Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3743, Depths Of The Dragon Temple


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It was rumoured that the first generation of Dragons arrived on Dragon Island from the Outer Universe and eventually left behind their descendants in that independent world. Unfortunately, this matter had happened too long ago, so far back in history that even Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun could not be sure of the truth. It wasn’t until they heard Yang Kai’s story that they became more confident about what was recorded by their ancestors.


“What about the giant…” Zhu Yan caressed the Azure Dragon Spear, “Was this spear gifted to you by the giant?”


“That’s right.” Yang Kai nodded. He couldn’t help but smile when he thought about the giant named Ah Da. Looking back on it now, he still felt shocked by what he witnessed that day. His Half-Dragon form was enormous as it was, but he was no more than a bug in front of that charmingly naïve giant.


Yang Kai did not know what Race Ah Da belonged to for the latter to grow to such a humongous size, but fortunately, Ah Da was not hostile. Yang Kai would not have returned alive otherwise.


The two Elders exchanged a glance with each other and saw the shock reflected in each other’s eyes.


Yang Kai raised his hand and grabbed the Azure Dragon Spear. The spear covered in Dragon Scales suddenly flashed with a series of lights that was dazzlingly bright. The Dragon Aura within the body of the spear slowly emerged, like the awakening of an ancient Dragon that had been slumbering through the ages. It caused the Dragon Sources in Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun’s bodies to throb painfully.


Zhu Yan coughed again.


“Great Elder’s wounds…” Yang Kai looked at Zhu Yan’s abdomen and saw a faint trace of blood seeping out.


“It’s not a big deal, but it will take some time to heal,” Zhu Yan waved his hand dismissively, indicating that his injury was nothing serious.


Yang Kai smiled, “I might be able to help you heal faster, Great Elder. I might even be able to… make the two of you stronger.”


As soon as this statement came out, both Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun looked at him in astonishment. Both of them had cultivated for countless years, and after having reached their current Realm, it became extremely difficult for them to improve their cultivation any further. The advancement of the Dragon Clan’s strength did not come from hard work alone. Rather, it required the stimulation of their Source and the accumulation of time. The greater the awakening of their Source Strength, the greater their power!


Ordinary Dragon Blood Flowers no longer had any effect on them. Only Peak-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers could stimulate their bloodline and awaken their Source by a slight margin. Unfortunately, Peak-Rank Dragon Blood Flowers were treasures most people could only dream about owning. Even with the full power of Dragon Island, only a few such Spirit Flowers were cultivated over thousands of years. In addition, Yang Kai had taken all of them recently.


They were unable to rely on the Dragon Blood Flower and intensive cultivation was also proven ineffective; as such, they could only wait for the accumulation over time. Thus, when the pair heard what Yang Kai said, their first reaction was disbelief. Then, they recalled Yang Kai’s more than 1,000 metre-tall Half-Dragon Body that he displayed in Star Soul Palace three days ago and couldn’t help becoming excited.


They clearly remembered that Yang Kai was only around 300 metres long the last time they saw him performing the Dragon Transformation. It was incredible that he could grow to the size of more than 1,000 metres in just over ten years. If Yang Kai could do it, then why couldn’t they? All of a sudden, they realised that what he had in his body was the Golden Divine Dragon Source. As the Source Strength became increasingly integrated with him, he would certainly be able to obtain the inheritance and memories of the many Dragon Clan ancestors before him. It was possible that he had derived some sort of secret from them.


“What are the odds?” Fu Zhun suppressed the excitement in her heart; however, the sparkle in her eyes revealed everything she was trying to hide.


“That would depend on how much you can endure.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.


Zhu Yan gave a soft chuckle, “If something this good really does exist, then this Old Master will show you the Dragon Clan’s endurance.”


Both he and Fu Zhun had been pitched against the three Demon Saints, and over the years, they had barely managed to maintain the current situation. Even so, they suffered losses many times. There were also many occasions where the couple had to rely on their Unified Secret Techniques to make Xue Li and the others hesitant to take action lest they harm themselves in the process. That was how they managed to avoid catastrophic losses so far.


If they could increase their strength in addition to speeding up their healing process, then there was no need for them to suffer this abuse any longer. At that time, they might no longer be at a disadvantage in a two-against-three battle. Who could say? They might even manage to snatch the initiative back. At the very least, they would not be stuck in such a passive situation.


“Good. Let’s not delay this matter. Let’s set off once I’ve made some preparations.” Yang Kai retrieved the Azure Dragon Spear and stood up.


“Where are we going?” Zhu Yan looked at Yang Kai suspiciously.


“Dragon Island!”


At such a critical juncture, Yang Kai and the two Elders of the Dragon Clan were going to Dragon Island, and a conservative estimate indicated that it would take them a month at the very least to return.


Naturally, such a confidential matter could not be publicised. Nobody could guarantee that there were no remnants of Demon Heavenly Dao among the Star Boundary armies. If this news was leaked to the enemy, the Demon Saints would definitely make a move when the two Elders returned to Dragon Island; after all, there would be nobody to stop Xue Li and the others from attacking.


Therefore, Li Wu Yi was the only one who Yang Kai informed of the truth. It was only announced to the public that both Yang Kai and Great Elder Zhu Yan had gone into retreat to heal from their injuries.


Luckily, they had the Space Array which made coming and going easy and untraceable. After issuing some simple instructions, Yang Kai, Zhu Yan, and Fu Zhun embarked on the journey back to Dragon Island.


One day later, the group of three entered the Small World of Dragon Island and went straight to the Dragon Temple without stopping. At this point, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun finally understood Yang Kai’s plan.


Huge Dragon Bodies coiled around the pillars of the cold and empty Dragon Temple. In the darkness, many pairs of Dragon Eyes watched them. The silhouettes of ancient Dragons loomed in and out of sight, filling the air with terrifying Dragon Pressure.


“Do you plan to borrow the power of the Ancestral Dragon Souls?” Zhu Yan turned to look at Yang Kai.


“Do you have any other methods apart from this?” Yang Kai did not deny. He had only just learned of this Secret Technique as it wasn’t something that he learned from others. Rather, it was something he comprehended from the Golden Divine Dragon’s Source Strength in his body.


The Source seemed to contain this Secret Technique from the beginning, but his integration with the Source had not been enough in the past; thus, he could not gain further insight at the time. After cultivating in the ancient battlefield for decades, however, his Dragon Transformation now allowed him to assume a 1,000 metres long form. Furthermore, the integration with his Source was greatly enhanced compared to before. Likewise, much of the information contained in the Source was no longer obscure.


There were two Restricted Areas on Dragon Island. One was the Dragon Temple and the other was the Dragon Grave.


The Dragon Grave was the burial place of all members of the Dragon Clan. That place had served as the Dragon Clan’s graveyard for countless aeons and the bones of many large and mighty Dragons were entombed there. With the exception of the Dragon Clan’s previous Great Elders, the Great Elder was the strongest of the Dragon Clan and shouldered the heavy responsibility of guarding and continuing the Dragon Clan’s inheritance. Following the death of each generation of Great Elder, their body would enter the Dragon Grave while their Dragon Soul would remain in the Dragon Temple where they would silently continue to guard it.


There were now more than ten generations of the heroic Souls belonging to former Dragon Clan Great Elders inside the Dragon Temple. These Dragon Souls still retained their majestic appearances, but their consciousness was no longer present. There was only a trace of instinct left in them, so they could be considered dead. Even if they were dead, however, these Souls were not to be desecrated.


Yang Kai said, “The Star Boundary needs both of you right now. If you can’t even protect yourselves, then how will you protect the Star Boundary? If anything happens to the Star Boundary, what will be left of your homes? No eggs can remain unbroken when the nest is destroyed. This plan is truly our last resort. I’m sure the Souls of the Great Elders in the Heavens above would not blame us for doing this. They would be proud of us instead.”


Zhu Yan frowned deeply, looking hesitant. Although he knew what Yang Kai was saying was true, it was inevitable that he would hesitate to take this step.


Surprisingly, Fu Zhun was more accepting of the idea and persuaded Zhu Yan via Divine Sense transmission, “Yang Boy is right. You are injured right now, and if we don’t heal your wounds quickly, the situation you and I will have to deal with will only be more difficult once those Demon bastards are free to come after us. Xiao’er is still so young. How will Xiao’er grow if there is no pure land left in this world?”


Having lived with each other for countless years, she was naturally the person who understood him the most and pulled out her secret weapon by mentioning Yang Xiao’s name. It was then that Zhu Yan finally let out a long sigh, “Forget it. I will bear the full responsibility if the Souls of our ancestors in Heaven were to blame us for this.”


Yang Kai smiled slightly, “We are doing this for the sake of the world. How could the Seniors blame you? Besides, this… is also the wish of the Seniors!”


His expression became solemn after saying that and a golden light filled the entire palace when a high-pitched Dragon Roar sounded. Instantly, the ice-cold Dragon Temple was flooded with a golden brilliance that added a touch of warmth to their surroundings.


A series of cracking sounds rang out as Yang Kai transformed. The Dragon Pressure radiating from him was immeasurable and a mysterious Dragon Language chant echoed from his mouth, seemingly resonating with something in the hall. Likewise, the Dragon Souls coiling around the surrounding pillars raised their heads and joined in the chant. One after another, the huge figures flew down, coiled around him, and wriggled about under his feet.


The two Elders were stunned by the sight. Despite knowing that Yang Kai had the Golden Divine Dragon Source, it was still shocking to see such a scene. The Dragon Clan was arrogant, claiming to be the Head of the Myriad Spirits; therefore, they would never bow their heads to any other creature. However, they were currently watching as Dragon Souls of generations of the Dragon Clan’s Great Elders seemed to be prostrating themselves at the feet of their King.


The mysterious Dragon Language became more rapid, sounding like a violent storm. As Yang Kai chanted, a strange sound seemed to reverberate from the depths of the Dragon Temple.


The two Elders were shocked and turned to look in that direction at the same time. What they saw was a piece of land slowly floating up from the deepest part of the Dragon Temple.


Zhu Yan couldn’t help widening his eyes in surprise. Although the Dragon Temple was one of Dragon Island’s Restricted Areas, he had entered and exited this place many times. Even so, it wasn’t until today that he learned that there was another mystery to the Dragon Temple. If even he did not know, Fu Zhun would have even less chance of knowing so she couldn’t help asking, “What is that?”


Zhu Yan could only shake his head in response.


There was a loud rumbling noise that accompanied the rising of the ground. The entire Dragon Temple shook as though it was going to collapse at any time. It wasn’t until a certain moment when the abnormal noise stopped abruptly along with the trembling of the hall. From what the two Elders could see, something that looked like a pool or pond had appeared in the depths of Dragon Temple. The pond seemed to be connected to the Dragon Temple as one entity and was filled with an ancient and desolate aura. At first glance, it seemed to be something with a long history; moreover, it was engraved with extremely complicated runes and patterns.


Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun immediately recognized at a glance that those intricate patterns were Dragon Language Characters, but even they could not figure out the meaning behind them.


“Did you really think that the Dragon Souls of the Great Elders in every generation stayed here just to protect Dragon Island?” Yang Kai’s booming voice echoed in the hall, “They remained here to guard against the downfall of the Dragon Clan. How many years have they been waiting? How many years of emptiness have they experienced? It was all just for today!” While speaking, he pointed with his finger and shouted, “Go!”


The moment the word left his mouth, the many Dragon Souls coiling around him seemed to receive some form of guidance. They raised their heads and roared, stretched their bodies to their full length, and rushed towards the pool. One after another, the Dragon Souls plunged into the pool and turned into little dots of fluorescent light before disappearing. In contrast, a thick amber liquid gradually appeared in the pool that was originally empty.




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