Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3747, Ancestral Ice Phoenix


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It was a resonance between Sources, so how could Fan Wu and Cang Gou hear that?


“What’s going on?” Fan Wu looked at Luan Feng with a solemn expression, but the latter did not answer the question. She simply stepped outside of the palace with a shift of her body, staring intently in a certain direction, a hint of excitement in those beautiful eyes of hers.




Jiu Feng was dressed in a fiery red dress, meditating and adjusting her breathing on Spirit Beast Island in the Eastern Territory. She had been injured by a Demon Race Half-Saint during the last battle at Star Soul Palace in the Southern Territory. Her injury might not be serious, but it was not something that could be ignored either. Fortunately, she was a Divine Spirit, so her body was tough and recovering from her wounds was not a difficult matter.


She slowly opened her eyes when the clear Phoenix Cry sounded from deep within her Soul and glanced in the direction of the Ancient Wild Lands, tilting her head to the side with a doubtful expression.




Several kilometres underground, beneath High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory, where the magma boiled up from the core of the world, large bubbles floated to the surface and burst with loud popping noises. A beautiful Fire Phoenix was devouring the Earth Fire energy of the lava to stimulate the Phoenix True Fire and develop the Phoenix Clan Source in her body.


All of a sudden, the figure of the enormous Fire Phoenix distorted and turned into a small humanoid figure standing on top of the magma. Liu Yan cocked her ears and listened attentively. Her exquisite eyebrows soon furrowed deeply.



When the Phoenix Cry rang out in the Ancient Wild Lands of the Eastern Territory, all living creatures throughout the Star Boundary with the Phoenix Clan bloodline in them felt the resonance. The purer the bloodline, the more deeply they were affected. The Source Strength in their body seemed to dance with an air of jubilation that left people scratching their heads and wondering what was going on.



Luan Feng rushed forth within the Phoenix Nest Palace, followed by a very bewildered Fan Wu and Cang Gou. When she flew closer to the Blood Gate, she immediately saw something shocking.


A humongous Phoenix phantom was suspended in the air above a mountain peak located more than a dozen kilometres away from the Blood Gate. It was pure white and flawless, as though it was completely carved from the finest ice jade. Various birds of all shapes and sizes surrounded the mountain peak around the Phoenix phantom. These birds flapping their wings constantly were Monster Beasts of the Ancient Wild Lands. Some were big while some were small. The big ones were as large as houses while the small ones were as small as sparrows. Most of them were the natural enemies of one another, but they were coexisting harmoniously at this moment, and even more birds were gathering in this direction from all over the Ancient Wild Lands.


It didn’t take long for the entire mountain peak to be surrounded by an impenetrable wall formed from tens of thousands of birds. The enormous Phoenix stood in the middle of it all like a moon surrounded by the stars. All sorts of strange cries rang out incessantly. Even so, there was not a hint of panic within those cries. Rather, they sounded elated.


“This is…” Fan Wu stared in astonishment.


“The Myriad Birds Greet the Phoenix!” A red tinge of excitement surfaced on Luan Feng’s fair visage for some reason.


If the Dragon Clan claimed to be the Head of the Myriad Spirits, then the Phoenix Clan was recognised as the Head of the Myriad Birds. Luan Feng had a Phoenix Clan bloodline and in addition, she was powerful enough to make all the Monster Race in the Ancient Wild bow down to her. Be that as it may, she was unable to make so many Monster Beasts that had yet to gain sentience to surround and worship her.


In the midst of everything, she had the feeling that something major was going to take place within the Phoenix Clan today. It was something so shocking that the entire Phoenix Clan would take notice.


Little spots of light suddenly began glowing like fireflies and a stunning light appeared out of thin air, filling everyone’s field of vision. That dazzling light was formed from the condensation of the purest World Energy. The splendid colours illuminated the entire Ancient Wild Lands, making it seem like part of the Heavens.


As the dancing lights converged around the body of the Phoenix standing in mid-air, the all-white figure slowly but surely became even purer and more radiant. At first, the difference was not obvious; however, it soon became more and more intense until the dazzling radiance filled the sky.


Luan Feng stared blankly at the scene in front of her and murmured, “When the first Phoenix was born, it brought light to the world…”


“What?” Unable to hear her clearly, Cang Gou turned to look at her.


She shook her head in response, indicating that she had no interest in explaining; even so, her beautiful eyes were burning with a frenzy that he couldn’t help being surprised at.


The Heavenly light shone brighter and brighter and soon became so dazzling that Luan Feng and the others couldn’t help squinting at the glare. As the World Energy converged in one spot, the pure white Phoenix in the sky gradually took on an ancient and noble air.


The birds flying around became even more excited, and their cries became louder and louder.


As time passed, Yang Kai maintained his posture of pressing one finger against Su Yan’s forehead without moving. The Golden Divine Dragon’s Source Strength in his body had been pushed to the limit. Sitting opposite him, various expressions flitted across Su Yan’s beautiful face. The Ancient Ice Phoenix behind her flapped its wings gently, revealing a light, majestic, and elegant figure.


It felt like the white light was the only light left that remained in the world. Before that beautiful existence, everything else appeared dull and inferior in comparison.


An unknown amount of time passed when finally, a high-pitched Dragon Roar and a clear Phoenix Cry rang out, the birds surrounding the mountain peak suddenly spread out in an orderly manner. Meanwhile, two enormous figures rose into the sky from the top of that mountain peak. One was an enormous Golden Dragon while the other was a pure white Ice Phoenix.


The Dragon and the Phoenix were an auspicious omen, and as they intertwined with each other, they soared towards the Heavens together with their Spirits connected as one. A gaping hole instantly appeared between the clouds in the sky, almost as if someone had ripped open the Heavens themselves.


Thunder rumbled across the skies and rain began to fall. The raindrops were brimming with pure World Energy, and as it came falling down, all the plants in the Ancient Wild Lands were covered in a layer of vitality that could be seen with the naked eye.


Cang Gou caught a few drops of rain in his hand and tasted them, his brow rising slightly as he muttered, “It’s sweet.”


Amidst the lightning and thunder, two enormous figures loomed in and out of sight among the layer of clouds. They seemed to be frolicking with one another, but all the living creatures in the world did not dare to look at them directly.




Following a strike of lightning, two gigantic figures swooped down from the sky, and even Fan Wu and the others couldn’t help paling in the face of the glorious majesty that descended from the sky.


The gigantic figures landed on top of a mountain peak located more than a dozen kilometres away from the Blood Gate and disappeared. Following that, Yang Kai and Su Yan opened their eyes in unison, looking at each other without saying a word. Everything was expressed in that silence.


Su Yan smiled, making Yang Kai fall into a daze. She had always been a great beauty who was highly blessed by luck during her creation. Now that she had awakened the Ancestral Phoenix Source, she had an air of awe-inspiring, inviolable, and sacred nobility about her. It was something that would make ordinary people feel blasphemous just by gazing upon her.


“Husband…” she called softly.


“Take your time to digest it.” He patted the back of her hand, “I will stand guard for you.”


She nodded, closed her beautiful eyes, and immersed herself in her mind. The Phoenix Clan Source in her body had always been extraordinary, on the same level as his Golden Divine Dragon Source. It was just that their cultivation had not been high enough all this while, so they could not draw out too much of its strength previously.


Yang Kai had undergone intensive cultivation in the ancient battlefield for decades which allowed his Dragon Source to greatly develop. He had now used his Source to stimulate Su Yan’s Ancestral Phoenix Source, so it was only natural that it would benefit her.


Be it the Dragon God Source or Ancestral Phoenix Source, the many Secret Techniques and cultivation methods contained within were extremely valuable treasures; however, the information related to these things would only gradually be known to them when their Source was integrated to a certain extent. Most Divine Spirits experience a similar manner of growth, which was why they relied on the accumulation of time and stimulation of bloodline to grow more powerful.


Therefore, when it came to Divine Spirits, their inheritance would never go extinct as long as their Source was not destroyed. Compared to other Races, the Divine Spirits had a greater advantage in these kinds of matters even though they had a much smaller population.


Not far away, Luan Feng looked on. She seemed to have a lot of questions to ask but hesitated to step forward; hence, Yang Kai got up, took a step towards her, and immediately arrived next to her.


“Yang Kai… The Source in Su Yan’s body…”


“En!” Before she could finish her question, he gave an affirmative answer.


Luan Feng was taken aback for a moment before she broke out into a smile, “It really is.”


When she saw the divine light just now, a guess had formed in her heart but she had not dared to be certain. Speaking of which, she had long known about the fact that Su Yan had a Phoenix Clan Source in her body as it was something she had discovered from the first time she met the latter. Moreover, Luan Feng vaguely felt very familial towards Su Yan at the time, similar to an urge to get close to her.


She had not understood the reason behind that feeling at the time, but the realisation dawned on her now. That was the Ancestral Phoenix Source. Seeing as she had the bloodline of the Phoenix Clan in her body, how could Luan Feng not sense something when they were in such close proximity to each other? Then, she remembered another little girl named Liu Yan who seemed to be very well-behaved in front of Su Yan.


Logically speaking, Liu Yan was almost equivalent to a Divine Spirit. In addition, she was much stronger than Su Yan. As arrogant as the Phoenix Clan was, there was no reason for her to be so obedient for no reason. Luan Feng had always assumed that Liu Yan was only so well-behaved on account of Yang Kai, but now it would seem that Liu Yan had experienced the same feeling she did. They couldn’t help but want to approach and protect the one who carried the Ancestral Phoenix Clan Source.


It was completely unexpected for the Phoenix Clan Source to be awoken under such circumstances, but at this rate, there was hope for the revival of the Phoenix Clan again.


Both the Dragon and Phoenix were highly respected existences in ancient times, which was a huge contrast to their inheritance nowadays. At the very least, the Dragon Clan still occupied Dragon Island and had their own gathering place. On the other hand, the Phoenix Clan was practically withered in terms of population. They each lived on their own, far from each other. It was a far cry from the prosperity and unity of the Dragon Clan.


While the Dragon Clan was scarce in numbers, there were at least more than ten adult Dragons on Dragon Island. On the contrary, Luan Feng and Jiu Feng of Spirit Beast Island were the only two who had ‘purer’ Phoenix Clan bloodlines across the entire Star Boundary. Liu Yan was later added to the mix, but even so, it was still incomparable to the Dragon Clan


But, it was different now. The person who had awoken the Ancestral Phoenix Source would definitely be able to bear the responsibility of reviving the Phoenix Clan’s former glory. Before that could happen, however, they first had to deal with the hidden dangers of the Demon Race. If the entire Star Boundary was taken over by the Demon Race, there would be no point talking about reviving the Phoenix Clan. It would be a miracle just for the Clan to not go extinct at that point.


Luan Feng’s beautiful eyes became slightly cold upon this realization. Her hands were clenched into fists as she stared in Su Yan’s direction. She secretly vowed to herself. [No matter what happens, I have to protect her. Even if the Star Boundary goes up in flames, even if I die in the process, as long as she survives, a ray of hope will remain for the future of the Phoenix Clan. I’m sure that person on Spirit Beast Island will have the same mindset as myself.]




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