Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3711, Acting in Secret


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Unfortunately, those Demon Race Half-Saints seemed to have prepared in advance for this scenario. They stuck together as a group and never separated from each other. When the Half-Saints on both sides engaged in battle again, it ended with only one of the Half-Saints on the Demon Race’s side being severely injured.


Two days later, an assassination attempt was carried out on Yang Kai in the General’s tent of the Sixty-First Army. The person who carried out the assassination attempt was a Shadow Demon Half-Saint, who quietly snuck into the Sixty-First Army alone and attacked.


It would surely have ended in tragedy if not for how extraordinary Yang Kai’s Soul cultivation was. Even so, the experience left him drenched in a cold sweat. He had always known that the Shadow Demon Clan was talented and proficient in stealth and assassination, and among them, a Shadow Demon Half-Saint was considered the best among the best. Despite knowing this, it wasn’t until he actually experienced it for himself that Yang Kai had a clear and profound understanding of what it meant.


It was almost impossible to prevent the Shadow Demon Half-Saint from infiltrating and carrying out a sneak attack. Even Yang Kai could not detect the Shadow Demon Half-Saint’s presence, so how could the others? Fortunately, there were traces that could be seen at the exact moment the other party attacked. Yang Kai immediately used Nihility on himself when he felt alarm bells ringing in his heart, which was what allowed him to avoid the crisis.


The Shadow Demon Half-Saint immediately fled far away when his attack missed its mark. Yang Kai had urged the Space Principles to solidify the area but failed to restrain the enemy; hence, the Shadow Demon was nowhere to be seen by the time Bai Ya, the Embodiment, and the others heard the commotion and rushed over.


There was a head-on battle and two sneak attacks, coming to a total of three confrontations in a span of five days; thus, Yang Kai and Bing Yun realized that the enemy in front of them was a tough nut to crack. It was going to be difficult to defeat this Demon Race army of three million with just the power they had on hand.


Yang Kai and Bing Yun stood side by side on top of a solitary mountain where the clouds gathered, looking out in the direction of Blue Wave City that was located thousands of kilometres away. Even though it was thousands of kilometres away; even though more than a month had passed since the incident, the aftermath of the battle between the Great Emperor and the Demon Saint was still clearly discernible. Somewhere above the Demon Land and below the black spot, the Great Emperor’s Emperor Qi swirled, and the Demon Saint’s Demon Qi raged. They formed two dazzling rays of light and darkness that kept clashing with each other in mid-air.


It had been many years since such powerful Masters had fought against each other in this world. The battlefield left behind from their battle would definitely become a cultivation paradise of the Grand Dao in later years. If anybody had the opportunity to perceive the confrontation between the two forces, they would surely gain great benefits from the experience that would improve their cultivation by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, that place was currently dominated by the Demon Race, so who would dare approach? On the contrary, many Masters in the Demon King Realm and above were taking the opportunity to gain insight there.


“Senior, have you received any news?” Yang Kai squinted in that direction for a while before asking.


Bing Yun sighed, “None of the others can come. They all have their own enemies to deal with.”


He nodded at her words. The results were within his expectations.


The two sides had clashed three times, but both sides were unable to do anything about the other. Wondering if she could ask for help from elsewhere, Bing Yun had turned to the other armies in the Northern Territory for assistance in order to remove the eyesore in front of them before moving on to obliterate the rest of the Demons in the remaining Demon Strongholds.


However, the armies of the Star Boundary were all busy fighting their own battles, so who could come forward to provide support? Li Wu Yi had received countless requests asking for support, but unfortunately, he couldn’t send out more helping hands. The only thing he could do was ask the respective Army Commanders to figure out a solution for themselves.


At present, there were one hundred and eight Demon Strongholds scattered across the four territories of the Star Boundary with Demon Race armies stationed at each one. Although many of the Demon Strongholds had been wiped out along with the defenders stationed there over the course of the past month, the Demon Lands remained. Even the World Principles of the Star Boundary could not repair themselves.


The Demon Race armies would sometimes evacuate a stronghold before the arrival of the Star Boundary’s armies and converged towards another larger Demon Stronghold, causing the Star Boundary’s armies’ aggressive and high-spirited march to be in vain.


Most Demon Strongholds were not too hard to deal with as the number of Half-Saints in the Demon Realm was limited, so not every Demon Stronghold had a Half-Saint guarding it. Take the Demon Stronghold at Water Cloud Sect for example. There were no Half-Saints stationed there, so Yang Kai succeeded in turning the place upside down practically all alone.


In contrast, those Demon Strongholds with Half-Saints guarding them were rather difficult to deal with. Among them, there were a total of ten Demon Strongholds with more than one Half-Saint! The Demon Race highly valued these ten spots, and each spot had at least four or five Half-Saints stationed there. Blue Wave City happened to be one of them! Furthermore, these ten Demon Strongholds were the places where the seven Great Emperors, Yu Ru Meng, and the others had disappeared together with the Demon Saints.


Just Blue Wave City alone had been keeping the Sixty-First and Thirty-Fifth Army completely tied down. The other nine Demon Strongholds were probably facing a similar situation. At the very least, thirty of the Star Boundary’s armies were required to siege these ten Demon Strongholds. The rest could only divide their troops to confront the remaining Demons.


Anyone could tell that these ten Demon Strongholds were of great importance to Demon Race. They could ignore all the other Demon Strongholds and Demon Lands but defeating those ten locations was a must. As long as they could capture these ten locations, it would be difficult for the Demon Race to implement whatever tricks and conspiracies they had planned, but it was extremely difficult to capture those locations. Judging from the current situation of the Star Boundary’s various armies, it was nothing short of a dream.


These ten Demon Strongholds were scattered throughout the four territories of the Star Boundary. There were three in the Northern Territory, three in the Southern Territory, and two each in the Eastern and Western Territory!


“It’s not necessarily a bad idea to gather all the Masters in one place and accomplish everything in one go.” Yang Kai pondered in silence for a moment.


Bing Yun nodded, “I’ve already considered that option. We have the Space Beacons and the World Beads, so our mobility is much greater than that of our enemy. If we can gather ten Masters in the Pseudo-Great Emperor Realm, we might just be able to defeat the opponents in front of us, but what happens to the armies under their command during their absence? The Demon Race forces will not miss this opportunity to retaliate. Without the protection of a Pseudo-Great Emperor, those armies will definitely suffer heavy casualties. The losses will outweigh the gains. It might work if we place the armies into the World Beads as well, but that would mean abandoning vigilance towards some of the Demon Strongholds altogether.”


He nodded, “You are right, Senior. What are Supreme Commander Li’s opinions on this matter?”


She replied, “Supreme Commander Li said to wait for the news from Dragon Island. All our problems will be solved if the two Elders of Dragon Island are willing to come forward.”


Yang Kai smiled slightly, “I see. It shouldn’t take too long then.”


Upon returning to High Heaven Palace from the Western Territory, he had asked Qiong Qi to escort Yang Xiao and Yang Xue to Dragon Island. Now that one month had passed, the results should present themselves soon.


The Star Boundary was in critical condition, and while Dragon Island was technically a Sealed World of its own, it was still based in the Star Boundary. No matter how detached the Dragon Clan was towards the matters of the world, they could not stand idly by in this situation. The reasoning behind the saying ‘without lips, the teeth would go cold’ was still something they understood very well.


“I hope that’s the case,” Seeing his confident expression, Bing Yun smiled slightly in response.


He suddenly reached out his hand while they were conversing. At the same time, Space Principles fluctuated briefly, then, a jade slip appeared in the palm of Yang Kai’s hands when he opened his hand again. Li Wu Yi’s aura emanated from that jade slip.


She asked, “Is that a message from Supreme Commander Li?”


Yang Kai nodded, immersing his Divine Sense into the jade slip. After checking the contents of the jade slip, he smiled bitterly, “Senior, I’m afraid I won’t be able to fight alongside you anymore.”


“What did the Supreme Commander ask you to do?” She asked.


He tossed the jade slip to her and said, “Senior Li wants me to head into the Demon Realm to search for the whereabouts of the Great Emperors and… devour the rest of the Demon Realm while I’m at it.”


Bing Yun swiftly finished reading the contents of the jade slip, and knowing that what he was saying was the truth, she nodded in response, “That’s not a bad idea. Just looking at the number of Demons in the world today, it’s easy to tell that most of the strongest Masters have been deployed. Those that remained are probably the weak and infirmed. You probably won’t face much danger if you head to the Demon Realm now…”


She suddenly laughed, “The Demon Race invaded the Star Boundary in hopes of seizing new land… Supreme Commander Li’s little scheme is truly giving them a taste of their own medicine.”


If Yang Kai went deep behind the enemy lines and devoured the Demon Realm continents, the Demon Race would definitely not ignore his actions; thus, he alone would be able to distract the Demon Race’s attention. It would be even better if he managed to lure some of the Half-Saints away. What’s more, according to Li Wu Yi’s conjecture, the Great Emperors were probably in the Demon Realm at the moment; hence, the main purpose of this trip was to inquire about their whereabouts and current situation.


Yang Kai said solemnly, “Please take care of the Sixty-First Army after I leave, Senior.”


Bing Yun laughed, “The Sixty-First Army is the mightiest in the Star Boundary. They don’t need me to take care of them. Rather, my Thirty-Fifth Army will be relying on the Sixty-First Army.”


“Although Yao Si acts prudently, he is still young. I’m worried that he might lose his composure now that the Great Emperors are missing.”


Bing Yun nodded and replied in a serious tone, “Rest assured. I will watch over him carefully.”


He nodded in thanks.


“When are you going? Where will you depart from?”


Yang Kai thought for a moment before answering, “I’ll leave after making some arrangements.” He glanced at the black spot located thousands of kilometres away and grinned, “As for where, I’ll just depart from here.”


Following his gaze, Bing Yun felt stunned for some time and secretly sighed to herself. [His courage isn’t small…] “If you intend to leave from there, then you should probably make some proper arrangements.”


He glanced at her for a moment, mulling over her words before understanding her intentions and nodding, “I’ll do as you say, Senior.”


The two of them then set off immediately and returned to the camp.


A short while later, the Division Commanders of both armies gathered together in the Commander’s tent of the Sixty-First Army. When Yang Kai told them about his intentions to set off for the Demon Realm, the news caused an uproar among them; however, they fell silent after learning that Yang Kai was acting under Li Wu Yi’s orders.


Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo naturally requested to follow him. They were sent by Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo to protect him after all, so it was only logical that they were wherever he was. Nevertheless, the war situation was very precarious at the moment, so how could Yang Kai cut off the supporting pillars of the two armies at such a critical juncture? Hence, he immediately rejected their request. Even the Embodiment was to stay behind.


Following a brief discussion, everybody dispersed.


That night, the two armies joined forces and launched a fierce attack on Blue Wave City. Having already taken precautions in advance, the Demons were able to respond to the attack quickly, but what puzzled them was that the Human’s attack this time around was extremely flashy but seemed to lack substance. Hundreds of thousands attacked with great vigour, only to quickly withdraw their forces after an hour or so. It left the Demon Race extremely puzzled.


Staring at the Human Race army retreating like the receding tide, the Demon Race Half-Saints stood in the sky with a frown on their faces. They instinctively felt that the Humans were carrying out some sort of plot, but they could not sense anything.


All of a sudden, the Shadow Demon Half-Saint who previously snuck into the Sixty-First Army to assassinate Yang Kai looked up at the black spot in the sky with a glint in his eyes.




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