Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3730, Crunch


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The giant named Ah Da was taken aback to see Yang Kai being blown away by his breath and hurriedly sucked in a breath in Yang Kai’s direction.


In response, Yang Kai came flying back with his arms flailing wildly again.


Ah Da blinked at the sight, the anger on his face melting away into a happy smile. He watched as Yang Kai was dragged backwards by that suction force, then he pursed his lips and blew out again.


In the next moment, Yang Kai was sent flying out again.


This cycle repeated again and again as Ah Da breathed out, breathed in, breathed out, breathed in… His hearty laughter rang out across the vast and empty Starry Sky. He was like a child who had gotten a new toy and was having a fantastic time playing with it, his eyes narrowing in happiness.


After repeating this process for who knows how many things, Yang Kai finally found the ability to roar, “That’s enough! Stop!”


“Cough, cough, cough…” Ah Da, who was having a good time playing, suddenly shuddered at the sound of that roar. Failing to exhale the air he had inhaled in time, he ended up choking himself and coughed loudly.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai took the opportunity to rush over to Ah Da and began attacking in a frenzy. He kicked and punched wildly like a madman. A series of thudding sounds rang out without pausing for an instant.


He was practically burning with fury. Ever since the day he began cultivating, Yang Kai had never been more humiliated than he had been today. He was the kind of man who could summon the will to fight his opponent even when he knew they were far more powerful than himself. Even if he could not win, he could still manage to escape. However, even the idea of escape was an extravagant hope in front of this giant. He was, quite literally, nothing more than a toy to Ah Da.


As the saying went, ‘some things must never be tolerated’. Despite knowing that he was no match for the giant, Yang Kai could not bring himself to endure this humiliation any longer; thus, he charged forward to fight to the death. He stopped a short while later and landed on the giant’s palm again. Lifting his head in fury, his eyes were filled with accusations of tears and blood, gritting his teeth as he choked out the words, “It’s not fair!”


Yang Kai attacked for quite some time, but even so, Ah Da neither retaliated nor gave any indication that he was going to stop Yang Kai. He simply endured it silently, or rather, he seemed to not realize Yang Kai was attacking him at all. Furthermore, his face remained intact and perfectly uninjured. On the contrary, it was Yang Kai’s Dragon Claws that were sore from the impact.


Ah Da scratched his head, his gaze constantly switching between Yang Kai and the void. He was blinking furiously as though he knew that he had done something wrong. He might not know what he had done wrong, but he could sense that Yang Kai was furious and inevitably felt a little guilty.


That funny expression entered Yang Kai’s eyes and he was stunned for a moment before he burst out laughing. 


This giant named Ah Da was obviously mentally underdeveloped, but his strength was simply beyond fathoming. Why was he even picking a fight with him? It was just asking for trouble.


When Yang Kai laughed, Ah Da followed suit. The latter’s smile might be a little timid, but his large body shook from his laughter.


Yang Kai suddenly felt that the giant was a lot less annoying and became much less fearful as he asked, “Just what are you?”


If it had been anybody else in Ah Da’s shoes, that question would have sounded extremely provocative. A fight might even break out on the spot if they were ill-tempered; however, Ah Da didn’t care at all. He simply lifted a finger and pressed it against his lips while shrinking back slightly, “Shh. Keep your voice down. You are so noisy.”


Yang Kai immediately rubbed his hands together, hunched his waist in a suspicious-looking posture, and whispered, “Like this?”


Ah Da grinned in response. Unfortunately, the smile was so terrifying that Yang Kai’s scalp went numb at the sight. Suppressing the fear in his heart, he asked again, “Which Clan are you from? How did you grow so big? What is this place?”


What Yang Kai received in answer, however, was a loud rumbling sound. It sounded like thunder, booming out so deafeningly that his eardrums hurt.


Ah Da then proceeded to rub his stomach and whimper pitifully, “I’m hungry.”


The sound just now had been his stomach growling.


Yang Kai couldn’t help gulping nervously, the reason being that Ah Da was staring at him intently while he spoke those words. It made Yang Kai feel very insecure, [He can’t be thinking of eating me, right? Judging by his previous actions, he doesn’t seem like he would do something like that.] 


Desperately resisting the urge to flee, Yang Kai lifted a fist to his mouth and coughed lightly, “Um, you see… Although I’m not small, my body doesn’t have much meat. I’m also not tasty, so…”


Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Ah Da turning to look down in a certain direction; then, Ah Da seemed shocked and exclaimed, “It’s gone!”


“What’s gone?” Yang Kai frowned, and following Ah Da’s gaze, his pupils suddenly contracted in fear. There was something pitch-black located in the Starry Sky a few hundred thousand kilometres away that was slowly squirming and shrinking. Even though it was several hundred thousand kilometres away, Yang Kai could still feel the familiar aura of chaos and nothingness.


Void Crack! 


That mass of black nihility was massive Void Crack. 


Was that where he escaped from? It was not impossible for that to be the case; however, the Void Crack was currently shrinking at a rapid pace and it would not take more than half a month before it vanished completely.


Just like how the World Principles would mend the spatial tears in the Star Boundary, the same went for this inexplicable Starry Sky too it seemed. At this moment, the Void Crack was gradually disappearing under some kind of influence from the ambient World Principles.


When the realisation struck him, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling terrified, [I’m so glad I escaped in time. If I failed to escape before the Void was completely repaired, I would have been trapped inside forever!]


According to his calculations, the location of the Void Crack should be where the Demon Realm had originally existed. Feeling unsure, he turned to look at Ah Da and asked, “What’s gone?”


“Food… It’s gone…” Ah Da’s huge face was scrunched up bitterly as though he was about to cry.


Yang Kai was confused. [If that is where the Demon Realm used to be located, then what is there for this giant to eat?] Frowning, he asked, “What do you want to eat?”


“Pieces…” Ah Da stretched out a finger that was bigger than the mountain peak and pointed at the Void, “There were lots and lots of pieces… But, now they’re all gone…”


Yang Kai pondered in silence for a while. Wasn’t the Demon Realm in pieces? What this giant calls food… He can’t be referring to the Demon Realm, right?


“Ah Da was sleeping. Ah Da was waiting until it died before he ate…” Ah Da turned to look at Yang Kai. The corners of his mouth drooped sadly and his eyes were misty, really looking like he was going to burst into tears, “But it’s gone now…”


Although the meaning behind those words were unclear, Yang Kai was horrified just listening to them. He had extracted a different kind of information from within those words. 


[Wait until it died before eating…]


The Demon Realm had been spiralling towards its death, and even Yang Kai had always claimed that the Demon Realm was dying, but that fact was finally confirmed through Ah Da’s words.


Meanwhile, he had used the Sealed World Bead to devour the entire Demon Realm, so it was only natural that it was gone. Yang Kai then began to wonder just how long Ah Da had been sleeping here for him to not notice the changes at all.




The deafening rumbling sounded again.


Ah Ga rubbed his stomach sadly, “Ah Da is hungry.”


“Haaa… There’s no helping it.” Yang Kai quickly took out a World Bead from the Small Sealed World and tossed it to Ah Da, “Is this what you eat?”


The first reason Yang Kai did this was to verify his conjecture. He wanted to see if Ah Da was really waiting in this place to eat the Demon Realm. The other reason… was simply that the giant’s expression was too scary. He was afraid that Ah Da might be so hungry that the latter became desperate and ate him instead.


If Ah Da was really waiting to eat the Demon Realm, then a single World Bead should not be a problem for him. Besides, Yang Kai had many World Beads in his possession. When he first entered the Demon Realm, he had created those World Beads by slicing off parts of the third region in the Small Sealed World and refining them. Strictly speaking, they were originally a part of the Demon Realm.


When the World Bead was tossed in Ah Da’s direction, his eyes brightened up… A light flashed across his gaze as his aggrieved expression turned into one of pure curiosity. He held the World Bead up in front of his eyes between two enormous fingers, examined it carefully, and sniffed at it with his nose. After a while, he grinned, “Round…”


Opening his mouth, he tossed it into his mouth. *Crunch!*


The muscles of Yang Kai’s face twitched hard at the sound of Ah Da’s chewing.


A short while later, Ah Da finished swallowing the World Bead and stared at Yang Kai with a look of anticipation.


Yang Kai laughed and flew over to Ah Da, “Open your mouth!”


“Ah…” Ah Da opened his mouth wide.


Yang Kai popped another World Bead into the giant mouth.


*Crunch. Crunch. Gulp* 




Yang Kai found all of this extremely interesting, thinking that the universe was truly full of wonders. Leaving aside the fact that he had encountered a giant larger than a mountain range, he couldn’t believe that this guy actually fed on worlds! It’s so incredible that he could barely believe it!


However, it quickly became too much for Yang Kai as Ah Da continued to eat. Although he had created many World Beads back then, the number was still limited. It didn’t take long for Ah Da to finish half of them. A little more time passed and the number was halved again. Even so, Ah Da still looked dissatisfied, even though his stomach was not growling any more.


[I can’t let him continue eating like this.] Yang Kai had the feeling that he was going to go bankrupt if he allowed Ah Da to continue. He still had uses for the remaining World Beads in his possession, mainly distributing them to the armies when he returned to the Star Boundary.


When Ah Da opened his mouth again, he saw that Yang Kai did not move for a long time; thus, he looked at Yang Kai expectantly again.


Yang Kai spread his hands and said, “There’s no more.”


The anticipation on Ah Da’s face suddenly turned to disappointment.


“What about eating this?” Yang Kai waved his hand. A pile of Spirit Fruits appeared in front of him. They were all taken from the medicine garden in the Small Sealed World. Ever since he placed the two small Wood Spirits in the medicine garden, it had been thriving and the number of Spirit Fruits had increased considerably; moreover, the medicine garden produced all sorts of other rare products year round. 


Each of these Spirit Fruits was extraordinary and an ordinary person would surely burn with jealousy at the mere sight of them. Ah Da was a little surprised to see these Spirit Fruits. It was clear that he had never seen so many colourful items before. Be that as it may, he seemed to know that they were edible. Reaching out a hand, he grabbed a handful and stuffed them into his mouth. A moment later, his expression turned ecstatic.


Yang Kai was secretly relieved. It would seem that the giant was not a picky eater and could eat anything, similar to the Embodiment. After the Embodiment began cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, he could refine basically anything that had the slightest bit of energy. The principle behind them seemed to be the same. [But still… look at the size of this giant! Trying to feed him to satiety… will be more than a little difficult…]


The things inside the Small Sealed World’s medicine garden were not infinite, and at present, the two little Wood Spirits had already noticed that a lot of Spirit Fruits had gone missing and were questioning Yang Kai about who the dastardly thief was.




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  1. If Ah Da is so huge that even 1000m Dragon form YK is like the size of a nose hair to him, how the hell is he even seeing, much less picking up something as tiny as spirit fruit, or a shrunken world bead for that matter xD

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