Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3724, Soul Clone


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When Yang Kai first heard the name ‘Mo Sheng’, he couldn’t help feeling a little strange. The names of the Demon Race were very different from the names of Humans of the Star Boundary. They held a strongly unique and noble bearing. Even if he was not familiar with the way the Demon Race decided on their names, he could tell that the name ‘Mo Sheng’ was somewhat inappropriate. It was too similar to the title of ‘Demon Saint’. He had initially been a little surprised that Mo Sheng managed to survive until now without being killed by any of the other Demon Race members. It truly was a miracle.


If that were all it was, he would only have associated this matter with the Demon Saints. It was just that he couldn’t help thinking that there was more to this situation than he previously thought now. The words ‘Mo Sheng’, ‘Demon Saint’, and ‘Demon God’ all sounded very similar after all.


It had simply been a casual remark. At first, Yang Kai believed that he was overthinking things, but who could have expected Mo Sheng to wave his hand dismissively in response, “Demon God? That’s just what they call me. Mo Sheng is my real name.”


Yang Kai involuntarily took two steps back before he remembered that he was in his own world. There was no reason to fear this Mo Sheng even if what he was saying was true. Composing himself, Yang Kai asked, “So, you really are the Great Demon God?”


If that were the case, then all the strange occurrences so far would make sense. It was precisely because he had the vague feeling that something was wrong that he had always kept an eye on Mo Sheng all these years.


Mo Sheng smiled slightly without giving an answer, which made him seem very mysterious and hard to predict.


On the other hand, Yang Kai did not know what kind of expression he should show on his face. Both the inhabitants of the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary were currently at war with each other and there had been countless deaths on both sides. As such, the hatred between the two Races was as deep as the sea. Under such circumstances, the legendary Great Demon God of the Demon Race just had to appear right in front of him. No matter how quick-witted Yang Kai was, he was still at a loss for what to do. What he had even more trouble accepting was that the situation was very different from what he had imagined.


This self-proclaimed Great Demon God was not as savage, bloodthirsty, cruel, or violent as Yang Kai had imagined. On the contrary, he had a leisurely bearing that made him seem rather warm and friendly.


“Are you really the Great Demon God?” Yang Kai repeated his question.


Mo Sheng fell silent for a moment before replying, “Yes and no.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai looked confused, but before Mo Sheng could answer, a look of realization crept across Yang Kai’s face as he posited, “A Soul Clone?”


If this person really was the Great Demon God, then he would not have the qualifications to even converse with him. Instead, Yang Kai would have been killed immediately on the spot. Besides, how could a Mid-Rank Demon King possibly be Great Demon God?


This reminded him of the Embodiment. Even he had an existence like the Embodiment, so it would not be surprising if the Great Demon God, who had a cultivation that vastly exceeded his own, had a Soul Clone.


“Well, something like that.” Mo Sheng did not explain, acting as though he tacitly agreed with what Yang Kai had said. Smiling brightly, he turned to look at Yang Kai, “You have something of mine.”


Yang Kai pointed at his eyes, “Are you referring to these?”


Mo Sheng nodded, “Those eyes were originally mine.”


Yang Kai grinned, “They are not yours. They belonged to the Great Demon God, and now… They belong to me.”


He could finally be sure that this person in front of him was the Great Demon God’s Soul Clone; moreover, the person who fought against Flowing Time Great Emperor on the ancient battlefield during the ancient times was none other than the Great Demon God.


Mo Sheng didn’t appear annoyed and pondered for a moment before saying, “True. What I lost is no longer mine.” 


Sighing, he continued, “Humans are amazing.”


Yang Kai did not know what Mo Sheng was reminiscing about, but the nostalgic expression appeared on the latter’s face again. 


In any case, he did not care that Mo Sheng was the Great Demon God’s Soul Clone. Not only was Mo Sheng just a Mid-Rank Demon King, the other party was also in his territory. It was only natural that Yang Kai was not afraid of Mo Sheng. Seeing that Mo Sheng was so easy to talk to though, he couldn’t help wanting to inquire more about the situation so he commented while stomping his foot slightly, “I saw many things here.”


Mo Sheng nodded in reply, “It was your opportunity that allowed you to see what you saw. It is also your ability.”


“But, I couldn’t see the outcome of the battle. Can you tell me how it ended?”


Mo Sheng smiled at those words and replied, “What else could have happened? The battle ended in death. That’s why I said that Humans are amazing.”


Although Mo Sheng did not specify who had died in that battle, Yang Kai understood that the only person he could be referring to was the Great Demon God, and for a moment, Yang Kai felt his spirits lifting. Even though he had long since guessed the outcome of the battle, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of pride when Mo Sheng confirmed the truth. The person who killed the Great Demon God was Flowing Time Great Emperor! 


“If he’s dead though, why are you still alive?” He frowned at Mo Sheng. The main body was dead; hence, it didn’t make sense for the Soul Clone to survive. Yang Kai was certain that if anything were to happen to him, the Embodiment would die as well. 


Mo Sheng replied, “The physical body might have been destroyed, but the Soul remains! Flowing Time Great Emperor was powerful indeed, but he was still a long way off from destroying my Soul.”


Yang Kai understood immediately. Leaving aside that the Great Demon God’s cultivation was overwhelmingly powerful; given the chance, even the average Emperor Realm Master and Demon King could escape with their Soul despite having their bodies destroyed. Nevertheless, Mo Sheng’s manner of speaking rubbed him the wrong way. It was Flowing Time Great Emperor who destroyed the opponent’s physical body, and yet, Mo Sheng made it sound as though he had the upper hand in the fight back then. He was acting as though Flowing Time Great Emperor had been helpless against him.


Mo Sheng seemed to have seen through Yang Kai’s thoughts so he calmly added, “I was injured at the time; otherwise, I would not have fallen into such a pitiful state.”


Yang Kai’s expression stiffened at those words. Although it was his first time coming into contact with Mo Sheng, he knew that there was no reason for a Master like the Great Demon God to deceive him. If Mo Sheng claimed that he had been injured, then he must have been injured. Since he was injured, it stood to reason that he could not exert his full strength. That being the case, he still managed to force Flowing Time Great Emperor into a battle where both sides ended up perishing. If that had happened under the condition that he was in an injured state, what would have happened if he had been in peak condition!? More importantly, who could have injured him in the first place!?


Although they had only exchanged a few words, Yang Kai felt as though this Demon Race member’s legends and myths had gently opened a door in front of him. Furthermore, it would seem that there was another vast world beyond that door. Suppressing the shock in his heart, he asked, “What happened to this pair of eyes?”


Mo Sheng blinked in response, “That’s what I want to know too. How did they fall into your hands? If you don’t mind, can you tell me?”


That answer was beyond Yang Kai’s expectations. He had believed that the other party would have the answers he sought; however, that one question and momentary puzzlement instantly made Mo Sheng topple off the lofty pedestal Yang Kai had initially placed him on.


[You’re nothing special after all!] Yang Kai secretly thought to himself. Seeing as there was nothing to hide, he recounted the story of how he obtained the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Black Purgatory Eye to Mo Sheng.


Mo Sheng listened attentively, as though he was listening to an extremely moving story. It wasn’t until the story was over that he gave a laugh, “So that’s how it is. From what you’ve described, they seem to be similar to me.”


“They?” Yang Kai frowned at those words. Then, realization struck him, “Are you saying that those two were Soul Clones too?”


Mo Sheng nodded, “Perhaps, when my body shattered after the battle, my eyes broke through the Void and arrived elsewhere. They must have gained spirituality and became those two eventually.”


Yang Kai could barely accept what he was hearing. The One-Eyed Great Demon was bad enough as he had brought great devastation to the world and killed countless people back then. Moreover, it had taken many Great Experts working together just to kill him and seal his eye away.


Contrarily, the Great Demon God of Tong Xuan Realm had done a great service to the world. It was vastly different from the impression Yang Kai had of the Great Demon God. Not to mention, he had obtained a great many blessings from Great Demon God that ultimately contributed to his success today.


Mo Sheng suddenly spoke up quietly, “We are ourselves. The Great Demon God is the Great Demon God. We are different entities. If the true body had been here instead, you would not have had the chance to speak for so long.”


Yang Kai’s brow twitched upon hearing those words as he thought of the Embodiment again. The same went for him and the Embodiment. They were completely independent existences. It was only natural that the Embodiment had his own personality and manner of thinking that was different from Yang Kai’s.


It was true that Yang Kai had obtained the blessings of the Great Demon God in Tong Xuan Realm, but that Great Demon God was not the Great Demon God of the Demon Realm. It could even be said that the Great Demon God of the Demon Realm had died in that battle with Flowing Time Great Emperor. After understanding this point, Yang Kai felt his churning emotions relaxing slightly. He had received many benefits from the Great Demon God after all. Having to become enemies all of a sudden might not be an issue from a logical standpoint, but it was not acceptable from a moral one. Now that he understood the situation, he only needed to ask himself whether the person in front of him was an enemy or ally going forward.


“You’ve stayed hidden for so many years. Why show yourself now?” After putting aside his worries, Yang Kai felt a lightness in his heart. It was not easy to meet the Great Demon God’s Soul Clone, so it was only natural that he wanted to chat more with the other party. More importantly, he was very curious as to why Mo Sheng had been hiding inside the Small Sealed World.


Mo Sheng replied, “It’s the right timing. What else should I do if I don’t come out now?”


“What timing?” Yang Kai asked, his nerves becoming tense again as he considered whether he should defeat Mo Sheng before asking more questions. Regardless of how relaxed, carefree, and harmless Mo Sheng might seem, he was still Great Demon God’s Soul Clone. He must have some sort of agenda for hiding in the Small Sealed World, and people with different aspirations could never get along. When it came to matters of life and death, it was better to take the initiative in deciding the victor than to wait for others to make their move.


“Let me tell you a story,” Mo Sheng suddenly said.


Yang Kai was a little overwhelmed by Mo Sheng’s jumping thoughts, but after a moment of discomfort, he blinked his eyes and said, “Is it a good story? I’ll listen if it’s a good one.”


Mo Sheng ignored Yang Kai’s seemingly sarcastic remark and continued at his own pace, “In the past, there was a man who was extremely gifted and talented. He was a genius that stood above all others. Having reached the peak at a very young age, it was only natural that the young man was very arrogant due to his accomplishments. He travelled across the world and eventually made his way across the universe, acting unscrupulously.”


Yang Kai slandered in his heart, [That guy is you, right? I can almost guess the ending just by listening to the beginning of the story! I must say; this story is a terrible one!]


Nevertheless, the last sentence Mo Sheng said bothered him greatly. What did he mean by travelling across the universe?


“It was a very happy time.” A look of nostalgia appeared on Mo Sheng’s face again, “Unfortunately, good things don’t last forever. This young man eventually met his match. A woman.”


Yang Kai chuckled perfunctorily.


“That woman was also very powerful, and he had never seen a woman like that before. Despite exchanging blows on several occasions, their battles have been inconclusive…”


“And then, that guy fell in love with that woman?” Yang Kai glanced at Mo Sheng with a dull expression. He could effortlessly make up a bunch of stories about hatred-turning-into-love.


Mo Sheng glanced at Yang Kai, “Love meant nothing to that man. It’s just that his competitive spirit was aroused due to his opponent’s strength.”


Yang Kai coughed slightly, feeling embarrassed that he had guessed wrongly.


“The battles between those two continued on for over 10,000 years, until one day…” Mo Sheng’s sentence trailed off at this point, scowling deeply. A trace of a malevolent aura appeared on his usual indifferent expression. It made Yang Kai extremely vigilant. No matter how harmless this person seemed, he was still the Great Demon God’s Soul Clone!




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