Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3735, He Means What He Says


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


A cold light flickered as the spear shadow flashed out. Every thrust of the spear frightened the Stone Demon Half-Saint. All other people could see were a series of dazzling spear techniques. In contrast, there was an Azure Dragon rushing at him with fangs bared and claws out in the Stone Demon’s vision. The Dragon Roars that penetrated into his Soul seemed to have a strange power of causing him to become anxious and uneasy. He was unable to defend himself against the enemy with all his strength as a result.


The swooshing sounds of the spear never stopped. Wound after wound was inflicted upon his tough body and he was soon covered in blood. The pain aroused his ferocious nature, causing his eyes to flash scarlet. Lifting his hand suddenly, he straightened his palm and pressed it down towards Yang Kai heavily. The speed of his movements was not fast. Rather, his movements seemed very slow, feeling as if there was an invisible force preventing him from moving.


As the Stone Demon’s palm came closer, Yang Kai’s expression changed. He pulled the spear back in defence, using the Azure Dragon Spear to create a wall of illusory phantoms that formed a solid defence that stood in front of him. There was a series of clanking sounds and a shower of sparks erupted. Even though there were no weapons that came attacking in his direction, the sound of metal clashing against metal rang out anyway.


All of a sudden, the spear shadows that covered the sky disappeared and Yang Kai held his spear horizontally in front of his chest. Following that, a force of incomparable power rushed at him with the approach of the Stone Demon Half-Saint’s palm. He subsequently looked down only to see his chest sinking downward slightly.


“Die!” The Stone Demon Half-Saint shouted angrily as he forcefully pressed his outstretched palm down towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of Golden Blood while at the same time, his body was sent flying backwards.


“Senior Brother Yang!” Lan Xun was shocked and quickly flicked her wrist to send a green vine out from her sleeve to pull Yang Kai back towards her after he was sent flying. No matter how tough his body, his internal organs were churning after being struck by a Half-Saint. If any other Emperor Realm Master had been standing in his shoes, they would have died after taking such an attack. Yang Kai on the contrary only coughed up some blood. His life was not in danger; he was simply a little winded.


Leaning against Lan Xun’s body, Yang Kai felt something soft touching him. Her face flushed slightly in response. She had known him for many years by now and the relationship between them was also not too bad; even so, they had never been in such intimate contact before. More so since everybody’s eyes were on them on this battlefield. Lan Xun couldn’t help but feel a tormenting sense of embarrassment. Be that as it may, the concern in her heart trumped over everything else so she pushed down her shame and anxiously asked, “Are you alright, Senior Brother?”


“I won’t die,” He turned his head to the side and spat out another mouthful of blood. After stabilising himself, he glanced at the Stone Demon Half-Saint with a savage grin.


After the Stone Demon Half-Saint completed his attack, he involuntarily revealed a sense of lingering fear when he recalled Yang Kai’s powerful barrage of attacks just now. [Even from an enemy’s standpoint, I have to admit that this guy is quite strong. He is only a High-Rank Demon King, but he already has so much power. What if he becomes a Half-Saint? How will the other Half-Saints survive!?]


Thinking so, he became more and more determined to kill Yang Kai. Taking a step forward, he coldly snorted and said, “Did you really think you can do anything you want just because you have a little bit of skill? You had that slut Yu Ru Meng protecting you back in the Demon Realm, but now that she is gone, I wonder who will save you now!? Kneel down and beg for mercy, and this King might just let you live!”


Yang Kai held the Azure Dragon Spear with one arm and pointed it at the Stone Demon Half-Saint, laughing ferociously as he shouted, “I see. You will be the first to die today!”


“Shameless boasting!” The Stone Demon Half-Saint’s expression was cold and severe, but a moment later, his expression suddenly changed. Looking down at his palm in horror, his eyes trembled violently.


He was a Stone Demon; thus, he was born with extremely strong defensive abilities. Having strong defensive abilities also meant that he would have strong restorative abilities. Light injuries were nothing to him which was why he had not been bothered even though he was injured by Yang Kai several times just now. They were all just flesh wounds that would heal in the time it took for him to say a few words; however, he was only just discovering to his horror that his injuries showed no signs of healing. Not only was the wound not healing, but they were also showing signs of getting worse!


There was a strange force permeating the bloody holes that formed when Yang Kai’s spear cut him. That energy was constantly corroding the flesh surrounding the wounds. Even the restorative abilities that he was so proud of could not do anything against this corrosion and as the energy continued to eat away at his flesh, his wounds were slowly expanding.


Turning pale with fright, he hurriedly tried to use his Demon Qi to suppress this strange energy, but it failed to have any positive effect. On the contrary, his Demon Qi seemed to serve as nutrients for that inexplicable energy. The more he tried to fight it, the stronger the energy became and the faster the speed of corrosion, causing him to cry out, “What is this!? What the Hell is this!?”


“The dead don’t need to know!”


As a High-Rank Demon King, it should have been impossible for Yang Kai to perform such a feat. He did not have such abilities in the past either. It was just that he had spent several dozen years in intensive cultivation on the ancient battlefield within the Small Sealed World. During that time, he absorbed the Martial Truth of Great Demon God and Flowing Time Great Emperor. He also caught a glimpse into the secrets behind World Force. While these several dozen years of intensive cultivation had not led to a breakthrough in his cultivation, the benefits he obtained from his efforts were impressive.


Borrowing the strength of his predecessors, Yang Kai now had his own Martial Truth. This Martial Truth was born from the distilled essence of the Great Demon God and Flowing Time Great Emperor’s lifetime of cultivation, making it profound and unparalleled. Even a Demon Race Half-Saint could not hope to disperse this Martial Truth, so how could this Stone Demon Half-Saint recover from his wounds?


“I told you I would sacrifice you to my spear. I’m a man who always means what he says!” When the last word left Yang Kai’s mouth, he lunged forward. With a flick of his spear, he stabbed at the Stone Demon’s chest.


No matter how many Demon Hearts this Stone Demon had tempered, there would definitely be one in his chest; therefore, Yang Kai aimed for that one first.


At the same time that Yang Kai lunged forward, Mo Xiao Qi harnessed the power of the Heavenly Illusion Butterfly. The Stone Demon’s expression froze slightly amidst the flickering lights and it was clear that his consciousness was being disturbed. However, it only lasted for a moment before he broke free of the illusions. While the power of the Heavenly Illusion Butterfly was great, the gap between Mo Xiao Qi and the Half-Saint’s cultivation was simply too large, so the effect that it could produce was extremely limited.


Nevertheless, that one moment was enough. Lin Yun’er came falling out of the sky. Nobody knew when she made her move, but she had grasped the timing just right. The Half-Saint was caught off guard when she fell straight down headfirst and grabbed him by the shoulders with her two small hands.


Even though her body looked small and delicate, it felt heavier than a mountain at this moment. When she grabbed his shoulders with both hands, the Stone Demon’s body slumped slightly, his knees bent, and he nearly fell to the ground from the impact. The ground where he stood erupted with a muffled explosion as it cracked open.


It was at that moment Yang Kai arrived with his spear, a frozen expression on his face.


The Stone Demon wanted to avoid the attack, but how could he avoid it in time? There was a sharp stabbing sound as the spear pierced through his chest as Yang Kai’s Demon Qi surged and he shouted, “Die!”




The Stone Demon Half-Saint staggered back as a terrifying wave of Demon Qi erupted from his body. Lin Yun’er let out a scream of surprise and was sent flying into the air. Fortunately, a green vine shot out suddenly and wrapped around her to bring her back. Lan Xun had taken action just in time.


Lin Yun’er simply nodded in acknowledgement as there was no need to say thanks. Over the past few days, the three young women had been fighting together in various deadly situations and had long since forged a special friendship among themselves.


When they looked back up, they saw a gaping hole appearing in the Stone Demon Half-Saint’s chest. They could see through his body from the front to the back as his organs squirmed within the bloody cavity.


How could any ordinary person survive such a severe injury? However, as long as the Demon Heart remained, the Demon Race would not die. This Stone Demon Half-Saint clearly had more than one Demon Heart, but be that as it may, he currently did not have the majesty of a Half-Saint. For the first time, an expression of fear surfaced on his angular face that looked like it was carved out of stone. He was staring at Yang Kai as though he had seen a ghost while involuntarily backing away from him.


When Yang Kai turned his cold gaze in the Stone Demon’s direction, the Stone Demon turned around and fled to the rear.


It was one thing if Yang Kai only wielded the combat prowess that he was currently showing. The Stone Demon might still stand a fighting chance if that were the case. Even if he suffered terrible losses as a result, Yang Kai would not fare any better either. It was just that the strange power surrounding his wounds terrified him greatly. He had no way of removing or suppressing that power. Death seemed like the only ending left for him once he was touched by that power.


That strange power completely shattered his confidence to battle Yang Kai. He had only taken a few steps in his attempt to flee when a large Dragon came swooping down on him from the front. It opened its mouth wide and bit down on him.


He had seen this scene many times before, so he knew that it was not a Dragon in front of him, it was simply an effect from Yang Kai’s attack which affected his mind and to experience these illusions.


[Yang Kai is proficient in the Dao of Space. Can I really manage to escape from…] Before he could finish his thought, he felt a buzzing sound in his head. It felt like he was being hit by a large sledgehammer. After that, his thoughts sank into the abyss as his surroundings went dark…


“He… really killed him.” Lan Xun’s small mouth fell open slightly. Her beautiful eyes were gleaming with a strange light as she stared blankly at Yang Kai, who had stabbed the Stone Demon through the head with the spear he was holding in one hand. The glory of that moment was simply awe-inspiring.


“We won! We won!” Lin Yun’er jumped up and down, cheering ecstatically. She, Lan Xun, and Mo Xiao Qi had been battling the Stone Demon Half-Saint for quite some time now and they had barely survived countless dangerous situations during that time. In the end, they had relied on the power of various exotic treasures to hold back the Half-Saint. In contrast, Yang Kai swiftly ended this Half-Saint with his spear after no more than a stick of incense worth of time after he appeared.


Lin Yun’er did not think much about the difference in strength between herself and Yang Kai, she was only focused on the fact that everybody had killed the Half-Saint together, so she was absolutely elated by the win.


The Stone Demon Half-Saint had been stabbed in the head, so even if he had other Demon Hearts in his body, it would take some time before he could move again. Hence, Yang Kai naturally took advantage of this opportunity to kill him for good. He stabbed the Stone Demon a few more times with the Azure Dragon Spear, causing half of the Stone Demon’s body to explode into dust. There was no way the Stone Demon could survive now. He was as dead as dead could be.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling amazed after experiencing the growth in his strength. If he had this strength back at the Flowing Time Temple, the battle with Wind Lord would not have been so arduous. With the help of the Azure Dragon Spear and the Martial Truth that formed from his enlightenment, he could clearly sense that the current version of himself stood a fighting chance against Half-Saints and Pseudo-Great Emperors. It was no longer like before where he had to consider his escape options above all else whenever he randomly encountered a Half-Saint or a Pseudo-Great Emperor.


The noise on the battlefield seemed to fall silent at that moment. The battle at Star Soul Palace had lasted for several days, but it was the first time a Master in the Half-Saint Realm had fallen! It was a chaotic mess inside Star Soul Palace, but the sudden disappearance of a Half-Saint’s aura was still perceived by many people. Besides, the anomaly that occurred when Yang Kai fell out of the sky previously had already drawn a lot of attention. Many of the Masters among the Human Race and the Demon Race were still keeping note of this area even while battling the enemies in front of them.




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  1. Nice. But this is starting to drag. Not complaining, though. Been reading the Manhua. Over a thousand chapters to catch up with and I’ve just covered about half

  2. “he could clearly sense that the current version of himself stood a fighting chance against Half-Saints and Pseudo-Great Emperors.”

    What type of stupid shit is this? He’s been fighting pseudoGE’s since second order emperor. He killed one on his own in the demon realm and ever since then that’s all he’s been fighting. Over half a century and they’re trying to make it seem like maybe he can finally fight one now? The writer scared to advance him?? Df

    1. The one in the demon realm was weakened after fighting against Bright Moon as well as relying on charm techniques/soul attacks (which Yang Kai is immune to because of Yu Ru Meng). The other Pseudo GE he fought alone against was Wind Lord, who had to block the attack of a great emperor before that.
      Now he was able to beat one without using his Dragon transformation or Time seal or the bell

        1. That said, while the succubus was basically an injured toothless disposable bimbo, the Wind Lord was supposedly a fully restored high end half-Saint/PGE with a GE grade artifact.
          YK went balls to the wall in that fight and ended up half a fart away from dying.
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