Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3720, Clash


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Yang Kai touched the top of his head and made a slight gesture to measure his height. Then, he discovered that it was not his imagination. He had indeed grown taller. It wasn’t much, only about 10 metres or so, but this was already an incredible achievement.


The longer the Dragon, the harder it was for them to make further progress. With his current 410-metre-tall body, it would be difficult for him to grow by 10 metres even if he cultivated the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique assiduously for 3 to 5 years. Contrary to his expectations, he easily achieved such growth just by meditating in this ancient battlefield for 3 months, and it wasn’t even on purpose.


[Could it be that the Martial Truth also has the effect of improving the Dragon Clan’s Bloodline Power? It’s not necessarily impossible. The Masters of those two forces had both reached the absolute pinnacle after all. The Martial Truth contained in their power is difficult even for the current Demon Saints and Great Emperors to fathom, it’s not surprising if it has some unique effects attached to it. Perhaps, it might even be related to how the two forces keep clashing with each other.]


These two forces had been clashing with each other while using his body as a carrier, allowing him to comprehend the mysteries with a detached feeling. Since his body was in the battlefield and was constantly being stimulated and damaged before being repaired, it was only natural that it would help to develop and improve the bloodline in his physical body.


[This is a good thing.] Yang Kai smiled happily and continued moving forward. This time, he only reached his limit after traversing a distance of 5,000 metres. Although it was said that the two forces would grow stronger the deeper he went, the suffering he experienced previously had not been in vain. 3 months of intensive cultivation had allowed his body to grow stronger, and he could go further as a result.


During the time Yang Kai was devoted to his cultivation in the ancient battlefield, a war had broken out in the Demon Land around Blue Wave City.


By the order of Li Wu Yi, the Sixty-First, Thirty-Fifth, Fifty-Third, Nineteenth, and Twenty-Seventh Armies had launched a full-scale attack. They were practically going all out in their attempt to destroy the Demon Stronghold in Blue Wave City.


On the other hand, the Demon Race was waiting in trepidation in the Demon Land of Blue Wave City. Both parties had been fighting fiercely for the past several days and as a result, each side suffered terrible casualties. There were corpses everywhere on the battlefield, and rivers of blood ran in every direction.


In the end, the Demon Race army faltered first and showed signs of defeat. The Sixty-First Army immediately took advantage of this opening and charged to within thirty kilometres of the tall Demon Tower.


By this point, the Demon Race army had long since set up an iron-clad defence around the periphery of the Demon Tower. Countless Demons were desperately fending off the advance of the Star Boundary’s army while defending the Demon Tower to the death.


A majestic palace flew out from the rear at that moment with Yang Xiao and Yang Xue standing side by side at its main entrance. Strong winds blew at them, making their clothes flap wildly in the wind. Even so, they each continued executing their respective Secret Techniques. Amidst a loud humming sound, the palace slammed into the Demon Tower.


The Flowing Time Temple was a great gift from Flowing Time Great Emperor to his descendants. This temple was not something as simple as a mere palace, it was in fact an extremely powerful flight-type artifact with astonishing offensive and defensive capabilities. Borrowing the power of the temple, the pair prepared to destroy the Demon Tower in the most direct manner possible. The distance between the huge palace and the Demon Tower quickly narrowed, and all the Demon Race members blocking the way were smashed into blood mist.


At the same time, a barrage of attacks rained down on them from all directions but were blocked by the light barrier that surrounded the outside of the temple. The curtain of light was very sturdy, and those attacks only caused a light ripple to appear on the barrier’s surface, leaving both Yang Xiao and Yang Xue completely unharmed. The barrier surrounding the mobile palace of Flowing Time Great Emperor was not something an ordinary attack could destroy even if these two little ones could only draw upon a small part of its power.


Upon seeing this situation, three Demon Race Half-Saints immediately launched into the sky and headed towards the temple. They made their move before the temple could even get close, slamming directly into it with terrifying strength.


Following that, two figures rushed out from the temple, one big and old, one small and young. Wherever Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were, it was a given that Qiong Qi and Liu Yan would be there too.


A tiger’s roar and a phoenix’s cry rang out. When Qiong Qi and Liu Yan clashed with the three Half-Saints, space itself shattered. Qiong Qi was a veteran Divine Spirit, and among all the Divine Spirits in the Half-Saint and Pseudo-Great Emperor Realm in this world, only Li Wu Yi was capable of suppressing him. Nobody else was worth anything in his eyes. If it had been a one-on-one fight, no Half-Saint would have been capable of defeating him.


Unfortunately, Liu Yan was slightly inferior in that aspect. Although she had the Phoenix True Fire and had become a true Divine Spirit, it had not been long since she started cultivating this new strength. In the first place, a Divine Spirit was an existence that relied on the accumulation of time to become strong, so while she might be much stronger than a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, she did not have much of a winning chance against the likes of a Half-Saint. For that reason, she immediately fell into a disadvantageous position when she faced three Demon Race Half-Saints as her opponents in battle despite having Qiong Qi beside her.


Fortunately, they were not required to kill these Half-Saints, they just needed to buy some time.


The Flowing Time Temple rushed forward with a loud rumble while the three Demon Race Half-Saints were tied down. The other Half-Saints were similarly held up in their own respective battles, so there were no other available Masters to hinder the pace of the temple. At that moment, the pandemonium on the battlefield seemed to quiet down and the entire world froze in place. Under millions of gazes, the Flowing Time Temple slammed into the pitch-black Demon Tower.


Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, who were standing at the entrance to the temple, were the first ones to react to the impact. First, their complexion paled significantly; then, they both coughed up a mouthful of blood. In the next moment, a dull thunderous explosion boomed out. The curtain of light surrounding the temple crumpled inward but did not shatter. A circle of light subsequently flashed out, spreading in all directions. The Demon Tower vibrated slightly from the impact before returning to its original state.


The Demon Race Half-Saints, who had been staring so intently that their eyes nearly exploded, instantly felt relieved to see that the Demon Tower was safe. They rushed towards the Demon Tower without regard for their safety, intent on protecting it even if that meant allowing their opponents to injure them.


How could the Star Boundary not realize just how important the Demon Tower was to the Demon Race after witnessing such a scene? When the Demon Towers first appeared, nobody in the Star Boundary knew what they were for so they didn’t pay too much attention to it. By the time they started taking notice of the Demon Towers, they had already taken shape.


Li Wu Yi had vaguely guessed that these Demon Towers would be of great use to the Demon Race, which was why he had ordered the five armies gathered in this place to try attacking to see if there was a chance for them to destroy one of them. After this attempt, the Star Boundary learned that the Demon Towers were much more important to the Demon Race than they had ever expected.


Contrary to their expectations, the Half-Saints had even disregarded their own safety to protect the Demon Tower. How could the many Pseudo-Great Emperors that were present allow the Half-Saints to do as they pleased? They hurriedly chased after the Half-Saints to deal even more damage to their enemies.


Standing above the temple, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue exchanged a glance with each other. After so many years together, there was no need for discussion for them to understand each other. Forming new hand seals, the temple retreated at an extremely fast speed, moving back more than a dozen kilometres in the blink of an eye. Then, pushing their Qi madly, they sent the temple hurtling towards the Demon Tower once more.


Although the first blow had not managed to destroy the Demon Tower, that did not mean their attack was ineffective. They knew better than everybody else that the Demon Tower might be sturdy, but it was definitely incapable of withstanding three collisions with the temple. They were certain that they could completely demolish this Demon Tower with three strikes. Regardless of what the Demon Race was originally planning, there was nothing they could do to prevent the destruction.


Another explosive collision rang out! The Demon Tower shuddered as if it were about to fall, but eventually stabilized itself again. The Half-Saints on the battlefield became even more desperate at the sight and went so far as to use Forbidden Techniques, draining their own life force and vitality just to increase their strength in order to break free from their opponents as soon as possible to stop Yang Xiao and Yang Xue’s actions. It wasn’t just the Half-Saints, even the Demon Kings were acting in desperation.


For a time, the already stormy battlefield became even more chaotic than before.


The might of the Sixty-First Army was fully displayed at a time like this. There were always benefits to having an abundance of Masters in their ranks, and in the face of the various counterattacks coming from so many Masters of the Demon Race, they immediately responded by taking up positions to block any threat from disturbing Yang Xiao and Yang Xue.


When the Flowing Time Temple slammed towards the Demon Tower for the third time, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue’s faces were as pale as sheets. Even so, their gazes were fixed resolutely on the Demon Tower. 


At the last moment, a halo of light spun as energy gathered in one place, opening a huge vortex in front of the Demon Tower.


Two pairs of eyes involuntarily narrowed at the sight from where they stood on top of the temple. Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had no idea what this vortex was, but they understood that victory and defeat all hinged on this next attack; thus, they poured all of their strength out without reserve.


A delicate foot suddenly stepped out from the vortex, followed closely by a slender figure that appeared in mid-air. Her skin was as smooth as a baby’s and her looks were as gorgeous as the finest jade. There were a pair of delicate wings behind her back.




As soon as both her feet stood in the air, the entire world seemed to shudder in response.


Yang Xiao was stunned for a moment before his expression changed greatly and he exclaimed in astonishment, “Fu Yu!”


There were currently three Demon Saints in the Star Boundary and each of them was extremely famous. Even if he had never seen any of them up close before, Yang Xiao had caught a glimpse of them from afar back at the Western Territory. What’s more, the characteristics of the Feather Demons were so obvious, how could he fail to recognize the truth?


[Why is she here!? How did she get here!? Wasn’t she guarding a Demon Land in the Eastern Territory!?] The Eastern Territory was located millions upon millions of kilometres away. Even if Fu Yu was a Demon Saint, it would take her several days just to fly here from there. There was no way she should be able to appear out of nowhere just like that.


Thinking back to what he just saw though, Yang Xiao felt a shudder in his heart. [That Demon Tower… It can’t be… Does it function like a Cross-Territory Space Array!? That’s the only way to explain the current situation!]


The moment Fu Yu appeared, most of the Masters in the Star Boundary paled in unison. Yao Si, who was in charge of the main army, immediately took out a Space Beacon and contacted the two Elders of the Dragon Clan.


The reason he didn’t go into battle was not out of cowardice or the fear of death, it was just that somebody needed to take charge of the overall situation since all five armies had been deployed. The other Army Commanders were Pseudo-Great Emperors who were needed in battle to restrain the movements of the enemy Half-Saints. On the other hand, Yao Xi was far weaker. Be that as it may, it was not a problem for him to coordinate and command the army, which was why Bing Yun and the others had handed over the command of the entire coalition to him.


In reality, he had done an excellent job and thanks to his superb tactical command an opportunity for Yang Xiao and Yang Xue to launch their attacks twice had been created. Unfortunately, the third attack was doomed to fail.


Just as Yao Si was sending a message to the Elders of the Dragon Clan, Fu Yu’s crystal-like eyes swept over Yang Xiao and Yang Xue lightly. Her gaze was completely indifferent, almost as if she was looking at two insignificant ants in front of her; however, a small change finally came over her expression when she saw the Flowing Time Temple. She made a soft sound of surprise as she could clearly tell just how extraordinary this flying temple was.


The distance between the Flowing Time Temple and the Demon Tower was rapidly shortening as after Yang Xiao and Yang Xue’s initial moment of surprise, they neither retreated nor changed their trajectory. Instead, they concentrated even harder to direct the temple toward the Demon Tower. That was because they knew that there was no chance of escaping in the presence of a Demon Saint. Instead, it might be more beneficial to try and snatch their lives back from the gates of death by staking everything they had on a single attack.




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