Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3740, One Man Acts As A Mountain


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Fighting that Human would most likely lead to their deaths! The fear in their hearts combined with a justified reason gave the High-Rank Demon Kings in front of the mountain valley no reason to hesitate. Even though they knew that the Demon Saints were secretly watching them from the shadows, they immediately issued the command to the troops. The Demon Race army that had stopped in their tracks finally pressed forward in the direction of the mountain valley again.


Just then, a fearsome Dragon Roar reverberated across the sky. It was accompanied by a horrifying pressure that descended from above as though a huge mountain was pressing down on them. The Demon Race army rushing towards the mouth of the mountain valley felt their bodies sinking from the weight, making it very difficult for them to even lift their feet to step forward.


“This is…” Zhu Yan, who had been watching Yang Kai’s movements from the sky, suddenly widened his eyes in surprise. His eyes shone with a shocking light as he excitedly looked up at the figure falling from the sky and descending upon the mouth of the mountain valley.


Similarly, Fu Zhun’s beautiful eyes were gleaming with a strange light. She felt the Dragon Source in her body resonating with the Dragon Roar, giving her the strongest impulse to rush forward without regard for everything else to fight side by side with that person.


Under the gaze of the two Dragon Clan Great Elders, the figure falling from the sky began to swell rapidly all of a sudden. 100 metres… 300 metres… 500 metres… 700 metres… It continued expanding until it finally reached more than 1,000 metres!


Amidst the crackling sounds, the figure was completely covered in golden Dragon Scales. He had Dragon Horns protruding sharply from his forehead; his hands had transformed into sharp Dragon Claws, and a Dragon Tail swept out in all directions behind him.


“Who allowed…”


It really felt as though a small mountain had come crashing down. When the more than 1,000-metre-long Dragon Body came falling out of the sky, its enormous shadow obscured the sight of all the Demons, causing their vision to darken to the point where they could not see the slightest speck of light.




There was a loud explosion when his feet touched the ground. The Earth trembled and loose rock came falling down from the mountain peaks on both sides. Numerous cracks split open the solid ground with the point where he landed as the source, countless Demons fell into those deep cracks.




A 1,000-metre-long spear swept out and it didn’t matter whether they were common Demon soldiers or powerful Demon Kings, anyone who was touched by the spear was either killed on the spot or heavily injured. It only took an instant for the entire Demon Race army swarming towards the mountain valley to be wiped out completely.


The Demons were so shocked that they paled in fright. Those who had rushed to the front were dead, and only a few quick-witted Demon Kings were lucky enough to escape alive. At this moment, those Demon Kings were fleeing in all directions, and when they looked up at the behemoth blocking their way, a sense of helplessness grew in their hearts. If the Demon Kings were already in this state, then it was even worse for the weaker Demon Race members, their whole bodies trembling, completely bewildered with terror.


Yang Kai was standing alone in front of the mountain valley, but was comparable to a mighty army of a million! He was so terrifying that the Demon Race army did not dare to take another step forward!


Moreover, he was holding a tiny body in one of his giant claws. That figure was struggling desperately to break free of his iron grip. Judging by her appearance and her unique characteristics, it was the Feather Demon Demon King who had launched the initial sneak attack on him previously. He had actually managed to capture her from amongst millions of enemy troops in a matter of breaths.


The Feather Demon turned around with a pleading and begging expression on her face, but contrary to her hopes, Yang Kai suddenly exerted more strength into his grip.




Like the sound of a nut being cracked open, various popping noises came from all over her body. Just listening to those sounds sent a chill up one’s spine. Fresh blood subsequently poured out from between the gaps of Yang Kai’s Dragon Claw, and when he spread his hand open again, what was once a Feather Demon no longer held a humanoid shape. She had been turned into a bloody pulp and the light in her eyes quickly vanished as her vitality disappeared while her remains slid from the palm of his hand and fell to the ground.




Yang Kai exhaled hot steam from his nostrils as he grinned at the many Demons before him, gripped the shaft of the now giant Azure Dragon Spear, and swung it up high.


All the Demons felt their hearts clenching tight at this sight and the expressions of the Demon Kings also changed drastically as they shouted desperately, “Retreat!”


As soon as those words rang out, the Demon Kings desperately tried to withdraw from the battlefield. They might be able to escape, but how could the swarming Demon Race army manage? They were practically falling over each other in their haste to charge forward previously, but they found themselves facing countless obstacles in their way now that they wanted to retreat. The path behind them was packed with their own people; thus, chaos broke out among the army and they descended into chaos.


The Azure Dragon Spear arced through the air with a straight, cold light and slammed heavily towards the ground.




When the spear landed, the ground below collapsed. Countless Demons were smashed to bits by the spear, leaving nothing behind. In addition, the violent shockwave swept out in all directions and caused the Demons in a long path to be cut down like wheat in a field. It was followed by a terrifying force of vibration that spread out, sending many fallen Demons into the sky where they exploded into blood mist.


The power of the spear literally created a death zone of more than a dozen kilometres in length and a few kilometres wide with a single smash, right in the middle of the Demon Race army. Any Demons standing within that range died; there were no survivors.


It was not over though. Instead of lifting his spear up again, Yang Kai instead gripped its tail tightly and swept it along the ground…


After a back-and-forth sweep with himself as the centre, the fan-shaped area in front of him fell into a dead silence.



There were endless gulping sounds as many Demons swallowed nervously. [Who can fight against such a terrifying existence if the Half-Saints refuse to move? We might have an army of millions, but can we really stop the slaughter of such a monster?]


Before Yang Kai could admire his handiwork in satisfaction though, Zhu Yan’s warning rang out in his ears, “Yang Kai, watch out!”


At the same time, a chill spread all over his body. Yang Kai could even sense the aura of death wash over him at that moment. At the critical juncture of life or death, he felt neither sorrow nor joy; rather, his mind mysteriously entered a state of perfect calm.


He straightened and stood upright, retracted the spear, and slashed out with all his might. He was aiming at a certain place in the sky, completely driven by instinct. He was in a state where he was neither thinking nor feeling; even so, he felt a sense of immense exhilaration when he performed that sweep. It felt as though all the power in his body flowed out along with the attack. He could tell that this was the strongest attack he had ever unleashed in his entire life and it felt as though it resonated with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. Even if a Half-Saint stood before him, this attack would claim that Half-Saint’s life!


A small black light suddenly appeared at the tip of the Azure Dragon Spear and the power of the Space Principles surged within it. When it first appeared, it was only the size of a bean. Be that as it may, it rapidly expanded as his spear slashed out and transformed into a black mass with a radius of several tens of metres.


“Huh?” A surprised cry came from the front, and immediately after that, a fist appeared out of thin air and smashed at the Azure Dragon Spear.


Compared to the black mass with a radius of several dozen metres, this fist was so small that it was minuscule. Nevertheless, this was a fist belonging to a Demon Saint, so nobody in the world would dare to underestimate its power.


When this fist collided with the black mass, it strangely did not make any sound. The black mass suddenly shrank in on itself and became a black spot before disappearing with a flash. On the other hand, the fist shuddered from the impact to reveal a brave and heroic figure.




Only then did a dull but thunderous noise resound from the bottom of everybody’s hearts. It was so deafening that it made one’s vitality churn.


Yang Kai’s Dragon Body fell backwards, crashing into the ground with a loud explosion. He practically filled the entire mouth of the mountain valley, and after crashing into the ground, his Dragon Body shrank rapidly and turned back into his Human form again. His complexion was pale as Golden Blood spewed out of his mouth and nose like flowing water. His aura was so weak that it was practically non-existent.


After being shaken by Yang Kai’s spear, Xue Li appeared and flashed to Yang Kai’s side in the blink of an eye. He subsequently struck out at Yang Kai with his palm without any hesitation whatsoever. As a Demon Saint, he felt genuine contempt for attacking a High-Rank Demon King, let alone performing a sneak attack on one.


However, he had noticed the horror of Yang Kai’s potential during the battle just now. Yang Kai was already so powerful even though he was only a High-Rank Demon King. It would be very bad if he was allowed to continue growing stronger. For that reason, Xue Li blatantly decided to take action without regard for his status. What he could never have expected was that Yang Kai actually survived a punch from him. Despite thinking to himself that Yang Kai was extremely blessed by fate, he did not hesitate to kill the opponent.


Two Dragon Roars sounded at that moment and two murderous intents locked onto Xue Li. A powerful gust of wind came from behind just as he was about to strike Yang Kai with his palm, causing him to furrow his brow so slightly that it was almost imperceptible.


If his attack landed, Yang Kai would suffer a disastrous end. Unfortunately, he would fare no better; the strength of the two Dragon Clan Elders was nothing short of extraordinary after all.


How could Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun continue standing on the sidelines after seeing Xue Li make the first move? The two Great Elders had pushed their Dragon Sources the moment the Demon Saint made his move, transformed into their true bodies, and charged fiercely at Yang Kai.


Likewise, Huo Bo and Fu Yu were not slow to react either. The former radiated a dangerous aura from his body as he rushed towards the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan. On the other hand, the latter pulled out an arrow, aimed at Zhu Yan’s Dragon Body, and shot without delay.


Zhu Yan seemed oblivious to that attack as he continued to slash at Xue Li with his Dragon Claws.


In the end, that palm strike did not land on its intended target. In the Demon Saints’ opinion, Yang Kai indeed had terrifying potential; however, it would still take a very long time for him to grow until he could stand on the same footing as them. Therefore, putting himself in danger just to kill a possible future threat was simply not worthwhile.


Xue Li shifted his body and vanished from the spot, transforming into a bloody ray as he escaped to the side. Zhu Yan’s Dragon Claws ended up grabbing at empty space, causing five deep gashes to appear in the air as a result. Meanwhile, Fu Zhun took the opportunity to open her Dragon Mouth and swallowed Yang Kai whole.


At the same time, Fu Yu’s arrow struck! Zhu Yan had no way to avoid the blow. He had only wanted to rescue Yang Kai before, so he ignored the attacks coming from behind him. Now that Yang Kai was saved, it was too late for him to defend himself. In his desperation, he flicked his Dragon Tail to slap the feather arrow that was aiming at him away.


The force caused the feather arrow to change its direction slightly, brushing past Zhu Yan’s chest and taking out a large piece of his flesh with it. A large amount of emerald green blood splattered in all directions as even the Dragon Clan’s defences could not stop the sharp edge of this arrow!


On another hand, Huo Bo rushed over with a wicked grin. His originally round body swelled like he was inflated with air. Despite his bloated body, his figure was indescribably agile and he headed directly to the place where Zhu Yan was injured.


*Hong…* Huo Bo exploded and Zhu Yan was struck by the impact and sent flying as a result, drawing a roar of pain from his mouth.


In the meantime, Huo Bo’s figure began reforming at the site of the explosion. He was born in the Red Demon Clan and his ability to self-destruct was innate. Unlike ordinary Red Demons, however, this ability of his was not suicidal since he could be reborn from the ashes. It was precisely because of his Innate Divine Ability that he was able to survive exploding again and again, which was also how he eventually cultivated until he became a Demon Saint.


For countless years, the Red Demon Clan had been the lowest Clan in the entire Demon Realm. Huo Bo was the only outlier.


A gigantic Dragon Claw came slapping down on Huo Bo’s head at that moment. His figure had only just reformed though, so how could he dodge in time? Huo Bo turned back just in time to see Fu Zhun, who had transformed into an Ice Dragon, her Dragon Eyes cold as her Dragon Roar resounded through the Heavens.




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        1. Wait, I’m not spoiled. No indication? YK has the dragon source, his size is currently the largest dragon that exists of the dragon island ancestors, the dragon saints are down two great emperor realm level masters to three demon saints, and one them literally just swallowed and injured YK.

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