Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3742, The Power of Truth


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Both Demon Qi and Demon Essence were rich and dense in Star Soul Palace. What was once a cultivation paradise of the Southern Territory was now a Demon Land.


A Half-Saint and more than 10 Demon Kings sat cross-legged inside one of the palaces. The expressions on their faces were full of hardships and struggle. The Half-Saint and the Demon Kings were wounded during the battle several days ago; moreover, every one of them had been injured by Yang Kai without exception. Strictly speaking, their injuries could not be considered serious. The Half-Saint’s injuries could even be said to be negligible. It was the Blood Demon Half-Saint who was previously scratched on the arm by Yang Kai.


However, the Blood Demon Half-Saint discovered over the past few days that his wound would not heal no matter what he did. There was a strange force around his wound that eroded away at his flesh. It wasn’t just that that insignificant wound was failing to heal, it was also becoming larger and more aggravated. What made him despair though was that the more he tried to suppress his wound, the worst it got instead.


Xue Li stood in front of the Blood Demon Half-Saint, his eyes slightly lowered as his hand was placed on the Blood Demon Half-Saint’s shoulder. His mighty Demon Saint’s aura was overflowing from him. All of a sudden, Xue Li’s expression changed. Lifting his large hand, he formed a claw and grasped at the wound of the Blood Demon Half-Saint in front of him. A bloody arrow shot out of the wound and he caught it in the palm of his hand.


The blood arrow in his hand was like a living thing, even transforming into a blood-coloured Spirit Snake and trying to drill its way into his palm. Xue Li’s expression froze for a moment in surprise, though he wasn’t the least bit worried. Wrapping his Demon Qi around that Blood Snake, he held it in the palm of his hand.


Fu Yu, who was standing by the side, glanced at Xue Li in surprise. Although her expression gave nothing away, she knew that what Xue Li was doing had consumed a lot of his energy as there was a trace of exhaustion in the depths of those eyes.


[He is only treating a wound. I can’t believe it made Xue Li so tired. What the Hell is that?] Her expression subconsciously became serious. She looked at him and asked, “What happened?”


Xue Li stared at the Blood Snake in his hand deeply, letting it toss about on his palm but not daring to have any direct contact with it. His pupils contracted slightly and he grimly replied, “Martial Truth!”


“Martial Truth!?” Fu Yu was taken aback by his words. She felt like she had just heard something incredulous and her voice went one octave higher without her realising, “That little brat has realised a portion of the Martial Truth!? Did you make a mistake?”


Xue Li just glanced at her quietly and said nothing. The meaning behind his silence was clear. Even she knew that he would never make a mistake regarding something like this; thus, she took a shallow breath of cold air and murmured, “No wonder…”


She recalled the scene of battle between Yang Kai and the Stone Demon Half-Saint when Yang Kai first appeared. It was obvious that Yang Kai was not overwhelmingly powerful in any way, but he still managed to kill the Stone Demon Half-Saint on the spot. Although he had the support of the three young women, their help ultimately did not play a large role in that battle. The one who really determined the outcome of the battle was Yang Kai himself.


She initially believed that the Stone Demon Half-Saint was more useless than he seemed and his cultivation as a Half-Saint was a complete waste. Seeing as he ultimately died at the hands of a Demon King, his death was not even worth pitying. It would now seem though that she had wronged him. It wasn’t that he was not good enough, it was that Yang Kai had comprehended a part of the Martial Truth! Power of that level was something even the Demon Saints themselves feared. Even Xue Li did not dare to touch it carelessly, so what more need be said about a mere Half-Saint? How could they survive after being corroded away by the Martial Truth!?


“We missed an opportunity!” A cold light mixed with a hint of annoyance flashed in Xue Li’s eyes. If they had known that Yang Kai had already begun comprehending Martial Truth, he would have gone for the kill regardless of the costs that day.


While speaking, he lifted his hand and the wriggling Blood Snake shot out and vanished out of sight in the blink of an eye. Even though it was a weak piece of Martial Truth, it was not something Xue Li could disperse easily. With his strength, he could only extract this Martial Truth from the body of the injured Blood Demon at most. Although he could sense that Yang Kai’s Martial Truth was still quite feeble, a new door had opened up for Yang Kai nevertheless. If Yang Kai was allowed to continue growing, there might come a day in the future where he was strong enough to even kill them.


“That little brat is just a Demon King! How could he realise the Martial Truth?” Fu Yu’s complexion was ashen. Yang Kai had achieved what even a Demon Saint like her could not; thus, her fury stemmed mostly from envy. [If I could comprehend such power, then the First Demon Saint wouldn’t be Huang Wu Ji anymore. It would be me, Feather Demon Fu Yu!]


Xue Li narrowed his eyes slightly, “He disappeared for three years. It seemed he entered the Demon Realm during that period, but he did not have this power before. He must have encountered some kind of opportunity in the Demon Realm.”


“The Demon Realm…” She was surprised.


[If it was an opportunity in the Demon Realm, it should have come to us instead! How can it be wasted on a Human!?] Her heart was instantly filled with fury.


“Sir, please save me!” A cry came from the side, interrupting the conversation between the two Demon Saints. It was one of the Demon Kings who could no longer withstand the pain caused by the Martial Truth wreaking havoc on his body. Therefore, he opened his mouth to ask for help. He had seen Xue Li doing something, and then the pained expression on the Blood Demon Half-Saint’s face disappeared. It was obvious that the Demon Saint had the means and power to alleviate his pain.


That strange force was raging around his wounds and causing them to deteriorate at a constant pace. There were no signs of improvement whatsoever. It made no difference no matter how high his cultivation or how tough his body.


Xue Li walked over to the Demon King and raised a hand to pat the Demon King on the shoulder. His actions were very light, as though he planned to comfort the other party. However, the Demon King immediately turned into a pool of thick blood the moment Xue Li’s palm touched him. The stench of blood flooded the hall instantly.


The remaining Demon Kings waiting for treatment were stunned by the sight. They never imagined that Xue Li would not only refuse to provide treatment but also kill them without any hesitation. Unfortunately, they had no time to ruminate over the situation. Their faces suddenly distorted in agony as every one of them felt the blood in their bodies boiling all at once. Hence, they were horrified and shouted desperately, “Sir!”


Xue Li was indifferent to their pleas and simply watched them coldly. He was a Blood Demon and a Demon Saint on top of that. He was the greatest Master when it came to controlling fresh blood. It only required a flash of his thoughts and the blood in those Demon Kings’ bodies came under his control.


Fu Yu stood watching from the sidelines, showing no intention of stopping him. That was because she knew that it was impossible for him to waste his strength on these Demon Kings. Judging from his actions just now, expelling the Martial Truth inside the body of his clansman consumed a large amount of energy. A Half-Saint might be worth saving, but a Demon King was not.


The mournful pleas gradually turned into blood-curdling screams; then, a muffled sound rang out. All the injured Demon Kings had exploded into a mist of blood. Surprisingly, the blood mist did not disperse in all directions. Not a single drop of blood splashed out either. Instead, the blood mist condensed into a huge blood ball in front of him.


In the past, a blood ball like this would have been a great supplement to Xue Li. Even so, how could he invite trouble upon himself whilst knowing that remnant Martial Truth was hidden within? He thus lifted his hand and the blood ball flew out of the palace to some unknown place in the distance.


“Where is Huo Bo?” Xue Li wiped his hands. Those slender hands were like a woman’s, clean and without a single speck of dirt on them.


The moment he mentioned Huo Bo’s name, Fu Yu became livid and her face was covered in a malevolent aura, “Who knows? He vanished completely since his departure three days ago. He is probably hiding somewhere to tend to his wounds,”


“That waste!” It was clear that Xue Li was also furious at Huo Bo. The grudge and hatred between them had existed for many years, so they had always disliked each other, but now, Xue Li was even starting to entertain thoughts of murdering Huo Bo. He pondered in silence for a moment, “Find him. Make him go and kill Yang Kai.”


She said, “Finding him is not difficult, but making him do something is practically impossible. You know what a coward he is…”


Xue Li sneered in response, “I might not be able to order him around, but that person can. Right?”


A frenzied light flashed through Fu Yu’s eyes at those words and she nodded lightly, “I understand. He won’t dare to disobey if that’s the case. But, if he goes alone… We will lose what advantage we have if he dies in the hands of those two old Dragons.”


The corners of Xue Li’s mouth curled, “It’s fine. Can Ye is almost fully healed.”


“Then there’s nothing to worry about anymore.” Fu Yu smiled, looking extremely charming.


At the start of the second Two Worlds Great War, Can Ye had used himself as a bridge to connect the two worlds, forcibly opened the Two Worlds’ Passage, and led the Demon Saints and the Demon Race army into the Star Boundary. The price he had to pay for his actions was extremely heavy and he was severely wounded in the end. Therefore, he had secluded himself to heal from his injuries and did not reveal himself for the past few years.


The Star Boundary was already at a disadvantage regarding top Masters and were relying fully on the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan to maintain the current situation. If Can Ye were to come out of retreat, then it would undoubtedly make things worse for the Star Boundary.



“The Outer Universe?” Inside the room, Fu Zhun’s eyes widened in astonishment. It was quite funny to see the shocked expression on her face when she generally had such a cold demeanour.


“A towering giant?” Similarly, Zhu Yan also looked shocked.


The two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan had lived for a very long time, and although they spent most of their time on Dragon Island without involving themselves in worldly matters, they came from a noble Race that had existed since the beginning of the universe. When it came to the accumulation of knowledge and heritage, there was no other Race in the world that could compare to the Dragon Clan. There were many ancient books that recorded various unknown secrets on Dragon Island and the two Elders had spent much time reading those books when they had nothing better to do over the course of their lives. Not to mention that they all bore Dragon Sources, which carried the inherited memories and experiences of their ancestors.


It could be said that in the whole of the Star Boundary, even the Great Emperors could not compare to them in terms of experience. Even so, they couldn’t help feeling extremely shocked after listening to Yang Kai’s story.


“Did you really go to the Outer Universe?” Fu Zhun asked anxiously.


“I can’t guarantee it, but it is a great possibility.” Yang Kai thought back to what he experienced previously and felt that there was no other plausible explanation for that vast Starry Sky he arrived at except that it was the Outer Universe.


He had escaped from the Void Crack where the Demon Realm once existed. The Demon Realm was originally a universe in and of itself, so the entire universe had vanished without a trace after he devoured the whole Demon Realm with the Sealed World Bead. Perhaps, that had inadvertently forged a connection to the Outer Universe. Unfortunately, Yang Kai could not be sure of it.


“What is the Outer Universe like?” Fu Zhun asked enthusiastically.


Yang Kai scratched his head, clueless as to how to describe what he saw back then. Recalling everything he had seen though, he said emotionally, “It was incredibly vast. It felt like the sky outside a cage.”


She suddenly revealed an expression of longing at those words.


“Do two Seniors know about the Outer Universe?” Yang Kai looked at them and asked. From what Fu Zhun had said just now, it seemed that they had known that there was another sky beyond their world long ago.


Fu Zhun and Zhu Yan looked at each other before the former nodded in response, “It was briefly mentioned in the ancient books belonging to the Dragon Clan, but the description was very vague; therefore, we have never been sure about its existence.”




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