Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3713, Dead Silence


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As soon as Qian Zhong appeared, he was besieged by Yang Kai, Li Wu Yi, and Yang Yan. He was beaten half-to-death before he could even use any of his Divine Abilities, so it was inevitable that he came out severely injured despite his desperate attempts to escape. Therefore, his combat power at this moment was less than half of what it usually was at his peak.


When the Mountains and Rivers Bell rang out, the sound of the bell went straight into his mind and caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood. The melodious bell echoed throughout the Demon Realm, shattered space, and even spread to the Star Boundary. Logically speaking, it should have been impossible for the commotion in the Demon Realm to reach the Star Boundary even if the two Great Worlds were connected by a channel, but even so, the sound of the Mountains and Rivers Bell was clearly transmitted to the other side.


When the bell rang out, the expressions of many Half-Saints in the Demon Land brightened as a single thought appeared in their hearts, [Success!]


The Demon Race was fairly knowledgeable when it came to Yang Kai. They knew that he had a treasure like the Mountains and Rivers Bell in his possession. A treasure as precious as that would never be used unless he was in a crisis where his life was at stake; hence, the Half-Saints believed that he was near the end of his road when they heard the bell toll. They were certain it wouldn’t be long before Qian Zhong returned with good news.


While secretly rejoicing in their hearts, they also envied Qian Zhong for his good luck. Killing Yang Kai was a great merit and the person who succeeded would receive personal guidance from the Demon Saints.


Coincidentally, Bing Yun and the others also had the same thought in their hearts.


The Demon Race army did not know about Yang Kai’s plans, but Bing Yun and the other leaders were aware of it. Yang Kai had vanished for some time just before the two armies launched their attack on the Stronghold. Needless to say, he had gone looking for reinforcements.


Inside the Demon Realm, Qian Zhong vomited blood violently, his figure no longer swift and agile.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai galloped towards Qian Zhong on horseback as the Mountains and Rivers Bell in his hand spun smoothly and rapidly expanded to cover Qian Zhong’s head.


Qian Zhong wanted to dodge to the side, but the force of suppression coming from the Mountains and Rivers Bell made his entire body feel extremely heavy. He couldn’t avoid the blow no matter what he did, so with a loud bang, the bell dropped down and enveloped Qian Zhong.


Following that, Yang Kai jumped off Zhui Feng’s back and came to stand next to the Mountains and Rivers Bell. He struck the bell with a palm, resulting in another loud clang. Sound waves that were visible to the naked eye propagated out. Then, the illusory phantoms that were fleeing in all directions turned into nothingness.


Qian Zhong’s screams could be heard coming from within the Mountains and Rivers Bell. Nevertheless, Yang Kai continued without stopping. He struck the Mountains and Rivers Bell again and again, causing the bell to ring out incessantly. Qian Zhong’s furious screams soon turned to ones of agony, then into tortured howls…


After several dozen palm strikes, Qian Zhong’s voice gradually disappeared. Yang Kai retrieved the Mountains and Rivers Bell and Qian Zhong’s body no longer existed inside. There was only a pool of bloody remains left behind with no humanoid form distinguishable. A magnificent Shadow Demon Half-Saint died in such a vexing manner. He probably never imagined this outcome when he first came chasing after Yang Kai.


Yang Kai’s Divine Sense swept over the bloody remains to confirm that not the slightest bit of aura remained. Only then did he make a grab with his large hand to store the remains inside the Sealed World Bead.


Yang Yan frowned, “Why are you keeping that filth?”


Yang Kai said, “What if he isn’t dead yet? At the very least, he won’t be able to do anything inside the Small Sealed World, regardless of what amazing abilities he might have.”


Yang Kai was the Master of the Small Sealed World so he immediately used his authority to turn Qian Zhong’s bloody corpse into dust.


Yang Yan nodded in agreement, “It’s better to be careful.”


Li Wu Yi said, “Take care of yourself kid. We’re leaving.”


“Have a safe journey,” Yang Kai grinned and cupped his fists. He knew that he had taken up a lot of their time and it would be terrible if something happened to the armies under their command during their absence.


Seeing his smiling face, Yang Yan reached out a finger and poked his forehead.


Li Wu Yi added, “Please send word as soon as possible if you obtain any information on the Great Emperors!”


Having said that, he wrapped Yang Yan in his Emperor Qi and retreated towards the Two Worlds’ Passage.


Several Half-Saints stood above Blue Wave City, looking gloomy and uncertain. When the first toll of the Mountains and Rivers Bell sounded, they all thought that Yang Kai was about to meet his end, but contrary to their expectations, the bell continued to ring incessantly. Despite ringing for several dozen times in quick succession, the sounds coming from the bell were showing no signs of weakening. As such, they began to realize that something was wrong.


Now that the bell had stopped ringing, they were discussing whether to send somebody to check on the situation when all of a sudden, they saw two figures appearing in the area below the black spot.


The Half-Saints were shocked and focusing their gaze on that direction, one of them shouted, “Li Wu Yi!”


Li Wu Yi glanced at them coolly; then, with a flash of his figure, he disappeared into thin air.


The Half-Saints watched as Li Wu Yi vanished, but none of them tried to stop him. Part of the reason was that he was so powerful that they were a bit frightened of him, but more importantly, they knew they would not be able to stop him even if they tried. Nobody could stop Li Wu Yi from coming and going as he pleased in this world, not unless the Demon Saints themselves stepped forward.


Similar to Yang Kai, Li Wu Yi was proficient in the Dao of Space, so he came and went like the wind. He was even more terrifying than Yang Kai because he was an actual Pseudo-Great Emperor.


The Half-Saints exchanged glances with each other and realized something. Qian Zhong had met a disastrous end!


After Li Wu Yi and Yang Yan left, Yang Kai sealed the Two Worlds’ Passage as quickly as possible. He had the feeling that the Demon Race army was unlikely to send anybody else to hunt him down, but it was better to proceed cautiously.


Once he finished sealing the Two Worlds’ Passage, he finally had the time to study his surrounding environment. The continent he was on was not small, and the World Principles were not bad either. Nevertheless, he couldn’t be sure where he was exactly. Although he had travelled through almost all the continents in the entire Demon Realm, they all looked pretty similar to each other except for the occasional special and obvious characteristics. It was impossible for him to distinguish between them unless he asked somebody. Still, it didn’t matter much to him. Regardless of which continent it was, they were all going to be devoured anyway.


Before taking action to devour the continent, Yang Kai tried using a Space Beacon to contact Yu Ru Meng and the seven Great Emperors. He already had a Space Beacon in his possession to contact Yu Ru Meng in the first place and later received another seven from Li Wu Yi to contact the seven Great Emperors. As long as any one of them were on this continent, he would be able to get in touch with them.


However, none of the Space Beacons he tried received any response. Yang Kai wasn’t disappointed though as there were many Demon Realm continents. If the Great Emperors were really in the Demon Realm, he would definitely find them one day.


Summoning the Sealed World Bead, he transformed it into Gun-Gun. Then, he stood on Gun-Gun’s huge head and stomped his feet, “Let’s get to work.”


He was devouring the Demon Realm continents again after so many years, but there were no obstacles this time around and Gun-Gun’s devouring speed was extremely fast. Its gigantic mouth was like a bottomless pit, leaving an empty Void in its wake wherever it went.


The swallowed continents would fall into the Small Sealed World where they would integrate with it, perfecting the World Principles and expanding the territory within.


As time passed though, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed. He could not detect the aura of any living beings on this continent. Rather, the entire continent was heavily shrouded in Death Qi.


One hundred and eight connected passages had appeared between the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary. At each location, a Demon Race army had passed through the corridor and invaded. Each army ranged from several hundred thousand to several million. Moreover, there were a total of One hundred and eight armies, which amounted to an unimaginably large number.


The territories of the Demon Realm were vast and had extremely large populations, but so many Demons had crossed over to invade so it wouldn’t be surprising if only the old, weak, and infirmed were left behind. Still, those who remained should still constitute an enormous number of Demons.


At least, that was what Yang Kai originally thought; however, what he saw was different from what he expected. There were no living Demons that could be found on this continent, not even a single living creature. It was extremely strange. This piece of Demon Land could best be described as an empty nest.


At first, he thought that it was just a phenomenon unique to a specific region. He had started devouring the continent from the Two Worlds’ Passage after all, so even if the Demon Race wasn’t guarding this place, bystanders would not have dared to approach it. However, he finally came to the conclusion that there was nothing alive on this continent after several days of Gun-Gun devouring the continent.


Sitting on top of Gun-Gun’s head, Yang Kai separated a part of his consciousness and entered the Small Sealed World. He transformed into his Soul Projection and examined the situation of the Demon Land Gun-Gun had recently devoured.


A short while later, he frowned and stretched out his hand. With a wave, a mountain of bones appeared in front of him with a loud clatter. Why were there millions of bones here? Moreover, this was only what he summoned at random. Who knew how many more were buried deeper underground? Not to mention, some of these skeletons were only the size of babies, so it was clear they were infant Demons.


Yang Kai’s scowl deepened as a look of bewilderment appeared on his face. From what he could see, other than those that had invaded the Star Boundary, all the other Demons on this continent had probably died. But just what was the reason for so many deaths? What puzzled him even more was that there was no Demon Essence in any of these bones.


Logically speaking, that was an impossible situation. It had only been ten years or so since he left the Demon Realm, and everything had been fine up to that point. There had still been countless Demons living on each continent at the time. In other words, these Demons had only been dead for less than ten years. Their physical body might have perished, but it was impossible for the Demon Essence hidden inside their bodies to dissipate so quickly, and yet, the situation was exactly that! 


This was all extremely strange and Yang Kai had the vague feeling that things were not as simple as they seemed on the surface.


While he was trying to make sense of the situation, his expression suddenly changed. His main body turned to look in a certain direction the moment his Soul Avatar returned.


A thousand kilometres away, a figure was hastily escaping. He must have noticed Gun-Gun and panicked.


Yang Kai’s hand waved and suddenly there was another figure standing in front of him. It was the Demon who had been fleeing for his life just now.


This Demon obviously did not understand what was going on. He had felt the ground shaking beneath him and ran out of his hiding place only to see a huge creature in the sky devouring the entire world. It scared him so badly that his Soul nearly left his body and he quickly ran away. Immediately after that, he felt something squeeze around his body and his vision spun dizzily. By the time he recovered, there was somebody standing in front of him. He was clearly taken aback for a moment, then he suddenly gritted his teeth and let out a roar while throwing a punch at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai secretly found the situation rather amusing. If this Demon was ranked according to Human cultivation standards, he would only be in the True Element Boundary Realm, equivalent to having just barely taken the first steps in the Martial Dao. He didn’t even have the qualifications to be a disposable pawn on the battlefield.


It was actually quite shocking that such a Demon had the courage to attack him. It had been a long time since Yang Kai last experienced something as novel as this. Too lazy to even bother fighting back, he simply smiled gently and said, “Let’s sit down and have a chat.”


As soon as the words left Yang Kai’s mouth, the Demon sat down on the ground with a plop. Even then, he maintained the posture of his fist flying forward at Yang Kai with a look of horror on his face.




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