Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3752, Refining


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Everybody was waiting for Yang Kai to explain about who or what the Great Demon God was, but to their surprise, he changed the topic and brought up another conversation, “The Demon Realm was not always called the Demon Realm in the past. It was previously known as the Peerless World. In addition, the people living there were not part of the Demon Race. The Peerless World was no different from the Star Boundary. It was a place where the Human Race dominated the world.”


“The Peerless World was vast and beautiful, in no way inferior to the Star Boundary. Rather, it might even have been better in some aspects. Unfortunately, an uninvited guest came to the Peerless World one day. This person was named Mo Sheng! Mo Sheng had been seriously injured in a fight against his enemy, so he hid in the Peerless World to treat his wounds by devouring the Peerless World’s Auspicious Spirit Essence.”


“As countless years passed, the Peerless World lost its Auspicious Spirit Essence and the entire world was contaminated by Demon Essence and turned into a Demon Land as a result. It was eventually reduced to become a Demon Realm. Meanwhile, the living creatures in the Peerless World were gradually transformed into the Demon Race, which continues to this day.”


“And, Mo Sheng is none other than that Great Demon God!”


“However, another Master entered the Demon Realm at a critical juncture of Mo Sheng’s healing process. The two of them fought a grand battle that caused the Demon Realm to collapse and break apart into countless continents. Mo Sheng’s physical body was destroyed during that battle, while the other Master died from his wounds shortly after.”


“The Demon Race is currently eroding the Star Boundary in order to devour the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence and give Mo Sheng a chance to revive once more. If the Demon Race succeeds in their endeavour, then the Star Boundary will eventually become the second Peerless World. It will be identical to the Demon Realm.”


Yang Kai’s ringing voice echoed throughout the hall, and the Masters there were stunned by what they just heard. They had never heard of anything like this before. Besides, how did Yang Kai learn about the Great Demon God and the Peerless World?


Seeming to sense their doubts, he solemnly continued, “I spent the past three years in the Demon Realm, devouring its continents. Inside one of the continents was a piece of an ancient battlefield. That ancient battlefield was where Mo Sheng’s physical body had been destroyed. I saw images of Mo Sheng fighting another Master in that ancient battlefield. In addition… one of Mo Sheng’s Soul Clones came to find me and told me all these things himself.”


“Mo Sheng’s Soul Clone?”


“That Great Demon God’s?”


Another round of exclamations rang out.


Li Wu Yi frowned, “Didn’t you say that Mo Sheng’s physical body was destroyed?”


Yang Kai looked at Li Wu Yi and said, “His physical body was indeed destroyed, but his Soul remained. As long as the conditions are met, he will be able to make a comeback again, and the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence is exactly what he needs.” Yang Kai paused for a moment before he continued, “It’s obvious now that Mo Sheng is behind the Demon Race’s invasion this time. You might not know this, but there was not a single living creature left in the Demon Realm when I travelled there previously. All the living creatures on all the continents were dead, slaughtered by the Demon Race in order to release the Demon Essence in their bodies.”


“I’m sure you’ve not forgotten the time when the Demon Race army went insane and started killing each other three years ago. I didn’t know the reason behind this phenomenon at the time. It wasn’t until after I questioned some Demon Kings that I learned about the voice that had sounded in their minds at the time. Driven by that voice, they gradually lost their sanity and thought only about killing. That voice was not something any Demon Race member below a Half-Saint could resist.


“The Demon Saints were fighting the Great Emperors at the time, so it wasn’t the doing of the Demon Saints. Thinking about it now, even the Demon Saints might not have the ability to do something like that. I’m afraid only that guy by the name of Mo Sheng has the ability to influence the minds of so many Demons at once. The entire Demon Realm was created because of him and the Demon Race was born from his essence. It wouldn’t be impossible for him to have the means to influence the minds of the entire Demon Race.”


“Tens of millions of the Demon Race army died for this reason. Their deaths were for the same reason as those of Demons who were killed in the Demon Realm. It was to release all their Demon Essence to act as a catalyst to establish the Demon Lands in the Star Boundary. That’s why even the World Principles of the Star Boundary are unable to fix the places where the Demon Strongholds are located after so many years. It wasn’t until today when the Demon Race finally finished their secret preparations and attacked the Star Boundary in earnest.”


Inside the hall, everybody felt cold sweat oozing out of them after listening to Yang Kai’s explanation. They exchanged glances with each other, and although they didn’t want to believe Yang Kai’s rhetoric, they could not find any flaw in his words after carefully comparing the cause and effect.


Shen Tu Xing said bitterly, “Brother Yang, if it is as you say, then the Great Demon God… Mo Sheng’s true strength…”


“En, above a Demon Saint’s!”


The sound of various people gasping in shock rang out. Even though they had guessed as much after hearing what Yang Kai said, it was still difficult for them to accept the truth when Yang Kai confirmed the fact.


The Demon Saints were already an existence that they had to look up to, and yet, the Demon Race still had another Master whose strength was above that of a Demon Saint’s! Even if Mo Sheng’s body had been destroyed, his Soul remained. That meant that he had a chance of being resurrected. If such an existence were to return to life, who in the Star Boundary could stand in his way? At this rate, the Star Boundary would be following in the footsteps of the Peerless World to become the next Demon Realm.


A trace of worry flashed across Li Wu Yi’s eyes.


The changes in the Demon Strongholds and their consequent rapid expansion had left the Star Boundary panicking, and now Yang Kai had thrown out such shocking information at a time like this and without any warning whatsoever; all this was very likely to dramatically affect morale. 


On second thought, however, the situation had already reached this point, so even if Yang Kai had kept quiet about this, morale would not be any better. At the very least, choosing to tell them meant that they would know who their enemy was. Perhaps, it was out of this consideration that Yang Kai decided to reveal and divulge these secrets now.


“Everyone, you don’t need to worry too much. The Great Demon God might be far stronger than a Demon Saint, but his body has been destroyed. Even if his Soul Clones are causing trouble out in the world, they won’t even have 1% of his original’s strength at his peak; otherwise, they would have shown themselves a long time ago. Why would they need to hide so furtively that nobody knows about their existence?”


If Mo Sheng’s Soul Clone inside the Small Sealed World had not been overconfident about being able to take over Yang Kai’s Small Sealed World, he would not have shown himself either. Then, Yang Kai would not have been able to obtain this information.


Pan Geng Nian said, “Brother Yang, just who in the world was the one who destroyed Mo Sheng’s physical body back then?”


The Great Demon God was powerful, but there was a precedent of him being defeated; hence, they were very curious about the Master who managed to kill him.


Yang Kai glanced at Pan Geng Nian and replied in a pensive voice, “This person’s title is one that you are familiar with. Back then, the one who fought Mo Sheng and destroyed his physical body was Flowing Time Great Emperor!”


The Masters raised their brows and immediately showed a proud look at those words. Mo Sheng’s true strength was above that of a Demon Saint’s, but Flowing Time Great Emperor had successfully destroyed his physical body. Wouldn’t that mean that Flowing Time Great Emperor’s cultivation had reached the same Realm?


Somebody frowningly said, “Brother Yang, you mentioned just now that Mo Sheng’s body was destroyed after that battle while his opponent perished from his wounds. Could it be that…”


Yang Kia nodded affirmatively, “Yes. Flowing Time Great Emperor died at Mo Sheng’s hands.”


There was another round of gasps. Flowing Time Great Emperor was practically a legend in the long history of the Star Boundary. There had been many Great Emperors in the Star Boundary throughout the ages, but not many remained famous to this day. Wu Kuang could be considered one of them, and Flowing Time Great Emperor was definitely another.


Even though everybody knew that the Flowing Time Great Emperor was no longer alive, how he died had remained a mystery. They all thought that he had died in the Flowing Time Temple of old age. It wasn’t until now that they learned that the Flowing Time Great Emperor had actually died in battle.


Li Wu Yi said thoughtfully, “It would seem that the disappearance of the Great Emperors is also related to Mo Sheng.”


At first, he had doubts about how and why the Great Emperors had gone missing without reason. Although the same number of Demon Saints had gone missing, such a large-scale effort could not have been easy to pull off. However, it would not be strange if Mo Sheng was involved in this matter.


Yang Kai nodded, “I was just about to speak about this. I saw the Great Emperors when I went to investigate the nearby Demon Stronghold.”


There was a brief commotion and many people jumped up in shock, some even knocking over their teacups in surprise.


Yang Kai swiftly raised his hand to quiet them before continuing, “It’s not what you think. The Great Emperors are neither in the Star Boundary nor the Demon Realm. Their location is very vague and I only saw a very brief glimpse of them, so I can’t determine their exact location.”


When Yang Kai immersed his Divine Sense into the Demon Stronghold previously, a blurred image had flashed through his mind all of a sudden. He did not know whether it was by chance or intentional; however, that image contained the many figures of the Great Emperors.


“How are the Great Emperors currently?” Li Wu Yi asked. Now that the Star Boundary was in this situation, the only hope for them was if the Great Emperors could return. Simply relying on the strength of the two Dragon Clan Elders left them too vulnerable as they were outnumbered and overwhelmed even though their strength had grown considerably.


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “Not good. The changes in the Star Boundary are apparently related to them. The Demon Saints seem to be holding them in a strange isolated space which has various Grand Arrays set up all around them. The Demon Saints appear to be refining the Great Emperors’ World’s Will.”


The Demon Race had tried something similar more than 20 years ago. The target of their attempt was none other than the late Bright Moon Great Emperor. Bright Moon Great Emperor had been trapped on Eternal Sky Continent. During that time, the Demon Saints had blood sacrificed all the living creatures on Eternal Sky Continent and even set up the Twelve Pinnacles Grand Demon Array in order to refine Bright Moon. It was all so that the Demon Realm could devour the part of the World’s Will in his body.


If the Demon Saints had succeeded in their attempt back then, then the Star Boundary’s Will would forever lose a piece of itself. The impact that would cause was difficult to imagine. It might cause the Star Boundary’s Heavenly Way to become incomplete, or the World Principles to shatter, or the capacity of the World’s Bottle to shrink. In contrast, there was a chance for a new Demon Saint to be added to the Demon Realm!


It was just that the Demon Race’s attempt at the time ended in failure. In the end, Bright Moon managed to hand over the World’s Will to Yang Kai before he died.


Many years had passed since then and a similar incident was taking place again; moreover, it was on a much larger scale this time. The seven Great Emperors were trapped in that inexplicable space surrounded by Spirit Arrays as though they were being held inside a Refining Furnace and the World’s Will in their bodies were being slowly corrupted at all times.


The Demon Race had secretly put their plans into place several years ago. The only reason they had waited until now to take action was in preparation for the refining process.


The World’s Wills that the Great Emperors had were equivalent to the Star Boundary’s self-protection mechanism. The Demon Land would be unable to expand rapidly without refining those World’s Wills; therefore, the current rate of the Demon Lands’ expansion was practically equivalent to how far the refining of the Great Emperors’ World’s Wills had progressed. Once they were completely refined, then the entire Star Boundary would be at stake.




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