Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3746, Phoenix Cry


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After returning to High Heaven Palace via the Space Array, Yang Kai didn’t even get the chance to sit down before Hua Qing Si came to report to him about the matter regarding the Ancient Wild Lands. He was shocked to hear the news and immediately set off towards the Eastern Territory without further delay.


The current situation was not very favourable for the Star Boundary. Although the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan had experienced a sharp increase in strength after being tempered in the Dragon Rebirth Pond, the overall situation in the Star Boundary remained in a precarious state. If they could obtain another powerful Master on their side at this time, the situation might become very different.


Yang Kai was unable to estimate just how powerful Zhang Ruo Xi was now after she awakened her Heavens Order bloodline; however, after spending so many years cultivating in retreat inside the Blood Gate, her strength would certainly be rather impressive.


Furthermore, she had brought Xiao Xiao along with her at the time. The Stone Spirit Clan was also one of the descendants of a Divine Spirit. Not to mention, that Divine Spirit was a famous existence. Therefore, Yang Kai was looking forward to seeing how much Xiao Xiao and Zhang Ruo Xi had grown.


He met with Luan Feng and the others when he arrived, and after a brief questioning, Yang Kai learned that only a slight anomaly had taken place and the Blood Gate had yet to reveal itself fully.


He could understand what Luan Feng and the others were worried about though. Heaven’s Order had slaughtered many Divine Spirits in ancient times, and even after so many years, the supreme deterrence still remained. It stemmed from the horror and fear that existed within their bloodlines. Hence, they maintained a somewhat defensive attitude towards the descendent of Heaven’s Order that was about to return.


On the other hand, Luan Feng and the others felt reassured when they saw Yang Kai. They wanted him to stay here no matter what, and he too did not want to leave before Zhang Ruo Xi returned.


Fortunately, he had nothing better to do at the moment. He had handed the matters related to the Sixty-First Army over to Yao Si, High Heaven Palace had Hua Qing Si taking care of matters, and the battle with the Demon Race was not going to end any time soon. Hence, he agreed readily. Besides, he also wanted to welcome Zhang Ruo Xi back properly when she came out of retreat.


Thinking about it, several dozen years have passed since then. The little girl he brought back from the Zhang Family was now an existence that even the Divine Spirits were extremely concerned about. He could almost hear her voice echoing in his ears when she called him ‘Sir’, as well as the warmth of her red lips when they parted.


He sent a message to High Heaven Palace informing Hua Qing Si that he would be staying in the Ancient Wild Lands for some time and also reminded her to contact him immediately if anything urgent came up.


One day later, he sat down cross-legged on a mountain peak located more than a dozen kilometres away from the Blood Gate, facing in its direction. A sound sliced through the air, followed by a set of light footsteps, and then a familiar fragrance entered his nose.


Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked at the woman that had landed next to him. She had a cold expression on her face and was dressed in a neat white dress which made her look like a pure lotus with not a speck of dust on her. He smiled at her, “Senior Sister.”


Su Yan glanced out into the distance, “Is that the Blood Gate over there?”


He nodded, “En, but it’s only showing the first signs of opening. It has yet to appear completely. I have no idea when it will finally open.”


“There are so many Monster Beasts. Were they attracted by that strange aura?” She observed the Monster Beasts covering the mountains and the wilderness.


Yang Kai smiled slightly, “All the Monster Beasts in the Ancient Wild Lands basically have bloodlines of Ancient Divine Spirits in them. Although these Monster Beasts have yet to gain sentience, their instincts are telling them that something over there can make them stronger.”


Su Yan nodded at those words and smiled, “Is that young girl named Zhang Ruo Xi inside there? I heard she is the descendent of Heaven’s Order.”


She did not know much about Zhang Ruo Xi as she had not met her before. She only heard Yang Kai mention the girl’s name once or twice in the past.


“En!” Yang Kai felt slightly amazed whenever he recalled the scene where Zhang Ruo Xi had killed Shi Huo. Who could have imagined that the body of such a weak-looking girl would contain such great power?


Su Yan turned to look at Yang Kai, “I also heard that Heaven’s Order is the natural enemy of all Divine Spirits. They wiped out all the Divine Spirits in the world during ancient times. My body also contains a Divine Spirit Source. Will she kill me once she comes out of retreat?”


Yang Kai burst out laughing at those words, “Why would she? What happened in the past is in the past. This is the present. Even if that little girl has Heaven’s Order’s bloodline, the Heaven’s Order of the past is not her.”


It was similar to how he remained himself despite inheriting the Dragon God Source.


“Who knows…” She seemed unconvinced, “She might kill me in a fit of rage when she sees me with you.”


Yang Kai glanced at her in astonishment and asked in disbelief, “Senior Sister… Are you jealous?”


Her clean and fair face flushed red, something that rarely happened. Turning her head to the side, Su Yan muttered, “Of course not. Don’t talk nonsense.”


Yang Kai grinned in response, laughing heartily. Reaching out his hand, he held her small hand and pulled her into his embrace, despite her exclamation of surprise.


Her face flushed even redder than before and she squirmed slightly, “Don’t… Ah…”


Before she could finish her sentence, her mouth was covered by his. Her beautiful eyes instantly widened in shock and the intensity of her resistance gradually died away. Sighing softly in her heart, she slowly closed her eyes.


Fortunately, he did not go too far. Yang Kai soon released her and held her gently in his arms. This rare moment of warmth and quiet made her body relax completely. She leaned her head against his chest and listened to the powerful heartbeat coming from within. She was curled up against his body like a kitten. There were neither words nor passionate movements. They were simply embracing each other quietly; however, it felt as though she had the entire world in her hands at this moment.


After a while, she opened her eyes, looking nostalgic as she said, “I should go back and continue cultivating.”


When she received his message, she rushed over immediately. She did not know what he wanted to do, but from the looks of it, he had no plans of doing anything to her. Although she was reluctant to leave, just having that short moment of warmth was a great gift in this chaotic world. How could she dare to ask for more?


Yang Kai sighed, “You don’t need to try so hard. You have me.”


The women by his side had been working extremely hard in their cultivation over the years, just to chase after him. They might never have said anything before, but it was impossible for him not to notice. In particular, Su Yan worked harder than everybody else as his First Wife.


Su Yan quietly leaned against Yang Kai’s shoulder and said softly, “You advance too quickly. We Sisters are unable to share your worries, but at the very least, we won’t become a burden to you.”


Yang Kai was about to say something, but she pressed a finger to his mouth to stop him, “This is our wish. You can’t stop us. Besides… We also walk the Martial Dao, how can we not cultivate earnestly?”


He grabbed her hand and gave a soft sigh, “Alright then. But, you have to watch over them. Don’t let them become too impatient. Haste is detrimental in the Martial Dao. It will be bad if they suffer from any hidden dangers.”


“I know.”


“The same goes for you.”


“Mmm.” She stood up, “I really have to go now.”


Nevertheless, he pulled her back and looked at her with a smile. The sweet and gentle look in his eyes nearly made her melt. She struggled against the temptation in her heart and practically begged, “Please let me go. If you feel lonely, I can ask the others to come and keep you company.” After saying that, she laughed to herself, “But, I don’t think they will.”


Shan Qing Luo and the others had gone into retreat. At a time like this, nobody would come even if she summoned them. The short-term separation was for the sake of being together forever in the future. Women had always been greedy creatures since time immemorial.


Yang Kai, however, shook his head and smiled mischievously, “It’s useless even if they come.”


She panicked slightly. Looking left and right, she showed a distressed expression, “What do you want?”


[Although there is nobody here, the mountains and wilderness are crawling with Monster Beasts. Who can say if any of these Monster Beasts will gain sentience one day and take on a Human form? What if they recall what they see here today!? I can relax my body and mind to allow him to do whatever he wants in the bedroom, but doing it here is absolutely impossible!] Su Yan was a little puzzled as to why her Junior Brother was clinging to her today. It was a little annoying, but she mostly felt that it was heart-warming.


He smiled slyly, “Senior Sister, you misunderstand. I called you here today for something important.”


She furrowed her eyebrows together and glanced at him with a look of disbelief on her face.


He took her hand and pulled her so that she sat opposite him. He gently said, “Focus your mind and empty your thoughts. Don’t let anything distract you!”


As a person who cultivated Ice Attribute Secret Arts, something like that was as easy as eating and drinking for Su Yan so she was able to enter an ethereal state almost instantly the moment she tried. 


“Try not to let shock overwhelm you no matter what happens, okay?” While saying so, Yang Kai lifted a finger and pressed it against her forehead.


His action was both very slow and very gentle. It looked like he was caressing her; however, a high-pitched Dragon Roar rang out when that finger pressed against her forehead. A large golden Dragon rushed out of his body and plunged directly into Su Yan’s. Her beautiful eyes widened instantly and her body felt like it had been struck by lightning. Her pupils rapidly expanded and she felt as if the world had turned upside down.


There was a whooshing sound similar to the sound of wings flapping the next moment and behind her back, a beautiful, pure, flawless, and all-white Ice Phoenix that was inviolable appeared all of a sudden. It stretched its neck and let out a cry. The voice was clear and loud, piercing through the sky and resounding across the Heavens.




Luan Feng was massaging her temples inside the Phoenix Nest Palace with an uneasy look. Fan Wu and Cang Gou were there too. Although they had managed to get Yang Kai to come, the three Monster Race Divine Venerables were still unable to relax completely. They were currently discussing what to do if the Heavens Order descendant no longer cared for her family anymore when she came out of retreat.


Before they could come to an agreement, however, the sound of a clear Phoenix Cry sounded. Luan Feng stood up abruptly and looked out in amazement. She could feel the Source Strength in her body throbbing and nearly going out of control.


“What is it?” Fan Wu asked nervously, his expression changing when he saw her reaction. Something that could make Luan Feng react as though she had encountered a great enemy could not be a trivial matter. His heart jumped in fright as he asked in a horrified voice, “Has Heaven’s Order returned?” [But, how did I not perceive anything if that was the case?]


Cang Gou’s face turned pale and the corners of his mouth twitched at those words, “Don’t scare me…”


“Didn’t you hear that?” Luan Feng looked at the two in amazement.


“Hear what?”


“A Phoenix Cry!”


Fan Wu and Cang Gou breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at each other again, they shook their heads in unison, “How could there be a Phoenix Cry?”


“But…” Luan Feng frowned, but halfway through her sentence, she suddenly realised something. She had not heard the loud Phoenix Cry with her ears. Rather, it came from within her own body, resonating with her Source and Soul.




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