Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3745, Transformation


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To this day, Luan Feng and the others still shuddered whenever they thought about what happened back then. It was rumoured that the power of Heavens Order would greatly restrain Divine Spirits, that they were the natural enemy of all Divine Spirits. At first, they had been sceptical of this statement, but after witnessing Zhang Ruo Xi reaching out and seizing Shi Huo’s Source like she was taking a toy from a three-year-old child, all doubts they had vanished.


The Star Boundary was currently in a critical situation and an anomaly had occurred at the Blood Gate. They had no idea whether it was a curse or a blessing for the Monster Race of the Ancient Wild Lands.


Although Zhang Ruo Xi seemed very close to Yang Kai at the time, so many years had passed in addition to the awakening of her bloodline. Nobody could tell what kind of attitude she would have towards the Divine Spirits upon coming out of the Blood Gate. What if she went and killed all the Divine Spirits in the world like her ancestor? If that was the case, Luan Feng and the other Divine Venerables would be the first among her victims.


The three Monster Race Divine Venerables moved swiftly and arrived at the place where the Blood Gate vanished in the past within four hours of leaving the Phoenix Nest Palace.


Luan Feng furrowed her brows together before they even got close, however, and looking down at the jungle and mountains below from where she stood in the sky, she saw countless Monster Beasts running in the same direction. Most of these Monster Beasts were not very powerful. They had yet to develop sentience, so they were simply acting according to instinct under the influence of something. The direction they were heading was none other than where the Blood Gate was located. From the looks of things, something really must have happened at the Blood Gate. Why else would these Monster Beasts act like this?


When they arrived at the mountain where the Blood Gate was located, the trio saw an uncountable number of Monster Beasts gathered around and even more Monster Beasts were rushing over.


“Sure enough; something has happened,” Cang Gou frowned, staring at the mountain where he could faintly feel wisps of energy leaking out. That trace of energy was weak and insignificant, but it had caused the Monster Beasts gathered in this place to compete between themselves for ownership over the power. As a result, a bloody fight had broken out and many Monster Beasts with insufficient strength were killed on the spot, their blood dying the entire mountain red.


“But, it doesn’t look like it will open for the time being.” Fan Wu seemed pensive. The Blood Gate was still nowhere to be seen and only a faint trace of the strange energy leaked out from the other side. These were indications that the Blood Gate was on the verge of opening once more; however, there was no telling when the Blood Gate would reopen completely.


“There will come a day when it reopens.” Luan Feng looked worried, “We have to inform Yang Kai.”


If there was anybody in this world who could stop Zhang Ruo Xi, it was Yang Kai. Several dozen years ago, Zhang Ruo Xi managed to kill Shi Huo even though her cultivation had been very low. Who knew what kind of power she would display after so many years of intensive cultivation inside the Blood Gate?


Luan Feng was afraid that Zhang Ruo Xi would kill her indiscriminately the moment the latter came out of retreat, and for that reason, it would be best if Yang Kai was around to monitor the situation.


“Let’s send somebody to High Heaven Palace!” Fan Wu nodded, “I heard that the Demon Race destroyed Star Soul Palace half a month ago. More importantly, he returned from the Demon Realm on the day of the grand battle.”


Now that they had the Space Arrays connecting all four territories, it became much more convenient for them to communicate with each other; hence, there was no reason for the Eastern Territory to remain clueless about what happened more than 10 days ago.


Luan Feng shook her head, “This is an important matter. I will go myself. No matter what I have to do, I need to get him to come here.”


Fan Wu pondered in silence for a bit after hearing those words before nodding, “Good.”


Afterwards, Luan Feng set off immediately and rushed towards High Heaven Palace. She couldn’t help but regret her foolish actions back then. [Why did I destroy the Space Array at Phoenix Nest Palace? Whenever I need to go somewhere else now, I have to go all the way to the place where the Stone Spirit Clan used to live. That was the only place where Yang Kai later arranged another Cross-Territory Space Array.


By the time she arrived at High Heaven Palace, half a day had passed. She met with Hua Qing Si and explained her reason for coming only to learn that Yang Kai was healing in retreat and could not be disturbed. After staying at High Heaven Palace for more than ten days and still seeing no sign of Yang Kai, she had no choice but to leave a message with Hua Qing Si asking him to go to the Ancient Wild Lands immediately after coming out of retreat.


Hua Qing Si naturally had no objections to that.




Deep within the Dragon Temple, the roars of the Azure Dragon and the Ice Dragon coming from the Dragon Rebirth Pond never ceased for even a moment. Strong as the Dragon Clan’s Elders were, the agony they experienced during this past month had left their voices completely hoarse.


The Dragon Marrow remaining in the Dragon Rebirth Pond was only a metre deep at this point.


Inside the Dragon Temple, Yang Kai’s chanting in the Dragon Language had also been maintained the entire time. The complex patterns and runes inscribed around the surroundings of the Dragon Rebirth Pond flashed constantly and emitted a strange power which helped Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun absorb the Dragon Marrow.


It had taken much longer than expected.


It wasn’t until a month and a half after they began that Yang Kai finally stopped chanting. Deep exhaustion was etched all over his face. The more than 1,000-metre-long Half-Dragon Body that he had been maintaining all along also dissipated at this moment and he returned to his Human form.


There were no more movements coming from within the Dragon Rebirth Pond and Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun seemed almost dead, even their auras were extremely feeble.


All of a sudden, a high-pitched Dragon Roar sounded. The weak auras of the two Dragon Clan Elders suddenly surged violently. Two rays of light, one green and one white, shot out from the Dragon Rebirth Pond.


As soon as they broke free of their restraints, the Azure Dragon’s body swelled rapidly. His originally 600-metre-long body suddenly transformed into a more than 1,000-metre-long behemoth. On the other hand, the Ice Dragon’s body was slightly smaller, but the difference between them was not great.


An overpowering Dragon Pressure filled the entire Dragon Temple as the two enormous Dragon Heads intertwined with each other. Their Dragon Roars were brimming with joy and excitement.


Yang Kai watched them with widened eyes, casually popping a restorative Spirit Pill into his mouth with a smile.


The two Dragons seemed to notice his gaze and rushed over to him. When they got closer, they turned back into their Human forms and revealed their faces.


Yang Kai raised his eyebrows at them, “Congratulations to the two of you.” Then, he looked at Zhu Yan and added,” Great Elder, you look much younger than before.”


Although Zhu Yan’s original appearance could not be considered old, he had the appearance of an ordinary man in his 50s. After spending a month and a half in the Dragon Rebirth Pond though, he looked to be only in his 30s. He was back in his prime and his originally grey hair had also turned back to black. On the other hand, Fu Zhun had not changed much even though she obviously looked a few years younger than before.


The two Elders looked at each other before they knelt on the ground in unison and said respectfully, “Greetings, Sir Dragon God! Many thanks, Sir Dragon God!”


The only person capable of activating the Dragon Rebirth Pond and making the ancient Souls of the former Great Elders willingly enter to become Dragon Marrow was the legendary Dragon God. After all, the Dragon Rebirth Pond was created by the Dragon God in the past.


It would seem that the Golden Divine Dragon Source was none other than the Source left behind by the Dragon God. Legend claimed that he was the progenitor of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline and without him, there would be no Dragon Clan in this world! For that reason, he was also known as the Ancestral Dragon among the Dragon Clan.


It was naturally impossible to make the proud Dragon Clan members lower their heads toward a Human. Even when Martial Beast Great Emperor fell out with Dragon Island because of Fu Xuan, the Dragon Clan had never once backed down. However, Yang Kai was no longer just a simple Human to the Dragon Clan anymore. He was the inheritor of the Dragon God Source. Even the two Dragon Clan Elders did not dare to show him disrespect.


Yang Kai glanced at them before he raised his hand to indicate for them to be at ease, smilingly saying, “You don’t have to act this way. This was originally the legacy of the Dragon Clan, it is only right for you to use it. Besides, I am not the Dragon God. I was only lucky enough to inherit the Source he left behind.”


Following the development of the Golden Divine Dragon Source in his body, the vast amounts of information contained within had gradually become clear to Yang Kai; therefore, he was not too surprised by Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun’s current attitude. Still, he added with a soft laugh, “What’s more, I am Xiao’er’s Adoptive Father and the two of you are Xiao’er’s Biological Parents. We are not outsiders to each other.”


Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun got up smoothly and glanced at each other again before Zhu Yan smiled, “You’re right.”


The two of them secretly felt relieved. They did not dare to show disrespect towards the heir of the Dragon God, but when it came down to it, Yang Kai had yet to mature, so it would be very uncomfortable for them if they were told to be respectful towards him all the time in the future. Therefore, this was the best outcome.


“It’s about time. I still don’t know if anything has happened in the outside world. Let us leave without delay,” Yang Kai stood up and walked towards the outside. Although he was still weak, he swiftly recovered after taking another Spirit Pill.


Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun followed, but after a short hesitation, Zhu Yan asked, “Since you already know about the Dragon God Source, then the other one…”


“Are you talking about Su Yan?” Yang Kai paused and turned back with a smile, “Once I return, I’ll help her awaken the Ancestral Phoenix Source.”


“Sure enough; it’s her!” Fu Zhun exclaimed in realization. She had her doubts before, but she could not be certain. Hearing it from Yang Kai’s mouth now, she finally confirmed that what she had guessed all along was correct.


“How much do you know about the Dragon God and Ancestral Phoenix?” Yang Kai asked. Even though the Golden Divine Dragon Source in his body was greatly awakened and had taught him many things that he had not known about before, he was still completely clueless about the origins of the Dragon God and Ancestral Phoenix. What puzzled him even more was how the two of them had fallen to such a state. Not only that, but they also fell into a Lower Star Field and landed in the world of the Great Han Dynasty.


The Dragon and Phoenix inheritance that Yang Kai and Su Yan received was obtained in that world but was later completed in the Dragon Phoenix Palace in Tong Xuan Realm.


Zhu Yan shook his head in response, “We don’t know either. Nothing was written regarding this matter among the ancestral records.”


Yang Kai nodded, “It’s fine. We will figure it out one day.”


The Source in his body had yet to be fully integrated. He was certain that everything would become clear once it was fully awakened. In any case, what he needed to deal with right now was the matter regarding the Demon Race.


Upon leaving Dragon Island, Yang Kai parted ways with Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun.


The two Dragon Clan Elders had been suppressed by the Demon Saints for many years now; therefore, they had long been holding in their rage as they had nowhere else to vent their grievances. Now that their strength had greatly increased with Yang Kai’s help, it was only natural that they wanted to get revenge. At the same time, they could use the chance to verify their strength. A battle on that level was beyond Yang Kai’s ability to interfere with, so he did not accompany them.


After Yang Kai wished them well in their fight, he stepped onto the Space Array.


Once Yang Kai left, the two Dragon Clan Elders turned to look in a certain direction before their figures flickered and they transformed into their Dragon Forms and headed off into the distance. They were not afraid of failing to find Xue Li and the others as the ten Primary Demon Strongholds were guarded by Demon Towers that were all connected to one another. They only needed to cause trouble at any one of those Demon Strongholds and Xue Li and the others would definitely arrive after receiving the news.


Xue Li and the other Demon Saints probably never imagined that Zhu Yan would be able to recover from his injuries within such a short period. On the contrary, Huo Bo was still hiding in some corner and tending to his wounds after taking a hit from Fu Zhun more than a month ago. With a two-against-two battle and the sharp increase in their strength, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun secretly decided to give Xue Li and Fu Yu a big pleasant surprise.




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