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Martial Peak – Chapter 3716, Demon Tower


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After the battle, Li Wu Yi broke out in cold sweat. It was fortunate that they had managed to bring the two Elders of the Dragon Clan out in time; otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.


Fu Zhun’s injuries were not too serious, but they couldn’t be considered small either. Fortunately, the Dragon Clan was blessed with strong bodies and equally powerful regenerative abilities. She would only need to recuperate for some time to recover fully.


Following this battle, they entered a strange period of calm.


Out of the Demon Racs armies in the one hundred and eight Demon Strongholds in the Star Boundary, ninety-eight of these locations had been wiped out completely. Only ten locations were left untouched. Unfortunately, nobody dared to act rashly due to the presence of the Demon Saints. Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun, who was still recuperating, kept a close eye on the movements of the three Demon Saints, for fear that they would suddenly strike out and turn the world upside down.


They were clearly in the Star Boundary; however, the sudden appearance of the three Demon Saints ultimately resulted in the Demon Race seizing the initiative in the war. With this advantage, the Demon Race seemed content with the current status quo for the moment and did not rashly start another fight.


This rare moment of tranquillity in the midst of such a chaotic world was tainted by the sense of apprehension that only served to hint at the storm that was brewing.


A group of five currently stood on the mountain located a thousand kilometres away from Blue Wave City in the Northern Territory, where Yang Kai and Bing Yun once stood side by side. All of them were staring solemnly at a certain spot a thousand kilometres away. These five people were Sixty-First Army’s Adjutant Yao Si, Thirty-Fifth Army’s Army Commander Bing Yun, Fifty-Third Army’s Army Commander Fu Ren Jie, Nineteenth Army’s Army Commander Pan Geng Nian, and Twenty-Seventh Army’s Army Commander Shen Tu Xing.


There was no need to explain much about Fu Ren Jie as he was originally somebody from the Northern Territory. It was just that he had been secluding himself from the world before the outbreak of the war, hoping that one day he could suddenly gain enlightenment in the Grand Dao amidst the bounties of nature. As everybody knew, he received an invitation from Li Wu Yi after the outbreak of the war between the two Great Worlds and came out of seclusion to take up the post of Army Commander of the Fifty-Third Army. He was a friendly and good-natured man that Yang Kai had struck up a friendship with in the Western Territory.


The origins of the Nineteenth Army’s Army Commander, Pan Geng Nian, were even more outstanding. He had served under Ice Feather Great Emperor since he was a child as both a Servant and a Disciple. Although he could be regarded as Ice Feather Great Emperor’s Disciple, they did not have a formal Master Disciple relationship between them. Ice Feather Great Emperor had a quiet temperament, so he had always lived in seclusion in the Northern Territory’s Heavens’ Borderline. If the Two Worlds Great War had not been such a huge affair that involved so many, he would not have returned to society so easily. Seeing as Ice Feather Great Emperor would be showing himself though, it was only natural for Pan Geng Nian to follow along.


As for the Twenty-Seventh Army’s Army Commander, Shen Tu Xing, he was a member of Star Court. The people of the Star Boundary’s Northern Territory today might not have heard of him, but if it was ten thousand years in the past, his name would have been a household name. It was rumoured that he started his journey on the Martial Dao at the age of ten, became an Emperor Realm Master at the age of a hundred, and became a Third-Order Emperor at the age of three hundred. He was unrivalled in the whole of the Northern Territory and had even established a Sect. However, he only stayed for two hundred years before leaving without a trace. His whereabouts had been unknown ever since. Moreover, the Sect he left behind was not deeply rooted and fell apart after a few hundred years. That was why nobody in the Northern Territory remembered the name ‘Shen Tu Xing’. Who could have imagined that he had entered Star Court instead and had long since become a Pseudo-Great Emperor?


Most of the battles in the Star Boundary had ceased. Only the last ten Primary Demon Strongholds were left, like nails stuck deep into the flesh of the Star Boundary’s four territories. As a result, the fifty-five armies of the Star Boundary had gradually converged in those places.


The five armies of the Northern Territory had come together in this place. The armies numbered in the millions and were aggressively preparing to confront the Demons in Blue Wave City.


“Adjutant Yao, how long has it been since Commander Yang entered the Demon Realm?” Fu Ren Jie stared out into the distance for a while before abruptly asking the question.


Yao Si replied, “It’s been more than a year now.”


“More than a year…” Fu Ren Jie frowned. [It has been more than a year now. There should have been some news, but Yang Kai has not sent any information from the Demon Realm up until today. It would seem that he has not found any traces of the Great Emperors.]


At present, the entire Star Boundary was relying on the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan for support. Unfortunately, there were only two of them while the enemy had three Demon Saints. Even if the Elders managed to tie down one Demon Saint each, who would be able to keep the last one from running rampant? The consequence of being unable to restrain the third Demon Saint was that nobody could stop them from unleashing a killing spree!


In reality, the Demon Saints had done just that when they first showed up more than ten months ago. Huo Bo and Fu Yu had remained inside the Demon Stronghold, restraining the movements of the two Elders of the Dragon Clan while Xue Li had quietly snuck out, found the place where the Star Boundary’s armies were stationed and began a wanton slaughter.


Fortunately, there were many Space Arrays in the Star Boundary and Space Beacons were even more prevalent. All available Pseudo-Great Emperors had blocked Xue Li’s attacks for a while so the two Dragon Clan Elders could rush over.


Xue Li had been frightened by the arrival of the two Dragon Clan Elders. He quickly exchanged a few blows with Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun before he turned into a bloody ray of light and fled. Afraid of falling into his trap, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun did not dare to chase him too far and could only watch helplessly as he escaped.


After that, Xue Li travelled around the four territories and tried to attack the Star Boundary’s armies many times; however, his attempts turned out to be fruitless. The two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan would soon appear seemingly out of thin air the moment he made his move. At this point, how could he not figure out the reason for their prompt arrival? Although he was gnashing his teeth in resentment, there was nothing he could do.


If that were not the case, why else would the Demon Race remain so quiet even though they had three Demon Saints on their side? It was simply due to the fact that the mobility of the Star Boundary’s forces was too strong. Even if all three of them worked together, they were not confident they could kill the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan. At most, the battle would end with both sides suffering great losses. Who would be willing to do something so foolish?


It was all thanks to the Space Beacons and Space Arrays that the Star Boundary could experience this momentary tranquillity during these troubled times.


“Just what is the Demon Race trying to achieve?” Bing Yun frowned, staring out at Blue Wave City which was located a thousand kilometres away. At this moment, a strange building was taking shape inside Blue Wave City. Nobody cared when they first saw the building being constructed a few months ago, but now it had unexpectedly surpassed the height of a thousand metres, and as time went on, it had only gotten higher and higher.


The building looked like a tower from a distance, but how could such a tall tower exist in this world? Moreover, this tower was brimming with Demon Qi. There were Demon Race members hustling and bustling around it at all times as though trying to make the tower tall enough to reach the Heavens above.


The Demon Tower was an oddity. Nobody knew what the Demon race was trying to achieve. The only thing they could be sure of was that this Demon Tower was detrimental to the Star Boundary. Besides, the reason why the three Demon Saints were willing to keep the peace for now was most likely related to this Demon Tower.


According to the information from Li Wu Yi, identical towers were being built at each of the ten Primary Demon Strongholds in the Star Boundary. Not only were the shapes exactly the same, but even the construction progress was more or less identical. The construction of the Demon Towers was a sign that a storm was about to come, which created an ominous feeling among the people.


At this moment, Pan Geng Nian’s expression suddenly changed. He reached out his hand to grab at something. At the same time, a jade slip appeared out of thin air and was accurately caught by him. The other four noticed the familiar aura coming from the jade slip and immediately understood that this was a message from Li Wu Yi; thus, they turned to him and waited.


Pan Geng Nian immersed his Divine Sense into the jade slip, and after a while, he raised his head and said, “Supreme Commander Li asked me to organize an attack to see if we can destroy the Demon Tower.”


While speaking, he tossed the jade slip to Bing Yun, who was standing next to him. All five of them fell into a deep contemplation after taking turns to read the contents of the jade slip.


Fu Ren Jie frowned, “The Demon Tower will not be easy to destroy.”


“We have to try anyway,” Yao Si replied.


Shen Tu Xing nodded, “We need to come up with a plan. We can’t just sit here and do nothing.”


At present, the Star Boundary was more or less being led by the nose by the Demon Race regarding the war situation. Who could endure such humiliation in their own homeland?


They had wanted to pay a visit to the Demon Race Masters in the Demon Stronghold for a while now, it was just that they didn’t dare to act rashly. Now that Li Wu Yi had given the order though, it gave them a justifiable reason to take action.


They also understood the reason why Li Wu Yi had specifically chosen this group of people to attack the Demon Tower. It was because the Sixty-First Army was the strongest. There were five or six armies gathered at each of the nine other Demon Strongholds, and their numbers were not few. Even so, the Sixty-First Army was unrivalled in terms of the number of Masters among its ranks.


There were three Demon Race Half-Saints; a Divine Spirit, Qiong Qi, a Ninth-Order Red Dragon, Zhu Qing, and an abundance of Emperor Realm Masters. Just with this fact alone, it was unmatched by all the other armies. If the four other Army Commanders were included in the count, then there would be almost nine Pseudo-Great Emperor level Masters gathered here. Aside from lacking a Great Emperor to lead them, how was this force inferior to any of the Demon Race’s army?


The group of five immediately returned to the camp to discuss various details regarding the plan. Although Yao Si’s cultivation was low, he was the representative of the Sixty-First Army, which meant that his status was equal to that of the other four people in the room. There was no awkwardness when he participated in the discussion. Rather, he was very eloquent and his words regarding quite a few matters even made the eyes of Bing Yun and the others shine.




Yang Kai remained seated on top of Gun-Gun’s head in the Demon Realm. He was constantly refining World Beads as not only were they beneficial to the Star Boundary’s armies, but it was also of great benefit to him in improving his comprehension of the Dao of Space.


It had been more than a year since he first entered the Demon Realm, but the entire time all he was met with was silence. All the living creatures on every continent he came across had been exterminated. There were only a few lucky Demon Race survivors that managed to escape the disaster; even so, he had not seen more than ten such survivors over the past year.


Hence, there was nobody to stop him. He simply needed to arrive on those continents and let Gun-Gun devour them one by one. It would seem that the Demon Race had completely abandoned their homeland.


The more Gun-Gun devoured, the larger its body became. Simultaneously, the speed of devouring became faster and faster. Yang Kai could clearly sense that the third region in the Small Sealed World was gradually becoming more and more complete. He had never felt this way before and the realization had simply struck him one day when the Demon Realm continents had been devoured to a certain extent.


The entire Demon Realm used to be a whole; however, it was later split apart for unknown reasons and turned into distinct continents that were separated by the void. The only way to travel back and forth between the various continents was by using the Territory Gates. Therefore, Gun-Gun’s devouring and integrating the land was simply a process of making the Demon Realm whole again.


When this feeling truly reached its apex would be when the last continent in the Demon Realm had been devoured, and that moment was just around the corner.


Unfortunately, Yang Kai had still not been able to contact any of the Great Emperors or Yu Ru Meng up until now; therefore, he was becoming certain that they were not in the Demon Realm.


If they are neither in the Star Boundary nor the Demon Realm though, then where could they have gone? Could it be that they were stuck inside a Void Crack? The Void was a boundless existence filled with chaotic nothingness. Even with the Space Beacons in his possession, Yang Kai was not sure if he could contact the Great Emperors. Regardless of the reason, he was prepared to enter the Void to search for them once he finished his matters in the Demon Realm. It would be best if he could find them. If not, he could only come up with another solution when it was necessary.




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