Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3709, Raiding the Demon Stronghold


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Rupture was completely unrelated to the Void Crack as it did not send enemies anywhere and instead shredded space directly. Everything would be ripped apart by the immense Space Principle waves, eventually grinding both people and objects into dust. This process could not be seen by the naked eye nor by Divine Sense as even light and Spiritual Energy would be drawn in and torn apart. It was truly a Secret Technique meant purely for destruction. This was how Rupture differed from Exile. If Exile still presented a chance of survival, then Rupture guaranteed death.


Yang Kai walked towards the Blood Demon.


The Blood Demon trembled uncontrollably, spitting out a mouthful of blood. Ever since he crossed over into this world from the Demon Realm, he had a mighty army under his command and had conquered all who he came across. Moreover, the Star Boundary cultivators he encountered in the past few days were simply too weak and vulnerable. There had been nobody who could even put up a fight within the surrounding hundred thousand kilometres.


It wasn’t until now that he finally understood what despair and fear meant. How could he have known that most of the elites in the Star Boundary had joined the armies and travelled to the Western Territory, leaving no worthwhile Masters behind in the other lands?


The Blood Demon couldn’t even move under the restraint of the Space Principles, so he could only watch helplessly as Yang Kai reached out a hand to grab him by the neck and hoist him up.


“Yang Kai!” He bellowed, “You are part of the Demon Race now! Why…”


Before he could finish his sentence, his eyes widened as Yang Kai stabbed his hand into his chest. An unbearable pain made the Blood Demon’s blood-coloured complexion turn bloodless and his entire body tremble uncontrollably. He could feel the large hand grasping his heart inside his chest, which made him gasp for breath.


Yang Kai looked at the Blood Demon calmly and enunciated each word clearly, “I am Human!”


He slowly withdrew his hand from the Blood Demon’s chest and the latter shuddered even more violently in response. There was a muffled sound as though something had been ripped out. When Yang Kai pulled his hand back fully, there was a fist-sized Demon Heart in his grasp. Demon Qi surrounded the pitch-black Demon Heart that was still beating despite being removed, making an audible thumping sound.


Next, Yang Kai brought the Demon Heart to his mouth. Although the Demon Heart had been removed from the Blood Demon’s chest, he did not die immediately as the more powerful Demons would always cultivate more than one Demon Heart. Upon seeing Yang Kai’s actions, the Blood Demon was horrified and exclaimed in shock, “What are you doing!?”


Yang Kai did not answer and instead smiled grimly as he took a large bite. A hole appeared in the Demon Heart in his hand and blood splattered everywhere.


The Blood Demon was shocked. Although he had a taste for Human hearts, it was something he had only discovered recently; after all, where would he find Human hearts to eat back in the Demon Realm? He had not felt anything when eating somebody else’s heart, but now, he was watching somebody else eating his own heart right in front of him! The terror he experienced at the sight was indescribable. Looking at the savage grin on Yang Kai’s face, he only felt as though Yang Kai was far more of a Demon than himself.


Yang Kai might not have fully undergone demonification, but his Emperor Qi had been fully converted into Demon Qi, so it was only natural that his personality had been slightly affected. It might not be obvious under normal circumstances, but he would turn more violent and malicious if he was agitated by something which aroused his anger.


Yang Kai fiercely took several bites before opening his mouth and spitting out the chewed-up pulp on the Blood Demon’s face. The force was so powerful that it knocked the Blood Demon’s head back.


“Disgusting!” He glared at the Blood Demon gloomily, “You should feel honoured! I was going to eat your Demon Hearts, one by one, but they’re so unpalatable that I can’t even bear to swallow. So… I’ll give you a quick death!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, his Demon Qi surged and rushed into the Blood Demon’s body.


The Blood Demon’s figure immediately began swelling up like a balloon. The entire process took no more than five breaths before he transformed into a round ball. Looking at this scene, it was as if the Blood Demon could fly away as soon as Yang Kai let go of him. In a state of complete panic and anxiety, the Blood Demon suddenly exploded and turned into a cloud of blood mist.


Yang Kai’s Demon Qi surged, keeping the filth that splattered in his direction away from him. He then looked behind and saw that the mountains were filled with members of the Demon Race staring in his direction with shocked expressions.


Several tens of thousands of Demons were stationed here. The only reason precautions were so lax was that Yang Kai and the others had sneaked in quietly and moved quickly. The Demon Race army might be numerous, but they were unable to react whatsoever. It wasn’t until Yang Kai’s Rupture Secret Technique had caused the entire Main Hall and a large chunk of the mountain to vanish that the Demons scattered across this Demon Land noticed the presence of an intruder.


Even so, Yang Kai had wiped out over a hundred Demon Kings gathered inside the hall; as a result, not many Masters were left among the remainder of the Demon Race army. There was nobody to give them orders either; hence, they simply stared at Yang Kai at a loss for what to do.


On the other hand, Yang Kai summoned Zhui Feng, mounted the beast, brought out the Myriads Sword, and charged forward. He had been hiding Zhui Feng’s existence as a preventive measure against any Half-Saints who might be guarding this place, but who could have known that not a single Half-Saint could be found in this Demon Stronghold? What else was there to say? Zhui Feng immediately understood what was happening and neighed loudly. His four hooves kicked against the ground, flames burning from his legs, and with just a few strides, he carried Yang Kai into the middle of the Demon Race army.


Following that charge, Yang Kai cut and slashed a path through the enemy like a tidal wave. The Sword Qi of the Myriads Sword surged, slashing wave after wave while at the same time, his empty right hand kept striking the Void.


The world collapsed wherever his fist impacted and everything within a large area would collapse in on itself, falling into the tiny black spots that had appeared before vanishing without a trace. Oftentimes, the Demons standing within range would find their vision going dark and disappearing before they could even figure out what was going on.


In the beginning, the Demon Race army seemed to have planned to rely upon their superior numbers to fight a prolonged battle and exhaust Yang Kai to the death; however, they soon realized that nobody could even get within a thousand metres of Yang Kai without being cut to pieces of vanishing from existence. His overwhelmingly powerful Sword Qi slashed out in all directions and everywhere it passed, Demons fell like straw. At the same time, the Ruptures that were sent out silently devoured the lives of untold numbers of Demons.


The Demons who didn’t even have a single Demon King among them lost their courage to fight in the face of such a terrifying enemy. They scattered and fled in all directions, just trying to get as far away as possible; however, there were tens of thousands of Demons scattered across Water Cloud Sect’s former territory, so how could all of them manage to escape in such a short time?


Yang Kai and Zhui Feng split up and hunted down the escaping Demons, leading to large numbers of the enemy keeling over and dying at every given moment.


Yang Kai was in the midst of his killing spree when he suddenly heard the sound of fighting coming from more than a dozen kilometres away. The movements of his hands stopped abruptly, and he cocked his ear to listen attentively. A short moment later, his figure flashed and disappeared from the spot. When he reappeared again, he was standing at the source of the sounds of battle.


He was standing in front of a cave where a Demon Race army of tens of thousands were gathered outside. They were constantly launching attacks at the cave, causing the mountain where the cave was located to crumble and teeter on the brink of collapse.


At the front of the cave stood Fu Ling and Ying Fei. The two of them were killing non-stop and the corpses of Demons they slew had piled up like mountains in front of them. Although their cultivations weren’t weak and it would be easy for them to escape, it was beyond their ability to wipe out all of the enemies in this place. What’s more; there were many Humans who had been captured by the Demons inside the cave.


They had arrived at the mountain valley under Yuan Wen Long’s guidance to save the people held in this cave, but before they could finish their rescue mission, they had been surrounded by the Demons and were trapped at the entrance of the cave. As a result, it immediately turned into a large-scale battle.


A cracking sound came from behind the pair. The mountain peak behind them looked like it was about to collapse, causing them to become anxious. If the mountain were to collapse, not many of the people who had been kidnapped and held captive in the cave would survive; however, there was nothing Ying Fei and Fu Ling could do to stop it from happening. In their moment of desperation, they felt Yang Kai’s aura appearing beside them. They turned to look in that direction and saw Yang Kai’s figure appearing and all their worries vanished in an instant. Now free of extraneous concerns, they concentrated on crushing the enemies in front of them.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai shot into the cave and came back out again a couple of breaths later. He had placed all of the people who had been held captive inside the cave into the Small Sealed World. He nodded lightly at Ying Fei and Fu Ling. Receiving confirmation, the two of them abruptly released the shackles binding them and pushed their strength wildly. They had been worried about the people behind them previously, so neither Ying Fei nor Fu Ling had dared to use their full strength. Now that there was nothing holding them back, their fury instantly erupted.


There was a roar as Ying Fei assumed his True Form, an enormous Monster Beast that was several dozen metres long and tall. His entire body was surrounded by cyan winds and as he spread his wings, wind blades slashed in all directions. Before he even got close, the Demon Race members standing around him were cut to pieces and their corpses collapsed to the ground in broken pieces. Wherever he flew, the wind blades followed. Hence, the Demon Race army soon turned into a sea of blood.


Similarly, Fu Ling had taken on her Dragon Form. A Seventh-Order Purple Dragon soared into the sky, spewing out large swaths of purple Dragon Breath from her mouth. In the wake of her Dragon Breath, any Demon Race member that was touched, even if just slightly, was turned into a purple crystal statue. They would become frozen in place and unable to move.


Tens of thousands of the Demons scattered in an instant and fled for their lives.


It was at that moment that a rumbling sound came from the distance and a group of several hundred people came charging in from afar. The person leading the group was none other than the Young Sect Master of the Water Cloud Sect, Yuan Wen Long. After being rescued by Yang Kai and the others, he rested in the mountain valley for some time, so how could he not know what was going on when he heard the commotion coming from this direction?


Although he had not completely recovered, the Demon Race had slaughtered his family and destroyed his Sect. His hatred for the Demons was so deeply ingrained into his bones that he immediately led everyone who could fight out to avenge their dead Sect Brothers and Sisters.


Under normal circumstances, these few hundred people would not have made much of a difference; however, the Demon Race army was currently routed and running for their lives in all directions. Moreover, no Master was leading them, so Yuan Wen Long and the others managed to kill many with their reckless charge, which helped relieve some of the pent-up emotions in their hearts.


A quarter of an hour later, the situation inside Water Cloud Sect gradually returned to calm. Demon Race corpses could be seen everywhere, and the Demon Qi in their bodies was slowly escaping into the air.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood in the sky and sent out jade slip after jade slip with his hands. There were a great number of Demons here, so just him, Xi Lei, and the others alone were not enough to kill them all. Even if tens of thousands of the Demons had died at their hands, a large part of the army had still managed to escape. The remaining Demons had scattered and formed groups of stragglers. They would be vulnerable if they encountered a Master or a coordinated army, but more tragedies would undoubtedly occur if they came across any small Sects or villages.


Since Yang Kai had destroyed this Demon Stronghold, it was only natural for him to ensure that he did a thorough cleanup job. The two groups from the Sixty-First Army were not far away, so at this moment, Yang Kai issued orders to split up the formation and mop up all the Demon stragglers in a thorough fashion. It was essential for all the fleeing Demons to be completely eliminated before he could consider this issue over.


Ying Fei and Fu Ling stood beside Yang Kai, looking at the mountain in the distance that had been hollowed out with wide eyes. That mountain was where Water Cloud Sect’s Main Conference Hall was located, but the shape of the mountain seemed a bit peculiar now. There was a huge semi-circular hole in the side of the mountain, one that was oddly smooth.




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