Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3748, Heavens’ Revelations, Profound Heavens Manifestation


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The slight movement at the Blood Gate in the Ancient Wild Lands was followed by the awakening of the Ancestral Phoenix Source in Su Yan’s body. During such a chaotic period in the world, these were signs of great prosperity. As the saying went, ‘Turbulent times birthed Heroes’. While these incidents might seem unrelated, they were threaded together in a way that could be linked back to one person.


The Blood Gate was related to Yang Kai, as was the awakening of Su Yan’s Ancestral Phoenix Source and the rise of the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan…


Just as Su Yan was focused on digesting and absorbing the large amounts of information contained in the Ancestral Phoenix Source, an Earth-shaking battle broke out in the Southern Territory.


The fall of Star Soul Palace represented the loss of the entire Southern Territory. It was a huge mark of shame for any cultivator in the Star Boundary, but it was especially so for the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan. For that reason, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun went straight to Star Soul Palace as soon as they left Dragon Island.


Xue Li and Fu Yu initially thought that there was something wrong with their eyes when they first noticed the arrival of these two uninvited guests. It had been many years since the second Two Worlds Great War broke out, but the Demon Race had always held the initiative. The Demon Saints had always attacked as they pleased and withdrew as they wished.


Meanwhile, the Star Boundary could only suffer in passive silence with no way of grasping the initiative. Xue Li and the other Demon Saints had been leading Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun around by the nose for all these years. When had there ever been a time when the latter party took the initiative to attack instead?


Therefore, Xue Li and Fu Yu were completely caught off guard when the two Dragon Clan Elders came charging into Star Soul Palace as they had thought that Zhu Yan was still in the middle of recovering from his injuries.


Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun did not waste time on nonsense or greetings. They immediately started attacking the moment they arrived. When the two 1,000-metre-long Dragons revealed their true forms, Xue Li’s scalp tingled with fear for a moment. Both he and Fu Yu immediately realised that they were in deep trouble.


In this earth-shattering battle, the two Dragon Clan Elders, who had experienced a sharp increase in strength, finally had a chance to vent their pent-up frustrations and carry out their vengeance. It was the first time they pushed the two Demon Saints into a corner. The fallout of the battle swept across the Demon Race camp, causing numerous Demons to die as a result.


No matter how much Xue Li racked his brains, he could not understand what was going on. Only a mere two months had passed since their last encounter, so how did these two old Dragons undergo such a significant increase in size that directly resulted in an absurd boost in their strength!?


The combination of the couple’s new-found strength and their Unified Secret Techniques oppressed the two Demon Saints so badly that they could not lift their heads at all. With no other choice, Fu Yu urgently summoned Huo Bo.


After the last battle at Star Soul Palace, Huo Bo had suffered injuries and fled as a result. He was currently in hiding to treat his wounds, but it had only taken Fu Yu half a month to track him down. She had planned to send him on a mission to kill Yang Kai when his injuries had gotten a little bit better, but how could they afford to worry about Yang Kai right now? The two old Dragons were the ones that needed to be dealt with urgently.


Huo Bo had to come and provide support even if he was reluctant because he knew that his life would become extremely difficult in the future if something were to happen to Xue Li and Fu Yu.


The combined strength of the three Demon Saints finally stopped the fierce momentum of the two Dragon Clan Elders. Many Half-Saints also provided support from the side. Even so, the battle lasted for 10 whole days before it stopped.


When the two Dragons retreated, Xue Li stared at the chaotic mess that remained of the Demon Race camp and his scarlet eyes turned even redder at the sight.


Scarcely a few days of calm went by before he received a message from the Eastern Territory. The two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan had shown themselves at another Demon Stronghold. Not daring to delay, he immediately headed there with Fu Yu and Huo Bo to stop them.


The Demon Towers were connected to each other and could facilitate instantaneous travel back and forth between them. Unfortunately, their arrival was still a little too late and two Half-Saints died at the Demon Stronghold in the Eastern Territory as a result.


In the following month, the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan travelled across the four territories of the Star Boundary, targeting various Demon Strongholds without warning and recklessly slaughtering numerous Demon Race Masters.


Although Xue Li, Fu Yu, and Huo Bo came to the rescue on many occasions, they still could not recoup the heavy losses they sustained.


The two Dragon Clan Elders’ sudden increase in strength resulted in an instant reversal of the current war situation. The Star Boundary now held complete control over the initiative in battle, and all 55 Star Boundary armies were jubilant to hear the news.


Even so, Demon Saints were still Demon Saints. How could they allow themselves to be led by the nose by the two Dragon Clan Elders?


10 days later, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun came to one of the Primary Demon Strongholds in the Western Territory once more to attack. This time around, however, they did not see any signs of the three Demon Saints coming to provide support, which made them very uneasy.


The news soon came through the Space Beacon. While the two Dragon Clan Elders were on the move, the three Demon Saints had gone straight to a gathering place of the Star Boundary’s armies. It was a situation where ‘If you kill my clansmen, I’ll slaughter yours in return’.


They were shocked by the news and immediately returned to help. Unfortunately, they were one step too late. By the time the two Dragons arrived at the place, they saw a mournful scene all across the Star Boundary army camp. Two Army Commanders were also killed in battle.


Meanwhile, the three Demon Saints of the Demon Race had long since disappeared.


Both Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun had gloomy expressions on their faces when they saw the purgatory-like scene before them. The Demon Saints might not care about the number of casualties among the Demon Race army, but the two Dragon Clan Elders could not ignore the safety of the Star Boundary army. The three Demon Saints were undoubtedly using their actions to say, “You can kill, but so can we. Let’s see who breaks first.”


After this incident, Zhu Yan and Fu Zhu became more cautious about making a move lest they brought harm to the rest of the Star Boundary. They did not dare to act recklessly either. If news of them appearing somewhere were to spread, Xue Li and the others were bound to take action. On the contrary, Xue Li and the others would be hesitant to attack carelessly if they kept their whereabouts a secret.


One month quickly passed by in that temporary period of peace. Xue Li was sitting down cross-legged in a secluded room of Star Soul Palace in the Southern Territory when his expression suddenly changed. He opened his eyes and listened to something attentively, his attitude very focused. Furthermore, there was a faint hint of respect reflected in his scarlet eyes. A short while later, he grinned and laughed maliciously. He then transformed into a blood light and appeared next to Fu Yu with a slight shift of his body.


“What is it?” Fu Yu looked at him.


He laughed evilly, “It’s starting!”


She was taken aback for a moment, then she was overjoyed, “It’s finally starting.”


The two of them stood side by side on top of a mountain peak, looking out into the vast the Star Boundary. Xue Li slowly reached out his hand and grabbed at the air as if he was holding the entire world in his hand and gave a low laugh, “They are doomed!”


On the other hand, Fu Yu, who had been tense and nervous all this time, finally relaxed. She reached out a hand to push her hair behind her ear with a smile, “En, it’s over. It’s a pity they still don’t know anything. They really are ignorant!”




In the Ancient Wild Lands of the Eastern Territory, Yang Kai, who had been keeping guard next to Su Yan suddenly opened his eyes. He furrowed his brow deeply and looked around his surroundings as an inexplicable sense of trepidation flooded him all of a sudden, almost as if something terrifying was about to take place.


This feeling came out of nowhere with no prior warning. Hence, his first reaction was to assume that there was a powerful enemy with malicious intentions towards him lurking nearby; however, he found nothing when he swept his Divine Sense around.


With his current cultivation, his Divine Sense was powerful enough that even a Demon Saint lurking in the vicinity would not be able to escape his detection completely. That was already the case for a Demon Saint, what more need be said for anybody else?


Since he could not detect anything, that could only mean that there were no enemies nearby. In that case, what was this sense of foreboding in his heart? After ten breaths, that ominous feeling not only did not reduce in any way but instead grew stronger. Additionally, he felt as though there was a huge mountain pressing down on his chest, making it hard to breathe.


Yang Kai’s expression became solemn and the more he thought about it, the more certain he became that something was about to happen. Unfortunately, he could not figure out the source of that feeling.


Just as he was about to investigate his surroundings carefully one more time, a loud buzzing sound rang out in his mind without warning. The noise was absolutely deafening, but more importantly, it resounded directly in the depths of his Soul. It instantly caused his mind to waver and he became dizzy as a result.


With a muffled grunt, he fell forward. Fortunately, a jade white hand stuck out and caught him as Su Yan exclaimed, “Husband!”


Although she had been absorbing the information contained within the Ancestral Phoenix Source, she was not unaware of the outside world; therefore, she immediately noticed when something happened to Yang Kai.


There was a whooshing sound as Luan Feng flew over. She was shocked to see Yang Kai bleeding from his seven orifices and looking extremely pale, “W-What happened!?”


Due to the appearance of the Ancestral Phoenix Source, Luan Feng had not left this place even once over the past few days. She was planning to wait until Su Yan woke up to have a good chat with the her, so she more or less witnessed Yang Kai’s abnormality with her own eyes.


“I don’t know,” Su Yan was completely flustered. Even so, she forced herself to calm down. Grabbing Yang Kai’s hand, she poured a thread of her Divine Sense and Emperor Qi into him to investigate his condition carefully. However, she felt an overwhelming power erupting out of his body and repelling her mind before she could even check anything. She couldn’t help grunting in a muffled voice and staggering backward a few steps in response.


Yang Kai was originally collapsed on the ground, but he suddenly sat up without warning. He opened his eyes wide as two streams of blood flowed out from them. His eyes were completely out of focus and filled with an air of indifference. In addition, an aura that made other people not dare to look at him directly surged from his body as he shouted, “Heavens’ Revelations, Profound Heavens Manifestation!”


He enunciated each word carefully. Those words sounded like thunder rumbling in the skies, so deafening that they hurt just to hear them.


“What?” Su Yan was shocked as she reached out a hand towards him. His current condition was clearly very strange, almost as if someone else was speaking through him.


“Don’t touch him!” Luan Feng screamed, grabbing Su Yan’s outstretched hand as she slowly shook her head, “Something’s wrong.”


“What’s wrong with him?” Su Yan’s small face was filled with anxiety and worry. Even her voice shook slightly from emotion.


“I don’t know,” Luan Feng shook her head, similarly confused. [Could it be a dissonance in his cultivation? But, he has not been doing anything recently, he was just sitting opposite Su Yan to guard her. Can one experience cultivation dissonance just like that? Besides, his body has already been contaminated by the Demon Qi, so it should be impossible for him to experience cultivation dissonance so easily.]


In front of them, Yang Kai suddenly collapsed to the ground again after saying those words. His wide-open eyes gradually closed and that overwhelming aura vanished without a trace. It seemed like everything had gone back to normal; even so, both Su Yan and Luan Feng knew that this seemingly normal condition was the biggest abnormality of them all.


“He should be fine now,” Luan Feng said hesitantly.


Su Yan hurriedly broke free from Luan Feng and threw herself in front of him. Helping him up, she leaned him against her body and reached out to wipe the blood on his face, her eyes reddening in response. Even though she did not know what was wrong with him, only one thought echoed in her heart when that anomaly occurred just now, [Please don’t let anything happen to him.]




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  1. Just read Manhua chapter 1916 and I just remembered that the author never really mentioned anything about the seal Gong Sun Mu placed on Yang Kai. I mean we know that he never really met Wondrous Pill Great Emperor before he became a 3OE so he must’ve just resolved it on his own. However, I feel like the author could’ve dedicated one paragraph to that, he has discussed less important things (like Yang Kai’s grey hair) with more than that

    1. Yes but the author forgot about it, because, with his mastery over the Dao of Word count, he would’ve mentioned it and maybe reminded us 100 chapters later, if he’d remembered

  2. Isn’t heavens’ revelations just the title of one of the Great Emperors? Probably found something out and wanted to warn the Star Boundary, but was able to reach only Yang Kai because he has the Worlds Will

    1. Hmm, maybe
      Whatever it is it’s guaranteed to put the demons in the driver’s seat even moreso.

      The writer stacked the odds up against the star boundary so much that if and when they do win I feel it will be bullshit.

      1. Lol it’s actually not that stacked, it’s mostly even on the high end with the star boundary actually having more GE/DS than the demon realm. The only thing that the demons have is lower end numbers and some stuff that hasn’t been talked about yet.

  3. Ah, yes, the good old heavens revelations, that managed to not get any headsup about any of the things happening now. Aside from sending YK to the Demon Realm to salvage Bright Moons will of the world I have to say this Dao seems pretty useless if it can’t even predict something as major as it can get as far as a Great World is concerned, on multiple occasions.

    1. If your Dao allows you to peek at what Heavens know, but they don’t know jack – then it’s about as useful as cheating off of guy, who didn’t study.

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