Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3734, Sacrifice You To My Spear


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The dark, heavy clouds were looming lower than before, looking like they were really going to fall out of the sky.


All of a sudden, a huge vortex appeared in the middle of the thick, dark clouds. As the vortex swirled, the surrounding clouds swirled along with it and made the sky seem rather volatile.


Then, a small light appeared in the centre of the vortex. Zhu Yan’s expression changed at the sight as he raised his brow and muttered, “That’s…”


Fu Zhun also had a shocked expression on her face. Like Zhu Yan, she had caught a hint of a Dragon’s aura from that light at the very moment it appeared. The presence of a Dragon Aura indicated that there was a Dragon present. It was just that Fu Zhun and Zhu Yan had brought all of the pure-blood members of the Dragon Clan on Dragon Island here with them. There were only so many of them, so how could any of their clansmen appear from within the vortex in the clouds?


What’s more, that trace of Dragon Aura that they detected felt extremely ancient and desolate. It felt as though it came from a very distant era, leaping across time and space. Even they couldn’t help feeling inferior in comparison.


Before the two of them had time to understand the situation, the carefree light that had appeared leisurely began to fall like a meteor with a long tail dragging behind it. The dark clouds covering the sky were seemingly influenced by the falling light and started squirming for a bit before suddenly shrinking into a ball and falling towards the ground along with it.


The feeling as though the sky was falling bloomed in everybody’s hearts. Be they the Human Race or the Demon Race, all the living creatures in Star Soul Palace felt suffocated and anxious.


Soon though, everybody’s expressions changed once more. The light that was falling to the ground was heading directly towards Star Soul Palace! It approached as swiftly as lightning and before the armies of tens of millions could react, the light that was falling from the sky had already smashed into the ground.


There was a loud explosion and the world shook from the impact. The hundreds of Spirit Peaks in Star Soul Palace trembled slightly, causing loose gravel to fall all over. A force of vibration then spread out in a circle from the place where the light had fallen, violently extending outward in all directions. Both Humans and Demons were thrown off their feet everywhere that force of vibration passed; there was no discrimination. Only those in the Emperor Realm and above managed to maintain their balance.


Immediately following that, the dark clouds that came falling down with the light smashed into the ground and the entire Star Soul Palace was instantly shrouded in a layer of fog.


The beautiful faces of Lan Xun, Lin Yun’er, and Mo Xiao Qi turned pale. That was because the light that had fallen out of the sky had landed no more than several tens of metres in front of them, just so happening to separate them from the Stone Demon Half-Saint. Fortunately, the three young women were considered quite powerful now and were able to defend themselves. That was why they were not hurt by the force of vibration that erupted outward.


When they looked up, they saw a figure half-kneeling on the ground several tens of metres away. That figure was covered in ragged clothes and had dishevelled hair. Parts of his sturdy and muscular body were exposed through the gaps of his tattered rags. His embarrassed state was reminiscent of somebody who had just finished fighting a grand battle.


The hair hanging off his forehead covered his face so his appearance could not be seen clearly. He had one hand on his knee while the other hand was holding a 3-metre-long spear. There was a pattern of a Dragon coiling around the spear and it also seemed to be covered in Dragon Scales. Moreover, the head of the spear was glinting with a cold light and an ancient aura surged wildly from its body.


The three young women were dumbfounded by the sight. Similarly, all of the Humans and Demons who witnessed this sight had blank expressions too. Nobody could have imagined that the light that caused a Heavenly Manifestation when it fell from the sky would turn out to be a person. Literally millions of eyes had been watching intently only to witness this person’s arrival.


“Uncle Yang?” Lin Yun’er tilted her head to the side and called out with a slight frown.


“What?” Lan Xun turned to look at Lin Yun’er when she heard her speak. Unfortunately, she had not heard what Lin Yun’er said clearly.


At that moment, the half-kneeling figure on the ground finally moved. He slowly straightened up his body. When he was crouching on the ground, all light seemed to be focused on the 3-metre-long spear; however, he seemed to rob the entire world of its splendour the moment he stood up straight.


There was a series of cracking sounds coming from all over his body. Casually lifting the spear in his hand, he rested it on his shoulder before throwing his head back and laughed heartily as his voice rang out like a Dragon Roar, “I’m finally home! It feels so good!”


His long and dishevelled hair covered his face, making it difficult to see his true appearance; even so, his eyes gleamed as brightly as the sun from between the gaps of his fringe.


Lan Xun was taken aback, her eyes widening in surprise as she stuttered, “S-Senior Brother Yang?”


That voice might be deafening, but she was certain that it was definitely Yang Kai’s. Mo Xiao Qi also seemed to recognise his voice and her cold expression quickly dissolved into one of pleasant surprise, “Big Brother Yang?”


She had not met Yang Kai again ever since he brought her to meet the Third-Elder of Dragon Island, Fu Xuan. Although it had only been less than 20 years, those years were far too long for a young girl who was just beginning to fall in love. She had wanted to leave Spirit Beast Island many times to search for Yang Kai, but she had no opportunity to leave with Mo Huang around, and whenever Mo Huang wasn’t around, Jiu Feng would accompany her instead; therefore, her wish to see Yang Kai might have played a part in the reason she came to the Southern Territory this time.


It was a shame that she only learned that he had gone to the Demon Realm after she arrived at this place; moreover, there had been no news from him for the past 3 years. It never occurred to her that they would meet again under such circumstances.


[Didn’t they say he went to the Demon Realm? Why did he fall out of the sky?] Mo Xiao Qi could not make heads or tails of the situation. Similarly, Lan Xun and Lin Yun’er didn’t understand what was going on either. There was no Two Worlds’ Passage connecting to the Demon Realm in the sky here after all.


A few dozen metres away, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and brushed his hair back to reveal his face, smiling brightly as he called out, “Xiao Qi? Yun’er? Junior Sister Lan too? Why are you… Oh?”


The journey back from the Outer Universe had been fraught with perils. Just by looking at his dishevelled appearance, one could tell that his trip had not been smooth-sailing by any means. The many hardships he encountered during the journey were difficult for others to understand. Now that he had finally returned to the Star Boundary after overcoming those challenges, he had not had the time to take in the situation around him yet. It could even be said that his landing here had not been planned. It was simply a coincidence.


Yang Kai swept his Divine Sense across his surroundings and immediately understood the current situation, as well as where this place was.


[How did the war spread to Star Soul Palace?] He frowned slightly. [Has the situation in the Star Boundary gotten so bad in the few years that I was away?]


“Yang Kai!” Xue Li’s expression turned cold as he stood mid-air, staring down at Yang Kai’s figure with his scarlet eyes. Murderous intent was bursting out of his body. All the Demon Saints held a deep grudge against Yang Kai. If it wasn’t for Yang Kai, Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, Chang Tian, and many others would not have betrayed the Demon Realm. If these three had been around, conquering the Star Boundary would have been as easy as crushing an ant under their boot. It was precisely because Yang Kai had convinced these three to defect that the battle to conquer the Star Boundary was still stuck in a deadlock. Although the final victory would eventually belong to the Demon Race, the time and energy lost in this war were irreparable.


The moment his murderous intent burst out of him, the auras of the two Dragon Clan Great Elders immediately locked onto him. Turning around, Xue Li gave both Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun a cold sneer. The defeat of Star Soul Palace was already written in stone. There was no way to turn the situation around even if Yang Kai appeared all of a sudden, not unless Yang Kai had the strength of a Great Emperor. Hence, he would neither act rashly nor annoy the two Dragon Clan Great Elders even though he was itching to kill Yang Kai on the spot.


Below them, Yang Kai raised his head to look at the sky. There was nothing in his field of vision, but his gaze seemed to be capable of leaping across space. Then, he smiled slightly in the direction of the three Demon Saints.


“Interesting. I can’t believe he can see us,” Huo Bo chuckled, his round body shaking uncontrollably from laughter.


Fu Yu’s fingers twitched slightly. She was wondering if she should just shoot Yang Kai to death on the spot. After giving it some thought though, she decided that she probably would not have any chance of shooting him with the two Dragon Clan Great Elders around.


“Uncle Yang, watch out!” Lin Yun’er suddenly shouted.


At the exact moment Yang Kai raised his head to look up into the sky, the Stone Demon Half-Saint standing nearby leapt out to attack. Raising his hand and bringing it down on Yang Kai from a distance, the Stone Demon sent a gigantic pitch-black palm hurtling from the sky.


Yang Kai seemed unaware of the danger and didn’t even move a single muscle. The palm then came slamming down in the next moment. Immediately after that, a loud explosion rang out and the place where Yang Kai had been standing was completely crushed to pieces.


Lin Yun’er looked dazed, Mo Xiao Qi screamed in horror, Lan Xun went pale… Despite knowing that Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Principles and could not be killed so easily, they could not help worrying until they could be sure of his safety.


Yang Kai’s figure reappeared again in the next instant, his tattered clothes looking absolutely ridiculous. Meanwhile, he had already rushed towards the Stone Demon at some point, his expression stern. Thrusting his spear in the direction of the Stone Demon Half-Saint, he shouted, “You shall be the first sacrifice to my spear!”


Ever since receiving the Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai had been on the road all this time. Although he came across many thrilling and dangerous situations, his spear had yet to taste blood. A Half-Saint was good enough to become an offering!


The Stone Demon seemed stunned by Yang Kai’s bravery and ignorance, causing him to sneer and snap, “Don’t be so presumptuous!”


He then directly grabbed the head of the spear with his large hand. As a Stone Demon, his inherent defensive abilities were outstanding. Even other Half-Saints in the same Realm would not have an easy time breaking through his defences. While Yang Kai’s spear might appear powerful, a Demon King’s strength was simply not enough to be his opponent. It was only natural that he thought nothing of Yang Kai. He believed that as long as he grabbed the spear and dragged Yang Kai over to him, he could smash Yang Kai’s head in with a single punch.


The Demon Saints claimed that they would offer personal guidance to the person who managed to kill Yang Kai. With the Stone Demon’s current cultivation in addition to the teaching of the Demon Saints, it may not be impossible for him to become the new Demon Saint if the opportunity arose.


Unfortunately, all his beautiful hopes and dreams were shattered by the spear in front of him. The Stone Demon felt a stabbing pain in his palm the moment he grabbed the head of the spear. The defence he was so proud of tore apart like a piece of paper, completely useless in the face of this thrust. The spear pierced a hole through the palm of his hand and stabbed towards his head without losing any momentum. 


Horrified by the sudden turn of events, the Stone Demon shouted incredulously, “How is this possible!?”


The defences that were strong enough to withstand the onslaught of even other Half-Saints like himself had been broken. He simply could not accept it. Although his mind was shaken, he was still a Half-Saint, so it was not so easy to kill him. Seeing the spear quickly looming larger in front of his eyes, he hurriedly dodged his head to the side and narrowly avoided this terrifying blow. At the same time, he swiftly retreated some distance away while the Azure Dragon Spear was pulled out of his palm, causing large amounts of blood to flow.


Yang Kai moved like a shadow, chasing after the Stone Demon relentlessly. His expression was as cold as ice as spear shadows enveloped his enemy.


Lan Xun and the others were dumbfounded by the sight. They knew that Yang Kai’s strength had always exceeded his own Realm; moreover, he constantly fought without regard for cultivation Realms and survived countless battles against many Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints in the past. Even so, how could he single-handedly push back a Stone Demon Half-Saint with nothing but his own strength?


The three young women were originally planning to step in to rescue Yang Kai; however, who could they dare to rashly intervene in this battle after seeing it play out? Stepping in at this moment would only disrupt Yang Kai’s momentum and, in the worst case, they might even ruin his chances of victory. Exchanging a look with each other, they immediately flew out to form a three-sided encirclement with the Stone Demon Half-Saint in the middle, ensuring he did not have a chance to escape.




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