Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3726, The Finishing Touch


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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It was true that the Peerless World had changed because of the Great Demon God and that his power had seeped into every part of this land. Be that as it may, this place still existed inside the Small Sealed World and Yang Kai was still the Master of this place. If Mo Sheng could mobilise the World Force in this world, why couldn’t Yang Kai?


The intangible World Force pressed down on Mo Sheng, but even so, he turned a blind eye to it. It wasn’t until that force was almost upon him that he let out a soft chuckle. Reaching out his hand, he drew a circle around his body. The circle was not that big, only a radius of 10 metres at most; however, this area covering a radius of 10 metres was impenetrable. The World Force could not advance past that boundary.


Yang Kai grit his teeth at the sight. It was very troubling indeed. The third region of the Small Sealed World was originally formed from the continents of the Demon Realm, which also used to be the territory of the Peerless World. In that sense, Great Demon God was the previous Master of this land and Yang Kai was the current Master of this land. Be it the previous Master or the current Master, both of them had the ability to mobilise the World Force here.


Therefore, their battle gave off the impression of the left hand fighting the right hand. Even though Yang Kai’s cultivation was much stronger than Mo Sheng’s, there was nothing he could do to Mo Sheng unless his control over the World Force was greater than that of Mo Sheng’s.


However, Mo Sheng had been living in the Demon Realm for countless millennia and his power had literally spread everywhere. How could Yang Kai be stronger than him in this aspect? It was only thanks to the fact that the Demon Realm was a part of the Small Sealed World that he even had the qualification to fight here. Otherwise, this battle would have been a very one-sided battle instead of the current stalemate situation.


Yang Kai struggled to mobilise the World Force against Mo Sheng, but the area surrounding the latter remained impervious to invasion. Forget causing damage to Mo Sheng, Yang Kai couldn’t even get within 10 metres of him. A battle like this was all about their control over the world and cultivation no longer mattered. For that reason, Yang Kai had no intention of transforming into his Half-Dragon Form or using any other means in this battle, even if he could do so. Becoming distracted would only give Mo Sheng a chance to seize the initiative; thus, it was not helpful in his current situation.


The world hummed while the Heavens and the Earth trembled. Countless Demons in the third region looked up with panicked expressions at that moment, not knowing what was happening to this world.


“Not bad.” Mo Sheng looked at Yang Kai calmly, “Clearly you’ve come into contact with World Force in advance. Given some time to grow, you might have been able to jump out of this backwater wasteland. It’s a pity that you’re a bit too pedantic!”


While speaking, Mo Sheng suddenly raised both hands horizontally in front of him and slowly pushed out towards the sides. His movements were not fast and almost looked like he was pushing open a closed door.


Following Mo Sheng’s movements, Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly. He felt the World Force of the third region gathering towards Mo Sheng’s hand. At the same time, the area that originally covered only 10 metres expanded rapidly and stretched out towards him oppressively. No matter how hard Yang Kai struggled, he could not alleviate himself from this vulnerable position. A feeling of horror sprung up in his heart. [Is this the power of the Great Demon God!? He’s just a Soul Clone! How can he have such a great degree of control over World Force!?]


Even though his heart was shaken, Yang Kai was in no position to admire others in this situation. If he failed to control the world now, this battle would no doubt end tragically for him. Hence, he immediately concentrated his mind and communicated with the Small Sealed World.


The humming of the world became even more intense than before. Driven by both the previous and current Masters of the land, the World Force that was originally invisible and intangible manifested in a physical manner. The two collided and contested each other violently.


It wasn’t until a certain limit was reached that a deafening Dragon Roar rang out. A three-thousand-metre-long pitch-black Dragon appeared out of thin air. The Dragon Eyes, Dragon Beard, Dragon Claw, Dragon Scales, and Dragon Pressure almost seemed alive at a glance. At the same time, a towering giant appeared in the world with a furious roar, his eyes filled with hostility and his gaze was violent. However, his face was a blurry patch.


Be it the enormous Dragon or the giant, they were both the manifestations of World Force. It was just that Yang Kai and Mo Sheng had drawn on the World Force to the extreme, creating these phenomena as a result.


Yang Kai was hidden in the Dragon’s Head while on the other hand, Mo Sheng stood in the giant’s chest. These two enormous creatures approached each other at high speed, causing the world to break when they clashed.


There was a loud rumbling, similar to the sound of distant thunder travelling across the land. All the Demons living in this world could feel a force pressing down on their chests. Their vitality churned violently as a sense of doom bloomed in their hearts.


Yang Kai and Mo Sheng clashed and collided with each other repeatedly. Even so, neither could harm the other. They were both the Masters of this world, so the amount of World Force they could mobilise was the same. It was a battle with no way for them to determine a victor, not unless one of them made a mistake. Be that as it may, how could either Yang Kai or Mo Sheng commit such a careless slip-up?


Yang Kai roared furiously, “Mo Sheng, this independent world will fall apart if this battle continues any longer! As the Great Demon God, don’t you care!?”


Mo Sheng smiled slightly from where he stood in the giant’s chest, “What does this world have to do with me?”


The Demon Realm’s existence was only necessary for him to recover from his injuries. He had long since devoured the Auspicious Spirit Essence of the Demon Realm, so although the reason why the Peerless World became the Demon Realm and the Human Race was transformed into the Demon Race was somewhat related to him, he ultimately cared nothing about either! What he cared for right now was only the Star Boundary! That world contained the Auspicious Spirit Essence that he needed!


With a long sigh, the giant avoided the Dragon’s punch and retreated from battle. It appeared a thousand kilometres away in a flash. Then, a thunderous voice sounded, “Let’s stop this meaningless battle. I don’t want to kill you yet.”


There were many things Yang Kai still wished to ask Mo Sheng. For example, who was the woman who injured Mo Sheng? What concerned him even more was, what was the Outer Universe like? Even the Great Emperors did not know much about this subject. Mo Sheng was the only one who knew about these matters; therefore, it would be a pity to kill such a person.


When Mo Sheng heard those words, he reacted as though he had heard the funniest joke in his life. The calm and confident expression he had was replaced by a knowing smile, “Kill me? If you have that much confidence…”


Before he could finish his sentence, he turned his head to look in a certain direction with a frown furrowing his brow. He had been hiding in the Small Sealed World for many years, so not only was he able to mobilise the Demon Realm’s World Force, he could also control everything within the Demon Realm. For a long time now though, there was a place covered in a cloud of fog at the edge of the Demon Realm that he could not perceive. He once tried to investigate that place secretly but could not enter at all. All he could sense was that there was the aura of another world coming from beyond that mist. This had not been a big deal before; however, after listening to what Yang Kai said, he immediately understood that the place he could not perceive all this while would probably become the deciding factor of this battle.


“Come!” Mo Sheng did not say more than that and instead urged the giant he had merged with to throw a punch at the Dragon, covering a distance of a thousand kilometres in an instant.


With a long sigh, Yang Kai closed his eyes before abruptly opening them again in the next moment. When he closed his eyes, the large Dragon followed suit. Likewise, the Dragon Eyes snapped open again when he opened his eyes.


Meanwhile, Mo Sheng distinctly felt another World Force coming from a great distance away and injecting itself into the Dragon’s body. The source of that World Force was indeed coming from the direction of the place he had never been able to explore. What Mo Sheng didn’t know was that that place was the first region of the Small Sealed World, the original territory of the Small Sealed World.


In terms of size, the first region was completely incomparable to the third region; after all, the third region was made up of the entire Demon Realm. Nevertheless, the World Principles of the first region were perfectly complete and those perfect World Principles represented the essence of the Small Sealed World’s Strength.


When the Dragon Eyes opened once more, two golden lights shone brightly as though there were two large suns. The Dragon immediately seemed to come alive. It was said that the best artists in the world would always leave the eyes to the last moment when painting a Dragon. If their skills were high enough, the whole painting would gain spirituality after they put the finishing touches when drawing the eyes.


At this moment, it was as though Yang Kai was that painter. He was wielding the world as his brush and the World Force of the Small Sealed World’s first region as his ink to strengthen and complete the Dragon’s form.


The Dragon let out a roar as both Dragon Claws shot out and dug deep into the giant’s body while it lifted its head and bit down on the giant’s neck. On the other hand, the giant threw a punch only to have his fists entangled by the Dragon’s Tail. The 3,000-metre-long Dragon Body wrapped around the torso of the giant tightly, as though it was coiling around a pillar as it dug its fangs in even deeper.


“Astonishing!” Mo Sheng, who was hiding in the giant’s chest, exclaimed sincerely.


In the beginning, the battle between him and Yang Kai had been evenly matched. Both of them could mobilise the World Force in the new Demon Realm after all, so they could be considered equals. No matter how they fought against each other, there would not have been a winner between them and the battle would only end with both sides suffering losses.


On the contrary, the balance was broken the moment the World Force of the Small Sealed World’s first region infused itself into the Dragon Body; thus, victory was slowly leaning in Yang Kai’s favour. There might not be any observable changes in the short term, but with the balance broken it would only be a matter of time now.


As the Dragon tore into the giant, large chunks were ripped from the latter’s body. Of course, there was no physical body since it was not a physical being in the first place. What went missing was the strength that made up the body. Therefore, the body inevitably shrunk with every bite. In contrast, the Dragon was becoming increasingly nourished and reinforced, its body gradually growing bigger and bigger.


Despite knowing how this situation would end, Mo Sheng had no plans of staying silent without resisting. Instead, he urged the giant to retaliate against the Dragon fiercely. As time passed, however, the difference between the Dragon’s body and the giant’s body increased and Mo Sheng’s resistance grew feebler.


“Just give up,” Yang Kai looked at Mo Sheng coldly.


Mo Sheng said, “You won’t be able to save the Star Boundary, so why bother making such useless efforts?”


“Everything depends on our own efforts,” Yang Kai replied lightly, “Are you really going to die here?”


Mo Sheng laughed, “I’m just a Soul Clone.”


Yang Kai frowned at those words, “How many Soul Clones are there?”


Mo Sheng simply smiled without answering. In response, Yang Kai nodded and stopped talking. The Dragon let out a roar and sped up its efforts to gnaw away at the giant. Then, he threw a punch at Mo Sheng when the figure of the giant fell apart completely.


Without the supporting World Force, Mo Sheng was no more than an ordinary Mid-Rank Demon King. How could he defend against Yang Kai’s attack? As soon as the force of that punch slammed into Mo Sheng, his body exploded.


Even so, Yang Kai did not dare to be careless. He spread his palm open, reached out, and captured the blood mist before him. Under the blessing of the World Force, he completely vaporized this blood and scattered the remains across the entire world. Afterwards, the Dragon slowly dissipated, the golden light in its eyes floating away and returning to the first region of the Small Sealed World.


Although he had managed to kill Mo Sheng in this battle, Yang Kai did not feel any joy from his success. He had not wanted to kill Mo Sheng, if possible; after all, Mo Sheng was the Great Demon God’s Soul Clone and possessed a wealth of information that Yang Kai now had no access to.




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      1. Hey, he could’ve gone full on Voldemort with those clones. If each eye of his managed to become a creature heavily stretching any local cultivation limits – imagine how many significant body parts author can make? Say one soul clone in each demon race (less blood demon clone), each demon heart (five of those? Maybe a dozen?) Separate fists? Two pairs of testicles?.. How about those ten arms that each managed to go fish for a GE or a Saint? Hopefully those 108 portals weren’t each created by a horcrux, unless they got consumed in the process ^^;

  1. I’m glad he dealt this quickly with him, would have been a bit awkward when the new demon realm would break apart because of their fight again.
    Wonder if there will be an explanation, why there is such a big difference in personality between the GDG`s soul clones (i.e. why Tong Xuan Realm GDG was nice and sacrificed himself for others, this Mo Sheng doesn’t seem like he would do that).
    And I also wonder why he is only a Demon King, if he was created (presumably) several 10000 years ago (when the Main body was still alive)

    1. It was already sorta explained. The difference in personality comes from the fact that they are their own people seperate from the Great Demon God. Their personalities where shaped by the environments in which they gained sentience. Tong Xuan realm GDG grew up their, while Mo Sheng grew up in the demon realm and was obviously aware of the main body. They didn’t gain sentience immediately upon being split up. They most likely gained sentience during different points of time.

  2. Makes you wonder how Flowing Time ever even had a fighting chance if he was fighting the Demon God in the Peerless World, i.e. he should have had no control over the world force there, while Demon God could have swatted him with the World Force alone, if even a mere Soul Clone has this much control over it. The whole world force thing seems to be another of the endless contradictions that will just not be used in situations where it would turn the plot around, lol.

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