Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3760, Qualification


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In other words, it would take at least a hundred years for the World Energy in the Star Boundary to recover completely.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling amazed. [It is indeed a Small Sealed World. The cost of its opening is so great.]


At the same time, numerous powerful auras came out of retreat in all the places where the Star Boundary armies were stationed. These figures looked up into the sky with an excited look in their eyes.


When the thousands of lights vanished, a corporeal palace appeared in front of everybody’s view. It was no different from the illusory phantom that they saw previously, but now it gave off a great sense of oppression after having solidified completely. It was almost as if what was in front of them was not a palace but an entire world.




Following that sound, a heavy set of doors at the front of the palace slowly swung open. The inside of the doors was dark and deep, leading to a completely unknown world. The opened door was like the eyes of the World, looking down on everything. All the living creatures were as insignificant as ants before it.


A high-pitched Dragon Roar rang out as two figures, one blue and one white, rose to the sky. The two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan moved out at once, transforming into two more than 1,000-metre-long Dragons and flew towards the Profound Heavens Temple.


At the same time, the three Demon Saints with Xue Li in the lead rushed out of Star Soul Palace in the Southern Territory and headed towards the Profound Heavens Temple.


There had been no prior indications of the Profound Heavens Temple’s opening, so even Zhu Yan, Xue Li, and the other peak Masters had been caught off guard. Having sensed it at this moment, nobody was willing to be left behind. They were not going to enter the Profound Heavens Temple and had no need to enter in the first place, but many Masters from both the Human and Demon Races would gather this time around. Therefore, they had to provide protection to their respective camps.


The Profound Heavens Temple clearly looked very far away, but to everyone’s surprise, they found that they only took about half a cup of tea’s time to reach its entrance. Landing in front of the Profound Heavens Temple that was located several thousand metres up in the sky, the two Dragon Clan Elders and the three Demon Saints glared at each other coldly. It felt as though sparks were flying in the air between them.


Following a humming sound, a jade slip appeared out of thin air in front of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai reached out a hand to grab the jade slip. Scanning it with his Divine Sense, he found that it was a message from Li Wu Yi. Then, he lifted his head to look at the sky. It was time. Although the opening of the Profound Heavens Temple came much earlier than he expected, everything he needed to prepare had been prepared in advance; hence, there was no need to delay anything. He took a step forward, climbing upward as though there was a flight of invisible stairs beneath his feet, his figure flickering slightly with every step he took.


Seeming to sense something, he lowered his head to look and saw countless soldiers from High Heaven Palace and the Star Boundary armies watching him from the hundred Spirit Peaks at High Heaven Palace. In particular, his parents, Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Xue Yue, Shan Qing Luo, Zhu Qing, and his other close friends and family were staring at him intently. Their gazes that were filled with worry and reluctance never shifted away from him even once.  Dong Su Zhu was sobbing softly, her shoulders shaking slightly while being held in Yang Ying Feng’s embrace.


All of a sudden, the voices of more than a hundred thousand disciples of High Heaven Palace shook the Heavens, “We wish Palace Master swift success!” 


“We wish Palace Master a prosperous journey to become a Great Emperor!”


Shan Qing Luo even lifted her hands to form a circle around her mouth, activated her Emperor Qi, and shouted, “Come back quickly! We will wait for you!”


Yang Kai smiled and waved at them. Then, he took another step and his figure vanished from sight.


On this trip, he was shouldering the heavy responsibility of the Star Boundary’s survival. He was going to do everything in his means to kill his enemies. It was all or nothing! He would either return as a corpse or return to dominate the world!


When Yang Kai made his move, several jade slips appeared out of thin air all over the Star Boundary where armies were stationed. Following that, those Pseudo-Great Emperors that had managed to obtain the qualifications to enter the Profound Heavens Temple and participate in the Grand Dao battle rushed into the air.


Numerous figures and rays of light gathered in this place from all directions. No matter where they came from or how far they were from the Profound Heavens Temple, they only needed a cup of tea’s time to arrive at this place. The Profound Heavens Temple looked extremely far, but it also felt as though it was right in front of them. Just this mysterious phenomenon alone was enough to confuse and awe people.


Yang Kai was the first to arrive where Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun nodded at him lightly. With all eyes in the world on them, they could not behave overly humble, not even if they had already recognised Yang Kai as the Dragon Clan’s Dragon God.


*Xiu xiu xiu…* 


More and more figures appeared, and it didn’t take long before 30 of the Star Boundary’s Pseudo-Great Emperors gathered in this place. When they arrived, they bowed respectfully to the two Dragon Clan Elders, then gazed at Yang Kai in astonishment. Just as Yang Kai himself had no intention of joining the Grand Dao battle in the beginning, many Pseudo-Great Emperors never expected to see him appearing in this place. He was only a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master after all. Still, it was not surprising when they recalled that he once obtained the legacy of Bright Moon Great Emperor and had the recognition of the World’s Will in his body.


Excluding the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan, there were 31 people from the Star Boundary, including Yang Kai.


“Elders, I don’t understand,” Somebody suddenly stepped forward from among the crowd.


Yang Kai glanced in the direction of the voice and discovered that the person who spoke was no stranger to him. It was somebody who once had a disagreement with him. It could even be said that this person held a grudge against him. Cang Mo!


Seeing as Cang Mo was standing here, that would mean that he had obtained the qualifications to participate in the Grand Dao battle. His luck was rather good. It was just that he kept glancing at Yang Kai while speaking.


Yang Kai immediately understood. This person was about to cause trouble for him. He sighed. The bad blood between them occurred many years ago when he condoned Wu Heng invading and devour Heng Luo Star Field.


Later, Cang Mo coveted Yang Kai’s Sealed World Bead and was badly beaten up by Qiong Qi outside Heavenly Wolf Valley in the Eastern Territory as a result. However, he then took up the position as the Eighteenth Army’s Army Commander when the Two Worlds Great War broke out since his cultivation was quite high. During that time, Cang Mo slaughtered many of the Demons and made a lot of contributions.


Under normal circumstances, Yang Kai would not have been willing to take matters with Cang Mo lying down. Although he rarely came into contact with Cang Mo, their grudge could not be wiped away. Unfortunately, this was a time of war and Yang Kai was not willing to allow his personal feelings to disrupt the peace of the Star Boundary. For that reason, nothing had happened between them over the years even though neither could stand the other. They had each led their respective army into battle against the Demon Race and barely interacted with each other. It was a pity that even if Yang Kai was unwilling to start trouble, the other party didn’t seem to think the same way. 


“What is it?” Zhu Yan turned to look at Cang Mo.


“Sir, my companions and I were selected to enter the Profound Heavens Temple by drawing lots. As far as I know, the Sixty-First Army’s Army Commander, Sir Yang, did not participate at that time. So, why is he here?”


Yang Kai grinned at Cang Mo, “I’m here for the same reason as you.”


“Based on what qualifications?” Cang Mo’s expression was chilly, “Sir Yang, you are only a High-Rank Demon King, right? I’m afraid you will need to go back and undergo intensive cultivation for several hundred more years to participate in the Grand Dao battle.”


“It’s not your place to say whether or not I have the qualifications.” Yang Kai gave a small laugh and pointed at the Heavens, “You’d have to ask Them to know.”


Cang Mo ignored Yang Kai, only looking at Zhu Yan as he quickly said, “Sir, this solution was carried out under your fair judgement and we have no complaints about that. However, the people who stand here are blessed by the Heavens. How can Sir Yang enter with us when he did not participate in drawing lots? If you really allow him to enter, then it will cause the hearts of my companions watching below to grow cold. Sir, please order him to leave, lest he causes more trouble.”


As soon as those words rang out, many people looked pensive and troubled. Although nobody wished to create trouble at a time like this, Cang Mo’s speech was not without reason. If Yang Kai really were to enter the Profound Heavens Temple, then what would those Pseudo-Great Emperors, who failed to obtain the qualification and willingly stayed behind to protect the Star Boundary, think? Leaving aside whether or not a High-Rank Demon King like Yang Kai could enter the Profound Heavens Temple, even if he could enter, he had not received the qualifications to do so.


“Yang Kai’s qualification comes from me. I am not going to enter the Profound Heavens Temple.” Li Wu Yi spoke up suddenly.


Everybody was shocked by those words and they all turned to look at him. Somebody even called out in alarm, “What do you mean, Supreme Commander!?”


Li Wu Yi smiled slightly, “It’s exactly as you heard. The qualification to enter the Profound Heavens Temple that belongs to me will be transferred to Yang Kai. In that way, he will have the qualifications to enter.”


Although it was based on drawing lots, it was very easy for the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan to manipulate the results. Those who were required to enter the Profound Heavens Temple would naturally receive the qualification. And, Li Wu Yi was naturally one of them. The rest was really up to luck.


“Sir, you can’t!”


“Supreme Commander, please rethink your decision!”




Many among the crowd exclaimed and tried to persuade Li Wu Yi otherwise. It was not that they had anything against Yang Kai and refused to allow him entry into the Profound Heavens Temple, it was just that Li Wu Yi was the strongest beneath the Great Emperors. The Star Boundary would have a greater chance of success if he entered the Profound Heavens Temple. When it came down to it, Yang Kai was only a rising star and would not be as helpful as Li Wu Yi if he took up one of the spots. It was based on this consideration that they tried to persuade Li Wu Yi otherwise. If not, how could they be so uncaring towards Yang Kai’s situation?


“There is no need to say anything more. This is the result of my discussion with the two Elders,” Li Wu Yi waved his hand dismissively, ending the discussion with a single sentence.


They immediately understood that persuasion was useless upon learning that it was also the intention of the two Dragon Clan Elders. Nevertheless, this result also left some of them feeling rather relieved.


After all, Li Wu Yi’s reputation was too great and his strength was too overwhelming. If he entered the Profound Heavens Temple, the rest would not have much of a chance to reach the Grand Dao. Now that he voluntarily gave up on this opportunity and was replaced by Yang Kai, would that not mean that their greatest opponent was gone? Although this would cause the Star Boundary to lack some power, it would also give everybody else a greater chance of success. It was both advantageous and disadvantageous to all of the Pseudo-Great Emperors. 


At that moment, an elderly man stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Elders, Supreme Commander, this old man has something that I am not sure if I should say.”


Li Wu Yi smiled, “Please speak freely, Sir Lin.”


Similarly, Yang Kai turned to look in that direction. He recognised the old man as the Forty-Ninth Army’s Army Commander, Lin Ru Song. The old man became a Pseudo-Great Emperor 3,000 years ago and had a warm temperament. He had been living in seclusion deep within the mountains for all these years and only due to the outbreak of the war between the Two Worlds had he come out to serve as an Army Commander.


It could be said that he was the friendliest Army Commander in the entire Star Boundary. Every time he fought against the Demon Race, he would lead the way and rush to the forefront of the battle. Therefore, all the soldiers under him greatly respected him. Among the entire army of several hundreds of thousands of people, there was not a single person who did not respect him. He was famous for being good-natured and had never got into a dispute with anyone. More importantly, he was on good terms with every other Army Commander.





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