Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3722, Opening His Eyes


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Continent after continent disappeared from the Demon Realm. Accordingly, the third region of the Small Sealed World was gradually being perfected. Yang Kai, who was cultivating in the ancient battlefield, had long ago lost track of time. He only knew that he was slowly but surely becoming stronger.


When only half of the ancient battlefield that once covered over ten thousand kilometres was left, an unexpected change took place.


On that day, Yang Kai opened his eyes and silently examined the changes in his body; then, he questioned Bo Ya about the situation in the outside world. Upon learning that the current continent would require at least another few days before it could be completely devoured, he re-focused and took a step forward.


Only when Yang Kai reached his limit did he sit down cross-legged and open his mind. As usual, the two forces that filled the ancient battlefield immediately poured into his body as though they had finally found an outlet. They used his body as a carrier and battlefield as they clashed with one another, continuing the grand battle that began in ancient times as though they were finally about to determine a victor among them.


Yang Kai, however, furrowed his brow feeling as though something was different this time. It felt like there was something extra, but he couldn’t determine anything even when he examined himself carefully; thus, he couldn’t help wondering whether he was simply overthinking things.


Just as he was thinking that though, two figures suddenly imprinted themselves in his mind. One was tall and large, towering above the skies. On the other hand, the other figure was one ten-thousandth of the size of the other. Nevertheless, it was clear that the small figure was fighting the giant. In addition, their battle was raging with no distinct winner between them.


Yang Kai’s expression stiffened in surprise. Although he was nearly shaken out of his meditative state, he soon managed to stabilize his emotions. Upon a closer look, he realized that those two figures felt rather familiar to him. They were not visible to the naked eye. Rather, they were something he could only sense with his mind. For some reason, he could neither get a clear read on the gigantic figure nor the miniature figure. It didn’t matter whether it was their faces or the shape of their bodies, they were all blurry and chaotic to him. All he could tell was that they were fighting, but he had no idea what kind of overwhelmingly powerful attacks or Secret Techniques they were using; hence, he suddenly felt anxious to know more.


This ancient battlefield was where Flowing Time Great Emperor had fought with a Master from the Demon Race, and now, two figures had materialized in his mind while he was quietly meditating in cultivation. There was no way Yang Kai couldn’t guess who they were at this point. They were Flowing Time Great Emperor and the Master who he suspected was the Great Demon God!


Yang Kai had absorbed the Martial Truth left behind by those two Masters, and now, his mind had travelled through time and space to witness their original fight. If he could watch their fight closely to observe and emulate their movements and methods, he was certain that he would receive great benefits from this experience. It was just that he could only ‘see’ two vague figures. Forget what methods they were using in their fight, he couldn’t even get a proper glimpse of their faces, so what could he comprehend from such a scene? It would have been one thing if he had been oblivious to the entire situation; however, he could already guess who these two were but could not investigate the situation, making him feel as if he had an itch that could not be scratched.


On second thought, Yang Kai realized he had never ‘seen’ such a scene before. He believed that it was because he had been meditating in this place for a while now and consequently obtaining a vague essence of the Martial Truth belonging to these two Masters that he could receive this opportunity today. If that was the case, he would eventually be able to see their battle clearly if he continued to cultivate.


Once this thought crossed his mind, Yang Kai concentrated on his own cultivation and stopped paying attention to the two fighting figures.


By the time the area of the ancient battlefield shrunk by half again, more than 30 years had passed since Yang Kai began cultivating in this place. The difference in the flow of time had given him a unique advantage as with Bo Ya’s confirmation, it turned out that it had only been less than a year since he first entered the Demon Realm.


Following 30 years’ worth of cultivation, Yang Kai shed his former self and was reborn as a result. He was thankful that the fight between the two Masters had not disappeared since the day he was first able to ‘see’ them in his mind. Every time he felt himself growing stronger, he would try to observe the battle between the two Masters. Unfortunately, it had always failed. 


But, it was going to be different this time. When Yang Kai tried to watch the ancient battle once more, at first the two figures remained blurry and he could not see much, but a short while later, it seemed to become slightly clearer. His spirits lifted while at the same time he concentrated on studying the fight. His Divine Sense surged inside his Knowledge Sea, causing the black and gold flames inside to churn tumultuously while large waves overlapped each other. It was clear that he was going all out.


Just when Yang Kai felt a pain in his head and was struck by a wave of drowsiness, he suddenly saw the small figure forming a set of hand seals. Time Principles surrounded the small figure who then slowly sent his palm forward.


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up at the sight. Those seals and the power of that palm strike were all exceedingly familiar to him. That was the Time Flies Seal! Moreover, it was the Time Flies Seal that Flowing Time Great Emperor himself executed!


That Secret Technique was Flowing Time Great Emperor’s most famous Divine Ability which Yang Kai coincidentally obtained in the Four Seasons Land in the past. He had learned a little bit about the Dao of Time during his time in the Four Seasons Land and obtained the Time Flies Seal through a certain opportunity rather than through his own comprehension. Who could say for sure whether he had actually obtained the essence of the Divine Ability or not?


Yang Kai originally believed that the Time Flies Seal he obtained would not embarrass Flowing Time Great Emperor even if he might not have fully comprehended its essence, but it wasn’t until he witnessed the Great Emperor using this move personally that Yang Kai finally realized just how ridiculous his previous confidence was.


It was the same Time Flies Seal, but even so, the difference in power and effect between Yang Kai’s and the Great Emperor’s version was like the difference between the light of a firefly and the brilliance of the moon. Naturally, part of the reason was the difference in strength between them, but clearly, the root cause stemmed from Yang Kai’s failure to understand Time Principles to a high enough degree. Not to mention, the illusory phantoms that remained in this place were only a manifestation of the remnant Martial Truth of the Great Emperor, not an actual attack from him. Despite being no more than an illusory phantom, the Time Flies Seal displayed was already far beyond Yang Kai’s comprehension. If that attack struck Yang Kai, he was certain he would be reduced to dust in an instant.


Staring at that palm strike blankly, Yang Kai felt as though his entire mind was filled with its majesty. Then, a hint of enlightenment was born in his heart as he realized just how the Time Flies Seal should be cast.


He had not given it much thought when there was nothing to compare to before, but now that he had an example before him, he realized that the Time Flies Seal that he had been using up until now was like the imitation of a naïve child at best.


After that palm strike, another Time Flies Seal came out, seemingly repeating over and over again like a looping recording. The real battle was definitely not like this as these two illusory phantoms were simply a manifestation of his comprehension of the two Masters’ Martial Truths. It was only because he had also cultivated the Time Flies Seal that he could even see this scene.


After repeatedly observing and emulating, Yang Kai suddenly understood something. His body, which was still under the Dragon Transformation subconsciously began to move in the ancient battlefield and performed hand seal after hand seal. Time Principles faintly lingering around his body gradually thickened…


It wasn’t until the two illusory phantoms suddenly broke apart that Yang Kai stopped moving. Looking down at his Dragon Claws, he clenched them tightly without warning and a savage smile broke out across his face. Although it was impossible for him to reach the level of Flowing Time Great Emperor, the power of his Time Flies Seal would definitely have undergone a dramatic improvement now.


Yang Kai stood up and strode forward, the look in his eyes as firm as the steps he took. He only managed to see the Time Flies Seal this time, but he was certain he could see even more next time.


As time passed, the area of the ancient battlefield shrunk little by little. Meanwhile, Yang Kai indeed began to see more and more things as he continuously grew stronger. It was no longer limited to just the Time Flies Seal. The scene of battle between the two Masters fascinated him greatly. It felt as though the world would collapse and the universe would turn upside down every time they collided with one another. The only thing that infuriated him was that he could not see what the Two Masters truly looked like as their faces remained a blur.


Just like that, several decades passed by in the blink of an eye. Only the core region of the enormous ancient battlefield now remained. Coincidentally, there was also only one last continent left in the Demon Realm that had yet to be devoured.


The two forces that flooded this last piece of the ancient battlefield could only be described as violent. Even Yang Kai had trouble guiding them into his body. Numerous cracks appeared on his sturdy Dragon Body and his Golden Blood flowed freely from his wounds. The Soul Warming Lotus spun desperately inside his Knowledge Sea, sending out a soothing power to keep him lucid and mend his damaged Soul.


Yang Kai had become indifferent to everything else and was now completely immersed in the battle between those two figures. Over the years, the battle had only gotten clearer and clearer to him; thus, he was very curious to see the final outcome. Although he had already guessed that Flowing Time Great Emperor would eventually die of serious injuries, he wanted to know what would happen to the suspected Great Demon God. The answer surely lay in this last scene.


Under the full focus of his Divine Sense, Yang Kai saw the two figures fighting fiercely with each other. The World Principles were chaotic; space itself was constantly being torn apart by their clashes. Yang Kai seemed to witness the collapse of the world and the division of an entire universe the longer he watched.


His brow twitched at that realization and he secretly thought to himself, [As I suspected… The collapse of the Demon Realm was indeed related to Flowing Time Great Emperor.] 


In ancient times, the Demon Realm had been one whole; however, it was broken into countless pieces and scattered into the Void after the battle between Flowing Time Great Emperor and the Master who he suspected was the Great Demon God.


Nevertheless, the two Masters turned a blind eye to their surroundings. They had nothing but each other in their sights as they fought to the death for reasons unknown to the world. Time and space were turned upside down, and the final collision finally arrived.


It was the Time Flies Seal again. The Great Emperor struck out with his palm, and in response, the giant froze without warning. Raising his head, he let out a silent roar as numerous cracks appeared on his towering figure.


Yang Kai’s heart tightened at that moment, secretly rejoicing. This situation indicated that the outcome of the battle ended with Flowing Time Great Emperor winning by just a slight margin. Although he was mortally wounded in the end, he still managed to return to the Star Boundary so his remains could be buried in his homeland.


Just when Yang Kai was secretly rejoicing over the Great Emperor’s victory, he suddenly saw two rays of light appearing in the huge figure’s eyes. All this while, he had not been able to see the appearances of the two Masters. Their faces had always been a chaotic mess as if there was a layer of something covering their faces like a veil. At least, that was the case… until now!


The huge figure opened his eyes and two rays of light shot out from them. One was gold while the other was black! The golden eye was filled with a golden pillar of dominance. Just looking at it would cause a person to feel a sense of trembling in his heart. It felt as though his Soul had to surrender under such majesty. On the other hand, the black eye was like a bottomless abyss. There was no white nor pupil. Instead, it seemed to embody endless darkness that threatened to drag one in and never allow them to escape.


Yang Kai felt as though he had been struck by lightning and stood frozen on the spot in shock.




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  1. He should be learning stuff from both of them, so he should be learning how to improve the time flies seal and also techniques from the great demon god, they’ve only been talking about the time flies seal though.

  2. So that’s how it is. My guess is, the Demon God in Tong Xuan Realm was a kind of soul clone. Even Yang Yan didn’t have memories of her original self at first. One thing I still can’t wrap my head around is why all these top level inheritances ended up in that small sealed world inside Tong Xuan where Yang Kai sails from. Golden dragon source, soul warming lotus, the golden eye of the demon god, Su Yan’s phoenix. Hell, I won’t be surprised if those twin sisters from way back are actually inheritors of some broken ass master in this outer universe that was teased a couple times.

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