Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3749, The Demon Land Expands


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When Yang Kai opened his eyes once more, he immediately saw Su Yan’s concerned and anxious expression and asked in a slightly dazed manner, “Senior Sister?”


He didn’t seem to have any recollection of what had happened just now.


Su Yan worriedly asked after his condition. Only when she confirmed that there was nothing wrong with him did she finally let out a breath of relief.


Finally able to relax slightly, she immediately asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “I can’t say. I just have a feeling that… the Great Emperors are in grave trouble.”


He didn’t even know where the Great Emperors were currently, but he could roughly sense their current state. It seemed that somehow or other, they had formed an indistinct connection between them and this connection gave him a slight sense of how they were doing at the moment.


“Do you not remember what happened just now?” Luan Feng asked from the side.


He raised his head to look at her and slowly shook his head.


She frowned slightly and recounted everything she saw and heard just now to him.


“Heavens’ Revelations, Profound Heavens Manifestation?” He looked confused, “I said that?”


Both Su Yan and Luan Feng nodded in unison, indicating affirmation.


Yang Kai was stunned as he had no idea when he said those words. Even now, he showed no signs of understanding the meaning behind them after Luan Feng brought them up. 


While he was deep in thought, the world suddenly began to shudder. A loud rumbling came from within the clouds. Startled, Yang Kai hurriedly looked up but saw nothing unusual. The rumbling sounded like the world groaning in pain and it lasted for a whole quarter hour before disappearing.


Similarly, Luan Feng was baffled too, “What was that just now?”


But who could answer her?


At this moment, Space Principles fluctuated slightly and a jade slip appeared out of nowhere in front of them. Li Wu Yi’s aura came from within the jade slip.


Yang Kai reached out a hand and grabbed the jade slip. Sweeping it with his Divine Sense, his expression changed drastically after briefly checking the contents.


“What happened?” Luan Feng asked.


“The Demon Lands are expanding,” he quickly said.


She frowned at those words, “The Demon Lands have always been expanding.”


Ever since the 108 Demon Lands appeared in the Star Boundary, the corrupted land had been expanding outward without pause. Those lands seemed to have a strong corrosive nature and were constantly eroding their surroundings. This was especially true for the Demon Lands where the 10 Primary Demon Strongholds were located. The reason for the fall of Star Soul Palace was not that the Star Boundary army was weaker than the Demon Race army. It was just that the entire Star Soul Palace had been devoured by the Demon Land and became part of it as a result.


The Demons were like ducks in water within the Demon Land. On the other hand, the Star Boundary cultivators were terribly restricted in many ways. Under such conditions, it was only natural that they were unable to compete against the Demon Race. As a result, Star Soul Palace had already been eroded by the Demon Land. There was no point defending it to the last man as it would only add to the casualties.


“It’s different this time. The expansion is proceeding very quickly. Much faster than before.”


“How fast is it?” Her expression froze.


“I’m not sure. We’ll know once we have a look,” The information had come directly from Li Wu Yi. According to him, the Primary Demon Strongholds in the Northern, Southern, and Western Territories were showing the same signs. Therefore, he wanted Yang Kai to check on the situation at the Demon Strongholds in the Eastern Territory. Yang Kai wrapped Su Yan and Luan Feng in Space Principles while speaking before all of them vanished from the spot.


A quarter-hour later and a few million kilometres away, the trio arrived in the vicinity of one of the Primary Demon Strongholds.


Standing in the sky and looking down, Yang Kai’s complexion became incredibly pale. The boundaries of the Primary Demon Stronghold were madly expanding into the surroundings at an unstoppable pace that could be seen with the naked eye, advancing several hundred metres every breath. The speed of this expansion was absolutely appalling.


Even Luan Feng couldn’t help covering her red lips with her small hands, her beautiful eyes brimming with horror.


There was no need for comparisons. While the Demon Strongholds had been constantly expanding in the past, that speed could not be said to be particularly fast. However, the current speed they were looking at was at least a few hundred times faster than that!


At this speed, it would take less than two years for the entire Star Boundary to turn into a Demon Land. If that happened, how would the trillions of Humans survive? They would definitely be corroded by the Demon Essence and reduced to Demons.


Everywhere across both the land and the sky, countless birds and beasts were scrambling to flee for their lives. They seemed to have an instinctive sense of the approaching danger. When the Demon Land expansion came towards them, they all knew intuitively to stay away. Unfortunately, they could not escape from the expanding Demon Lands no matter how fast they were. The darkness spreading out behind them devoured the fleeing creatures in an instant. Under the corrosion of the Demon Essence, the generally well-behaved and docile creatures immediately lost their minds and began tearing into each other without regard for anything else.


It wasn’t just the birds and the beasts. There were also many Humans fleeing for their lives in the mountains and wilderness.


The second Two Worlds Great War broke out many years ago and the Demon Race ran rampant throughout all four Territories of the Star Boundary. Any cultivator with the slightest sense of valor or responsibility was recruited into the army to kill the enemy. Nevertheless, there would inevitably be people who narrowly survived in the cracks due to luck. They had been hiding out deep in the mountains and the wilderness to protect themselves while hoping for the Star Boundary armies to chase the Demon Race away so that they could restore their homes. There were quite a few people like these. Rather, it could be said that there were many, many such people.


The Star Boundary was very vast and contained trillions of living creatures. How many people were actually recruited in the fifty-five armies? Compared to the total population in the Star Boundary, the fifty-five armies barely even made up a fraction of a fraction of it. Some were too weak and ended up being refused by the various armies as a result, but there was also a small number of Masters among those who chose to only protect themselves.


At this moment, these people finally ran out of places to hide. The Demon Land was spreading out, eroding their shelters and forcing them to flee into the distance. But, where could they escape to? The Demon Land was expanding far too quickly.


Yang Kai personally witnessed as a First-Order Emperor Realm Master was overtaken by Demon Land expanding behind him. He had no choice but to push his Emperor Qi to resist the Demon Essence that constantly tried to eat away at him. With his cultivation as a First-Order Emperor Realm Master, he might be able to hold out for a while without losing himself, but be that as it may, he would eventually be reduced to a Demon so long as he failed to escape from the Demon Land.


Yang Kai retreated with Su Yan and Luan Feng in tow. The words Mo Sheng once told him echoed in his mind. The Demon Realm did not used to be called the Demon Realm, it was once known as the Peerless World. Additionally, the dominant Race in the Peerless World was once the same as the Star Boundary, Humans. It was just that the Peerless World became a Demon Realm after Mo Sheng devoured the Auspicious Spirit Essence of the world and the Humans living in that world turned into the Demon Race in the end.


Yang Kai did not know what the Peerless World had looked like when its Auspicious Spirit Essence had been devoured back then; however, he was currently witnessing the scene of the Star Boundary being devoured.


In other words, everything he was seeing in front of him was the process of the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence being devoured, as well as part of Great Demon God’s healing process!


The Auspicious Spirit Essence was being devoured and the Star Boundary was turning into a Demon Land. If the expansion was progressing so quickly, wouldn’t that mean that Great Demon God had reached a critical juncture in his healing process!?


He couldn’t help shuddering at the thought. Last time, Flowing Time Great Emperor had fought against the Great Demon God, with the former suffering fatal wounds and the latter losing their physical body. Who could fight on behalf of the Star Boundary this time?


There were no news from the Great Emperors. The only ones that could be relied on at present were the two Dragon Clan Elders, but they were being restrained by the three Demon Saints. They could not take action easily. What’s more; would it really make a difference if they stepped up now?


Without noticing, the Star Boundary had already reached the moment where life and death were at a critical point! Moreover, the Demon Race forces were bound to give the Star Boundary no respite this time around.


“I need to return to the Northern Territory for a bit,” Yang Kai quickly said. There were changes to the Primary Demon Stronghold in the Eastern Territory, but he did not know about the situation in the Northern Territory. Therefore, he had to check as soon as possible. If the Northern Territory was also facing a similar situation, then he had to find a way out for High Heaven Palace and the various armies as soon as possible.


After hesitating for a while, he turned to Luan Feng and said, “If it comes down to it, you should retreat as soon as possible too.”


Luan Feng smiled bitterly, “Where can we go?”


Yang Kai opened his mouth to answer but found himself speechless instead. The Star Boundary might be vast, but where would they find a pure land if this was the situation everywhere?


The only thing he could be certain about was that the rumbling sounds that lasted for around a quarter-hour just now were definitely related to the sudden expansion of the Demon Lands. Unfortunately, he still could not figure out the reason behind the sudden and rapid expansion of the Demon Land.


Parting with Luan Feng, Yang Kai took Su Yan back to High Heaven Palace in a flash. Hua Qing Si had already sent numerous messages to him; thus, she immediately came to greet him the moment he returned.


He lifted his hand, “I’ve heard about it. Head Manager, please ask all the Army Commanders to assemble at the Main Conference Hall. I’m going to check on the situation.”


“Yes!” She accepted his orders and left.


When the Star Boundary armies retreated after the fall of Star Soul Palace, about half of them withdrew to the Northern Territory and were stationed at High Heaven Palace. The other half had gone to the Eastern Territory.


Originally, High Heaven Palace could not have accommodated so many people, but they now had the World Beads that Yang Kai had refined which made things much easier. Most of the soldiers usually remained inside the World Beads. Although the environment there was no better than a Dead Star and there was no vitality in the surroundings, the soldiers did not need to obtain anything from their surrounding environment. If they needed to heal or cultivate, they could just use Source Crystals or Spirit Pills as a substitute.


After issuing some simple commands, Yang Kai set off again, quickly arriving outside Blue Wave City and staring down at the sight below him with a solemn expression.


Just like what he had seen in the Eastern Territory, the Demon Stronghold below was rapidly expanding. It had more than doubled in size within a short period of time; furthermore, its momentum continued unabated.


The Demon Race army was crowding around in the Demon Land and it seemed that one of the Demon Kings had noticed Yang Kai’s arrival and began calling out. In the next moment, a figure shot out from the Demon Land and came rushing straight at Yang Kai. The power of a Half-Saint coming from that figure was unmistakable.


Before the Half-Saint got closer, he let out a soft exclamation, “Yang Kai?”


His voice carried not only a hint of shock but also a thick sense of fear. His shock came from the fact that Yang Kai had arrived at this place alone. If he could get rid of Yang Kai, he would definitely win the appreciation of the Demon Saints. On the other hand, he was afraid of Yang Kai’s unusual combat power. News of Yang Kai killing a Stone Demon Half-Saint during the battle at Star Soul Palace had long since spread to all the Demon Race. Xue Li and the others had even warned all the Half-Saints sternly, “Never underestimate the enemy if you ever meet Yang Kai in battle. Do not be fooled by his cultivation. Do not underestimate him. He is comparable to any Half-Saint in terms of strength!”


No Demon would dare to ignore a Demon Saint’s warning; therefore, the Half-Saint who rushed over abruptly stopped in his tracks when he recognized Yang Kai’s identity. With several thousand metres between them, he raised his hand and summoned a Demon Artifact that looked like an ordinary axe.




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