Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3727, Escape


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Unfortunately, Mo Sheng was capable of mobilising the World Force of the Small Sealed World’s third region. Yang Kai would not have had any peace of mind if he continued to keep Mo Sheng in this world. Therefore, he could only choose to cut out the weeds and pull out the roots.


[As for what the Outer Universe is like…] He lifted his head and looked up into the sky. [I will be able to witness it for myself one day.]


All of a sudden, Yang Kai recalled that there were countless Demons currently living in the third region of the Small Sealed World and couldn’t help wondering if there were any other Soul Clones of Great Demon God among them.


When Mo Sheng was asked about how many Soul Clones there were just now, he simply smiled without answering the question. Not answering was also a kind of answer. In other words, he was not the only Soul Clone of the Great Demon God. He would not have been so careless with his life otherwise.


Having learnt a lesson from past experiences, Yang Kai immediately immersed his mind and carefully inspected all the places where the Demon Race members were gathered across the third region in search of any clues.


His intangible Divine Sense immediately swept out across every inch of the third region and for a moment, all the Demons felt as though a pair of invisible eyes were watching them. It was naturally the eyes of the world, and no secret could be hidden under their scrutiny.


Yang Kai retracted his Divine Sense an hour later with a slight frown. Despite inspecting all the Demon Race members with a fine-tooth comb, he did not find anything suspicious about any of them. Even so, he was mindful of Mo Sheng’s existence and did not dare to be completely certain that there were no other Soul Clones of the Great Demon God in the Small Sealed World.


Mo Sheng had concealed his existence perfectly for so many years after all. Yang Kai had scrutinised Mo Sheng more than once in the past, but he could only sense that something was off about him. He had never been able to pinpoint just what was wrong with Mo Sheng, much less realise that Mo Sheng was the Great Demon God’s Soul Clone.


If there were any other Soul Clones in the Small Sealed World, they were probably capable of hiding themselves as perfectly as Mo Sheng had. Upon further consideration though, Yang Kai came to the conclusion that the Small Sealed World was still his to command regardless. Even if there were others, the Soul Clones of Great Demon God would not be able to create much trouble so long as he had perfect control over the first region. It would be fine if they did not expose themselves, but if they did, Yang Kai was still capable of getting rid of them.


He felt slightly more relieved at that thought, but before he could catch his breath, he suddenly noticed something unusual happening in the outside world. Exiting the Small Sealed World in a flash, Yang Kai stood atop Gun-Gun. Next to him, Bo Ya’s beautiful face had gone deathly pale. She was staring blankly ahead while calling out his name over and over again. He did not know how long she had been shouting his name as he had just been engaged in battle with Mo Sheng and could not afford to be distracted, so he had not heard her calling out to him. It wasn’t until he finished dealing with Mo Sheng and earnestly inspected the entire third region that he noticed Bo Ya’s cries.


The moment Yang Kai appeared, Bo Ya immediately yelled, “Why did you only come out now!? We would have all been goners if you came out any later!”


Yang Kai frowned, “Why are you panicking?”


“See for yourself!” She pointed to the front.


Yang Kai then stared forward intently, unable to stop the furrow that creased his brow from appearing. The surrounding Void seemed to have transformed into the stomach of a huge monster. It was wriggling and squirming, gradually becoming more and more chaotic. There was a lot of turbulence everywhere, which gave off a dangerous sense of impending doom. It was clearly the Void Crack!


From Bo Ya’s point of view, the scene in front of them looked like the end of the world, literally; however, it was all too familiar to Yang Kai.


“When did these changes occur?” He asked solemnly.


“Half a day ago,” she quickly replied, “This happened soon after the Big Fish devoured the last piece of land. It wasn’t this serious at the beginning, but now… it’s as you can see.”


The ‘Big Fish’ she was referring to was none other than Gun-Gun. Based on its appearance, it certainly looked like a big, round fish. It was just that this fish was capable of devouring worlds.


From what she mentioned, it would seem that the Void began to destabilize after Gun-Gun devoured the last continent. Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling astonished by the news. Nothing of this sort had happened when Gun-Gun had swallowed so many other continents in the past after all. In this case, it probably happened because the whole Demon Realm had been devoured and an entire Great World had completely disappeared as a result.


The Great World had been cleanly devoured, causing an additional blank space to appear in the fabric of the universe. These changes resulted in the Void Crack expanding in this direction.


Hence, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling extremely troubled. He originally planned to return the same way he arrived after devouring the entire Demon Realm. For this reason, he had preserved all of the Territory Gates by specially ordering Gun-Gun not to devour them. As long as he passed through the various Territory Gates, he would be able to return to the Star Boundary safely. Unfortunately, this method would no longer work. The turbulence in the Void was pressing down on them and it appeared they had already fallen into the Void Crack, so there were no Territory Gates left to be found.


Fortunately, it was not his first time diving into the Void Crack. Although the situation at hand was a little tricky to handle and left Yang Kai feeling somewhat anxious, he had escaped from the Void numerous times before, so he simply instructed Bo Ya, “Go back first.”


Reaching out a hand, he grabbed her and stuffed her back into Gun-Gun’s body without giving her a chance to object. Instantly after that, his thoughts flashed and Gun-Gun’s huge body rapidly shrank and turned back into the Sealed World Bead, which he quickly put away. Right after finishing his preparations, the turbulence in the surrounding Void came rushing towards him like a storm to drown him in their depths.


Yang Kai was secretly frightened by the sight. He had encountered similar situations on several occasions before and each time had been extremely dangerous. Even so, he had never seen a situation like this within a Void Crack before. If he described the previous Void Cracks as slightly turbulent lakes, then the Void Crack this time was a raging sea. The difference between them could not be compared. His situation was equivalent to sailing a lone little boat amidst the raging storm, being at risk of capsizing and drowning at any time.


[Is this what happens when a Great World is destroyed?] He couldn’t be sure, but he was certain it had something to do with the devouring of the entire Demon Realm.


Fortunately, his accomplishments in the Dao of Space were not what they used to be. Even if danger was lurking everywhere, Yang Kai was capable of keeping himself safe from harm. He had to figure out the direction and pattern of the Void Turbulence at all times, but while it might seem dangerous, he was still leisurely and confidently navigating the Void Crack.


He secretly rejoiced that he had not entered a place like this when he had only just started comprehending the Dao of Space; otherwise, he did not know how many times he would have died by now.


During the following period, there were several instances of danger. The Void Turbulence here was so strong that Yang Kai barely managed to escape despite pushing his Space Principles to the extreme. It would surely lead to a tragic ending if he was swept away by the Void Turbulence.


Although Yang Kai was in the middle of escaping, this was still a disguised opportunity for him to cultivate. He was using the opportunity to verify the gains and losses he had obtained in the Dao of Space.


There was no sense of direction inside the Void Crack and even time seemed to stand still. Yang Kai had no idea how long had passed when he suddenly felt the Void Turbulence around him stabilising a little. Even though it could not be considered back to normal, at the very least, it wasn’t as violent and unpredictable as it had been at the beginning.


Bo Ya’s voice came from within the Small Sealed World at that moment, “Hey, Yang Kai! What’s the situation like right now? We won’t die here, right? Aren’t you proficient in the Dao of Space? Escaping is your forte, right?”


When he first met Bo Ya, she was quite a defiant and rebellious woman; however, her attitude changed slightly after the battle on Eternal Sky Continent. She learned to address him as ‘Sir’ and began acting more respectful. Now that their lives were at risk though, her old habits surfaced again.


Despite hiding within the Small Sealed World, she could instinctively sense the danger looming over them outside; thus, she constantly inquired about the situation. Naturally, Yang Kai outright ignored her. Her pestering was simply endless, as if she had not spoken in hundreds of years.


After enduring for a long while, he finally lost his temper and sent her a simple Divine Sense transmission, “Shut up!”


“I’m about to die! How can you ask me to shut up!?” She was livid, “Can’t I speak a few words!?”


They quarrelled for a bit before Yang Kai went back to ignoring her. In response, Bo Ya slumped down on the ground and wailed noisily, “Poor me! Great Aunt here was living her life freely all this time, but in the end, I will be destroyed at your hands! Yang Kai, let me tell you, if I die, I won’t ever forgive you even if I turn into a ghost!”


“Haa…” Yang Kai sighed and finally responded, “Don’t worry. We won’t die.”


Inside this dead silent Void Crack, he was not averse to a casual chat with somebody else. It would be far too boring otherwise.


She was overjoyed upon hearing his words, “Really!?”


“Yeah,” he replied, “We’re out of danger.”


“We are!?” She stood up, an expression of elation spreading across her face. Then, she immediately began flattering him, “I knew it! I knew you wouldn’t let me down, Yang Kai! Tsk. Tsk, the Dao of Space is truly magnificent! I can’t believe you managed to resolve even that situation! Great Aunt here is very impressed!”




“But, what?” Her heart skipped a beat at that word, and the smile on her face stiffened.


“We seem to have lost our way!”


Inside the Small Sealed World, Bo Ya’s expression went blank with shock as a gust of wind blew past her, stirring up her hair.


“Seem to have… what?” After a long time, she finally asked softly.


“We’re lost.”


A few moments of silence passed by, then she jumped up and yelled, “Lost!? Aren’t you supposed to be proficient in the Dao of Space!? How could we have gotten lost!? Can’t you find the way out!?”


He replied, “It’s very difficult. Without a guide, it’s like having no direction at all.”


The situation this time around was different from before. Even if he had been lost inside the Void Crack in the past, he was still within the same world; however, this was a Void Crack that appeared because an entire Great World had disappeared. The Demon Realm and Star Boundary were two different Great Worlds in the first place. As he was currently inside a Void Crack where the Demon Realm once was, it was extremely difficult for him to figure out the direction to return to the Star Boundary.


He had tried to communicate with his Star Field Source just now to see if he could use it to guide him so as to break through this Void and return home. As long as he could return to the Star Field, it would be a breeze for him to return to the Star Boundary from there. To his disappointment, however, the Star Field Source did not respond. Likewise, he was unable to connect with Heng Luo Star Field.


Thinking about it, it made sense. The Star Field was one of the roots of the Star Boundary, so how could he perceive it when he was currently stuck in a Void Crack formed from the collapse of the Demon Realm?


Bo Ya fell back down to the ground and continued crying, “It’s over! It’s over! We’re going to die! I’m really going to die in this damned place!”


“It’s not that bad yet. Besides, you won’t face any life-threatening situations if you stay inside the Small Sealed World.”


“I’m still going to die in this place! What’s the difference!?” She paused for a moment before she added hesitantly, “Yang Kai, can I ask you something.” Her tone was extremely aggrieved.


Having never heard her talk in this manner before, he couldn’t help laughing a little as he asked, “What is it?”


“If we survive this crisis, let me visit Shi Qing. I miss her.”




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