Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3731, Azure Dragon Spear


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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An hour later, Ah Da looked at Yang Kai eagerly again, still not satisfied.


Yang Kai spread his hands and said, “I really don’t have any more.”


A lot of the World Beads had been eaten and most of the spirit fruits in the medicine garden were gone. Yang Kai would go bankrupt if he continued feeding this giant. Besides, he was sceptical about something. He had the feeling that even if he brought out everything within the medicine garden, it still would not be enough to fill the giant’s stomach. Judging by Ah Da’s mountain-like body… it would probably be very difficult to ever truly satisfy him.


Yang Kai racked his brains for other ideas before he said, “Would you like to come with me? I’ll bring you to a place with delicious food.”


While it was true that Ah Da was simple-minded, his cultivation was shockingly powerful. If he could bring this big guy back to the Star Boundary, he could easily deal with the Demon Saints and their like. Yang Kai seriously doubted that even Great Demon God could compare to Ah Da. With Ah Da with him, the crisis in the Star Boundary could be resolved immediately and no more sacrifices would be necessary!


It had only been a flash of inspiration at the beginning, but the more Yang Kai thought about it, the more he felt that this was a good idea; therefore, he immediately tried to entice Ah Da earnestly, making a grand speech with many colourful images and descriptions that could all be summed up in one sentence, “Follow me and you will eat your fill!”


If he could bring Ah Da back to the Star Boundary with him, he would have the strength of an entire world behind him. In that case, was there really a need to fear not being able to satisfy this giant’s appetite?


Yang Kai talked until his mouth went dry, but on the other hand, Ah Da simply kept giggling stupidly without responding to his suggestions at all. It made Yang Kai wonder if he was only feigning his childlike mentality.


“I’ve already said so much? What do you think? Will you come with me?” Yang Kai wiped at his mouth and tried one last time.




“Stop laughing! Tell me whether you are coming with me or not!” Yang Kai was feeling speechless now. He plopped himself down on Ah Da’s palm and glared at the other party in exasperation. 


They stared at each other without saying anything for a time before all of a sudden, a look of joy flashed across Ah Da’s face and he turned his head to look in a certain direction.


Yang Kai followed the giant’s gaze but couldn’t see anything. All he could see was the vast Starry Sky.


A short while later, Ah Da suddenly got up and said excitedly, “Ah Da is going to find something to eat!”


“Where?” Yang Kai raised his hand to his forehead and stared out into the distance.


In the meantime, Ah Da had already strode away in that direction. Despite his mountain-like body, his movements were swifter than lightning. Yang Kai felt as though the surrounding scenery was passing by in a flash from where he sat on the giant’s palm and he couldn’t help shouting, “Hey! Hey! Where are you going!?”


Ah Da froze in surprise, only now seeming to remember that there was a person sitting on his palm. Pausing, he looked down at Yang Kai and chuckled, “You gave Ah Da food. You are a good person. Ah Da likes you.”


His smile was as pure as a child’s.


“If you like me, you should come with me! Just tell me what you want!” Yang Kai put more effort into his recruitment.


Contrary to Yang Kai’s expectations, however, Ah Da just reached out his hand and plucked something out from what looked like a giant pocket. Grasping what looked like an embroidery needle, he gently placed it in front of Yang Kai and declared, “Ah Da will give you this!”


Yang Kai grabbed hold of the ‘embroidery needle’ and felt a jolt running through his body. An ancient and desolate aura washed over him without warning, enveloping his entire body and giving him the illusion of being transported back to a prehistoric era.


By the time he broke free of this illusion and came back to his senses, he saw that Ah Da was already very far away. All that was left was a tiny speck in the distance. Then, even that back vanished out of sight in the blink of an eye.


[How fast!] It had not been particularly obvious when he was standing on Ah Da’s giant palm, but now seeing it from a distance, Yang Kai realized just how terrifyingly fast Ah Da was.


Even though Yang Kai quickly pushed his Space Principles and chased after him, how could he possibly manage to catch up to Ah Da? Ah Da had long since disappeared somewhere and it was practically impossible now to search for his whereabouts in this vast and boundless Starry Sky. Therefore, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling rather annoyed. It was rather regretful that he had failed to recruit such a powerful helper.


It wasn’t until this moment that he took the time to study the ‘gift’ in his hand. When Ah Da pulled this toy out, it looked like nothing more than a small needle. Even so, everything was relative. This item had looked no bigger than an embroidery needle in front of Ah Da’s enormous body, but became the size of a chopstick in Yang Kai’s hands. It should also be said that Yang Kai had been maintaining his Half-Dragon Form ever since he met Ah Da, which meant this chopstick-like item was at least 10 or 20 metres long.


Upon a closer inspection, Yang Kai discovered that this chopstick was actually a spear. The tip of the spear glinted with a cold light and a pattern of dragons coiled around the body of the spear. In addition, there were many engravings and embellishments that looked like Dragon Scales. There were also golden clouds at the butt of the spear. It looked quite magnificent.


Yang Kai’s expression brightened and after closing his eyes, he quietly examined the spear before becoming startled a short while later. His attention had been focused on Ah Da previously, so he had no time to figure out the wonders of this item. It wasn’t until now that he inspected the item and discovered what a rare and extraordinary treasure it was.


In particular, the ancient aura surging from the spear was even denser than that of the Mountains and Rivers Bell. Just from this fact alone, it could be seen that the spear was far older than the Mountains and Rivers Bell. What surprised him even more was that he could vaguely sense a familiar aura coming from the spear. It was none the aura of a Dragon.


Yang Kai immersed his mind into the spear and after a while, his expression froze in surprise. Under his intent stare, the spear transformed into an incomparably large Azure Dragon that stood proudly in the void.


A high-pitched Dragon Roar resounded from the spear, causing the entire body of the spear to tremble uncontrollably. Yang Kai blissfully poured his Dragon Aura into the spear, causing it to swell up rapidly from 15 metres to nearly 1,000 metres. It was now just as long as his Half-Dragon Form was tall. His Half-Dragon Form was already quite imposing on its own, but it looked even more overwhelming now that it was supplemented by the spear.


Yang Kai’s eyes flew open abruptly as he randomly tried out several spear techniques. The spear felt like it was a part of his arm, with no sense of obscurity whatsoever. Rather, his entire body felt as comfortable as could be; thus, his confidence soared. Even if the true body of the Great Demon God was standing in front of him, he was confident he could put a few holes in him in his current state!


Yang Kai focused his gaze and saw two large golden characters shining at a certain point on the shaft of.


“Azure Dragon!” 


He read those words out loud as he gently caressed the spear. Only then did the spear that had been trembling all this while seem to calm down, as though appeased.


If it had been anybody else in Yang Kai’s shoes, they would not have dared to use the Azure Dragon Spear so casually despite obtaining it. On the contrary, Yang Kai’s examination had revealed to him that the Azure Dragon Spear was originally refined and crafted from the body of a Dragon. The body of the spear came from the Dragon Bones, the scale-like patterns on the body of the spear were originally the Dragon Scales, the spearhead was formed from a Dragon Fang, and the butt of the spear came from a Dragon Tail.


With the Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength in his body, Yang Kai just so happened to fulfil the conditions of the Azure Dragon Spear’s Will. Only when infused with a pure Dragon Source Strength could this spear unleash its full power without first refining it. Moreover, Yang Kai had the vague feeling that even the Great Elder and Second Elder of Dragon Island were not as powerful as the Dragon that this spear had been refined from.


Just who was Ah Da? How was he able to randomly and carelessly bring out something so precious? The World Beads and the spirit fruits from the medicine garden that Yang Kai had offered as payment previously were not worth mentioning in comparison. While those things were by no means ordinary, how could they compare with the Azure Dragon Spear?


[I can’t believe I’m still so blessed with luck even though I’m not in the Star Boundary!] Yang Kai could barely repress the urge to throw his head back in wild laughter. Thinking about it a little more though, he realized that Ah Da probably brought out the Azure Dragon Spear after seeing his Half-Dragon Form. In any case, he had gained far more than he invested.


Up until today, Yang Kai had always carried numerous treasures and artifacts with him. There was no need to mention the Soul Warming Lotus, the Immortal Tree, and the Firmament Tree which could be regarded as unique existences and Supreme Treasures of the universe. The Mountains and Rivers Bell was so powerful that it was capable of suppressing even World Strength. The Astral Wind blowing out of the newly-acquired Wind Gourd was not something to be underestimated either. When it came to the Soul, he also had the elusive Soul Splitting Sabre.


Comparatively, Yang Kai only lacked a personal weapon that could be used to fight in close combat. The Myriads Sword was decent, but it was just an ordinary Emperor Artifact. It used to provide a relatively powerful boost to him when his cultivation was not that high. Unfortunately, it was no longer capable of keeping up with his strength as he became increasingly more powerful.


Besides, the Myriads Sword was the Qin Family’s heirloom. Yang Kai once made an agreement with the Patriarch of the Qin Family, Qin Zhao Yang, to return the Myriads Sword when Qin Yu became an Emperor Realm Master. Qin Yu had been cultivating hard in High Heaven Palace over the years and her strength had greatly increased as a result. Although she had yet to become an Emperor Realm Master, it was only a matter of time.


The Qin Family might not say anything even if Yang Kai did not return the Myriads Sword, but how could he go back on his word? Once he returned the Myriads Sword, then he would really lack a personal weapon.


Although he had been looking for a weapon for himself all this time, he had never found one that was suitable. Furthermore, he had to take his Half-Dragon Form into consideration. Any ordinary artifact could be used in his Human form, but they could not be used when he turned into his Half-Dragon Form. Forget his current size, even when he was only 300 metres long, using the Myriads Sword would have been no different from holding a toothpick between his fingers. Was he supposed to prick his enemies to death in a life-or-death situation? Not to mention, the power of that toothpick could not compare to the strength of his Dragon Claws.


Not only should the weapon be suitable for close combat, but it also had to be suitable for his current cultivation. It would be even better if he could continue using the weapon when he reached the Great Emperor Realm. More importantly, it had to be suitable for his use in his Half-Dragon Form… Although there were many precious and mysterious artifacts in the world, it was extremely difficult for any one of them to fulfil all of these conditions.


If Yang Kai was no different from the average Emperor Realm Masters that needed to spend a long time cultivating, he might have been able to gather some materials and ask Hou Yu to tailor-make an artifact for his use; however, the speed at which his cultivation improved was much too fast for him to consider that option. Even if he could refine an artifact like that, he would not have the time to nurture and refine the weapon to its full potential before it became obsolete. Among all the powerful treasures in the world, which one of them did not require thousands of years of hard work and refinement from the Emperor Realm Masters that owned them?


Yang Kai never imagined that he would accidentally receive the Azure Dragon Spear in this strange place. This spear was refined from the body of a Dragon, so not just anybody could unleash its full strength. It was the Dragonic Nature to be arrogant. Even after death, there still existed a trace of its original nature that could not be extinguished. It was already a miracle if the backlash did not harm the people who used the Azure Dragon Spear; how could it willingly allow itself to be controlled by another? It just so happened that Yang Kai had the Golden Divine Dragon Source though, which resolved this problem perfectly.


[Even though that big guy only knew how to giggle foolishly, it would seem that he isn’t stupid.] Resisting the urge to continue chasing after Ah Da, Yang Kai looked in the direction where the former had disappeared and bowed with his hand on his chest. [I received such an amazing benefit from him. If I ever meet him again, I will definitely treat him to a full meal.]


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    1. That’s where the author’s habit of exaggerating size and time comes back to bite him on the tail. This novel doesn’t do it as much as Emperor’s Domination but it’s still annoying.

    2. Well, to be fair, the biggest ancestor was also around that size, and we don’t know what potential the Golden Ancestral Source had or how big that dude was when he died.

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        1. Yea. It would’ve been way more interesting if he had some sort of cultivation technique and weapon that was solely his and grew with him alongside his journey. He would improve on it with his various enlightenment s throughout his journey and he could have cultivated his own emperor artifact, which would have been cool. Missed Plot.

          Instead, YK just uses whatever he gets with his author level gacha luck and disposes of it when it’s useless which is lame.

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