Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3739, Easier to Dodge A Spear In The Light


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These were all men of action, so it was only natural that they did not procrastinate once they made their decision. With Wen Zi Shan in the lead, the Emperor Realm Masters of the Star Boundary’s 14 armies swiftly withdrew towards the mountain valley in quick succession. When they walked past Yang Kai, their murmurs of ‘Be careful’ and ‘Take care’ that entered his ears indicated their respect for him.


In just a short while, all the people that had been standing in front of the mountain valley were gone. Only Yang Kai was left standing there alone. Even so, there was a huge grin on his face. He held his spear by his side, facing millions of Demons alone without the slightest change in his expression.


There was a commotion in the front lines of the Demon Race army. Countless Demon Race members glared at him furiously. The Human in front of them had certainly shown extraordinary strength, even managing to kill a Half-Saint on the spot previously; even so, his arrogant behaviour at this moment was excessive. He was completely looking down on them.


More than 10 High-Rank Demon Kings stood in front of the Demon Race army with gloomy expressions. Their Divine Sense was surging between them as they exchanged a brief discussion among themselves.


Then, they suddenly attacked in unison. Their Demon Qi soared and the power of their Demon Artifacts burst forth. Before the Demon King in the lead could even approach Yang Kai, the overwhelming brilliance of the Demon Artifact behind him shrouded Yang Kai entirely.


No matter how strong Yang Kai was, he was only one person. So what if he could rival a Half-Saint in strength? Even a Half-Saint would be forced to back down when confronted by an army that numbered in the millions.


A series of explosions rang out as countless attacks rained down on Yang Kai, practically burying him in an instant. In front of everybody’s eyes, however, he neither dodged nor evaded those attacks. Instead, he allowed the power of the Demon Artifacts to land on him directly.


Most of the Demons were overjoyed by the sight. Similarly, the Demon Kings charging at him were also delighted. Even though he was acting extremely arrogant and looking down on all of them, it was still something to be celebrated in this situation; after all, he would surely be severely wounded after getting hit by so many attacks. Of course, that was if he was lucky enough to survive the barrage of attacks in the first place.


Those thoughts had barely finished forming in their heads when they saw Yang Kai’s figure fading slightly, making him seem like he was both real and illusionary. At the same time, the numerous attacks went straight through his body and exploded behind him. None of the attacks caused him any damage at all; thus, the Demon Kings couldn’t help but widen their eyes in shock.


At the same time, Yang Kai’s figure solidified again. He reached out, grabbed the Azure Dragon Spear, and thrust it forward without any hesitation. His attack was nothing special, and the speed wasn’t even that fast. Everybody could see the attack clearly; however, the High-Rank Demon Kings looked extremely horrified when the spear came at them. An illusion that the spear was stabbing into them had bloomed in their minds.


The power of the spear seemed to ignore the barriers of time and space, and a moment later, a blood-curdling scream rang out.


By the time the Demon Kings came back to their senses, they immediately noticed that one of them had been impaled on the spear. That person had been pierced through and the tip of the spear was protruding out of his back. His entire being was hanging from the spear as he struggled furiously. But, how could he break free?


A sense of fear crept over the Demon Race army. The person hanging from the spear was one of their companions after all. More importantly, more than 10 Demon Kings were present, but none of them had seen how the attack had been carried out.


In any case, there was no time for them to ponder over the question. The many Demon Kings lunging at Yang Kai had arrived in front of him, completely surrounding him in an instant. All the Demon Kings also pushed their Demon Qi in unison. The Sand Demon escaped into the ground; the Shadow Demon concealed his presence; the Stone Demon and the Strength Demon attacked with their fists or summoned Demon Artifacts; the Bone Demon raised his hand so that his fingers flew out and transformed them into 5 ghastly skulls; the Corpse Demon opened his mouth and spewed out a strong Corpse Poison; and the Flame Demon controlled the flames that could burn down the Heavens to pelt down attacks on him.


Sounds of metal clashing rang out, but aside from the Demons who were besieging Yang Kai, nobody could get a clear glimpse of the situation. All the others could see were figures being thrown all over the place and sparks flying everywhere.


Occasionally, a Demon King would scream after being sent flying backwards with a large hole somewhere on their body. The chaotic melee lasted no more than ten breaths before a spear shadow swept out in a wide circle, forcing all the Demon Kings to quickly retreat or be sent flying backwards.


For a moment, the world became silent.


Yang Kai was covered in blood as he stood in front of the mountain valley. His ragged clothes were even more tattered than before and his hair was further dishevelled. He was kneeling with one knee as his spear was thrust into the ground before him.




Blood emerged from the ground as though there was a pool of it deep underground.


Yang Kai lifted his spear and the Sand Demon hiding underground was dragged out. The spear had stabbed right through him and pain coloured his expression as he was being yanked out. Yang Kai gave a flick of the spear and the Sand Demon exploded into pieces. The remains of the corpse scattered across the ground and turned into dust.


The spectating Demons felt a chill running down their backs at the sight. Everything they had just witnessed left them silent in shock. Meanwhile, the High-Rank Demon Kings watching the scene had deep and profound expressions on their faces.


A dozen or so High-Rank Demon Kings had attacked all at once, so how were they unable to kill Yang Kai on the spot with such a powerful line-up? What did it matter if he was slightly injured during the confrontation? In that short ten-breath confrontation just now, he slaughtered at least 3 High-Rank Demon Kings and wounded 7 more of them!


This person in front of them actually managed to block the onslaught of at least a dozen High-Rank Demon Kings all by himself. It would not have been surprising for a Half-Saint to do so, but Yang Kai was nothing more than a High-Rank Demon King! Something like this was simply ridiculous!


They had not noticed anything before their confrontation with him; however, once they started battling Yang Kai in earnest, they discovered the horrors of the spear he wielded. Not only was the spear unimaginably sharp, but it also radiated with great majesty when wielded as a weapon. It affected their minds and made it impossible for them to exert their full strength.



A soft sound suddenly rang out and all the Demons felt their hearts clench up. A flowing stream of light shot straight towards Yang Kai’s heart at the speed of light. The initial soft sound seemed to be a signal and immediately following that, a series of swishing sounds rang out incessantly. Cold lights flashed, one after the other, as arrows wrapped in the aura of death shot towards him from all directions.


The Feather Demon Clan was proficient in archery while somewhat lacking in close combat. That was why there was no sign of a Feather Demon during the attack just now. A person’s vigilance was sure to relax after surviving a large battle, so it was the best time to launch a sneak attack.


Yang Kai had just turned the Sand Demon impaled upon his spear to mist when the first arrow came at him. The speed of the arrow was so fast that he couldn’t dodge it in time and a chill enveloped his body. At that moment, he pushed his Demon Qi and the flesh on his chest tightened rapidly.


There was a muffled thud as a metre-long feather arrow pierced a palm’s length into Yang Kai flesh. An overpowering force pushed him back, causing him to stagger several steps before he could stabilise himself again. Afterwards, his spear began dancing. All the remaining arrows raining down on him were sent flying.


The Demon Kings were shocked. Staring blankly at Yang Kai, they exclaimed in their hearts, [How is he not dead!?]


The feather arrow sticking out of his chest looked just like a normal arrow, but the red water caltrop hanging from the end of the arrow indicated the identity of its Master. The one who shot this arrow was the strongest among the Feather Demons, excluding the Demon Saints and Half-Saints. Even a Stone Demon, who had inherently powerful defensive abilities, would be pierced through by this arrow.


[Just how tough is this Human’s body!?]


Meanwhile, Yang Kai’s expression was gloomy. Reaching out a hand, he clutched at the arrow sticking out of his chest that was still vibrating slightly and forcefully pulled it out. He looked down at his chest while thinking to himself, [It truly is as the saying goes, ‘It is easy to dodge a spear in the light but difficult to guard against an arrow in the dark. If it had been me from before, I might not have been able to block this arrow even in my Half-Dragon Form.]


Several dozen years had passed in the ancient battlefield, as though it was only a day. After being tempered by the two forces on the ancient battlefield, Yang Kai’s physical body had become incomparable to how it used to be. Not to mention, his Half-Dragon Form had grown from 300 metres to 1,000 metres long during that period. The increase in the size of his Half-Dragon Form was also indicative of his Dragon Source’s development, so it was only natural that his physical body had gotten tougher as a result.


Even so, this feathered arrow had broken through his defences and penetrated his chest. He would have been in danger if it had pierced another palm’s length. [If a Feather Demon in the High-Rank Demon King Realm can do this much, then what about a Half-Saint? What about Fu Yu?]


Yang Kai’s fists clenched tightly and the feather arrow that was comparable to a Demon Artifact snapped into two. He then lifted his head abruptly. The look in his scarlet eyes was similar to that of a violent beast’s as his gaze passed through the barriers of space and landed on a figure located more than a dozen kilometres away. Then, Yang Kai smiled wolfishly.


The Feather Demon who launched the sneak attack from the shadows turned ashen-faced when she met the gaze of this horrifying man. Without any hesitation, she shifted her body and landed among the Demon Race army in hopes of blending into the crowd and erasing her presence.


A gust of wind came blowing from behind, inciting a wave of pain as the wind sliced her back. It felt like she had lost a layer of flesh, and when she turned back to look, she saw that Yang Kai, who had originally been more than a dozen kilometres away, had appeared without anybody noticing and was sweeping his spear around at the spot she was standing just now.


She had long known that a distance of a dozen kilometres was no different from standing face to face when it came to enemies proficient in the Dao of Space, which was why she fled the moment she noticed danger. From the situation right now, she was right to have reacted so quickly; otherwise, she would have faced a disastrous ending by now.


“Oh?” Seeing that the Feather Demon was smart enough to avoid him in advance, Yang Kai couldn’t help revealing an amused smile. His feet didn’t move but his body swayed as he chased after the Feather Demon who had slipped into the ranks of the Demon Race army. 


For a moment, it was as though somebody had thrown a fistful of salt into a pot of boiling oil. There was chaos among the millions of the Demons as many of them were thrown into the sky, their bodies all exploding into blood mist one after the other.


The Feather Demon could sense a murderous intent locked onto her from behind, so how could she dare to look back? All she knew was that she could not stop moving, or the only ending waiting for her was death. She couldn’t care less about the deaths of those ordinary Demon Race members as she weaved her way to where the crowd was the densest in hopes of throwing Yang Kai off her tail.




A High-Rank Demon King, who had been wounded by Yang Kai in front of the mountain valley, flew into a rage. He was not mad at the Feather Demon. The other party was only a High-Rank Demon King after all. Instead, he was furious that Yang Kai was completely looking down on the Demon Race. How dare he charge right into their ranks!?


While cursing furiously, the Demon King turned back to challenge Yang Kai again; however, he was held back by a Strength Demon. The Strength Demon slowly shook his head and said, “That person is proficient in Space Principles. You saw his prowess for yourself. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do against him unless a Half-Saint makes a move!”


Of course, there was a sentence in his heart that he had not said out loud. [Even if a Half-Saint makes a move, it might not make a difference either.]


“Compared to wasting our energy on him, we should chase after the remnants of our enemies instead!”


When the rest of the Demon Kings heard those words, they fervently nodded in agreement. The first reason was that this Strength Demon’s words made sense. Yang Kai was a man who had successfully escaped from the Demon Saints. Although the Demon Race army had great numbers, none of them could do anything to stop him if he was determined to escape. The second reason was that they had grown fearful of Yang Kai during their brief confrontation just now. They would rather face Wen Zi Shan and the others from the 14 Star Boundary armies than to exchange blows with Yang Kai again.




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  1. 1. How is he still struggling with High-rank demon kings?
    2. What did he mean by not being able to block the arrow before even in his dragon form whwn he previously survived being stabbed by a demon saint?
    3. How did the feather demon escape him the first time when his divine sense is stronger than all half-saints/pseudo GE?
    4. So he can dodge the attacks of a dozen High-rank demon kings using nihility, but now a single arrow?

    1. 1. He’s playing with his food
      2. He’s been playing with his food and the sniper exploited his lapse in attention and judgement as snipers are want to. “Surviving” in a bunker with your last hit point the aftermath of a nuclear strike is not the same as shrugging off a sneak attack of someone you are ignoring.
      3. Experience and intelligence. She treated him as a melee opponent as soon as she realized she’s been made, and it gave her enough of a margin to not get skewered instantly where she stood
      4. That’s literally in the chapter title: “It’s easier to dodge a spear in the light than arrow in the dark” – a Chinese proverb.

  2. He survived the Demon Saint stab because of three preceding layers of defence. Two Demon Saints reduced the force and he performed his nihility technique

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