Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3728, Where Is the Road


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Yang Kai snickered when he heard those words. Bo Ya’s interest was rather peculiar. She had always stuck to Li Shi Qing back when she had been in the Demon Realm. He couldn’t believe that she was still thinking about Li Shi Qing even though so many years had passed.




Bo Ya was stunned for a moment. She never imagined that Yang Kai would agree to her request so readily. She recalled how wary he used to be of her in the past. He never allowed any chances for her to be alone with Li Shi Qing before when they were still in the Demon Realm.


“What did you say? Can you repeat it?” Afraid that she might have misheard him, Bo Ya desperately asked for confirmation.


“I said okay,” Yang Kai replied again via Divine Sense transmission.


Having heard it clearly this time around, Bo Ya couldn’t help bursting into a peal of laughter. Her previous depression and grievance were swept away immediately. She looked like a fox that had successfully stolen a chicken. If Yang Kai had been standing in front of her, she would definitely have slapped him on the shoulder and said, “I was right about you!”


Now that her wish had been granted, she was in a much happier mood than before. It stood to reason that she stopped making various complaints to him. On the contrary, she fell silent. The meaning behind her silence was clear, she did not want to disturb him so that he could concentrate on finding the way out of this place. Otherwise, they would really die trapped in this Void Crack.


Now that Bo Ya was silent, Yang Kai did not try to come up with something to say either. He simply navigated through the Void, looking for possible ways out. Unfortunately, he did not come across any leads. No matter how great his attainments in the Dao of Space were, now that he had gotten trapped in this place, it was practically impossible for him to leave unless he was blessed by extremely good luck.


All of a sudden, he stopped in his tracks. Space Principles lingered around his body, causing the surrounding Void Turbulence to be inadvertently guided by some kind of force to pass him by. It made him look as though he was passing through a field of flowers without a single petal sticking to his body.


The reason he had stopped so abruptly was not that he had given up. Rather, it was because he suddenly remembered something. He could not connect to the Star Field Source, so it could not provide him a direction as a guide for his return, but what about the Will of the Star Boundary? He had received Bright Moon Great Emperor’s legacy, which meant that he had the Star Boundary’s Recognition in his possession. Although the World’s Recognition did not have much effect on enhancing his strength, the advantages he received were fairly obvious. The greatest advantage was that his cultivation efficiency had increased significantly. This was something he noticed when he first returned to the Star Boundary from the Demon Realm after becoming a High-Rank Demon King.


The other advantage was that he could perceive any special changes that occurred in the Star Boundary; for example, he clearly perceived the barriers between the worlds breaking when the second battle between the two Great Worlds broke out and the ten Demon Saints entered the Star Boundary. That was an ability only the Great Emperors had. Not even Li Wu Yi had that ability.


In addition, there was another benefit that could not be seen. That was an increase in good fortune. Something like luck was vague and intangible, not something that could be described in concrete terms, but it definitely existed. Some people had great luck, while others were bogged down by misfortune. People with great luck would not die even if they fell off a cliff. They might even come across secrets to the Martial Dao left behind by a Senior expert at the bottom of the canyon. On the other hand, an unlucky person might suffer from cultivation dissonance even if they were in possession of a great treasure and lose their life as a result. There was a saying that luck was a part of one’s strength. At certain key moments, this intangible luck might be what turned a dangerous situation into a safe one, or even turn a terrible crisis into a fortuitous encounter.


Yang Kai’s luck had always been rather good. If it wasn’t for that, he would never have grown to his current level in just over a hundred years; however, that only stemmed from his own luck. After obtaining Bright Moon Great Emperor’s legacy, however, his luck was greatly amplified so long as he was in the Star Boundary.


Thinking about it, he had encountered Murong Xiao Xiao and Xiao Bai Yi on his way to the Four Seasons Realm from Star Soul Palace only to uncover Wind Lord’s conspiracy in the process. Were all of these incidents simply a series of coincidences? It might only have happened because he was blessed with good fortune.


Aside from that, there should have been other uses for the blessing from the World’s Will in his possession. It was just that he had yet to discover them. Now though, Yang Kai realized he could use it as a beacon to guide his way in the dark.


Both the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm were Great Worlds, so while he could not communicate with the Star Field Source because the Star Field and the Demon Realm were not on the same level, what if he borrowed the power of the World’s Will? He might even find the way out of the Demon Realm’s Void Crack!


As soon as the thought crossed his mind, Yang Kai took action. Stopping in his tracks, he closed his eyes and immersed himself in his mind.


Speaking of which, he had always known that he was in possession of a piece of the Star Boundary’s Will; however, he had never felt it directly before. The World’s Will was similar to the so-called ‘luck’. It was intangible, much unlike the Star Field Source. 


Under the present circumstances though, Yang Kai figured he might as well try everything at his disposal. There was nothing to lose anyway. He had done everything he could, so he could only leave the rest to the Heavens. If it really failed to work, then he would simply have to think of something else.


As time passed, Yang Kai cast aside all distracting thoughts and made his state of mind as tranquil as an ancient well. He did not know how long he spent in that state of emptiness, but at some point, a light seemed to pass through his Knowledge Sea. Ripples immediately appeared, swaying his calm state of mind and waking him from his meditation.


Yang Kai opened his eyes abruptly, turned around, and looked in a certain direction. It was completely pitch-black in that direction, filled with emptiness and chaos. Moreover, the Void Turbulence was abundant and he could neither see nor feel anything. There was no way for anybody to be certain that that was the way home, but even so, he took a step forward and strode in that direction simply because that direction he was walking conformed with his instincts.


There was no way to determine the direction nor was there any sense of time inside the Void; therefore, Yang Kai did not know how long he had been walking in that direction. During this period, Bo Ya talked to him a few times, and although she did not ask him anything directly, he could sense what she was thinking. She probably wanted to know if he had managed to find the way back yet but was too afraid of receiving a disappointing answer to ask.


On the other hand, he stopped several times during his journey and forced himself into that empty state of mind in hopes that he could obtain more hints. It was a pity that his efforts were all in vain. Aside from the first time, Yang Kai’s subsequent attempts were fruitless. This made him doubt himself, wondering if he had been mistaken. Was it really the Star Boundary’s Will that showed him the direction during his first attempt? Could it have been nothing more than wishful thinking?


At this point, he could only walk this path until the end.


One day, Yang Kai was having a casual chat with Bo Ya when he suddenly fell silent and looked in a certain direction with an expression of pleasant surprise.


Bo Ya noticed this difference and quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”


“I found the way out,” Yang Kai replied.


She was overjoyed at those words, “Can we go back?”


He laughed, “Maybe, but it might also bring us somewhere else instead.”


He could sense that the barriers of the Void over there were slightly weaker compared to the other areas. With his current accomplishments in the Dao of Space, he should be able to break through. However, he could not know for sure where he would find himself after breaking the barrier.


“Let’s go and have a look,” Bo Ya urged.


Yang Kai had no objections to her suggestion; thus, he increased his pace and headed in that direction. It didn’t take long for him to arrive at the spot in the Void and stared ahead. Yang Kai’s perception had been right, the barriers of space were indeed weaker here than in other areas by a considerable margin. It was almost no different from a thin layer of film that would shatter at the slightest touch, allowing people to enter another world. Slowly stretching a hand out, Yang Kai pressed the space in front of him. Space Principles swirled around him, turning from a thin mist into a dense fog.


A short while later, Space Principles shuddered as his hand pressed against the weak spot in the Void. Then, his hand slowly passed through the barrier, and in the next moment, his arm and then body followed. Yang Kai did not panic since this situation was well within his expectations.


He took another step forward, and the moment his body completely passed through the barrier was the moment he completely left the Void Crack. His vision blurred. Likewise, his thoughts seemed to blank out for a moment, and by the time he recovered, he couldn’t help gaping with his mouth wide open as he looked around in a daze.


Bo Ya’s nervous but suppressed voice came from within the Small Sealed World, “Hey! What’s the situation!?”


After she shouted the question three times consecutively, Yang Kai finally replied to her, “I’m not sure.”


His words made her so anxious that she could die, “What do you mean by ‘You’re not sure’!? Are we back or not!?”


“No, we aren’t back, rather…” Yang Kai frowned deeply, uncertain as to how to explain the situation to her; hence, he simply said, “See for yourself.”


He reached out his hand while speaking, communicated with the Small Sealed World through his mind, and showed Bo Ya the scene he was looking at. Meanwhile, Bo Ya sat on the ground inside the Small Sealed World without any regard for her image and raised her head to look up at the sky. A magnificent scene was immediately reflected in the sky following Yang Kai’s actions. It was an image of a sky filled with Stars that seemed both very close and very far away at the same time. This Starry Sky was vast, incredibly vast, seemingly stretching out without end. Anybody would feel as insignificant as an ant when standing in the middle of such a vast Starry Sky.


“What is this damned place!?” Bo Ya was startled. She had originally counted on Yang Kai to bring her back to the Star Boundary so that they could visit Li Shi Qing, but who could have known that they would arrive at such a place after coming out of the Void Crack?


“A Star Field… No, that’s not it…” Yang Kai’s frown grew deeper than ever. He had seen something similar on many occasions in the past, but while this place looked similar to a Lower Star Field, after examining it carefully, he could tell that it was not a Star Field. That was because the power of the Stars here, along with the ambient World Energy was extremely rich, more so than any cultivation paradise in the Star Boundary.


There was no such place in any Star Field. The Starry Sky of the Star Field was mainly filled with a blanket of desolate silence. Moreover, Yang Kai had the vague feeling that there was a force pulling at him, as though trying to lead him somewhere. This force did not carry any malicious intent. Rather, he believed that he would be greeted with a pleasant surprise if he followed this force to the source.


Bo Ya was born in the Demon Realm, so it was only natural that she did not know what this place was. The only thing she could be certain of was that this was not the Star Boundary. Just as she was about to question him further, she suddenly heard a loud noise; then, the image that was reflected in the sky shattered into pieces. Shocked, she yelled, “What’s wrong!? Yang Kai, are you alright!?”


However, he didn’t hear her voice at all. At that moment, a rushing sound filled his ears, making him so dizzy that he nearly lost consciousness. After that deafening sound came a gust of strong wind that blew from behind. That wind was as sharp as blades, eliciting an unbearable pain as it sliced across his body.




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