Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3723, An Uninvited Guest


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The last traces of the forces on the ancient battlefield had completely disappeared. Even so, Yang Kai continued to sit in the same spot blankly, unable to come back to his senses. His mind was filled with the image of those eyes he had seen at the last moment. 


One golden eye and one black eye. The golden eye was extremely intimidating while the black eye was deep and unfathomable. If a normal person had seen those eyes, they would simply marvel at the wonder and power behind them. Yang Kai, however, was completely taken aback by the sight. That was because that one golden and one black eye were very familiar to him. 


[Weren’t those the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Black Purgatory Eye?] Even though he had only caught a glimpse of those eyes, he was sure that he was not mistaken. They were definitely the same Demon Eye of Annihilation and Black Purgatory Eye that he had. It was precisely because he had those same eyes that he was so familiar with them and could recognise them at a glance.


[It was just… Why did those eyes appear on that Master who is probably the Great Demon God?] Ever since he started cultivating, those eyes of his had brought great benefits to him. They had helped Yang Kai turn danger into safety countless times, saving his life more than once.


Of the two eyes, Yang Kai had obtained the Demon Eye of Annihilation in Tong Xuan Realm. It was said that there was once a Great Demon God in Tong Xuan Realm and the Demon Eye of Annihilation was a relic he had left behind.


It was just that the cultivation of Tong Xuan Realm’s Great Demon God was rather low. That was why, even though Yang Kai later learned about the existence of the Demon Realm’s Great Demon God when he was in the Star Boundary, he had not associated the two with each other. The gap in their cultivation was simply too large. Contrary to his earlier beliefs though, it would seem that there really was some sort of a connection between the two, especially if Flowing Time Great Emperor’s opponent was really the Great Demon God.


Thinking about it carefully again, Tong Xuan Realm’s Great Demon God might have been known as a Demon, since he stemmed from the Demon Clan, but his conduct in life had been the epitome of righteousness. After fighting with his life on the line to save his homeland, he had sacrificed himself to set up an Earth-shakingly powerful Grand Array that concealed Tong Xuan Realm, protecting it from the dangers of the vast Starry Sky, lest this Star with a weaker Martial Dao was discovered and subsequently conquered by malicious Masters.


It could even be said that the only reason Tong Xuan Realm survived to this day without being enslaved by other Masters in the Star Field was all thanks to the Great Demon God. Therefore, Yang Kai had a hard time connecting such a magnificent and benevolent person to the Great Demon God of the Demon Realm.


As for the Black Purgatory Eye, it was something he had obtained in the place where the Ancient Demon had been defeated outside of Maplewood City. A One-Eyed Great Demon had run rampant in the world during ancient times, causing great devastation. Consequently, Ancient Masters had come together to kill it. Even though they managed to destroy the Ancient Demon’s physical body, a single eye had been left behind. They were unable to destroy that eye, regardless of what means they used; hence, they had no choice but to seal it away in what would one day become Maplewood City.


The seal later weakened and allowed the Ancient Demon’s aura to seep out, nearly causing the fall of Maplewood City. Yang Kai and six others had used the Seven Points Black Tortoise Formation to charge out of the city to repair the seal. After an accident of sorts, Yang Kai was contaminated by the Demon Qi and somehow obtained the Black Purgatory Eye as a result.


He could still recall how great the commotion had been at the time. It had even caused Star Soul Palace to take action. In the end, Yang Kai ended up fighting against Gao Xue Ting, Xiao Yu Yang, and Chen Wen Hao under the effects of a kind of Demon Transformation when they came to investigate the situation. Yang Kai had only been a First-Order Dao Source Realm at the time while Gao Xue Ting and the others were already in the First-Order Emperor Realm. Nevertheless, Yang Kai still managed to escape safely in a situation where his enemies were much stronger than him and he was fighting in a three-against-one battle. That just went to show just how powerful the Black Purgatory Eye was. Truth be told, he would have lost himself in demonic impulses a long time ago if he had not relied on the gold and silver power of the Firmament Tree to seal that ancient Demon Qi away.


In addition, the Demonic War Hammer that the Embodiment was currently using was a Demon Artifact that used to belong to the One-Eyed Great Demon. Both the Demonic War Hammer and the Black Purgatory Eye belonged to the One-Eyed Great Demon, so how were they related to Great Demon God?


The final scene that Yang Kai had seen at the end of the battle left him feeling rather dazed, but there was no way he could mistake the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Black Purgatory Eye. He couldn’t come up with a possible explanation even after careful consideration though, so he could only sigh sadly to himself. These events had happened much too long ago, and without witnessing what really happened, who could say what was the truth?


Unfortunately, Yang Kai failed to see how the battle ultimately ended. Two rays of light, one golden and one black, flashed brightly when the Master who he suspected to be the Great Demon God opened his eyes. The entire scene had fallen apart after that, so Yang Kai had no idea what happened to the two Masters as a result. It was fortunate that he had finished absorbing all the forces within the ancient battlefield, so this trip was not without gains.


At that moment, Yang Kai suddenly raised his brow with an expression of joy. He vaguely felt that the third region of the Small Sealed World had become complete. In other words, Gun-Gun had also finished devouring the last continent.


The Demon Realm was originally one whole but later broke up under the impacts of the battle between Flowing Time Great Emperor and the supposed Great Demon God. As the Void was blocked, the Demon Race could only rely on the existence of the Territory Gates to navigate between the continents for countless years. Although no issues had arisen in the short term, the Territory Gates gradually became unstable over time. Likewise, the connection between the continents in the Demon Realm became weaker and weaker. In the end, many continents vanished from the Demon Realm’s territory and were lost to the Void.


Yang Kai, who could shatter the Void and leap across space, managed to find and devour many of those lost continents. It was a process of breaking something in order to rebuild it again. Now that all the continents had been swallowed and merged together once more, the third region was completely transformed into a second Demon Realm. The world hummed softly as the originally flawed World Principles became perfect again. The newly reborn world might not be very impressive at the moment, but this place would become a scene of great beauty given 10,000 or 100,000 years.


As the Master of the Small Sealed World, the birth of this new world had given Yang Kai a faint sensation of rebirth. His mind felt extremely comfortable for inexplicable reasons. There was also a sense of being separated from the chaos just as the world was being born. Moreover, a power that was generally very difficult to grasp became incredibly clear to him at this very moment, World Force!


The biggest difference between Great Emperors, Emperor Realm Masters, and even Pseudo-Great Emperors lay in this point. Great Emperors were capable of connecting with the world and borrowing the power of World Force. Every action they took carried the prestige of the world with it. Emperor Realm Masters and Pseudo-Great Emperors were limited to exerting their own strength, but Great Emperors were beyond that category. They were on a completely different level altogether.


Under normal circumstances, a person would not be able to feel World Force until he or she became a Great Emperor, no matter how strong that person was. Even Li Wu Yi had never felt it before. However, Yang Kai was uniquely blessed in this aspect. The existence of the Small Sealed World allowed him to comprehend and even use World Force in advance. The Small Sealed World was a world in and of itself after all, and now that the third region was complete, it gave him a deeper understanding of this mysterious power.


Any other Third-Order Emperor or High-Rank Demon King would have been confused and at a loss for how to comprehend the mysteries of the situation even if they had the opportunity to experience something like this, and Yang Kai himself had been no better in the past. It was just that he had spent several dozen years on the ancient battlefield, greedily devouring and absorbing the Martial Truth of two peak-level Masters. In turn, it had allowed the scope of his vision to exceed the level it should have been at. Standing at a height that did not belong to him, it was not difficult for Yang Kai to comprehend a little about these mysteries. Those two Masters were undoubtedly the strongest in their respective Great Worlds, so who could surpass them in terms of their perception of World Force? It could be said that although these dozens of years of hard work had not propelled Yang Kai into the Half-Saint Realm, his true strength had undergone earth-shaking changes nevertheless.


In the midst of his joy, Yang Kai suddenly frowned and turned his head to look in a certain direction. The perfection of the Small Sealed World and the improvement of his state of mind had made him extremely sensitive to the world as a whole. Not to mention that he was the Master of this world in the first place. As long as Yang Kai focused, not even the movement of a blade of grass in a gust of wind could escape his attention.


The image that entered Yang Kai’s eyes was a figure coming toward him from afar. This person moved like the wind itself, his hands behind his back as he strolled leisurely, seemingly just taking in the beautiful scenery around him. Travelling through the skies, this figure was looking around his surroundings with a hint of nostalgia in his expression. Soon, he seemed to notice Yang Kai watching him and glanced over from a distance, smiling slightly.


Yang Kai couldn’t help narrowing his eyes as there was a distance of at least ten thousand kilometres between the two of them still. The only way he could see that person across such a distance was by relying on his advantages as the Master of this world, so how was the other party able to see him?


“As expected, he’s suspicious!” Yang Kai coldly snorted to himself. When he first saw this person, he couldn’t shake the vague feeling that something was not right about him; however, he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong which was why he left Bo Ya hiding nearby to monitor the situation. Even so, Bo Ya had not noticed anything out of place.


It wasn’t until this moment that this person finally revealed his true self. Yang Kai’s mind arrived at the Three Peaks with a single thought, the place where Li Shi Qing used to stay. Li Shi Qing had left the Small Sealed World a long time ago while Huo Lun was even now refining the power of the Myriad Demon Pills he acquired in the past. Therefore, the last owner of the mountain peak was gone and the place was empty.


Originally, Yang Kai had left Bo Ya here to monitor the situation, but right now she was taking care of Gun-Gun in the outside world, so there was nobody monitoring this place. For that reason, nobody knew when this person had left the Three Peaks.


Yang Kai was the Heavens themselves inside the Small Sealed World, so he was not afraid that this person might be hiding some form of malicious intent towards him. He could turn this person into ashes with the slightest motion of his hands after all.


A distance of ten thousand kilometres could neither be considered far nor near. Moreover, the other party was only a Mid-Rank Demon King, so it made sense that it would take the other party at least a quarter-hour to arrive. But, when Yang Kai looked up, he noticed that that person’s method of travelling seemed to be extremely profound, as though he was capable of borrowing the World Strength around him, allowing him to travel far faster than the average Demon King.


Less than an incense stick later, a familiar Demon arrived not far away from Yang Kai. This person stood with his hands behind his back and nodded at Yang Kai with a smile, as though he was greeting an old friend who he had not seen for many years.


Likewise, Yang Kai returned a look of interest. Although he could tell that the other party was no ordinary person, the layer of mystery shrouding this figure made him even more curious to see just what the other party was hiding under that veil.


The person glanced around himself and let out a soft sigh, “Truly, what a nostalgic sight this is.”


The tone behind that sigh was not deliberate. Rather, it was truly filled with a sense of nostalgia, his eyes full of melancholy.


Yang Kai raised his brow in surprise, “You’ve been here before?”


The Demon Race member looked at Yang Kai and smiled without smiling, “After being here for so long, I’m sure you can discern a little something. Whether I’ve been here before or not… Others might not know, but… are you saying you don’t know either?”


Those were mystifying words, but they made Yang Kai frown deeply. He studied the man in front of him carefully. Then, his expression changed drastically a moment later and he exclaimed with a strange expression, “Mo Sheng… Demon God… You can’t be implying that you are Great Demon God, right?”




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  1. This is a summary chapter of everything that happened before with the GDG. Now Yang Kai meets the remnant of the GDG. This may be the beginning of the end of the Demon arc.

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