Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3753, Either You Die or I Perish


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It was precisely because of this plan that the Demon Saints immediately dragged the Great Emperors into that strange place as soon as the battle between the two Great Worlds broke out a few years ago. The first reason was to prevent the Great Emperors from interfering in the subsequent battles and limit the strength of the Star Boundary. The second reason was to refine the World’s Wills in their bodies and break through the Star Boundary’s defences.


Now that everything was in place, the Star Boundary would be powerless to resist once the Demon Race made their move. Large pieces of land would be devoured and turned into Demon Land.


A solemn atmosphere enveloped the hall. What Yang Kai had said today was a great shock to their minds. Even they had trouble digesting this piece of information.


“How do we stop it?” Someone finally asked.


Yang Kai shook his head slowly in response. Even though the Demon Race’s plans had been revealed, the Star Boundary was still completely powerless to resist. Unless the Great Emperors had a way to escape or stop the refining process, the Star Boundary would fall sooner or later.


“Heaven’s Revelations, Profound Heavens Manifestation…” A soft voice came from a corner of the hall.


Yang Kai lifted his head abruptly and looked in that direction, a strange look in his eyes. The person who spoke turned out to be Gao Zhan, so Yang Kai hurriedly asked, “Brother Gao, where did you hear this from?”


Gao Zhen was somebody Yang Kai did not have much contact with. They only spent a short time together in a Sealed World between the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm more than 20 years ago. He was the Legacy Disciple of Heavens Revelations Great Emperor. Although Gao Zhen’s ability to see the secrets of the Heavens, gaze into the future, and look back into the past was not as great as the Great Emperor, he had received the true inheritance of the Great Emperor.


Back in that Sealed World, Gao Zhen had warned Yang Kai to be careful. Those words were later proven to be not without reason. Yu Ru Meng had pretended to be Li Shi Qing to plant a Soul Secret Technique in Yang Kai. It was only after that that the various entanglements between him and Yu Ru Meng occurred.


Gao Zhan had been staying in High Heaven Palace for the past few years, but he was not recruited into any of the armies because he was the Disciple of Heavens Revelations Great Emperor. Thus, he was a free man. Despite participating in this meeting, he had remained silent all this while; therefore, it was unexpected to hear him speaking those words at this time.


It would have been different if he had said anything else. The key point was that Yang Kai had heard those words recently. Moreover, those words had come from his very own mouth.


He had previously lost consciousness for a moment in the Ancient Wild Lands. According to Su Yan and Luan Feng, he had said those words before fainting, although he himself had no recollection of doing so.


It would now seem that it was some kind of warning from the Star Boundary. This beautiful world that was the Star Boundary had sensed the impending crisis when the Demon Race made their move, and as he received Bright Moon Great Emperor’s legacy and part of the World’s Will, it was only natural that Yang Kai could somewhat observe the movements of the Heavens.


Upon hearing Yang Kai’s question, Gao Zhan solemnly cupped his fists, “Sir, these were the words Honoured Master left with me before his departure. He predicted this revelation several years ago and figured out that the Star Boundary was going to fall into danger. Thus, he told me that I should tell you these words when the time came.”


“Tell me?” Yang Kai frowned deeply. He added in astonishment, “Did the Great Emperor say anything else?”


Gao Zhan shook his head slowly.


Yang Kai’s scowl deepened even more. He had observed a trace of the Heavens’ Revelations while unconscious and subconsciously spoken those ambiguous words out loud. Now, to his surprise, Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor had already left a message regarding this several years ago.


[Just what is the profound meaning behind these words?] 


It was easy to understand what it meant by ‘Heavens’ Revelations’. Now that the Demon Race had all their pieces in place, the Demon Land was expanding rapidly while devouring the Auspicious Spirit Essence of the Star Boundary. With the Star Boundary facing great danger, the situation was changing and the course of the future became unpredictable.


Even so, what did ‘Profound Heavens Manifestation’ mean? From the literal meaning of the words, it sounded like something was going to appear. Unfortunately, the Profound Heavens’ words were too vague for Yang Kai to make sense of even after racking his brains.


Inside the hall, everybody discussed the matter noisily for a bit, but there was nothing they could do in the current situation.


Some suggested launching an all-out attack immediately, dispatching all fifty-five armies to ruthlessly kill the Demon Race in cooperation with the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan. Others suggested that they do nothing at all. They wanted to study the mysteries of the expanding Demon Land in hopes that the Great Emperors might have a way to stop this from happening.


For a time, the hall was filled with noise. Li Wu Yi finally managed to calm everybody down, and then issued a command for all the armies to monitor the situation of the Demon Strongholds closely and prepare for battle at any time.


An hour later, the crowd dispersed; however, Li Wu Yi did not leave.


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Sir, do you need anything else?”


Li Wu Yi studied Yang Kai deeply, a complicated emotion behind his gaze, which made the latter very confused.


Yang Kai had known Li Wu Yi for a long time now, but he had never seen the latter showing such emotions before. It seemed like there was a trace of regret and envy in that gaze…


“Senior?” He frowned slightly.


Li Wu Yi sighed softly and murmured under his breath, “Heaven’s Revelations, Profound Heavens Manifestation… Who knows if it will be a blessing or a disaster for the Star Boundary?”


Yang Kai’s expression changed, “Sir, do you know something?”


Li Wu Yi did not answer and simply smiled slightly in response, “Come take a walk with me.”


While speaking, Li Wu Yi headed out of the hall with a flash of his figure. Yang Kai pondered for a moment before hurrying to catch up.


They were both proficient in the Dao of Space, so with every flicker of their figures, vast stretches of land flashed beneath their feet and the scenery around them changed constantly.


They flew for an hour without stopping before they arrived somewhere in the wilderness. This place was desolate and uninhabited. Most of the places in the Northern Territory were cold and frozen, and this place was no exception. It was covered in a blanket of snow, and their breaths misted visibly in front of them.


Li Wu Yi stood mid-air with his hands behind his back as he looked up at the sky. Similarly, Yang Kai lifted his head to look. However, all he saw was a blur of white in the sky as goose feather-like snow fell around them.


He did not know why Li Wu Yi had brought him to this place all of a sudden, but the latter obviously had something to tell him. Besides, what Li Wu Yi said just now bothered him greatly. The other party seemed to understand the meaning hidden behind those cryptic words.


“Sir…” Yang Kai called out, intending to get a clearer understanding of the situation.


However, Li Wu Yi suddenly turned around with a chilling expression on his face. The murderous intent radiating from his body was practically palpable. Raising a hand, he struck at Yang Kai without warning.


Yang Kai was caught off-guard by this action. He never imagined that Li Wu Yi would attack him. In all the time that he had known Li Wu Yi, the latter had always been gentle and cordial. Li Wu Yi had never shown him any contempt even when he was still very weak and powerless.


Li Wu Yi was the kind of person that would give anybody the impression of a gentle spring breeze when interacting with him. He was not arrogant despite being recognised as the strongest Master below the Great Emperors. Rather, he had always treated others warmly and amicably.


Moreover, the Star Boundary army had won numerous battles against the Demon Race army under his command over the years. It could even be said that he held most of the credit as to why the Star Boundary managed to persevere until today. There was no telling what kind of situation the Star Boundary would be in right now if not for him.


From Yang Kai’s standpoint, Li Wu Yi was a noble Senior who was willing to teach and guide his Juniors without reserve. He learned a lot from Li Wu Yi through various discussions and exchanges regarding their thoughts and experiences on the Dao of Space. Therefore, a person like Li Wu Yi was both a teacher and a friend to him. Yang Kai held great respect for Li Wu Yi, so he never imagined that Li Wu Yi would try to kill him one day!


The attack that came rushing down at him was extremely terrifying. Space Principles fluctuated violently and it was clear it was no ordinary attack. It was an attack that truly meant to take his life.


Although this attack came without warning, Yang Kai’s reaction was not slow either. He hurriedly raised his palm to counter.


When their palms came into contact, Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically. He could feel the Principles surging at him in an unpredictable manner. Although he was familiar with Space Principles, this attack still gave him an overwhelming feeling.


Li Wu Yi had been immersed in the study of the Dao of Space for a long, long time, so it was not surprising that his control over the Space Principles was superb.


Yang Kai pushed his Demon Qi madly, causing the Space Principles to warp even more madly, literally shaking the world around them. The Heavens and Earth between the pair began to crumble and shatter, piece after piece. Afterwards, there was a loud explosion and Yang Kai was sent flying. His body trembled uncontrollably before he managed to purge the Principle Strength that had invaded his body.


On the other hand, Li Wu Yi only staggered backward by three steps before stabilising his figure once more. This clash of strength clearly indicated who was stronger between them!


“Sir, what is the meaning of this!?” Yang Kai shouted. He did not wish to fight Li Wu Yi, especially in such an unreasonable battle.


“Enough nonsense! Today, either you die or I perish!” Li Wu Yi’s expression was cold, and while speaking, he lunged forward and punched at Yang Kai. A figure in his image was still standing in place, but it was only an afterimage.


Yang Kai brought both hands up in front of him and blocked this attack. His body was blasted over a thousand kilometres backwards and his complexion paled slightly as a result. He shouted through gritted teeth, “Sir, have you been affected by demonification!?”


Li Wu Yi’s sudden change in temperament made him wonder if the other party had accidentally been infected by Demon Essence at some point in time. While speaking, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged and wrapped around Li Wu Yi as though to check the latter’s condition.


Li Wu Yi replied solemnly, “Do I look like I’ve undergone demonification?”


The Space Principles around his body fluctuated and cut off Yang Kai’s probing Divine Sense.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai felt a slight pain in his head. The Soul Warming Lotus fortunately came into play to repair his damaged Divine Sense.


On the opposite side, Li Wu Yi raised his hand and pointed a finger at Yang Kai. Intangible Principle Strength transformed into an attack that was visible to the naked eye and shot straight towards Yang Kai’s forehead. If this attack landed, Yang Kai’s head was bound to explode on the spot.


Yang Kai had always known that Li Wu Yi was the strongest beneath the Great Emperors, as well as a pinnacle existence among the Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints. Even so, he had never really exchanged blows with the latter before. Therefore, he did not have a clear understanding of what being the strongest meant.  It wasn’t until this moment that he properly understood what it was to be second only to the Great Emperors!


This person in front of him was clearly different from all the other Half-Saints and Pseudo-Great Emperors that he fought in the past. The fierce offensive coming at him barely gave him any time to catch his breath. He only managed to barely lift his hand and send out a Moon Blade when the arrow of Principle Strength was almost upon him.


The collision was silent, then the two bursts of Space Principles vanished. He spoke with a serious expression, “Sir, please stop!”


He really did not wish to fight Li Wu Yi at a time when the Star Boundary’s survival was at stake. No matter who won in the end, it would be a loss for the Star Boundary. Besides, he was not confident he could win against Li Wu Yi even if he brought out everything he had. At most, he would only just barely escape alive.


“Bring out everything you have! Otherwise, you will die here today!” Li Wu Yi shouted while clapping both hands together in front of him at the same time. Following that action, Yang Kai immediately felt space tightening around him, as though he was being held in place by an invisible force.




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