Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3761, Fire Lord


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Lin Ru Song said, “Supreme Commander, this Old Master has gotten on in age and all those years living in seclusion have stripped me of my spirit to strive further. Although I was lucky enough to receive the qualification to enter the Profound Heavens Temple, I’m afraid I don’t stand much chance of success. Why don’t I give my qualification to Sir Yang instead? Sir Yang is a rising star, young and strong. Not to mention, he inherited Senior Bright Moon’s legacy. This Old Master is sure he will achieve great things if he enters the Profound Heavens Temple. Supreme Commander, please also enter the Profound Heavens Temple and preside over the overall situation there.”


As soon as the words left his mouth, all the Masters turned their eyes to him in astonishment, but soon their astonishment transformed into profound respect.


It was true that he was no longer young; but even so, he was far from approaching the end of his life, he simply looked elderly on the outside. As a Pseudo-Great Emperor, he still had a long life ahead of him; therefore, his willingness to give up his spot at this time was undoubtedly his way of trying to bring a peaceful resolution to this situation. It was just that the cost was far too great.


Everyone else knew that they did not have the courage to do what he did, so how could they not respect him for it? Even Cang Mo, who was trying to cause trouble for Yang Kai, frowned with a troubled expression. He had targeted Yang Kai for personal grievances, while on the other hand, Lin Ru Song had sacrificed his own interests for the sake of the greater good. Comparing the two made Cang Mo seem as though he was a petty and small-minded man.


Even Fu Zhun’s generally cold gaze became considerably warmer and gentler when she looked at Lin Ru Song. Generally, most Pseudo-Great Emperors would rack their brains to obtain a spot among the quota. It was rare to see a person taking the initiative to give up the qualification they previously obtained. Such a mindset was difficult for an ordinary person to achieve.


Li Wu Yi smiled, “I have received your kind intentions, Sir Lin. It is just that the two Elders and I have discussed this matter in advance. There are many things that the two Elders cannot directly interfere with in the Star Boundary, so I need to stay behind and take charge of matters here. That is why I won’t be able to step away no matter what.” He paused for a moment before cupping his fists, “Regardless, many thanks, Sir Lin!”


Lin Ru Song sighed upon hearing those words, “Sir Li’s righteousness is an example to us all. This Old Master respects you!”


Li Wu Yi said, “I also admire your noble spirit, Sir Lin.”


What originally started as an attack targeting Yang Kai was peacefully diffused with Lin Ru Song’s appearance. The old man would rather give up his qualification to settle matters peacefully, so if Cang Mo still refused to back down now, he would be too unappreciative of the old man’s kindness.


“Does anybody else have any objections?” Zhu Yan swept his gaze over the crowd, and no one made a sound.


“In that case, be sure to support each other when you enter the Profound Heavens Temple. Avoid internal conflict. This Old Master will be waiting for your good news upon your return.” He gently nodded. He knew that once they entered the Profound Heavens Temple, it was impossible to completely avoid any internal strife. Even if this group of people from the Star Boundary ruthlessly killed all the Demon Saints from the Demon Realm, it would still end in a fierce struggle between evenly matched opponents.


There was only one vacant spot to become a Great Emperor when the Profound Heavens Temple opened this time and the only way to compete for that spot was through bloody slaughter; therefore, the Pseudo-Great Emperors in the Star Boundary had to maintain a relationship between allies and comrades-in-arms until all the Demon Race Half-Saints were eliminated.


While the discussion between the participants from the Star Boundary was happening, the Demon Race’s side was gradually gathering as well. Numerous figures brimming with Demon Qi appeared behind the three Demon Saints.


Yang Kai lifted his gaze and looked over in their direction with a frown. It was obvious that the number of Half-Saints dispatched by the Demon Realm was greater than the Pseudo-Great Emperors of the Star Boundary. That was within his expectations, however, as the Demon Race had always held an absolute advantage when it came to their number of Masters. That was the case for the Great Emperors and Demon Saints, as well as the Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints. The reason was that the Demon Realm was much larger than the Star Boundary, so the capacity of its World’s bottle was also greater. In addition, the Demon Race had the Myriad Demon Pills which allowed their high-level Masters to cultivate faster and more efficiently.


Fortunately, the Demon Race seemed to have the same concerns as the Star Boundary and did not dare to dispatch all of their Half-Saints. Hence, although their numbers were slightly greater than the Star Boundary, it was not an outrageous difference. The Demon Realm had roughly 40 participants, which was still within an acceptable range. It was most likely an arrangement specially set up to deal with the line-up of the Star Boundary.


“Be careful of that Corpse Demon,” Li Wu Yi suddenly sent a secret Divine Sense transmission to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai followed Li Wu Yi’s gaze and saw a Corpse Demon standing in front of the Demon Race Half-Saint camp. The Corpse Demon was looking in this direction with a grim smile. His skin appeared to be dark blue in colour and his fangs were exposed at the edge of his mouth. Moreover, palm-length spikes were sticking out of his exposed skin like steel needles all over his body. He had a terrifying and menacing air about him.


“Jia Long?” Yang Kai raised his brow slightly. Having lived in the Demon Realm for many years, he had a better grasp on the Demon Race’s information than anyone else in the Star Boundary. Even if he had not met all the Half-Saints in the Demon Realm, he had heard all of their names at least. Thus, he could immediately guess the identity of the Corpse Demon after hearing what Li Wu Yi said.


“En,” Li Wu Yi gently nodded. “He ranks first among the Demon Race Half-Saints in terms of strength. I’ve fought him twice. He is a very difficult opponent. Be careful if you run into him.”


Yang Kai gently nodded in response.


There was not much time left, so Li Wu Yi quickly pointed out the Half-Saints of the Demon Race that required special attention to Yang Kai. Those Half-Saints were those that Li Wu Yi thought might pose a threat to Yang Kai’s life; hence, Yang Kai carefully committed them all to memory.


On the other hand, Jia Long seemed to hold great prejudice against Li Wu Yi. He had been staring at Li Wu Yi since he appeared and it wasn’t until he noticed that Li Wu Yi was communicating with Yang Kai via Divine Sense that he turned his attention to Yang Kai. Then, he grinned and swiped his finger across his neck.


Yang Kai sneered and turned a deaf ear. All of a sudden, he frowned and stared at a figure among the Demon Race camp, “Who is that? Why is there a Human there?”


There was indeed a Human standing among the many Half-Saints. Although this person was also overflowing with Demon Qi, there were some subtle differences between him and the other Demons. It might have been missed if one was not paying attention, so Yang Kai had failed to notice it at first.


Li Wu Yi replied lightly, “One of the Four Great Lords of Demon Heavenly Dao, Fire Lord!”


“So that’s him!” Yang Kai realised.


Demon Heavenly Dao was a group of traitors from the Star Boundary who took refuge with the Demon Race. Whether they did so willingly or were forced to, they had since become Demons. The Master of Demon Heavenly Dao was none other than Night Shadow Great Emperor, Can Ye. Even before the Demon Race invaded, Demon Heavenly Dao’s existence had caused a lot of trouble for the Star Boundary. Below the Master of Demon Heavenly Dao were Four Great Lords named Wind, Lightning, Fire, and Mountain. Each one of them had the strength of a Pseudo-Great Emperor.


Wind Lord had basically ‘died’ in the Flowing Time Temple. The reason Yang Kai now had some grey mixed in with his black hair was all thanks to Wind Lord, in fact. Afterwards, Thunder Lord seemed to have died at the hands of a Star Boundary Master while Fire Lord and Mountain Lord were missing.


The Demon Race had invaded at the start of the second war between the two worlds and the Master of the Demon Heavenly Dao, Can Ye, went missing after becoming severely injured; thus, Demon Heavenly Dao gradually disappeared.


Demon Heavenly Dao was originally an organization Can Ye established in order to create chaos in the Star Boundary before the invasion of the Demon Realm. Therefore, Demon Heavenly Dao naturally lost its primary purpose once the Demon Race army came. Since Can Ye was treating his wounds in secret, even he could only leave Demon Heavenly Dao to fend for itself.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai never expected Fire Lord to actually receive the qualification to enter the Profound Heavens Temple when it opened. Although he did not know what the situation was like among the Demon Race, it was clear that they were no better off than the Star Boundary. There must have been disputes as they scrambled to compete for the qualifications to enter; hence, it was somewhat unexpected for a Human like Fire Lord to stand out among a bunch of Demon Race Half-Saints. Yang Kai also vaguely had the feeling that Fire Lord gave off a familiar air, like he had met this person somewhere before.


As if feeling Yang Kai’s gaze, Fire Lord turned to look at Yang Kai and grinned slightly when their eyes met.


“You need to be careful of this person too.” Li Wu Yi’s voice sounded in Yang Kai’s ear, “Among the Four Great Lords of Demon Heavenly Dao, the other three have clear origins and traceable backgrounds. Only Fire Lord’s origins are a mystery. It’s almost as if he never existed before the rise of Demon Heavenly Dao. He appeared out of nowhere alongside Demon Heavenly Dao. I have no idea where Can Ye recruited him from.”


“I’ll remember,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.


By this time, the doors of the Profound Heavens Temple had long been opened. It looked like an invisible beast was opening its mouth wide to choose a person to devour. Just the aura that came out of the doors alone gave people a slight insight into the Grand Dao. Be they the Pseudo-Great Emperors of the Human Race or the Half-Saints of the Demon Realm, all of them were eager to move after they gathered in this place; after all, they had a chance at becoming a Great Emperor as long as they rushed through the doors and entered the Profound Heavens Temple. Who could resist such a temptation?


It was just that the two Dragon Clan Elders and the three Demon Saints had not said anything, so nobody dared to act rashly. It was not easy to be the first to speak out in this situation after all.


The auras from both sides collided with each other, causing the space between them to become distorted.


All of a sudden, Xue Li lifted a hand and pointed at Yang Kai and declared out loud, “Once you’re inside, find a chance and kill him for me!”


While speaking, a bright red light shot out from the tip of his finger and flew towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai’s expression froze, but before he could do anything, Zhu Yan was already standing in front of him. The blood-coloured light scattered with a wave of Zhu Yan’s hand.


That action seemed to be a signal as, after Xue Li pointed with his finger, the tens of Half-Saints behind him rushed towards the opened doors of the Profound Heavens Temple. They instantly arrived in front of the doors and were about to rush into the Profound Heavens Temple.


Just then, Space Principles fluctuated and the figures of Li Wu Yi and Yang Kai disappeared at the same time. By the time they reappeared again, they had already passed the Half-Saints and arrived in front of the doors of the Profound Heavens Temple.


Li Wu Yi’s black hair fluttered even though there was no wind. His clothes flapped audibly as the space around him became distorted and Space Principles flared. He did not flinch even when facing dozens of Half-Saints coming straight at him and simply clapped his hand, pressed his palms tightly together, and shouted, “Solidify!”


Space froze, causing the Half-Saints who rushed forward to freeze in their tracks. Unfortunately, no matter how powerful Li Wu Yi was, he was only a Pseudo-Great Emperor, so how could he stop the charge of so many Half-Saints by himself? Just being able to stop them for a moment was already an astonishing feat. Thus, the Half-Saints were all furious. They all urged their own Secret Techniques to break free from the constraints of space, causing their Demon Qi to surge violently.




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  1. Author or translator made a mistake, its mentioned that the one who died during the war was actually the Fire lord, not Thunder. Wind lord of course is obviously killed after being interrogate by Yang Yan and others.

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