Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3762, Source Sealed World


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A high-pitched Dragon Roar rang out, followed by a crackling sound. Then, a more than 1,000-metre-long behemoth appeared out of thin air and stood in front of Li Wu Yi.


Taking advantage of the momentary gap created by Li Wu Yi, Yang Kai transformed into his Half-Dragon Form. Light flickered at the tip of his Azure Dragon Spear. Gripping the tail of the spear tightly, he swept the spear in a horizontal arc in front of him. The flash of power shrouded a large area and a terrifying murderous intent mixed with a mysterious aura enveloped the Demon Race Half-Saints.


All of the Half-Saints turned pale and couldn’t be bothered to attack Li Wu Yi as they hurriedly retreated instead. From their past experience, they knew that Yang Kai had realised a power called Martial Truth. It was a strange and unpredictable power, but it was also incomparably difficult to handle. Once injured by that power, the injury was like maggots on rotting bones. Even the Demon Saints had to spend a lot of effort to neutralise the power. If it really came down to a fight, there was no way they would fear Yang Kai with so many of them on their side. Even if they had to pay a price, they could still manage to kill him here.


However, this was the critical moment when they were about to enter the Profound Heavens Temple to compete for the Star Boundary’s opportunity. Which Half-Saint would be willing to be injured here, especially by Yang Kai? They would immediately be disqualified if they were so much as scratched by Yang Kai’s spear; therefore, they backed away despite their unwillingness and did not dare to confront the latter directly.


The moment both sides clashed, the two Dragon Clan Elders and the three Demon Saints of the Demon Realm also collided with each other. The world instantly fell into a state of chaos from the impact of their battle.


Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun were not willing to fight the Demon Saints in this place since they were too close to the Profound Heavens Temple and it would be disastrous if their battle affected it in some way. What’s more, the fallout of their battle was too devastating. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if they accidentally hurt one of the Pseudo-Great Emperors on their own side?


Unfortunately, the Demon Saints didn’t seem worried about that. They seemed to be trying to break through the defensive line of the two Dragon Clan Elders to attack the Pseudo-Great Emperors in order to reduce some of the competitors in the Grand Dao battle in advance. If they wanted a fight, then the two Dragon Clan Elders would take up the challenge. It was an inevitable battle.


Terrifying shockwaves of the battle spread out and both Half-Saints and Pseudo-Great Emperors paled at the sight. There had never been a time when they were so close to a battle of this scale. Feeling the power of the top Masters from their respective sides left them feeling a sense of yearning on top of their horror.


“What are you all waiting for!?” Yang Kai held the 1,000-metre-long giant spear in his hand and his voice boomed out like a Dragon Roar. Both he and Li Wu Yi were blocking the doors to the Profound Heavens Temple, preventing several dozens of Half-Saints from advancing. Their majesty was so brilliant that nobody could look at them directly.


In the wake of his roar, many Pseudo-Great Emperors came back to their senses and quickly rushed towards the Profound Heavens Temple.


*Xiu xiu xiu…* Numerous figures brushed past Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi. The first to rush over was Cang Mo. He was quick to notice the opportunity and also the fastest to react among all the others. Nobody knew if it was because he had already planned for this a long time ago. The rest of the crowd gently nodded, plunged through the doors, and disappeared.


Watching the group of Pseudo-Great Emperors entering the Profound Heavens Temple, the Half-Saints headed by Jia Long of the Demon Race camp all had deeply unhappy expressions. Nobody knew what the situation was like inside the Profound Heavens Temple, but those who entered first might enjoy some extra advantages. Who could say whether the Pseudo-Great Emperors of the Star Boundary would set up various traps in advance by the time the rest of them entered? They might suffer some casualties as a result. Even so, they were worried about Yang Kai’s Martial Truth, so none of them was willing to step forward at this time.


In the blink of an eye, all the Pseudo-Great Emperors of the Star Boundary entered the Profound Heavens Temple.


“Go!” Li Wu Yi shouted in a low voice.


The two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan were being held up by the three Demon Saints and could not get away, so it was impossible to block the attacks of so many Half-Saints with just Li Wu Yi and Yang Kai’s power alone. The best outcome they could hope for was to let all the people from the Star Boundary enter first.


Yang Kai also understood this fact and with a nod of his head, his enormous body twisted and transformed back to his Human form. He stared at Li Wu Yi deeply for a moment before turning and rushing into the palace.


Once Yang Kai had entered the Profound Heavens Temple, Li Wu Yi smiled at Jia Long, stretched out his hand in a welcoming gesture, and stepped aside.


Jia Long was livid as he snorted coldly and ignored Li Wu Yi. Leading the group of Half-Saints behind him, he rushed forward quickly and the figures vanished out of sight, one after another.


A short while later, only Li Wu Yi was left in front of the Profound Heavens Temple. Looking at the opened doors and feeling the deep aura coming from within, he gave a small sigh. Giving up on this opportunity was equivalent to narrowly missing the chance of reaching the peak of the Martial Dao. Unfortunately, with the current situation, he would still make the same choice even if he was given the chance to redo everything again.


“Hmm?” At this moment, he suddenly frowned and turned to look to the side. A stream of light was rushing in this direction at a high speed, arriving in close proximity in the blink of an eye to reveal a slim figure.


“Sheng Yu Zhu?” He glanced at the person who just came and smiled. Although he had never met Sheng Yu Zhu before, he had heard Yang Kai mention her before; thus, he immediately recognised her at a glance.


“Supreme Commander Li? This Sheng has long admired you.” Sheng Yu Zhu’s beautiful eyes glanced upward and she smiled sweetly, “Are you going to stop me, Supreme Commander?”


He slowly shook his head, “You don’t belong to the Star Boundary army, so I have no control over you. You may enter if you wish, but, if you meet Yang Kai inside, please help him out as much as possible.”


She nodded, “I will. Before the final moment comes, I will not make things difficult for him, but you should also understand that everybody is an enemy in the battle over the Grand Dao, Supreme Commander.”


“Naturally!” Li Wu Yi agreed.


“If I come out alive, I will definitely contribute to the stability of the Star Boundary,” While speaking, her tender body shifted and she threw herself into the doors of the Profound Heavens Temple and disappeared.


Li Wu Yi smiled lightly. Having learned about Sheng Yu Zhu’s situation from Yang Kai, he knew that she had been trapped in the Void Crack for many years. After so many years of suffering, it was only natural for her to want to recover her strength as fast as possible; therefore, she had not answered the call to join the Star Boundary army back then. Now that her strength had been fully restored, it made sense that she could not remain on the sidelines any longer.


According to the information she provided previously, the Profound Heavens Temple would remain for three days once it completely solidified. It would slip back into the Void three days later and disappear without a trace. When it reappeared once more, it would be the day the Grand Dao battle ended.


Therefore, Li Wu Yi’s current duty was to guard this place for the next three days. It was both to prevent the Demon Race from allowing more Half-Saints to enter and the Pseudo-Great Emperors in the Star Boundary from making a move.


Meanwhile, the battle between the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan and the Demon Saints was slowly coming to an end. In the past, it had always been Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun being suppressed by the three Demon Saints; however, the couple had gotten much stronger ever since they entered the Dragon Rebirth Pond and now held the upper hand in battle.


Even so, it was still rather unrealistic for them to kill off any of the Demon Saints with just their strength alone, just as how the Demon Saints had not been able to kill them before either.


Continuing in this meaningless battle would only lead to losses on both sides. Hence, they gradually stopped fighting once all the people who were to enter the Profound Heavens Temple had entered. They each took up guard on one side of the Profound Heavens Temple and quietly confronted each other.




The world spun in a dizzying manner. During that moment when Yang Kai stepped through the doors of the Profound Heavens Temple, he felt as though his head was about to explode. These were obviously signs of Space Transference. If a person who was proficient in Space Principles like him was suffering such symptoms, then it must be much worse for the others. He secretly estimated that it would take the others who entered the Profound Heavens Temple at least several dozen breaths before they could gather their wits.


The scenery in his field of vision was twisted and distorted, as though he were travelling through a tunnel of time and space. In addition, his figure was free-falling endlessly. It was extremely disconcerting.


Yang Kai did not know how long it was before he suddenly noticed the space around him relaxing and the feeling of solid ground beneath his feet. A cold wind blew past him, and his entire body felt a chill. Only then did he notice that his clothes were soaked with sweat and he was half kneeling on the ground while gasping for breath.


Before he even had the time to study his surroundings, he quickly released his Divine Sense to check for danger. Nobody knew what the situation was like inside the Profound Heavens Temple, not even Sheng Yu Zhu. Even though she had experienced a Grand Dao battle in the past, she had never entered the Profound Heavens Temple after all, so who could guarantee that there were no threats here?


Fortunately, there seemed to be no danger in the vicinity of where he had landed. He noticed some life auras around him through his perception, but they posed no threat to his life even though they were fairly powerful. There were no familiar energy fluctuations in the range covered by his Divine Sense, so he couldn’t help frowning and murmuring to himself, “Were we randomly teleported to different places?”


It was not his first time entering Sealed Worlds similar to this one. Many Sealed Worlds had these kinds of restrictions placed at their entrances, so each person would land at a completely different place even though they all entered together.


It was reasonable. This was the Profound Heavens Temple where the Grand Dao battle took place after all. All the people who entered this place were enemies, so if all of them landed in the same spot, it would surely turn into an instant blood bath.


As the feeling of dizziness gradually faded, Yang Kai finally had the time to look around, and what he saw made him raise a brow. He seemed to have landed in a jungle with incomparably huge and towering ancient trees all around him. Each of these large trees would need at least several people to wrap their arms around. The largest one of them was bigger than an ordinary tree by more than ten times. The dense canopy was like a gigantic umbrella that covered the sky above his head; moreover, every single giant tree was exuding an extremely ancient aura.


In addition, the World Energy in the jungle was so dense that it had condensed into a fog, causing the entire jungle to be shrouded in a mist thick enough that he could not see his fingers if he stretched his hand out in front of him.


Yang Kai took a deep breath, only to feel all the blood in his body boiling in excitement. Millions of pores opened on his skin and the ubiquitous and pure World Energy poured directly into his body in a mad rush.


It made him feel speechless. This place consumed a hundred years’ worth of World Energy from the Star Boundary when it opened, but the interior was an even greater scene of flourishing prosperity. It was worthy of being called a Source Sealed World…


Just the density of the World Energy alone was not something anywhere in the Star Boundary could compare with. Even the Heaven Grade cultivation rooms at Spirit Lake Palace were nothing compared to this place. If a person were to cultivate in such an environment, their cultivation speed would increase by more than ten times.


It was a pity that the Profound Heavens Temple could only be opened at a certain time. Besides, who could occupy a Source Sealed World like this forever? While it was not a bad idea to hide inside this place without leaving, that person would not be able to survive the erosion of time either and would eventually turn into a pile of dead bones.




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