Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3758, Information


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“That’s a simple task.” Yang Kai smiled, “I tried to inquire about Luo Sha Sect in the past, but there was nothing to be found. Seeing as it is a request from Senior, they can follow me back to High Heaven Palace. Please rest assured, Senior. As long as High Heaven Palace remains safe and sound, they will be safe too.”


“Many thanks.” Sheng Yu Zhu revealed a grateful expression. Although she knew that he would not reject a request from her, she was still surprised to see him agree so readily. [I didn’t misjudge him after all.]


“You should have a good rest during this period. Once the Profound Heavens Temple opens, the situation is bound to change again. At that time, the enemies you will face won’t just be from the Demon Race,” she said sternly. Then, her figure gradually faded away as though she had entered a layer of thin mist, her melodious voice drifting to and fro, “Take care!”


He cupped his fists, “Take care, Senior.”


A short while later, Sheng Yu Zhu’s aura vanished completely. The dark clouds in the sky scattered and the moonlight shone down, dyeing the land in silver.


Yang Kai let out a gentle sigh, “I only came out for a bit, why did you all follow me? Also, Old Qiong, your hostility is too strong. I could smell you from a thousand kilometres away.”


As Yang Kai said so, a ripple spread out not far away from him and three figures were gradually revealed.


“Smelly brat, I’m surprised you noticed us.” Jiu Feng was dressed in a fiery red dress, studying Yang Kai in astonishment, “Do you really have the abilities of a Pseudo-Great Emperor?”


Qiong Qi frowned, “Is this Old Man’s hostility so strong?”


Yang Yan pursed her lips into a small smile, “It’s not that your hostility is strong, it’s that his perception is sharp. I’m afraid his Soul Cultivation is beyond that of a Pseudo-Great Emperor. Tsk, tsk…”


“Did Supreme Commander Li send you?” Yang Kai looked at them, rubbing his head with a slight headache.


He had noticed three people tailing him the moment he left High Heaven Palace, and although they were very well-concealed, how could they escape Yang Kai’s careful probing? Just in terms of Soul Cultivation alone, he was far beyond them; hence, some traces would remain no matter how well they hid.


It was precisely because Yang Kai realised that it was the three of them that he did not expose them. He knew that it was most likely Li Wu Yi’s directive. Even so, sending out a veteran Pseudo-Great Emperor and two powerful Divine Spirits to ensure his safety was a little too much for him to accept despite how grateful he was.


“Right now, you are the key to the Star Boundary’s survival. It’s good to be on the cautious side,” Jiu Feng said.


“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded.


“Who was that just now? Why does it feel like we heard something unbelievable?” Yang Yan stared in the direction Sheng Yu Zhu had gone, narrowing her eyes slightly.


That Pseudo-Great Emperor was completely unknown to her, which was incredible in and of itself. It had to be said that, at this point, the flames of war between the two worlds had spread across the entire Star Boundary and there was no pure land left in the world. All the Masters of any measure of strength were no longer concealing themselves as a result. Even so, it wasn’t until today that Yang Yan discovered this Pseudo-Great Emperor.


Moreover, the conversation between that woman and Yang Kai just now was very concerning. It even involved the Profound Heavens Temple. What’s more, that woman seemed to have a relatively greater understanding of the Profound Heavens Temple than they did. That was enough to make anybody wary. Although the woman’s attitude indicated that she did not hold any malicious intentions towards Yang Kai, those who knew so many unknown secrets would definitely be a strong opponent in the coming Grand Dao battle.


Therefore, Yang Yan was already considering if she should act ruthlessly and eliminate that person first.


Yang Kai seemed to realise what Yang Yan was thinking and explained, “Senior Sheng is somebody from Senior Iron Blood’s era.”


Three pairs of eyes turned to gawk at him.


“You must be joking!” Yang Yan exclaimed.


Yang Kai shrugged in response, “I’ve brought her up with Senior Iron Blood before and he confirmed her story.”


“Sii…” The sound of cold air being inhaled rang out. If even Zhan Wu Hen had confirmed it, then it could only be the truth. It was just… How could a Pseudo-Great Emperor from that era survive until now? That was the era of two Grand Dao battles ago! Up until today, at least 20,000 years had passed! How did she survive until now!?


Yang Kai briefly recounted Sheng Yu Zhu’s origins, then he talked about how he accidentally discovered her whereabouts and rescued her from the Void Crack.


Yang Yan, Jiu Feng, and the others listened with expressions of amazement.


“That’s the reason why Senior Sheng invited me out for a secret meeting and gave me this.” He lightly tossed the jade slip in his hands.


“Inspect it carefully. Who knows if she did something to the contents inside.” Jiu Feng said sternly.


Yang Kai nodded, “You don’t need to worry about that. I inspected it just now and the only thing recorded inside is some information.”


He had not had the time to study the specifics of the content and was planning on waiting until he returned to High Heaven Palace first to do so.


“That would be for the best. In any case, it’s not too much no matter how careful you are under the current circumstances.”


Yang Kai then asked, “Are you planning to follow me into the Profound Heavens Temple?”


Yang Yan smiled, “I am, but they can’t enter.”


She pointed at Jiu Feng and Qiong Qi.


 “Why?” Yang Kai did not understand, “Why can’t they go in?”


Once again, Yang Yan answered, “I don’t know the exact reason. It’s just that there have been no Divine Spirits in any of the previous Grand Dao battles. It might be that the Divine Spirits have their own Source Inheritance and as long as they continuously develop their bloodlines, there will come a day when they reach the peak of the Grand Dao. Hence, the Profound Heavens Temple does not allow them entry.”


“So, no Divine Spirits will be able to enter?”


She nodded, “That’s right.”


Yang Kai rubbed his chin after hearing those words. [If that’s the case, then Zhui Feng definitely won’t be able to enter. He might be a Demon Beast from the Demon Realm, but he is still a Divine Spirit. What about the Embodiment? He has the body of a Stone Spirit, and Stone Spirits are descendants of a Divine Spirit. He also has Shi Huo’s Source in his body… If I think about it this way, then I don’t think the Embodiment can enter. And, neither can Liu Yan… Tsk… If that’s the case, then I will need to change my plans.]


Yang Kai originally wanted to bring all the powerful helpers around him into the Profound Heavens Temple. He himself was not weak, and combined with Zhui Feng, the Embodiment, Liu Yan, and Qiong Qi, they would be a force that would certainly give the Demon Race a huge headache. Unfortunately, all his helpers would be stuck outside the door if Divine Spirits were unable to enter the Profound Heavens Temple, leaving him on his own once inside.


After pondering in silence for a moment, Yang Kai abruptly lifted his head to look at the three people in front of him and grinned, “Since you’re already here, would you like to get some light exercise?”


Yang Yan frowned, “What are you planning now?”


“Tag along and you’ll find out,” Yang Kai did not explain himself, turning to head in a certain direction instead.


Yang Yan and the others looked exasperated as they hurriedly caught up to him.


An hour later, a shocking battle broke out in the Demon Stronghold located at Blue Wave City. Yang Kai charged into the Demon Stronghold together with Yang Yan, Jiu Feng, and Qiong Qi. They ran rampant, slaughtering countless Demons and enraging many Demon Race Half-Saints. However, they quickly retreated after a brief scuffle, leaving a mess in their wake before the Half-Saints could complete their encirclement. It caused the Half-Saints guarding the Demon Stronghold to grind their teeth and curse furiously.


The huge commotion might have killed a lot of Demons, but it did nothing for the general situation. Not a single Demon Race Half-Saint had been injured in the process; therefore, Yang Yan and the others had no idea what Yang Kai was planning. They simply assumed that he was facing too much stress and went to vent out some of his pent-up frustrations.


Upon returning to High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai immediately entered a cultivation room to study the contents of the jade slip that Sheng Yu Zhu had given to him.


Although Sheng Yu Zhu had experienced the Grand Dao battle once before, she had not participated directly in it, she simply had more knowledge about the Profound Heavens Temple compared to others. Even so, the information she had was limited.


In this world, the only ones who knew anything about the Profound Heavens Temple were the Great Emperors; however, most of the Great Emperors were currently trapped in that inexplicable space, so who could contact them?


On the other hand, the Demon Race had the traitor, Can Ye, on their side. The Half-Saints might receive more comprehensive information, which was definitely not something the Pseudo-Great Emperors could compete against.


Can Ye had gone into hiding after he was injured and nobody knew where he was secluded to treat his injuries. Be that as it may, there was no way he did not notice that the Profound Heavens Temple was going to open when even Sheng Yu Zhu could sense it. Hence, the Demon Race were certainly already making preparations for the Grand Dao battle.


The information contained inside the jade slip was not much as Sheng Yu Zhu knew nothing about the internal situation of the Profound Heavens Temple. All she knew was that many people would die every time a Grand Dao battle took place. Only Pseudo-Great Emperors could enter, but no more than one-third of them would return alive. Moreover, how many among that one-third could aspire to reach the Grand Dao and become a Great Emperor would depend on the capacity of the World’s Bottle.


It could even be said that many of the Masters who participated during the Grand Dao battle were simply foils. The main protagonists only consisted of a select few who were favoured by the world.


According to the jade slip from Sheng Yu Zhu, the Profound Heavens Temple was a Sealed World self-generated by the Star Boundary itself. This Sealed World existed from the moment the world was born and would die when the world perished. There was no set time for it to be opened and it would only become accessible when the world felt that it was necessary.


In addition, there was an Illusionary Heavenly Furnace located in the depths of the Profound Heavens Temple. The Illusionary Heavenly Furnace was extremely mysterious. Only by locating the Illusionary Heavenly Furnace could one have hope of becoming a Great Emperor.


“The Illusionary Heavenly Furnace in the Profound Heavens Temple…” Yang Kai rubbed his temples and frowned deeply, “What am I supposed to do after locating it?”


Unfortunately, even Sheng Yu Zhu did not know what to do after locating the Illusionary Heavenly Furnace. Perhaps, it was a Supreme Treasure of some kind and everything would be over once somebody managed to refine it. Then again, the Illusionary Heavenly Furnace might be a kind of sentient treasure which was meant to carry out the Will of the World…


Although the information within the jade slip was not much, it had at least served to point Yang Kai in the right direction; otherwise, he would have been completely lost when he entered the Profound Heavens Temple.


Just from this aspect alone, Sheng Yu Zhu had helped him a lot. What’s more, she also mentioned in the jade slip that the key to becoming a Great Emperor, the Illusionary Heavenly Furnace, was not the only thing that could be found inside the Profound Heavens Temple. There were also all kinds of other opportunities. It was a place which was linked to the birth and death of the world after all. There were countless good things inside that place. Since ancient times, the Pseudo-Great Emperors who failed to become Great Emperors yet survived the Grand Dao battle would generally experience a great increase in strength after they returned.




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  1. Since when Aunty Feng is a Divine Spirit? She’s always had cultivation levels just like everyone else. I thought she just carried the bloodline but cultivated normally. Since she’s prohibited what about all the other humans with DS bloodlines? Why TF is YK allowed, he’s damn near full blown dragon.

    1. Also, just because no Divine Spirit ever became a Great Emperor doesn’t mean that they can’t enter the temple. It could be that all that entered so far just never “won” the battle, or that even if they do get to the Illusionary thingy it won’t do anything for them. No reason to assume they would be locked out automatically.

      The funniest thing to me would be if YK wouldn’t compete. Because he is currently holding the exact thing he is supposed to be fighting for in the Grand Dao battle, lol. If he just stays out of it, there would be nothing to grab for the others. They could win the battle, yet no World’s Will left for them in the bottle.

    2. Actually she’s been referred to as Phoenix Clan from since YK got Phoenix Source, and the other Divine Spirit Phoenix confirmed that they are relatives not long ago

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