Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3736, You’re Already Dead


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Needless to say, the scene where Yang Kai had murdered the Stone Demon was witnessed by many people. The morale among the Human Race was boosted in an instant while the faces of many Demon Race Masters turned ashen. The role a Half-Saint played on a battlefield, even one with tens of millions of soldiers fighting, was extremely terrifying; therefore, the loss of one such Half-Saint was very likely to change the entire course of the battlefield.


Most of the Half-Saints were cursing the Stone Demon in their hearts for being useless. How could he die just like that at Yang Kai’s hands? How did he even manage to cultivate this far?


Having said that, if one were to disregard the advantage of numbers, it was undeniable that the overall strength of the Pseudo-Great Emperors in the Star Boundary was slightly stronger than that of the Demon Realm’s Half-Saints. This difference stemmed from the Myriad Demon Pills that were unique to the Demon Race. 


The Demon Race Half-Saints had the habit of consuming Myriad Demon Pills when cultivating while on the other hand, the Pseudo-Great Emperors in the Star Boundary did not have such a unique resource. They could not rely on the help of auxiliary supplements, so they could only increase their own strength one step at a time. It was only natural that their foundations and the mastery of their strength was superior to Half-Saints.


The expressions of all three Demon Saints, who were standing in mid-air, were very cold and stern. Even Huo Bo, who usually had a smiling expression, was frowning at this moment. There was no need to mention Fu Yu and Xue Li. The frequency of the former rubbing her fingers together had increased significantly. On the other hand, the latter was clenching his fists tightly.


If that Stone Demon Half-Saint had died at the hands of a Pseudo-Great Emperor, then there would have been nothing to say. Who could blame him if he died because his strength lost to an equal opponent? But, the one to kill him just had to be Yang Kai. The current situation felt like a slap to the face for the three Demon Saints who had been monitoring the battlefield, especially since the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan were still present.


Compared to the three Demon Saints, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun also looked extremely shocked. They had some understanding of Yang Kai’s ability, but they were certain he had never been this strong before. Did he come across some sort of special opportunity during the three years he spent in the Demon Realm? How else could he show such a great increase in strength?


What bothered the two Dragon Clan Elders the most was the Azure Dragon Spear. They had been attracted by the Dragon Aura when Yang Kai first appeared, and after watching for some time, they became increasingly aware of how extraordinary the Azure Dragon Spear was. Other people might not be able to tell clearly, but how could they fail to notice when they were also a part of the Dragon Clan? The Azure Dragon Spear was actually refined from a Dragon’s remains; moreover, that Dragon was definitely more powerful than the both of them when it was still alive.


Which generation did the remains of that Senior belong to? Furthermore, who refined a weapon like this?


If it were anybody else wielding the Azure Dragon Spear, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun would not have tolerated it. They would not allow the remains of a member of the Dragon Clan to be desecrated even after death; however, there was nothing they could do if Yang Kai was the current owner of this spear. Their hands were tied. Yang Kai had the Golden Divine Dragon Source, a power that even they could only look up to. If Yang Kai could develop his power to the maximum, the likes of a Demon Saint would be nothing to him. It was a pity that he had too little time to grow. The growth of a member of the Dragon Clan required a long, long time after all.


Soon, the two Dragon Clan Elders calmed down and began paying closer attention to the movements of the three Demon Saints. A variable like Yang Kai had suddenly appeared on the battlefield; in addition, he had taken the lead in killing a Demon Race Half-Saint. Who could say when Xue Li and the others might suddenly intervene in the battle? Therefore, they had to be prepared at all times.


Fortunately, Xue Li and the others had their own reservations too. They were unwilling to escalate the war any further. Even though their expressions were unkind and their murderous intent leaked out, they had no plan to get rid of Yang Kai themselves.


“Take care of yourselves!” Yang Kai shouted to Lan Xun and the others on the battlefield before raising his hand. Following that, a shrill neigh rang out as Zhui Feng appeared.


Yang Kai immediately swung himself onto the horse and pointed his spear towards the place where the Demon Race was gathered. Zhui Feng snorted, spraying a breath of hot air. Then, he charged forward with flames erupting from his hooves. A golden beam of light flashed by and nobody could see Yang Kai’s figure, but the Demons collapsed like straw everywhere the golden light passed.


Yang Kai travelled from one Spirit Peak to the next in a matter of breaths, leaving a road of corpses in his wake. By the time Zhui Feng reappeared, the Demons that had been sent flying just now exploded into mist in mid-air, leaving no bones behind.


On the other hand, Li Wu Yi was fighting two Half-Saints by himself on this particular mountain peak. Of these two Half-Saints, one was an elusive Shadow Demon and the other was a Blood Demon. The Blood Demon had transformed into a boundless Blood Sea, which enveloped Li Wu Yi in order to give the Shadow Demon a chance to kill him.


Yang Kai had the power to kill a Half-Saint, so the moment he arrived at this place, the boundless Blood Sea involuntarily formed a gap to let him pass. It might be that the Blood Demon did not want to confront Yang Kai directly, or it could be that he wanted to trap Yang Kai inside the Blood Sea. The second option was the more plausible reason.


Li Wu Yi might be known as the strongest beneath the Great Emperors, but his strength was still lacking in a two-on-one battle. He could protect himself, but it was difficult for him to kill his enemy.


When the two met, Li Wu Yi nodded lightly at Yang Kai, “You’re back.”


“En!” Yang Kai grinned, resting the Azure Dragon Spear on his shoulder as he looked around, “Do you have a plan?”


“We can’t hold on any longer. We have no choice but to retreat to conserve as much strength as possible.” Li Wu Yi sighed.


It wasn’t that the 14 armies of the Star Boundary were no match for the Demon Race. They were both about the same in terms of numbers and strength, so the battle would end with both sides suffering heavy casualties at most. Rather, the issue was that the Demon Land was rapidly encroaching upon Star Soul Palace. Star Soul Palace would be reduced to become part of the Demon Land in just a few more days, and once that happened, the Demon Race army would surely experience a significant increase in strength. In contrast, the Human Race armies would experience a great limitation on their strength. This battle would not end well.


Yang Kai said, “I understand. In that case, it’s better to issue the command early. Where there is life, there is hope.”


“En, lend me a hand!” Li Wu Yi took a step forward. Despite being trapped within the Blood Sea, he had felt the battle between Yang Kai and the Stone Demon Half-Saint just now, so he knew that Yang Kai was no longer the same person from three years ago and there was no need to worry about the latter’s safety.


Yang Kai grinned, “Good!” 


Turning to Zhui Feng, Yang Kai pointed his Azure Dragon Spear and shouted, “Kill!”


Zhui Feng charged into the Blood Sea like a flash of lightning. This time around, the Blood Sea did not open up a path for them. The Blood Demon hiding inside the Blood Sea wished for nothing more than Yang Kai voluntarily walking into the trap, so how could he allow Yang Kai to leave so easily? Entering the Blood Sea was equivalent to walking right into his territory, so Yang Kai’s life was currently in his hands.


Yang Kai whirled round and round like a Dragon inside the Blood Sea, stirring up the Blood Sea to the point where it looked like it was boiling. Even so, he was unable to grasp a trace of the Blood Demon’s true whereabouts. Oftentimes, the Blood Demon would vanish without a trace the moment Yang Kai caught a glance of him. Coldly snorting, Yang Kai lifted the Azure Dragon Spear in one hand before he spread open his free palm and pressed down on the void with a sneer, “Devour it!”


Space Principles fluctuated wildly as a vortex appeared at the spot where his palm struck. Following that, the blood waters involuntarily poured into the vortex and disappeared in large waves.


The expression of the Blood Demon, who was hiding within the Blood Sea, turned cold. The blood waters surrounding Yang Kai became extremely viscous with a flash of his thoughts while at the same time, a giant, ferocious beast suddenly condensed in front of Yang Kai and swooped down to bite him. That wasn’t all however as a peculiar figure also appeared behind him, followed by a glint of cold light stabbing directly at his heart. The Shadow Demon hiding in the Blood Sea had made his move!


Yang Kai felt a chill running up his spine as all the hair on his body stood on end. He could sense the attack of the Shadow Demon, but he ignored it and simply stabbed his spear into the beast in front of him.


Just as the Shadow Demon was about to succeed in his assassination, Li Wu Yi suddenly appeared. His cold eyes stared indifferently at the Shadow Demon who had just revealed himself; then, he raised his palm and struck the Shadow Demon.


The black mist covering the Shadow Demon’s face subconsciously wavered slightly, indicating the emotional fluctuations that he was experiencing inside. If he pressed forward, he would succeed in heavily wounding Yang Kai; however, he would end up in even worse condition.


In the end, his life was more important, so the Shadow Demon Half-Saint pulled back at the last moment to counter Li Wu Yi’s attack. Afterward, his figure quickly dissolved as though he was planning to go back into hiding once again.


“Since you’re already here, why not stay for a while?” Li Wu Yi smiled slightly as Space Principles around him surged violently to shroud the Shadow Demon.


The Shadow Demon’s body that had gradually faded away solidified once more without his consent and the two immediately began exchanging a series of fierce blows.


Simultaneously, Yang Kai stabbed his spear into the giant beast before turning his head and looking to the side, “Found you!”


The Blood Demon had been hiding inside the Blood Sea with his aura completely concealed, so Yang Kai was unable to confirm the opponent’s position so long as they did not make a move. On the contrary, there would be traces that could be used to track the Blood Demon’s whereabouts if he attacked.


With Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, which surpassed that of a Half-Saint’s, it was not difficult for him to lock on to that fleeting aura. Leaping off from where he sat on top of Zhui Feng, Yang Kai stabbed at a certain spot in the Blood Sea. A figure suddenly appeared in the originally empty spot that looked like it was filled with blood waters. It was the Blood Demon who had been hiding in the Blood Sea all along, his scarlet eyes filled with astonishment.


The Blood Demon never imagined that Yang Kai could locate his whereabouts with such a low cultivation. Having learned from the Stone Demon Half-Saint’s mistakes, however, he clearly noticed that the Azure Dragon Spear that Yang Kai wielded was very powerful. How could he easily allow himself to be injured by that weapon? Even though he had not taken a single step, the Blood Demon’s figure still retreated in a strange manner.


Yang Kai grinned widely and shouted, “Extend!”


Before the Blood Demon realised what was going on, the Azure Dragon Spear suddenly grew in length and stabbed towards his chest at a high speed. He was absolutely shocked, but it was too late for him to defend against the attack in his state of unpreparedness. With no other choice, he lifted a hand to summon a hook-like Demon Artifact. Hooking one end with the Demon Artifact, he pulled the spear to one side. Although his response was not bad, he was still scratched by the Azure Dragon Spear and a wound opened up on his arm.


An injury like this was practically negligible under normal circumstances, but Yang Kai grinned wickedly at the Blood Demon and taunted, “You’re already dead.”


The Blood Demon felt uneasy, but could not pinpoint the reason behind that uneasiness. With no other choice, he activated the Demon Artifact in his hands to fight Yang Kai. He refused to be as careless as the Stone Demon. The Stone Demon had placed himself at an immediate disadvantage by having his palm pierced through by Yang Kai’s spear. For that reason, the Blood Demon was defending almost exclusively. It seemed like he was not aiming to achieve a clean victory; rather, he was trying to avoid making mistakes. His behaviour made Yang Kai extremely annoyed.


If somebody clueless of the current situation saw this battle, they would have mistakenly thought that Yang Kai was the Half-Saint while the opponent was a High-Rank Demon King instead. [His cultivation is clearly higher than mine, but he is fighting so cautiously. A person like this is indeed difficult to kill.]


There was a series of clashing sounds, but aside from the initial wound Yang Kai managed to inflict, he failed to cause any further damage to the Blood Demon. With his current strength, he was not inferior to any Half-Saint or Pseudo-Great Emperor, nevertheless, it was still very difficult for him to kill a Half-Saint who was taking a fully defensive stance in battle. It was impossible unless the opponent made a critical mistake.


Just as Yang Kai was debating taking a blow in order to land one on his opponent, the Blood Demon’s expression changed. He pushed Yang Kai back with a vicious attack before looking down at his arm. It was only a glance, but that was enough for the Half-Saint’s expression to change greatly.





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