Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3733, Dark Clouds Gathering


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The third young woman had a pretty face and her whole body was filled with a youthful aura; even so, her beautiful eyes were filled with murderous intent. The butterfly wings on her back flapped gently behind her. She might only be in the Second-Order Emperor Realm, but her slender body was emanating a Divine Spirit’s aura.


Lan Xun, Lin Yun’er, and Mo Xiao Qi, two daughters of the Great Emperors, were fighting side by side with the disciple of another. Furthermore, they were stopping a Half-Saint’s killing spree with their slender bodies.


Logically speaking, it was impossible for the average Emperor Realm Master to fight a Half-Saint. Even a Third-Order Emperor could only flee for their lives in front of a Half-Saint. Be that as it may, not a single one among these three young women was ordinary. With the treasures in their possession and the heritage they bore, how could they be compared with ordinary Emperor Realm Masters?


Lan Xun’s World Pagoda was a core treasure of Star Soul Palace; moreover, inside Star Soul Palace, she could mobilize far more of the World Principles to assist her than normal. On the other hand, Lin Yun’er’s black wok known as Unlimited Return was even more mysterious and unpredictable. Although Mo Xiao Qi had no comparable treasure on hand, she was born on Spirit Beast Island and Martial Beast Great Emperor had long ago planted the spirit of the Heavenly Illusion Butterfly Divine Spirit in her. As her strength and cultivation became more powerful, it became easier and easier for her to wield the power of this Divine Spirit like it was a part of her body.


By fighting three against one, they barely managed to maintain a stalemate situation; however, it was delusional to think that they could kill the Half-Saint they were facing. It was impossible unless he made a fatal mistake.


“You three little bitches… Just wait until this King captures you! I will make you wish you were dead! You will beg for death by the time this King finishes with you!” The Half-Saint was tall and broad-shouldered. The muscles all over his body were bulked up and contained great explosive power while his skin was the colour of stone. It was obvious that he was a Stone Demon. The Stone Demon Clan had inherently powerful defensive abilities and could ignore most light injuries. In addition, their natural strength was incredible. Although they were not as strong as Strength Demons, they were by no means any less than the other Demon Clans.


Among the hundred Clans in the Demon Realm, Blood Demons were the fastest and most cunning, but Stone Demons were the most difficult to kill. The three young women in front of him were indeed extraordinary, but even so, he believed that as long as he did not give them an opening, they would not be able to do anything to him. All he needed to do was drag out this battle and he could get eliminate them one by one once they were exhausted.


“Talk after you prove you have the ability!” Lan Xun’s beautiful eyes flashed coldly. Her father had lost his life in the Demon Realm, and now, the legacy he left behind was being invaded by the Demon Race. It could be said that her hatred for the Demon Race was carved into her bones. At this moment, she was cursing the Heavens for not giving her enough time to fully grow into her potential.


While she spoke, Lan Xun extended her hand forward. A green vine suddenly shot out of her sleeve and wrapped around the Half-Saint. The Artifact Spirit of World Pagoda had taken the form of a mimosa plant; therefore, the power of the World Pagoda took on the appearance of a plant when Lan Xun activated its power. If the Half-Saint could be fully wrapped up in the green vines, she could figure out a way to drag him into the World Pagoda and fight him to the death. Her strength would be greatly improved inside the World Pagoda. On this point, it might not be comparable to the advantage Yang Kai received inside the Small Sealed World, but the principle was the same.


When Lan Xun made her move, Lin Yun’er and Mo Xiao Qi did not stand around idly.


Lin Yun’er took the black wok that she had always worn on her head like a hat and threw it forward in the direction of the Half-Saint, letting out an oddly cute cry, “Eat this!”


Her petite body rushed forward along with the black wok. What she cultivated was Iron Blood Great Emperor’s Iron Blood Record, so attacking her enemy with her bare fists was what she excelled at. Her fists were invincible, capable of crushing anything they struck. It was just that she must first put herself in a dangerous position in order to attack her enemies.


The butterfly wings behind Mo Xiao Qi fluttered gently; then, gleaming rays of light converged like fireflies and floated towards the Stone Demon Half-Saint. The combat effectiveness of the Heavenly Illusion Butterfly could not be described with mere words, more so since this Divine Spirit’s greatest ability was built upon a person’s achievements in Soul cultivation. The shining powder had the power to create hallucinations and the effects were so strong that even the Half-Saint could not ignore them.


It was clear that this was not the first time these three young women had joined forces. Through the battles over the past few days, they had connected together as though they were one entity. By now, they could work seamlessly to launch an attack without the need for any prior communication.


The Stone Demon Half-Saint’s expression turned incredibly cold at the sight and the Demon Qi in his body surged as he fiercely threw a punch in front of him.


The green vine shooting towards him was smashed to pieces before it could get close. Although it repaired itself immediately, it was still unable to approach due to the sharp impact of the punch.


In the meantime, the sky darkened. Unlimited Return descended from above and covered the Stone Demon Half-Saint. On the other hand, Lin Yun’er lunged at the Stone Demon under the cover of the green vines.


The power of the Heavenly Illusion Butterfly also came into play at this moment. The shining powder lingered around the Stone Demon. It was pervasive and the slightest touch would make the other party’s consciousness blank out for a moment; hence, the punch the Half-Saint was aiming at Lin Yun’er involuntarily paused for a moment.


That one moment was the key determining factor in deciding the victor of this clash.


With a loud explosion, Lin Yun’er’s fists landed on the Stone Demon Half-Saint’s chest. Her punch that was capable of smashing mountains only made the Stone Demon stagger backwards slightly, however. On the contrary, her face crumpled into an expression of pain; even so, she did not retreat. Lin Yun’er raised her fists again and prepared to continue her assault. Her Honoured Master had once said that there was no defence in this world that could not be broken, it only depended on whether the power of her punches was strong enough. Her little face was flushed red from her efforts. Wind and clouds gathered around her tender fists, indicating the vague appearance of the Grand Dao.


At that moment, an exclamation of surprise sounded. In the midst of what they were doing, Lan Xun turned to look in the direction of the sound and her beautiful eyes contracted abruptly at the sight. A swirling sand pit had appeared under Mo Xiao Qi’s feet without them noticing. Two large hands reached out from the sand pit, grabbed her by the ankles, and dragged her downward. Her feet were already sinking into the sand pit by the time Lan Xun glanced over.


Sand Demon! 


This Demon Clan was similar to the Blood Demon Clan in that they were very difficult to deal with. Not to mention, the elusive Shadow Demons who were also very hard to guard against.


Lan Xun could not afford to spare any thought to attack the Stone Demon Half-Saint at that moment. She gave a flick of her wrist, and the green vine shooting outward immediately turned back and plunged directly into the depths of the ground. The earth subsequently began to heave as though a terrifying battle was taking place underground.


Meanwhile, Mo Xiao Qi was distracted by the sneak attack and lost control over the power of the Heavenly Illusion Butterfly. The Stone Demon Half-Saint immediately woke up from his confusion as a result, just in time to receive Lin Yun’er’s punch. Without any hesitation, he countered her fist with a punch of his own.


Lin Yun’er’s petite body was sent flying backwards as she coughed up a mouthful of blood in mid-air, dyeing the front of her shirt red. Unlimited Return was also sent flying backwards by the Stone Demon, just like its Master. Despite getting injured, Lin Yun’er deftly spun through the air three times like a swallow before landing at Mo Xiao Qi’s feet and striking the ground with her fist.


The ground that had been heaving violently stopped moving all of a sudden. At the same time, the force that was restraining Mo Xiao Qi loosened and she took the opportunity to break free from the trap. In addition, Lan Xun retracted the green vine.


Then, the three young women stood side by side once more. A stench of blood wafted out from the crack in the ground. It was obvious that the Sand Demon who had hidden in the ground and attacked Mo Xiao Qi was dead. The Sand Demon was only a Mid-Rank Demon King who seemed to believe that there was an opportunity here that he could take advantage of. Who could have known that he would end up in such a state in the blink of an eye? Even so, he had accidentally helped the Stone Demon Half-Saint. The Stone Demon Half-Saint would have been attacked by Lan Xun and the others otherwise. While he would not have been affected by those attacks, it would have been quite a disgrace and humiliation for him.


“Bitch!” He cursed furiously before frowning and turning to look around at his surroundings. At some point, the commotion in the battlefield had died down; in fact, it was dead silent. Everybody had stopped fighting at that moment, but he had been so focused on countering the attacks of Lan Xun and the others that he had not paid much attention to his surroundings before. It wasn’t until now that he noticed this odd change.


Similarly, Lan Xun and the others had noticed this too and they began looking around their surroundings and glancing at each other. Then, Lin Yun’er asked sheepishly, “What’s going on?”


Mo Xiao Qi looked up at the sky, “Look over there!”


Lin Yun’er looked in that direction and her mouth instantly fell open in surprise. A storm seemed to have gathered in the sky with lightning flashing and thunder rumbling. Furthermore, the dark clouds loomed so low that the sky looked like it was about to collapse. Amidst the flashing layer of clouds came an impressive sense of oppression, as if something terrible was about to be born.


It was obvious that this strange phenomenon had caught the attention of the tens of millions of Humans and Demons alike in Star Soul Palace, causing the two Races that were at war to fall into a temporary truce.


“Is it the Demon Race?” Mo Xiao Qi asked worriedly. They were currently at war. For there to be such movements coming from the sky at this kind of time… She simply could not remain calm under these circumstances. The Star Boundary was already at a disadvantage, so if this strange phenomenon was caused by the Demon Race, then the future was truly looking bleak.


“It doesn’t seem like it!” Lan Xun slowly shook her head. If it were something that was cooked up by the Demon Race, then they would not appear so clueless about the current situation; however, the Stone Demon Half-Saint whom they had been fighting had an apprehensive expression on his face now.


“What is it then?” Mo Xiao Qi frowned.


How could Lan Xun know what was going on? Even so, she felt a little relieved by the current situation and secretly winked at Mo Xiao Qi and Lin Yun’er, signalling for the three of them to take this opportunity to rest and restore themselves.


The tens of millions of Humans and Demons on the battlefield were not the only ones staring up at the commotion in the sky, there were another five pairs of eyes staring as well. The large-scale battle here would practically decide ownership of the Southern Territory, so how could the three Demon Saints and the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan be absent? It was just that none of these five people had intervened in the battle.


For the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan, they were outnumbered by their enemies. Their involvement in the battle would only draw the three Demon Saints into making a move, which would in turn worsen the situation in the Star Boundary; therefore, they had simply been hiding in the sky and watching the situation. They would not make a move unless the situation forced their hand. Their presence here was mainly a deterrent.


For the three Demon Saints of the Demon Race, they knew that they might not be able to harm the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan even if a battle broke out between them. They might hold the advantage in numbers in a three-against-two fight, but it was impossible for them to kill their opponents. Both parties had exchanged blows with each other on several occasions over the past few years, so they had a fair understanding of each other’s strength.


If the two from the Dragon Clan were willing to watch quietly, then the Demon Saints were more than happy to oblige.


While Lan Xun and her companions were conversing among themselves, the three Demon Saints were also looking at each other with astonishment in their eyes. They might not know what was behind the aura hidden in the clouds, but there was one thing they could be sure of, the Demon Realm was not behind this.


If it was not the Demon Realm, then could it be the Star Boundary? They frowned and glanced in the direction of the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan before quickly discovering that Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun were also frowning and looking at them suspiciously.


When the gazes from both sides met each other, Xue Li grinned wickedly while Fu Zhun gave a cold snort.




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  1. Nice! Yang Kai, make your appearance already? Are you going to get promoted to PGE or GE directly once you get back? Since he anyway has the World’s Will, his promotion should happen instantly, otherwise the demons would interfere.

  2. Nice! Yang Kai, make your appearance already? Are you going to get promoted to PGE or GE directly once you get back? Since he already has the World’s Will, his promotion should happen instantly, otherwise the demons would interfere.

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