Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3725, A Story


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“That woman’s strength increased all of a sudden, so it was only natural that she took the upper hand in their struggle. Nevertheless, that man was neither a coward nor a pushover. Despite being caught in a deadly battle, he managed to inflict critical injuries to his enemy as well.” Mo Sheng’s tone was flat, almost as though he was talking about somebody else’s affairs, “Fearful of each other, they agreed to a temporary truce to recover from their wounds. It was not easy for them to be wounded at their level of cultivation, so you can imagine just how difficult it was for them to heal once they were. They would not recover unless they devoured the Auspicious Spirit Essence of a Great World. That was the reason why that man came to this world.” While speaking, he gestured around to his surroundings with his hand.


Yang Kai’s expression changed. [That means that the Great Demon God wasn’t from the Demon Realm. Rather, he was an uninvited guest from the Outer Universe! And, the only reason he came to the Demon Realm was to devour this so-called Auspicious Spirit Essence in order to recover from his injuries.] 


Yang Kai did not know what this ‘Auspicious Spirit Essence’ was. All he understood was that it could help the Great Demon God recover.


Mo Sheng smiled again and looked at Yang Kai, “Did you know? This world was not originally known as the Demon Realm. It had another name, ‘Peerless World’. It was only later that it changed its name to the Demon Realm. Moreover, the people that used to dominate the Peerless World were Humans, just like the Star Boundary.”


Yang Kai was surprised, “Really?” [If that was the case, then how did the current Demon Race come about in the first place?]


However, Mo Sheng did not bother to explain himself and simply continued speaking without regard for Yang Kai, “All the living creatures can be classified into four main categories: Humans, Monsters, Demons, and Spirits. As long as they are sentient and intelligent, they can be classified into any one of these four categories. There are 3,000 worlds that are dominated by one of these four Races. In the past, the Peerless World used to be dominated by Humans. It was just that the arrival of that man caused some changes to this world. That man came here to recover from his injuries by absorbing its Auspicious Spirit Essence, and as a result, the living creatures were affected and gradually became contaminated by his Demon Essence. Over time, they transformed into the Demon Race. Even the World Principles underwent subtle changes over time.”


Yang Kai was astonished. He never imagined that the Demon Race of the Demon Realm were originally Humans who were transformed due to the influence of the Great Demon God.


“After recuperating for tens of thousands of years in silence, the Peerless World underwent Earth-shaking changes. At the same time, that man’s injuries had significantly improved. He could have recovered fully given another ten or twenty thousand years, and if that happened, he could have come out of his retreat and resumed his fight with that woman.” 


At this point, Mo Sheng frowned, revealing an annoyed expression, “It just so happened that an uninvited guest arrived at the Peerless World during this time. There was a disagreement between that man and the newcomer, and a great battle ensued. That man’s injuries might have gotten much better, but it was not a full recovery. Moreover, his opponent was not weak. Following this great battle, the Peerless World collapsed and that man’s body was smashed to pieces. It truly was an ill fate.” He shook his head and sighed endlessly.


Even though Mo Sheng did not name the parties involved, how could Yang Kai not realize that the uninvited guest he was referring to was Flowing Time Great Emperor? Moreover, as he had guessed before, the collapse of the Demon Realm was related to that huge battle back then.


“What happened afterwards?” Yang Kai asked. He had to admit; while the story was very straight to the point, it had captured his attention and he couldn’t wait to know what happened afterwards.


“His body might have broken apart, but his Soul remained. Although he was in a rather miserable state, it was not impossible for him to recover from those injuries one day.” Mo Sheng glanced at Yang Kai, “Unfortunately, this man had long since devoured the Auspicious Spirit Essence of the Peerless World. Even the whole world itself had been contaminated by his Demon Essence, so how could that world help with his recovery? Fortunately, there was another option.”


“The Star Boundary?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly.


Mo Sheng nodded, “Yes, the Star Boundary. These two universes had similar constitutions. If he could devour the Auspicious Spirit Essence of the Star Boundary, he would definitely have been able to recreate his physical body. Even if he couldn’t recover from his injuries completely, he could have at least escaped his current predicament.”


Yang Kai seemed to understand something, “It looks like that man has been planning this for a very, very long time now. It wasn’t just something he decided one or two thousand years ago, was it?”


If that were not the case, war would not have broken out between the Humans and the Demons in the past. Flowing Time Great Emperor probably noticed this point which was why he came to this world and caused trouble for the Great Demon God. Why else would Flowing Time Great Emperor come here as though he had nothing better to do?


“Recovery was never easy in the first place,” Mo Sheng replied nonchalantly.


Yang Kai pondered quietly for some time. Then, he asked a question that had been bothering him for a while now, “What will happen if the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence is devoured?”


Mo Sheng smiled slightly, “What happened to the Peerless World is what will happen to the Star Boundary. It won’t have much impact on the survival of the living creatures there, but their existing situation might undergo some small changes.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “It’s not ‘some small changes’ for Humans to all become Demons.”


“What does it matter?” Mo Sheng looked at Yang Kai with some pity, as if looking at a foolish rock, “Aren’t you currently partially someone from the Demon Race now?”


“It’s not the same.” Yang Kai shook his head repeatedly, “It’s not the same at all.”


Mo Sheng laughed at Yang Kai for a while before saying lightly, “If you say it’s different, then it’s different. Well, my story is over. It’s your turn.”


“Me?” Yang Kai reached out a finger and pointed to his nose, “I don’t have a story to tell.”


“Who asked you to tell a story? I simply want you to do me a favour.”


“What favour?” Yang Kai was amused. This world’s greatest enemy was currently residing in the Small Sealed World, standing in front of him, and asking him for help. It truly was a strange scene.


“Help me enter the Star Boundary,” Mo Sheng replied with an expression that seemed to say it was only a matter of course.


“Why should I?” Yang Kai raised an eyebrow.


Mo Sheng said, “Don’t tell me you want to watch all the living creatures in the Star Boundary die? The Demon Race has gone all out in their invasion. How can the Star Boundary even compare? The current persistence shown is no more than an ant trying to shake a tree.”


Yang Kai scowled, “How can you be so sure about what is happening outside when you have been inside here all this time?”


Mo Sheng had been placed into the Small Sealed World a long time ago and had not left this place since. Even so, what he just said seemed to indicate that he was very aware of the situation in the outside world.


“Of course, I know. But, that has nothing to do with you. Helping me is equivalent to helping yourself, as well as helping all the living creatures in the Star Boundary.”


“Do you plan on demonifying all of them?” Yang Kai’s voice gradually became cold. Although he had undergone demonification, the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus had preserved his original thoughts and feelings. However, there was no telling what would happen to all the other people in the Star Boundary if they underwent the same process.


“Why must you be so foolish and stubborn? I just don’t want to drag things out any longer.”


Yang Kai did not answer. After a long while though, he suddenly broke the silence and said, “Where are the Great Emperors?”


Mo Sheng said, “They’re not dead. They are still of great use to me.” Lifting his gaze, he looked at Yang Kai and smiled, “Yu Ru Meng is fine too. It’s just that she has to be punished.”


Judging by his expression, he knew about the relationship between Yu Ru Meng and Yang Kai.


“I’ll kill you if you dare to hurt her.” Yang Kai’s expression immediately turned hostile. Nevertheless, he was glad that the other party did not threaten him with Yu Ru Meng. It was obviously due to pride that Mo Sheng did not bother to resort to such lowbrow means.


“As long as you help me, you will be reunited once this is over.”


“What if I refuse?”


Mo Sheng smiled slightly, “It doesn’t matter. Life or death will simply be left in the hands of fate.”


For him, asking Yang Kai for help was only to shorten his recovery period. Nothing would change even if Yang Kai refused to help.


“I’ll think about it,” Yang Kai lowered his head.


“Consider it carefully. There’s no hurry,” Mo Sheng’s expression was calm. After waiting for so many years, why would he care about waiting for a little longer?


“I’ve decided,” Yang Kai abruptly raised his head.


Mo Sheng turned to look at Yang Kai only to see the latter baring a set of fangs at him. A hand reached out to grab at him, and a voice rang out, “I’ve decided to capture you first.”


Mo Sheng smiled in response. It was within his expectations. Even so, he didn’t move a muscle and was swiftly captured by Yang Kai.


Although Yang Kai’s opponent was only a Mid-Rank Demon King he was the Great Demon God’s Soul Clone, so who knew what kind of heritage he might possess? That was why Yang Kai did not hold back in his attack, not even hesitating to use the power of this independent world just to ensure victory in one move.


Who could have expected that Mo Sheng showed no signs of resisting whatsoever? Yang Kai’s hand wrapped around Mo Sheng’s throat, causing all the bones in the latter’s body to make cracking sounds as though they were about to break into pieces at any time.


Yang Kai was startled and subconsciously loosened his grip slightly. He only wanted to capture Mo Sheng for more information, not to kill him.


The next moment, however, a mighty force suddenly erupted from Mo Sheng’s body.


Yang Kai was in the middle of adjusting his strength, so it was too late by the time he noticed the change. With a loud boom, his body was sent flying into the air and his complexion turned pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Upon landing on the ground, Yang Kai stabilised his body and looked at Mo Sheng with a horrified expression, “World Force! How…”


With how powerful his physique and cultivation were, a trivial Mid-Rank Demon King like Mo Sheng should not have been capable of harming him no matter what methods the latter used. Unfortunately, the reality was that Yang Kai had been injured slightly during their momentary confrontation just now.


While being taken by surprise was part of the reason behind Yang Kai’s small loss, the main reason lay in the fact that Mo Sheng had mobilised not his own strength but the World Force of the Small Sealed World as well!


The Small Sealed World was Yang Kai’s territory. In this place, he was the Master. Even when Chang Tian and the others had entered this place, they were struck by the faint sense of suppression. To put it bluntly, the power of this world existed for Yang Kai to use, making him practically omnipotent in this place. Therefore, it never occurred to him that he would one day be injured by somebody else here, much less with his own power. How could he not be surprised?


Mo Sheng looked at Yang Kai in a carefree manner and chuckled, “The Peerless World was transformed because of me. My power has long since spread across every last piece of this world, so it is only natural that I can control the World Force here.”


Even if the Demon Realm had been devoured and recombined, it did not change this fact.


Yang Kai’s expression immediately became grim as he gritted his teeth and snarled, “Despicable!”


Mo Sheng had deliberately acted weak in front of his enemy. If not for that, Yang Kai would not have suffered such a loss. 


Mo Sheng sneered, “It’s normal to use everything at one’s disposal in a fight between enemies. There are no such things as despicable or righteous means!”


There was truth in those words; thus, Yang Kai instantly took a deep breath and replied lightly, “Many thanks for your advice!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, the world hummed in response. He had already communicated with the Small Sealed World to mobilise its World Force to suppress Mo Sheng.




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  1. Mo Shen gis relying on the demon world force while Yang Kai can use use demon and human world force. Mo Sheng about to get clapped and he doesn’t even know it lol

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