, were unable to control their bodies at this moment. All of them were looking absolutely horrified, waving their arms about manically as they flew towards the Void along with all the tables, chairs, and benches. Even the Blood Demon sitting in the main seat was not spared. After Yang Kai’s fist struck, the Blood Demon felt his body flying towards the impact point regardless of his will, even though he had been almost a hundred metres away from Yang Kai at that moment. It felt like a large hand had reached out, grabbed his body, and was drawing him in.


As for the Charm Demon that had been sitting in his lap, she was only a Demon Great General and was completely unable to resist such a huge suction force at all. Thus, her body flew towards the Void, and in the midst of her screams, she was pulled into the chaotic nothingness and disappeared without a trace, her life or death unknown.


Following a loud roar, blood mist burst from the Blood Demon’s body. Burning his Blood Essence desperately, he turned into a cloud of blood light as he tried to break free from that suction force. Be that as it may, he couldn’t escape no matter what he did and could only watch helplessly as his body moved forward, little by little.


Turning his head to look around, the Blood Demon saw that the hall was a complete mess. The magnificent building was in ruins, as if an invisible beast from the Void was devouring everything. Everything that entered the mouth of that beast, be it a dinner plate or a Demon King, mysteriously vanished without a trace.


With his life on the line, he bit his tongue and condensed much of what remained of his Blood Essence into a blood arrow which shot towards Yang Kai’s direction.


Yang Kai frowned slightly as his mind was abruptly dragged out of that strange state when he detected murderous intent closing in on him. He tilted his head to the side and avoided the attack of the blood arrow. Following this movement of his, the mysterious fist strike that he sent out suddenly erupted.


The Void Crack Yang Kai had opened shrank rapidly into a tiny black hole and the entire hall around him subsequently disintegrated and collapsed in the direction of the singularity. Even a large piece of the mountain went missing. Only then did the terrifyingly powerful suction force subside and the Blood Demon regain his freedom. 


Ecstatic, he used his Blood Escape Secret Technique and transformed into a ray of blood light to flee.


Only slightly more than ten breaths had passed since Yang Kai entered the hall, but even so, the Divine Abilities that he displayed were simply astonishing. Hundreds of Demon Kings had been wiped out even without him touching a single thread on their clothes. How could the Blood Demon not know that he was no match for Yang Kai? Only death awaited him if he did not escape now. Having the cultivation of a High-Rank Demon King and brimming with Demon Qi, and yet nursing a hatred for the Demon Race. At this point, he finally understood Yang Kai’s identity. Only ‘that’ Human who once ran rampant in the Demon Realm had such means.


Even if the Blood Demon wanted to escape though, how could Yang Kai possibly allow him to leave? Reaching out his hand, Yang Kai grabbed at something in the sky. In response, the Blood Demon froze in mid-air. Under the restraints of Space Principles, he couldn’t even move a finger. It wasn’t until that moment he realized just how vast a gap between a High-Rank Demon King like himself and a High-Rank Demon King like Yang Kai was; thus, he instantly lost all hope and despaired.


Yang Kai maintained his gesture of grasping something while lowering his head, mulling over the feeling he experienced just now. Unfortunately, he couldn’t enter that mysterious state of enlightenment again no matter how hard he tried. He knew that he had missed an opportunity due to this Blood Demon’s interruption just now. But, upon thinking about it some more, he realized that if he had not come here and been stimulated by the sight in front of him, he would not have come across the opportunity in the first place. It might have been interrupted in the middle of the process, but it wasn’t as though he hadn’t gained anything.


As soon as that thought crossed his mind, Yang Kai immediately calmed down. The fury in his heart just now dissipated into nothingness, and when he looked up again, he raised his brow in astonishment. He had no sense of what had happened in the hall just now as he had been completely immersed in that peculiar feeling up until the moment the Blood Demon interrupted him.


Hence, it wasn’t until now when he looked up that he realized the Main Conference Hall was gone. Even the mountain where the main hall was located was missing a large chunk. Moreover, the only Demon left alive was the Blood Demon he had imprisoned.


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai comprehended what had happened. Although he was immersed in his perception just now, he was not ignorant of the outside world, he had simply ignored what was going on around him. Therefore, it was only natural that he could recall what had happened when he concentrated on remembering.


It was a pity. Even though those Demon Kings were ultimately killed, his original intention was for them to eat themselves to death. They were supposed to die after suffering a bit of the brutal torment they had inflicted on others. Unfortunately, those Demon Kings had all died without even leaving corpses behind, so there was no way to force them to eat themselves anymore.


“Rupture!” Yang Kai murmured softly. The Demon Qi lingering around his body converged to reveal his true appearance.


“What?” The imprisoned Blood Demon was stunned upon hearing this. He had absolutely no idea what Yang Kai meant.


Yang Kai turned to look at the Blood Demon and laughed savagely. Why would he bother explaining anything to a dead man?


‘Rupture’ was the name he had given his newly created Space Secret Technique. All of his Space Secret Techniques were self-created; after all, the Dao of Space was rarely successfully cultivated by anyone. Not many people had set foot on this Grand Dao, so there was no experience he could borrow from as a reference. Aside from discussions with Li Wu Yi, there was nobody in this world who could teach Yang Kai anything about the Dao of Space; therefore, he could only rely on himself for everything.


Following Moon Blade, Nihility, Exile, and Instantaneous Movement, Rupture was born.


Moon Blade was a means of attack. By condensing Space Principles into a blade, Yang Kai could send out a blade which could cut through anything.


Nihility was a means of concealment and self-preservation. By integrating oneself into the Void and suppressing his aura to the minimum, even people with greater cultivation than him would have a hard time locating his whereabouts unless they were concentrating hard. Nihility could also be used to avoid fatal attacks by phasing out of the material plane. Yang Kai relied on this technique many times over the years to protect himself when he encountered strong enemies.


Exile used the Space Principles to connect with the Void and then send his enemies inside.


There was no need to explain Instantaneous Movement. It was the most practical Secret Technique for escape or rapid travel.


The newly cultivated Rupture was somewhat similar to Exile in execution; however, it was very different in effect. Exile sent his enemies into the Void Crack, banishing them from the world. If his enemies were lucky enough though, they might still be able to survive in the Void Crack. Although their death was basically an inevitable fate, there was a small chance of survival. If they were very lucky, like a blind cat striking a dead mouse, they might even escape from the Void Crack and regain their freedom.


There were many miracles in the world after all, and it was not impossible for something like that to occur. 


Take Sheng Yu Zhu, for example, a peak level Master who competed with Wu Kuang for the position of Great Emperor. She had survived in the Void Crack for tens of thousands of years before Yang Kai rescued her back at Luo Sha Sect.




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