Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3741, The Fall


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Huo Bo turned pale with fright. He never imagined that his impulsive whim would put him in danger. If he had known this earlier, he would not have rushed over without thinking first.


Ice Principles ran rampant, seeming to freeze the flames inside his body. He tried his best to dodge but was still slashed by the Dragon Claw in the end. Several long gashes instantly appeared on his body and a destructive cold energy raged around his wounds, not allowing a single drop of blood to flow despite the torn flesh.


Huo Bo gave a strange scream, and before Fu Zhun could attack a second time, his round body transformed into a red light and shot away into the distance. 


He actually escaped!


“Waste!” Fu Yu gritted her teeth at the sight and was tempted to shoot him down. Now that Zhu Yan was injured by her attack and Fu Zhun was held back because she had Yang Kai in her mouth, it was the perfect opportunity to eradicate the two Great Elders. It was acceptable even if they had to pay a price for this mission. [I can’t believe Huo Bo! How dare he escape so pathetically!? This just proves that cowards are not qualified to participate in strategic planning!]


With Yang Kai as the trigger, the three Demon Saints and two Great Elders, all of whom had been watching from the sidelines until now, attacked each other in a flurry. Following that brief confrontation, Zhu Yan was injured and Huo Bo fled!


A Dragon Roar sounded once more. The huge bodies of an Azure Dragon and an Ice Dragon intertwined with each other in the sky as though they were one, their spirits connecting with each other. Two huge Dragon Heads reared up proudly, overlooking the whole world.


The two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan were husband and wife, so after spending countless years together, they had long since become connected with each other in heart and soul. It was only natural that they had developed their own set of Unified Secret Techniques.


Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun were comparable to Great Emperors in strength individually, and by using a Unified Secret Technique it was not as simple as ‘one plus one equals two’. How could they have been a match for the three Demon Saints over the past few years if not for these techniques?


Having fought each other more than once, both Xue Li and Fu Yu sighed in their hearts when they saw the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan in this pose. They knew that they had lost the perfect opportunity to make their move just now. At this moment, they would not be able to kill their opponents no matter how desperately they fought. At most, both sides would end up heavily wounded.


With their souls connected, the Ice Principles that permeated from Fu Zhun’s body helped to seal the wounds on Zhu Yan’s chest. Azure Dragons were known for their restorative abilities, and their bodies contained a virtually indestructible vitality, so they would not be affected by their injuries for a while even though the wounds seemed rather severe. It was fortunate that the target of Fu Yu’s arrow had been Zhu Yan. If she had aimed for Fu Zhun instead, it would be much more troublesome.


Inside the mountain valley, the Star Boundary’s 14 armies had almost finished their evacuation. With the help of the World Beads that Yang Kai previously refined as well as the ones he brought back with him this time, their mobility had increased dramatically compared to before, even though there were many more people in each army now.


*Shua shua shua…* 


Numerous figures swooped through the sky to stand beside the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan. They were the Pseudo-Great Emperors that had been busy fending off the Demon Race Half-Saints previously. Led by Li Wu Yi, nearly twenty Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints under the Star Boundary had gotten rid of their opponents and came to stand before the mountain valley. They had been keeping an eye on the movements of the Star Boundary’s army, so there was no need for them to continue fighting the Demon Race Masters anymore once they saw that the moment had arrived.


Similarly, the Half-Saints of Demon Race were freed from their restraints and came to stand behind Xue Li and Fu Yu.


Glaring at each other across the sky, their invisible and intangible aura silently collided with each other. Space flickered constantly as a result, as though it could not withstand the pressure and was about to collapse at any time.


Xue Li stood with his hands behind his back, his scarlet eyes glowing with a cold light as he savagely snarled, “Sooner or later, you will die by our hands.”


Fu Zhun coldly snorted in response, “It won’t be too late for you to talk big when that day comes!”


After saying that, she slowly retreated to the rear of the mountain valley with Zhu Yan in tow. Li Wu Yi and others scattered to the sides and escorted them. What reassured them a little was that the Demon Race showed no movement as they retreated to the Space Array.


The Demon Race simply watched the people from the Star Boundary retreat quietly. They knew that it was meaningless to continue the battle now that things had come to this. Both parties were practically equal in strength, so neither could do anything to the other.


In truth, however, this battle was a complete defeat for the Star Boundary. It wasn’t that their strength was inferior to their enemies, it was just that the Demon Land had eroded all of Star Soul Palace and was still expanding outward without stopping. Star Soul Palace was the cultivation paradise of the Southern Territory’s Martial Dao for millennia. It symbolised the pinnacle of the highest Martial Dao in this territory, but at this moment, it had fallen into the hands of the Demon Race.


A brilliant light flashed at the Space Array before the last remnants of the army vanished from sight.


Xue Li watched coldly until the people from the Star Boundary had completely retreated before he muttered, “We should speed up our plans.”


Fu Yu put away her Divine Bow and replied, “It’s almost complete.”


“How much longer will it take?” He turned to look at her.


“According to the information from various sources, three months at the most.”


“Three months?” The corners of Xue Li’s mouth twitched to reveal a playful smile, “In that case, we should let them enjoy the next three months.”




Yang Kai’s mind felt as though it was bobbing up and down on the vast ocean. All sorts of thoughts incessantly flashed through his head, conjuring various disjointed paragraphs of strange information. It was all the information he never understood before. For some reason, he could now understand them perfectly. He did not know how long had passed, but his eyes jerked open when a ray of light appeared in the darkness.


“Husband!” A soft cry rang out.


Yang Kai turned his head to the side and saw several pretty faces looking at him with anxiety and concern written all over their faces. Xia Ning Chang’s eyes were even red and swollen, making it obvious that she had been crying.


“Husband!” Su Yan called out softly again. Although she had tried her best to suppress it, her voice was still a little shaky. They had remained by his side throughout the period he had been unconscious. Now that he was awake again, it felt like a rock was finally lifted from their hearts.


Great Elder Zhu Yan had mentioned that there would be no problems as long as Yang Kai could regain consciousness; however, it would be rather troublesome if he remained in a coma. The injury he received this time was inflicted by a Demon Saint after all. It was a completely different situation from before, so nobody knew what would happen to him.


A small smile appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he reached out a hand and stroked Su Yan’s face. Su Yan seemed a little restrained in front of everybody, but even so, suppressing her shyness, she reached out to hold his big hand and allowed him to brush her cheek.


“Why are you still crying?” Yang Kai reached out his other hand and held Xia Ning Chang’s soft hands, “I’m fine now.”


It would have been fine if he had not said anything, but the moment he spoke, Xia Ning Chang’s tears started flowing again. She lay down on the bed, her shoulders shaking as she suppressed her sobs. As if influenced by her, the eyes of Luo’er, Xue Yue, and even Zhu Qing turned red. They quietly turned their heads away and wept secretly.


He comforted each one of them in turn, but he spoke until his mouth went dry to no avail. His efforts were ineffective, and just as he was feeling helpless, a person’s voice came from behind in a frosty tone, “Why are you all crying!? It’s not like he’s dead! Get out!”


If it were anybody else who spoke those words, Su Yan and the others would not have obeyed; however, it was Fu Zhun who had scolded them just now, so how could they dare to disobey? Fu Zhun was famous for being cold and harsh. It was only in front of Yang Xiao that she would display a touch of tenderness.


Anyways, nothing good would come from disobeying her, so after speaking to Yang Kai for a bit, the women reluctantly left the room.


Yang Kai then got up from the bed.


Zhu Yan, who had followed Fu Zhun into the room, hurriedly said, “Lie down; you’re still not fully recovered. Don’t move around unnecessarily.”


While speaking, he coughed lightly, making it obvious that his injuries were not healed either. He had taken an arrow from Fu Yu previously and was further injured by Huo Bo’s self-detonation. Although his life was not in danger, his injuries were not insignificant.


Yang Kai replied, “I’m not uncomfortable in any way. I feel fine.”


It was the truth. He did not feel the slightest discomfort anywhere even though he had just woken up from a coma. On the contrary, his body was overflowing with power. He did not understand the reason for this situation either.


Zhu Yan was stunned. He and Fu Zhun observed Yang Kai together and saw that he was indeed in perfect condition; thus, they couldn’t help but be amazed.


Ordinary High-Rank Demon Kings would not have survived being targeted by a Demon Saint; however, Yang Kai had stubbornly resisted a punch from Xue Li. Although he ended up in a rather miserable condition, it was a blessing just for him to survive. Who could have known that he would not suffer any drawbacks? That was simply unbelievable. What bothered the two Great Elders even more was that his eyes seemed to be much more profound than before. It was as though he became more reserved, which in turn made him hard to read.


“Was there something you needed from me?” Yang Kai had some speculations.


It was impossible for Zhu Yan to delay receiving treatment for his wounds and wait around for Yang Kai to wake up instead, unless there was something vital these two needed from him.


“I do have something to ask you,” Zhu Yan nodded affirmatively.


“Have a seat,” Yang Kai gestured. There was tea on the table, so he took out some cups and served them. Pushing the tea towards the pair, Yang Kai poured another cup for himself, sipped on it and thought back to the feeling he experienced when he blocked Xue Li’s punch with his spear. That scene had appeared in his dreams countless times while he was unconscious, which gave him a lot of inspiration and insight.


Fu Zhun got straight to the point, “The main reason we came looking for you is to ask about your spear…”


Before she could finish her sentence, Yang Kai suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed at something. The Azure Dragon Spear appeared in his hand, and he handed it to her with a smile, “Second Elder, please have a look for yourself.”


An ancient and desolate Dragon Aura flooded out of the spear as though a Dragon had stepped out of an ancient scroll to appear before them. The Dragon Source in her body trembled uncontrollably in response and her expression stiffened slightly and she hastily reached out to take the spear from him.


Likewise, Zhu Yan leaned closer to study the Azure Dragon Spear together with her.


Outside the palace, Su Yan and the others walked out one by one. A group of people immediately gathered around them to ask about Yang Kai’s situation. Su Yan informed them that Yang Kai was awake. Moreover, the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan were speaking to him. Only then did they feel relieved.


Shan Qing Luo saw a pretty figure among the crowd. Smiling, she walked over and gently nudged that person in the side, “Big Sister, Husband is all right.”


Ji Yao panicked before she nodded and said, “En, I heard.”


Shan Qing Luo sighed leisurely, “When Husband was in a coma, he kept muttering our names in a daze. It was really heartbreaking.”


Ji Yao forced a smile on her face, “Junior Brother holds you all dear in his heart. Despite being in a coma, he still thinks about you.”


Luo’er tilted her head to the side and looked at Ji Yao, “What you said makes sense, Big Sister.” 


She raised a finger and pressed it against her red lips in an innocent and cute manner that somehow made her look enchanting instead, “But, Big Sister… Husband called out your name too…”


Ji Yao’s tender body trembled and a red flush crept up her face and she asked in a flustered voice, “R-Really?”


“En.” Shan Qing Luo blinked her big eyes and looked at Ji Yao innocently, “I wonder why. Big Sister, do you owe him money?”


“N-No,” Ji Yao’s face turned even redder as she had a sudden feeling that her ‘affair’ had been discovered, so she was at a loss for what to do.


Shan Qing Luo said pensively, “Oh. He must have been confused then.”


Ji Yao forced a smile and said, “It’s good that Senior Brother Yang is awake. Honoured Master is waiting for me to return so I will take my leave first.”


Watching Ji Yao fleeing in embarrassment, Shan Qing Luo pursed her lips and smiled coquettishly, [Honestly. What a thin-skinned woman.]


Silavin: Spoiler title – Fall of the Southern Territory




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    1. There have been some indications. After all, Yang Kai is the reason why Zhu Qing became a ninth order dragon and why Fu Ling and other dragons were interested in him. When Yang Kai watered the dragon flowers with his blood, Fu Qi was also there and wanted some of his blood (chapter 3338) because it has beneficial effects for them

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