Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3718, Martial Truth


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After a narrow escape from death, Yang Kai’s complexion was pale. Reaching up a hand to wipe at his nose, he found that the palm of his hand was covered in blood.


Although he had successfully escaped the crisis, he couldn’t help experiencing some lingering fears when he recalled his experience just now. More importantly, he only had one question in his heart, who was the one who had fought against Flowing Time Great Emperor back then? One must understand that, at the time, Flowing Time Great Emperor stood at the peak of the Star Boundary. Even the other Great Emperors that stood in the same Realm could only look up at him in awe. Just like how Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, Wu Kuang, had stood above his peers, the same held true for Flowing Time Great Emperor; therefore, a person who could fight on equal terms with Flowing Time Great Emperor could only be a genius on par with him.


[Could it be the legendary Great Demon God?] Yang Kai frowned. The first time he learned about the title of ‘Great Demon God’ was in the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld. Joining the Barbarian Race in war, he had fought against the Demons in a life-and-death campaign. In the end, the Evergreen Divine Tree sacrificed himself to seal the passage between the two worlds. However, a giant palm had shot out through that rift in the sky and nearly ruined everything at the last moment.


Everything in the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld was based on what had really taken place throughout the various eras. The battle between the Barbarian Race and the Demon Race during those ancient times had really happened, it was just that the process was somewhat different from what Yang Kai had experienced. Even so, Great Demon God’s palm from the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld really must have existed back then, which would mean that Great Demon God had really existed in that era.


Later, Yang Kai employed every trick he had to convince Yu Ru Meng to bring him to the Demon Realm. Once there, he had asked her about Great Demon God, but to his surprise, her expression had changed drastically at the mere mention of the name and she had warned him never to mention those three words ever again. These three words seemed to be taboo in the Demon Realm!


Afterwards, Yang Kai forgot to inquire about Great Demon God again because he never heard anyone talking about him despite spending so many years in the Demon Realm. The strongest in the Demon Realm was none other than the Twelve Demon Saints, in addition to the Continent Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent, Demon Dragon Chang Tian.


It wasn’t until today that Yang Kai began doubting that fact. It would make sense if the person who fought against Flowing Time Great Emperor back then was the Great Demon God.


Judging from the current situation, Flowing Time Great Emperor had died after that battle; likewise, it would seem that Great Demon God fared no better. 


Why else would there be no news at all about that person for so many years?


While Yang Kai mulled over this matter, all sorts of thoughts flashed through his mind. After a while, he jerked upright in surprise and made a soft exclamation of astonishment as he carefully examined his memories. Although he had lingered in the ancient battlefield for more than ten days, it was only his mind that was immersed in it; hence, he had not paid much attention to the condition of his physical body. Just because he did not pay any attention to his body did not mean that he would not notice changes in it eventually. Even ordinary people could sense when something changed about themselves, much less Yang Kai who was a top cultivator.


His mind had been so unstable just now that he did not notice anything; however, he now discovered something interesting. His Soul Avatar had spent more than ten days in the ancient battlefield, but less than an hour had passed for his physical body. In other words, the flow of time in the ancient battlefield was many times faster than normal.


He had experienced something similar before. Not only did he experience it, but Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had also benefited greatly because of it.


The two little ones had only been a few years old when they entered Flowing Time Temple with Qiong Qi; however, they had already reached incredible heights in cultivation when Yang Kai went looking for them just a few years later. He later learned that it was because the two little ones had been cultivating for hundreds of years inside the Flowing Time Temple.


Naturally, among the legacies of Flowing Time Great Emperor, there was a certain area within the Restricted Area of the temple that was overflowing with intense Time Principles. The rate at which time passed inside that area was very different from the outside world., which was how Yang Xiao and Yang Xue lived hundreds of years in just a few years. Not only did they mature during that time, but their cultivations also reached extraordinary heights.


Unfortunately, the legacy of the Great Emperor was not limitless and would cease to exist once it was completely consumed. Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had inherited the mantle of Flowing Time Great Emperor and also received the treasure known as the Flowing Time Temple. Even so, it was still difficult for them to achieve the glory that Flowing Time Great Emperor had enjoyed back in his heyday. It was impossible unless they reached the same level as Flowing Time Great Emperor in terms of cultivation and obtained extremely high attainments in the Dao of Time. The time distortion which allowed them to rapidly cultivate was probably the welcome gift Flowing Time Great Emperor had specially reserved for his Legacy Disciple.


When Yang Kai heard about this, he was very happy for the two of them. Nevertheless, he had been very envious too. He himself had only cultivated for more than a hundred years since he began his journey on the Martial Dao. If he was given another few hundred years to cultivate, he was confident he would become a Pseudo-Great Emperor. Nonetheless, the Dao of Time still eluded him.


Be that as it may, just being a Pseudo-Great Emperor would be of great help in the current situation. As a High-Rank Demon King, he was capable of matching a Pseudo-Great Emperor or Half Saint in battle. Following that logic, he would even have the strength to fight a Demon Saint if he were to become a Pseudo-Great Emperor!


He never imagined that such an amazing opportunity would fall into his lap one day.


It was a pity that he did not know which continent Gun-Gun had just devoured. If he had known earlier, he would have devoured that continent back then, during his first visit to the Demon Realm, no matter the circumstances. If he had done that, his strength would have already undergone earth-shaking changes by now after more than ten years had passed.


For a moment, Yang Kai was overjoyed, but it seemed the good things didn’t end there. His emotions were tumbling in excitement when he suddenly realized that his Soul had become stronger. Moreover, there was something extra in his Knowledge Sea.


Back on the ancient battlefield, his Soul Avatar had been used as a medium through which the two terrifying forces permeating the land had clashed. He had felt unimaginable pain at the time, and his Soul nearly collapsed as a result. It was only thanks to the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus that he was saved. As the saying went, ‘Those who survive a catastrophe are bound to enjoy good fortune later’. He was tasting the sweetness of his good fortune right now.


His Soul had been damaged and later repaired by the Soul Warming Lotus; thus, it was stronger than before after being broken and rebuilt. The power of his Divine Sense had also been significantly improved as a result. That aside, the power of the Soul Warming Lotus had swept through his Knowledge Sea and washed away the hidden murderous intent of the two forces that invaded his Soul Avatar, leaving behind pure energy. This energy carried the Martial Truth that belonged to Flowing Time Great Emperor and the person who might be the Great Demon God.


This Martial Truth was the condensed essence of a lifetime’s cultivation belonging to the two Masters. Under normal circumstances, Yang Kai would still have needed to spend a lot of energy and effort to comprehend this Truth even if he had the two Masters personally instruct him in its profundities; however, the situation right now was different. The two Masters were both long dead and only the pure Martial Truth remained in his Knowledge Sea. It was equivalent to directly enlightening him.


All kinds of mysteries were contained inside this Martial Truth, and he had an unobstructed view into it as it was literally branded into his Soul. It was as though these two people were holding a lychee in their hands and inviting him to feast upon it. Even if he took the lychee from them, he would still need to remove the skin and peel it to eat the flesh within. Be that as it may, the existence of the Soul Warming Lotus had done the job for him instead. Like a caring maidservant, the Soul Warming Lotus had stuffed the sweet flesh of the fruit directly into his mouth; now, he only needed to chew and digest it.


It was said that pie does not simply fall from the sky, but Yang Kai was lucky enough to come across just such a situation.


In his joy, he couldn’t be bothered that his head felt like it was being split in two anymore. He quickly immersed himself and carefully examined the Martial Truth left in his Knowledge Sea. It truly was an amazing thing left behind by Flowing Time Great Emperor and the suspected Great Demon God. If he could make it his own, the benefits it would bring towards improving his strength would be astronomical.


Yang Kai had only meditated for a short moment when he abruptly opened his eyes again. His mind flashed and he communicated with the Small Sealed World. Another person appeared in front of him. It was a tall and curvaceous figure with a pair of delicate wings behind her back. 


Who else could it be but Bo Ya?


“Sir!” Bo Ya cupped her fists.


He had kept Bo Ya inside the Small Sealed World ever since he first placed her there. She was a Mid-Rank Demon King, so although her strength was excellent for her Realm, her presence or absence made no major difference among the many Masters of the Sixty-First Army. For that reason, Yang Kai had not recruited her into his army. Besides, she seemed to have… special fetishes and he did not want her hanging around his wives all day long.


More importantly, he had kept her in the Small Sealed World so that he would have a handy subordinate for himself when he needed one. It was also to deal with some unexpected situations. For example, it would be more convenient to have a helping hand in his present situation.


After greeting him, she seemed surprised, “Are we back in the Demon Realm again?”


They were standing on top of Gun-Gun, whose huge body was so large that one couldn’t see the end at a glance. As Gun-Gun moved forward, the continents were being devoured. This scene was something she had gotten used to seeing after many times.


“En.” Yang Kai nodded before saying to her, “Keep watch. If anything happens, just call for me.”


After saying that, he entered the Small Sealed World without giving her a chance to object.


He was gone before she even had the chance to speak; thus, she was extremely annoyed at him, [I’m just a Mid-Rank Demon King! What can I guard against? This is the Demon Realm! What if I run into a Half-Saint or something!? Won’t I be dead!? It wouldn’t have mattered so much in the past, but I’m a traitor to the Demon Race right now! I will definitely suffer a terrible fate if I get captured by any of the Demon Saints!]


Nevertheless, she soon discovered that the continent was devoid of any vitality. Gun-Gun’s devouring speed was so fast that it could cover a thousand kilometres in an instant, but she did not see a single living thing in the process. It puzzled her greatly. 


[What happened to this continent?]


The reason why Yang Kai had entrusted the Gun-Gun to Bo Ya for safekeeping was that Gun-Gun lacked a certain level of sentience. Therefore, Gun-Gun could only obey simple orders and act on its instincts. Once this continent had been cleanly devoured, they had to head towards another continent. At that time, somebody would need to remind Yang Kai, who was inside the Small Sealed World, about this, and Bo Ya was just the right person for the job.


While Bo Ya was in distress, Yang Kai had already returned to the ancient battlefield. The difference was that he had come to this place with only a thread of his consciousness during his last visit while this time he came in his true body.


The flow of time on the ancient battlefield was very different from the outside world, so needless to say, choosing to cultivate inside this place would rapidly improve his strength.


For him, what he needed the most now was time. Being a High-Rank Demon King wasn’t bad, but he was still greatly disadvantaged when facing off against Half-Saints. Even so, he had only become a High-Rank Demon King less than twenty years ago. He did not know how long it would take for him to become a Half-Saint; hence, the appearance of the ancient battlefield was like giving a drowsy man a pillow. It was exactly what he was looking for.




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