Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3721, Reverse Scale


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The Flowing Time Temple thrummed as it slammed forward with great power. Even a mountain would be smashed to pieces by such force.


Compared to that gigantic palace, Fu Yu’s figure was extremely small; however, her aura as a Demon Saint seemed to cover the sky. She reached out a jade white hand and grabbed at something. A five-coloured divine bow carved with dragons and phoenixes appeared in her grip, and with a slight twist of her other hand, she drew the string back, condensing an equally radiant feathered arrow.


A sense of great crisis suddenly enveloped both Yang Xiao and Yang Xue. They had obtained the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s true inheritance, and in addition, their cultivation had reached quite a high level. Nevertheless, there was a sense of suffocation pressing down on them at this moment. They could sense the murderous intent and overwhelming power rushing towards them from the front, stabbing directly into their minds, and causing them to be agitated and unable to control themselves.


Even Bo Ya, who was a Mid-Rank Demon King, could kill a High-Rank Demon King if she had enough time to prepare, so what more needed to be said about a Demon Saint like Fu Yu? The only people in this world who could withstand an arrow from Fu Yu without dying were those on the level of Great Emperors and Demon Saints. Anybody weaker than that would surely die in the face of this arrow.


For that reason, the two little ones couldn’t help feeling like they were directly exposed to danger despite being sheltered within the Flowing Time Temple.


The arrow shot out as soon as it was formed. As the distance between them was too close, Fu Yu could not afford any delays. A ray of light that was visible to the naked eye shot out from her hand and struck directly at the oncoming temple. They collided with each other in the blink of an eye and it was as though the whole world exploded with a deafening bang. 


When the loud explosion sounded, a violent force of vibration burst out and spread across the entire battlefield. Countless Humans and Demons lost their balance. Even the Demon Kings had to push their Demon Qi to defend themselves. Meanwhile, the expressions of the Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints became incredibly solemn.


Fu Yu staggered back by two steps before she managed to stabilize her figure again, letting out a soft sound of astonishment as she looked extremely surprised. As far as she could see, the huge palace was intact and had only been knocked backwards by her arrow. Amidst a series of cracking sounds, countless fissures appeared in the light curtain that had been enveloping the Flowing Time Temple all this time; then, the shield shattered before the temple could stabilize itself again.


The complexions of both Yang Xiao and Yang Xue that had already been pale in the first place became even more colourless as both of them coughed up blood at the same time.


That light curtain had been the primary defence of the Flowing Time Temple, and although they were unable to draw out the full power of the temple yet, it was still not something that could be broken so easily. That could be seen just by looking at how it remained intact after the first two collisions with the Demon Tower.


However, the curtain of light was shattered by Fu Yu’s arrow, proving just how terrifyingly powerful the force of her shot was. Without the protection of the Flowing Time Temple, forget the weak Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, even the Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints would have been turned into dust.


The temple flew back like a beast that had lost control of its body, and since both Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were connected to the temple, they were also sent tumbling along with it. Unfortunately, a great sense of crisis, as if they were about to die, befell them again before they even had time to catch their breath.


Standing in front of the Demon Tower, Fu Yu drew the five-coloured divine bow again. The feather arrow nocked on the bowstring trembled slightly, pointing directly at the Flowing Time Temple. Her crystal-like eyes were filled with cold indifference. She had been in too much of a hurry just now, so she had failed to exert her full strength when she shot the first arrow. Be that as it may, she was still a Demon Saint. Even a haphazard attack held the power to destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth, and yet, those two Human children did not die. That was something she found rather intolerable.


Under normal circumstances, she would not have bothered to attack those two insignificant ants a second time. It was just that she could tell that the temple was not something to be trifled with, so she made up her mind to destroy it. As for the life or death of the two Humans hiding within the temple… Why would she care about that?


If it was said that she only had time to exert 50% of her true strength with her first arrow, then the second arrow contained at least 80% of her full power. She was not confident that she could destroy the palace with any less.


The moment the arrow was loosed, only its brilliance shone in this world. All the other movements on the battlefield were eclipsed by the soaring radiance of this arrow.


Yao Si, who was in command of the entire army, could only watch this scene helplessly. Even though he was staring so hard that his eyes were about to pop out, there was nothing he could do. With just his strength, how could he rescue somebody from a Demon Saint? He no longer knew how he was supposed to explain what happened here to Yang Kai and Dragon Island.


Yang Xue was Yang Kai’s biological sister, if she died here, Yang Kai would surely fly into an uncontrollable rage; however, this was not the worst that could happen. Yang Xiao was the only son of the two Elders of the Dragon Clan. If he were to die in this place, the Great Elder and Second Elder would surely go insane. The entire Star Boundary were currently relying on these two Masters to control the overall situation. If they lost their minds in grief and rage, the entire Star Boundary would be placed in peril.


The Flowing Time Temple was still tumbling away while at the same time, the feather arrow was rapidly approaching. It wouldn’t take long before the arrow hit its mark. Just as the feather arrow was about to strike, a pale golden light suddenly flew out from the temple. The light was formed from tiny grains of sand that converged together, dancing lightly as it wrapped around the feather arrow. 


Flowing Time Divine Sand!


At a critical life-or-death moment, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had endured their various discomforts to jointly activate the power of the Infinite Hourglass. The Flowing Time Divine Sand stored in the hourglass was released en masse and Time Principles burst forth. 


The whole world seemed to freeze at that moment as Time Principles eroded away the power of the arrow. Time flowed swiftly, delaying the arrow’s speed and weakening its power.


A short moment later, everything returned to normal. Although they had activated the power of the Infinite Hourglass, their strength was not enough. Just being able to delay the attack of a Demon Saint for a moment was already an incredible achievement. The power behind the arrow had been considerably reduced under the erosion of the Time Principles, but unfortunately, it still wasn’t something the two of them could withstand in such a weakened state.


“Little Aunt!” Yang Xiao turned to look at Yang Xue, who was close at hand; then, a smile appeared on his pale face. He was about to die, but even so, he had no regrets if he could spend his last moments with his family.


Similarly, Yang Xue looked at him and smiled warmly.


Still standing at the entrance of the temple, the two of them tightly clasped each other’s hands, their expressions as calm as a pool of water despite the fear they felt of their impending death.


All of a sudden, a large hand reached out and grabbed hold of that flowing stream of light.




The feather arrow struggled like a snake in the grasp of that large hand; however, it couldn’t break free of its grip. The large hand suddenly clenched tightly and the feather arrow broke apart, scattering into particles of multi-coloured light.


When that large hand grabbed the feather arrow, countless gazes from all directions had focused on it. More so than the others, Fu Yu scowled fiercely.


It wasn’t until the feather arrow had shattered into nothingness that a figure entered into view. That figure was neither tall nor large, only the size of an ordinary Human. Even so, he seemed to give off an indomitable spirit just by standing there. It was enough to make everybody look up at him.


Yao Si let out a long breath of relief. [They made it in time! Thank the Heavens!]


“Father!” Yang Xiao was overjoyed.


Without turning around, Zhu Yan said lightly, “You’ve done well.”


The moment he received the message from Yao Si, Zhu Yan immediately rushed over via the Space Beacons only to be greeted by the sight of Fu Yu releasing her second arrow. His spine immediately went cold with fear and the mental composure that he had spent tens of thousands of years cultivating nearly collapsed at that moment because he had no way of stopping that arrow in time.


Fortunately, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue managed to buy him a moment of time by activating the power of the Infinite Hourglass. That short moment made all the difference between life and death.


Yang Xiao had not lost his fighting spirit despite facing a Demon Saint; rather, he had tried his best to struggle to survive. That was not something just anybody could manage to do; thus, he truly had the qualifications to make Zhu Yan proud.


“You dare hurt my son! Die!” Another figure swiftly materialized beside Zhu Yan. Who else could it be but Fu Zhun? She immediately charged at Fu Yu as soon as she appeared, her Dragon Eyes filled with a malevolent aura and her beautiful face covered in a layer of frost. The temperature in the entire world seemed to drop sharply as a result.


All Dragons had a reverse scale, and Yang Xiao was undoubtedly hers. She would kill anybody who dared to harm her precious Lin’er. Ice Principles erupted from Fu Zhun’s body as she transformed into a giant Ice Dragon, flooding the entire world with her Dragon Pressure. At the same time, she unleashed her Dragon Breath at Fu Yu.


Huo Bo and Xue Li appeared mysteriously next to Fu Yu at that moment. Seeing the beam of ice rushing towards them, Huo Bo let out a strange laugh as his round, squat, and ball-like body shot straight into the sky with unexpected agility,




A huge ball of fire exploded in the sky, intercepting Fu Zhun’s attack.


A Dragon Roar rang out as Zhu Yan also assumed his true form. He fought side-by-side with Fu Zhun, facing off against the three Demon Saints. A loud rumbling rose up to the clouds, and his figure soon vanished out of sight.


Meanwhile, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were arrows at the end of their flight. They didn’t even have the strength to remain standing inside the temple. Qiong Qi speedily separated from his opponent and arrived at the temple in a flash. Hurriedly examining any injuries that the both of them might have sustained during the fight, he finally let out a breath of relief when he discovered that there were no traces of hidden dangers in their bodies. They were simply exhausted from the battle.


As soon as Qiong Qi withdrew, the situation on the battlefield subtly changed. The slight advantage that the Star Boundary held in the beginning was gradually levelled out. On the contrary, the Demon Race army organized a counterattack and began to push the Star Boundary’s armies back, little by little.


Yao Si slammed his fist down hard in frustration before hurriedly issuing the order to withdraw! The purpose of this battle had been to destroy the Demon Tower, and seeing that it was no longer possible to achieve that objective, there was no point in continuing. Prolonging the fight would only increase the number of casualties on their side. In any case, the army was unable to continue fighting after so many days of battle, so it was best that they withdrew while they still held a slight advantage.


In this battle, the number of casualties among both the Demon Race and the Human Race numbered in the millions. It took the Demon race army three whole days just to clean up the battlefield afterwards.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was oblivious to the battle in the Star Boundary as he was currently meditating quietly in the ancient battlefield. Such a good opportunity was very rare to come by. The flow of time in the ancient battlefield was different from the outside world with a difference of several tens of times. Thus, it was only natural that he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.


At first, there had been a purpose to what he was doing. Unfortunately, he became immersed in the experience as time passed and in the end, he was simply enjoying the feeling of becoming stronger.


During this period, he spent all his time inside the ancient battlefield aside from the occasional summons from Bo Ya to head towards another continent to continue the devouring process.


The area in which the two forces were raging rampantly in the ancient battlefield would shrink slightly every few months. When the two forces that had been clashing for so many years entered his body, Yang Kai would willingly act as their battleground so he could refine and absorb portions of the strength and insight they left behind. Thus, they became his capital and nutrients to increase his strength exponentially.


Furthermore, he could not feel any signs of his foundation becoming unstable after cultivating in this manner. Every step he took was unbelievably solid and steady. The reason for that lay in the flow of time in the ancient battlefield. The benefits he received there were not something he achieved overnight. On the contrary, it was something he steadily polished, bit by bit, so it was only natural that there were no hidden dangers to his cultivation.




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