Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3737, Unsatisfied


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Previously, the Blood Demon Half-Saint had been injured by Yang Kai’s Azure Dragon Spear; however, it had been nothing more than a small scratch. Forget a Half-Saint, it was an insignificant injury even for an ordinary mortal. Hence, the Blood Demon had not paid much attention to this scratch. It wasn’t until after he fought Yang Kai for a while that he realised that something was wrong with the wound.


“It’s too late for you to realise now,” Yang Kai grinned fiercely. Taking advantage of his opponent’s unpreparedness as he thrust at the other party’s chest with his spear.


The Blood Demon was very restless. With the precedent, he did not dare to block the spear directly. Not only did he not dare to block, but his resolve to continue fighting had also weakened. He only wanted to find a place to treat his wound as soon as possible. He had the feeling that if he did not treat his wound, it would become very troublesome later.


For that reason, he shifted his body and spun around, dodging repeatedly when faced with this spear containing the power of a Dragon. The boundless Blood Sea began to swirl in response and converge together quickly. A large part of the Blood Sea disappeared in the blink of an eye, and the Blood Demon escaped along with it.


Yang Kai’s spear stabbed into empty space, and although he was a little annoyed, he was not too disappointed. It was an unexpected joy for him to kill a Half-Saint with the help of Lan Xun and the others just now; how could he hope to kill another one?


On the other hand, the Shadow Demon’s situation became a little awkward the moment the Blood Demon escaped. He had originally concealed himself in the Blood Sea and borrowed its power to cause trouble for Li Wu Yi. Now that the Blood Sea was gone, he immediately fell into a disadvantageous situation in his one-on-one battle.


He saw Yang Kai, who was now unoccupied, rushing towards him out of the corner of his eye, and knew that he would not be able to leave if he did not leave now. The moment that thought crossed his mind, the idea to retreat bloomed in him and all his fighting spirit vanished as a result.


Just as the Shadow Demon was about to follow the Blood Demon’s footsteps and make his escape, Yang Kai soared into the sky to intercept him. The Azure Dragon Spear disappeared in a flash of light as Yang Kai stowed it and began forming hand seals. Then, he struck out his palm in the direction of the Shadow Demon with a stern expression and murmured a chant, “Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream.”


Time seemed to stop flowing; likewise, all thoughts came to a stop at this moment. The entire world receded in all directions like a tidal wave and the only thing left in the eyes of the world was Yang Kai’s palm strike.


If it were Yang Kai from the past, the Time Flies Seal he cast might not have been so powerful, but now he had personally witnessed the majestic appearance of Flowing Time Great Emperor casting this Divine Ability countless times on the ancient battlefield. Although Yang Kai did not dare to say that he had completely comprehended the essence of this Divine Ability, it was still incomparable to what he could execute in the past.


By the time the Shadow Demon returned to his senses, he discovered that his chest had sunken inward. Li Wu Yi was pressing a hand against his chest with an unfeeling expression and the might of the Space Principles was running rampant inside his body. He had failed to notice Li Wu Yi’s attack during that moment of distraction; hence, he looked horrified as he spat out a mouthful of blood.


Yang Kai had already summoned the Azure Dragon Spear once more. A Dragon Roar reverberated across the Heavens as he slashed out with the spear. The Dragon Fang that was the head of the spear penetrated the Shadow Demon’s body and there was a loud noise as it exploded into a cloud of black fog before dissipating into the surroundings.


Li Wu Yi frowned. He lifted a finger and pointed at several spots in his surroundings a few times before a muffled groan came from the void, followed only by complete silence immediately after that. 


Lowering his arm, Li Wu Yi gave a small sigh, “He escaped in the end.”


There were a few wonderful opportunities after he and Yang Kai joined forces; unfortunately, all their efforts ended in vain. It wasn’t because his or Yang Kai’s strength was lacking, it was simply too difficult to kill a person once their cultivation reached the Half-Saint Realm. It was precisely because of this reason that no Half-Saint had died previously even though the Human Race and the Demon Race had been fighting here for several days now. That was also why Yang Kai’s act of killing the Stone Demon Half-Saint just now had caused such a commotion.


The Shadow Demons were naturally talented in escaping and concealing themselves, so it was not surprising that he managed to escape alive during such a critical moment. If it had been a Stone Demon, Strength Demon, Bone Demon, or a Demon from some other Clan lacking in stealth, they might have ended up dying in this place.


Yang Kai nodded, “It’s a pity indeed.” He changed the topic of conversation, “But, that guy is heavily injured. It’s impossible for him to heal unless he recuperates for a year or more.”


Li Wu Yi nodded and looked around him, “Prepare to evacuate.”


“Here, take these. The others might have use for them.” Yang Kai brought out many World Beads and handed them to Li Wu Yi.


Li Wu Yi looked overjoyed at the sight and nodded happily, “You really came back just in time.” 


He had been a little worried at first; after all, 14 armies of the Star Boundary were gathered here. There were simply too many people, so they would surely incur great casualties even though they were withdrawing from battle. Be that as it may, they could keep those losses to the minimum with the help of these World Beads.


The flag of the First Army fluttered as the orders were passed down to the people. The 14 armies of the Star Boundary swiftly retreated in unison and gathered in a mountain valley within Star Soul Palace, and despite their staggering numbers, their movements were orderly.


Upon seeing this, the Demon Race army pursued relentlessly. The confrontation became even more intense among the vanguard compared to the previous days. Without the suppression of the Star Boundary army, the speed of the Demon Land’s expansion seemed to accelerate significantly and the boundaries of Star Soul Palace were rapidly eroded.




Three graceful figures stood on one of the Spirit Peaks in a triangular formation. They were completely surrounded by the Demon Race army and numerous hostile gazes were fixed upon them, a strange light glinting in those eyes from time to time.


After several consecutive days of fighting, these three young women were at their limit. Even though they came from extraordinary backgrounds with strong heritages, they were having a hard time holding on. Their Emperor Qi had been exhausted countless times, and they were completely relying on pills now to replenish their energy.


In order to create an opportunity for their companions to evacuate, these three had been holding back enemies that outnumbered them by more than a hundred times. At this moment, they were alone and helpless, like a tiny reef in the middle of a black tide that stretched out as far as the eye could see.


Green vines burst out of the ground, swaying back and forth like Flood Dragons, slaughtering anyone who carelessly approached. With this threat in place, the surrounding Demons did not dare to act rashly as they were prepared to wait for a Half-Saint to come and deal with the situation.


“Princess, I’m here to help you!” A shout rang out as a man appeared out of nowhere. The longsword in his hand glinted with a cold light, cutting down countless Demons. His originally handsome appearance had been reduced to a mess and he was covered in uncountable wounds, fresh blood blurring his eyes and his body. His complexion was as pale as a sheet and he was relying solely on willpower to remain standing.


One of the three girls in front of him was somebody he had grown up with all his life. He had been determined to marry her, watch over her, take care of her, and protect her from harm ever since he was a child. Unfortunately, this battle had forcefully woken him from his dream. Without him realising, the gap between them had grown so large that when she stood on the battlefield, he was unable to stand beside her at all. Hence, the only thing he could do for her was to do his best to slaughter the Demons around her. Now that he finally had the chance to shine, he naturally spared no effort to rush over.


“Don’t come over, Xiao Chen!” Lan Xun shouted sharply when she turned around and saw Xiao Chen’s figure stumbling toward her.


A smile appeared on Xiao Chen’s pale face, [Look at her anxious expression. It turns out she still cares for me.]


In his distraction, his already precarious situation became more and more critical. He saw a fire-breathing skeleton trying to bite him, but he didn’t even have the strength to dodge anymore. His expression changed drastically as he realized, [My destined end has come…]


“Hah!” Lan Xun shouted and pointed her hand in Xiao Chen’s direction. The ground churned like there was an Earth Dragon tumbling about and a green vine shot straight up from under his feet. The moment the green vine broke through the ground, it wrapped around the skeleton and shattered its bones.


However, this momentary delay made the three young women’s situation become more dangerous. Without the protection of the World Pagoda, the defence line they had barely been maintaining collapsed. More than a dozen Demon Kings in their surroundings led hundreds of other Demons towards them with savage grins.


“Xiao Qi! Yun’er!” Lan Xun turned around and glanced at her companions beside her, a trace of guilt in her eyes, [It’s my fault…]


Mo Xiao Qi smiled and shook her head, “Don’t mind it. We just need to kill our way out, right?”


Lin Yun’er piped up naïvely, “En, Uncle Yang will come and save us.”


As soon as the words left her mouth, everything in their surroundings seemed to become still as the Demons charging at them stopped in mid-air. Lan Xun and the others stared in astonishment before a cold light flashed before them and a tall figure appeared.


There was a series of swooshing sounds, following which the frozen world resumed moving again. More than a dozen Demon Kings and hundreds of other Demons exploded all of a sudden. Hundreds of bloody flowers bloomed in the sky in front of them. It was a poignant and beautiful sight.


“Look! I told you Uncle Yang would come!” Lin Yun’er excitedly glanced at Yang Kai, who had appeared out of nowhere, with a look that seemed to say she had expected this.


Meanwhile, Lan Xun and Mo Xiao Qi were slightly in shock.


Yang Kai held the Azure Dragon Spear in one hand and carried Xiao Chen by the collar in the other. Glancing at the three young women, he nodded gently and called out, “It’s time to go.”


Afterwards, Yang Kai turned to the side and gave a whistle. With a flash of golden light, Zhui Feng immediately galloped in this direction from a distance and appeared before Yang Kai almost instantly. Raising his front hooves, he gave a loud whinny.


“Get on!” Yang Kai called out.


Lan Xun and Mo Xiao Qi were still in a daze, but Lin Yun’er had already swung herself up on Zhui Feng’s back. Then, she bent down and pulled her companions up. Although there were three of them, Zhui Feng was an ancient beast with a tall stature, so it was not crowded riding him.


“Brother Xiao, do you still have the strength to move?” Yang Kai asked as he placed Xiao Chen down.


Xiao Chen stared at Yang Kai blankly before nodding in response.


“Good, then rendezvous with everyone else.” Yang Kai stretched out a hand and pointed them in a certain direction.


“What about you, Senior Brother?” Lan Xun lowered her head and asked from where she sat on Zhui Feng’s back.


“I haven’t had enough yet. I’m going to let loose for a bit,” Yang Kai grinned at her before slapping Zhui Feng’s bottom, sending him immediately into a gallop as swift as lightning.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai looked at Xiao Chen, who was still standing still without moving, and gave a small sigh. He could tell that Xiao Chen was completely exhausted and was just about to place him into the Small Sealed World for safe keeping when he saw Zhui Feng turning back. Zhui Feng snorted at Xiao Chen in dissatisfaction as if scolding the latter for not keeping up. He subsequently opened his mouth, gripped Xiao Chen’s collar with his teeth, and hoisted him up before galloping back towards the gathering point again.


The surrounding scenery passed by in a flash, and the sound of killing faded into the distance. Xiao Chen was indifferent despite being held in Zhui Feng’s mouth. His eyes seemed a little dull and his hands were spread out before him as he stared forward blankly.


He had always thought of himself as the favoured son of the Heavens, and in fact, he wasn’t wrong. He was born into a hegemon Sect like Star Soul Palace and his father, Xiao Yu Yang, was a powerful and respected Elder. He had cultivated in an extremely conducive environment with nearly unlimited resources since childhood; allowing him to become one of the representatives of the Southern Territory’s younger generation.




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