Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3763, Restriction


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A strange fragrance lingered at the tip of Yang Kai’s nose, so he sniffed lightly and his line of sight quickly moved in the direction of the smell. He saw a short vine not far from where he had first landed. The vine was covered in pale gold, longan-sized fruits. These fruits were peculiar in shape and at first glance, it seemed like there were countless cicadas perched on top of the vine. They were so lifelike that they looked like they were about to come to life. That strange fragrance was emanating from those fruits.


Yang Kai stepped forward, reached out to pick a fruit, and studied it carefully.


“Golden Cicada Fruit?” His eyes lit up. This was an amazing item. Even though it had been a while since the last time he personally refined anything through Alchemy, his heritage as an Emperor Grade Alchemist was still there. His outlook was naturally unmatched by ordinary people. The Golden Cicada Fruit itself was an Emperor Grade Spirit Fruit that could be used to refine the Golden Cicada Pill. Consuming this Spirit Pill could greatly improve the cultivation speed of a cultivator. Even without further refining, the Golden Cicada Fruit itself carried some of these special effects.


All this information was something he learned from various ancient books and records. The Golden Cicada Fruit had long since gone extinct in the Star Boundary, so he had never seen the real thing for himself. Nevertheless, the Golden Cicada Fruit had such obvious features, so how could he mistake it?


[The Source Sealed World known as the Profound Heavens Temple… is amazing…] Yang Kai had been teleported to this place at random and immediately came across the Golden Cicada Fruit. That went to show just how rich the materials in the entire Sealed World were. No wonder Sheng Yu Zhu claimed that all the Masters who participated in the Grand Dao battle throughout the ages would undergo earth-shaking changes in terms of strength as long as they could come out alive. It would now seem that there were opportunities to be found everywhere in the Profound Heavens Temple.


“Where the Golden Cicada Fruit exists, there must be a Golden Striped Wind Snake guarding it…” The information he read back then flashed across his mind. Then, a lurking shadow shot out from the vines at the speed of lightning.


“As I thought!” Yang Kai grinned and reached out a hand to grab that black shadow. It felt very smooth to the touch and turned out to be a strange 3-metre-long Spirit Snake with two fleshy wings on its sides. There was a straight golden line running down its back. Its tongue flicked listlessly, making soft hissing sounds, a stench overflowing with poison emanating from its mouth.


The Golden Cicada Fruit had long since gone extinct in the Star Boundary, and the accompanying Golden Striped Wind Snake naturally disappeared along with it. Although it was only a 3-metre-long snake, the aura radiating from its body was comparable to a Monster King. In other words, the strength of this Spirit Snake was equivalent to a Human in the Emperor Realm. Also, the Golden Striped Wind Snake was highly poisonous and moved as swiftly as the wind. If an ordinary Emperor Realm Master were to encounter this Spirit Snake, they would have no choice but to admit that they were very unlucky indeed.


The Spirit Snake in Yang Kai’s hand struggled and its Monster Qi surged violently. The long body curled up, coiling around his arm and constricting tightly as if trying to break it.


Yang Kai, however, just smiled lightly and slightly pushed his Dragon Pressure. The Golden Striped Wind Snake, which was struggling desperately, immediately stopped moving. At the same time, the body wrapped around his arm went limp and a sliver of fear appeared in those vertically slitted pupils.


All snakes in the world carried the bloodline of the Dragon Clan. It was just that the bloodline in them was extremely thin. How could a trivial Golden Striped Wind Snake carry on under Yang Kai’s Pureblood Dragon power?


“Don’t panic. I won’t take your life,” Yang Kai said to the snake. He did not know if it could understand him, but he had the feeling it could not. Although this Golden Striped Wind Snake was rather powerful, it had yet to gain sentience and was only acting based on instinct. While speaking, Yang Kai placed it into the medicine garden of the Small Sealed World.


Afterwards, he picked the Golden Cicada Fruit in front of him before also transferring the whole vine into the medicine garden. The Golden Cicada Fruit Vine and the Golden Striped Wind Snake had a symbiotic relationship. The growth of the Golden Striped Wind Snake was inseparable from the sap of the Golden Cicada Fruit Vine. In turn, the aura released by the Golden Striped Wind Snake had the effect of promoting the growth of the Golden Cicada Fruit.


Therefore, both of them had to be moved into the medicine garden together if Yang Kai wanted to transplant the plant. The plant would not survive if he only took one of them. That was probably the biggest reason why the Golden Cicada Fruit and the Golden Striped Wind Snake went extinct in the Star Boundary.


Even though the main purpose of entering the Profound Heavens Temple was to participate in the Grand Dao battle, Yang Kai did not mind enriching the number of Spirit Herbs in his medicine garden as long as it didn’t cost him much time or effort. Everything in the Source Sealed World was extraordinary after all, not something he could come across under normal circumstances, so it would be a pity to miss out on them. Besides, these items could quickly help to improve the strength and abilities of himself and his companions once he left the Profound Heavens Temple.


Yang Kai quickly finished his task; then, after considering something for a moment, he stretched out his hand and gave a small wave. A figure wrapped in Demon Qi suddenly appeared in front of him. It was a Demon; furthermore, the aura emanating from this person’s body indicated that he was only a Mid-Rank Demon King.


This member of the Demon Race was one of Yang Kai’s prisoners. When Yang Kai had caused a ruckus at the Demon Stronghold outside Blue Wave City with Jiu Feng and Yang Yan previously, he had slaughtered many of the Demons but also captured some alive. At the time, Jiu Feng and Yang Yan did not know why he took the trouble to capture some Demon Kings and he did not explain anything either. Be that as it may, now was the time to use these captives.


This Demon King had been trapped in the Small Sealed World for many days and had yet to figure out the situation after being released from his restraints all of a sudden. Even so, his expression changed the moment he saw Yang Kai standing in front of him and threw a punch while simultaneously retreating quickly.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai easily blocked the opponent’s attack. After that, he simply stared at the other party without any intention of giving chase.


The Demon King who was fleeing swiftly could not help feeling his heart clench in fear at the sight, but before he could understand what Yang Kai was trying to do, his eyes widened abruptly. The aura in his body fluctuated violently and became extremely unstable before a roar rang out. The Demon King could not even hold out for more than three breaths before exploding into pieces and leaving no corpse behind.


Yang Kai frowned, waved his hand again, and released a second Demon King. Like the first Demon King, the second Demon King exploded into a cloud of blood mist several breaths later. The same went for the third…


Yang Kai finally stopped after the third Demon King died in front of him. It would now seem that the Source Sealed World known as the Profound Heavens Temple really had a special restriction. Anybody who had yet to reach the level of a Pseudo-Great Emperor or Half-Saint in terms of strength would die miserably the moment they stepped into this place. It was completely without mercy.


The only reason why Yang Kai was safe and sound was likely because he received the legacy of Bright Moon Great Emperor and had the recognition of the World’s Will as a result. In addition, this mechanism was most likely only aimed at outsiders. All three Demon Kings he released had died cleanly, but the Golden Striped Wind Snake whose strength was only on par with a Monster King was alive and well. Part of the reason was that one was an intruder while the other was a native resident. Upon reaching a conclusion, Yang Kai could not be bothered to experiment any further.


[Still… it’s been so long. Why haven’t they arrived yet?] Yang Kai frowned slightly, an uneasy feeling growing in his heart.


Li Wu Yi had made prior arrangements on his side for when Yang Kai entered the Profound Heavens Temple. That was because Yang Kai was very likely to become the main focus of the Demon Race’s attacks since he carried the World’s Will in his body. Even if his strength was now comparable to a Half-Saint, there was no way he could defend against the joint attack of many Demon Race Masters.


He had no choice but to join forces with others to turn the situation around. Unfortunately, there were very few candidates he could choose from to join forces with him as he could not trust most people.


Li Wu Yi had initially arranged for Yang Yan and Yang Kai to work together; however, Bing Yun approached Li Wu Yi after the candidates to enter the Profound Heavens Temple were confirmed and eventually became one of Yang Kai’s allies after some discussion. In other words, the only ones Yang Kai could truly trust in the Profound Heavens Temple were Yang Yan and Bing Yun.


According to the previous agreement, they would use their Space Beacons to teleport to Yang Kai’s side as soon as possible after entering this place. They would then hide in his Small Sealed World and act according to the situation. Unfortunately, the reality was that Yang Yan or Bing Yun were nowhere to be seen.


Deciding to test things out, Yang Kai pushed his Space Principles as he connected with the Space Beacons on his belt. After a moment, he sighed lightly, “As expected…”


The worst-case scenario had occurred. The Space Beacons could not function within the Profound Heavens Temple. He could clearly sense that there was a force suppressing the Space Beacon teleportation and preventing him from going to either Yang Yan or Bing Yun’s side.


The current situation was not looking good! Even so, it was not as if he had not considered the possibility of this situation before. There would surely be all sorts of incredible restraints in a Source Sealed Word like the Profound Heavens Temple. Besides, the existence of Space Beacons would be too unfair for the Grand Dao battle. It could even be that the World itself had vaguely sensed something and rendered the Space Beacons useless within the Source Sealed World as a result.


[If the Space Beacons cannot be used, then what about Instantaneous Movement?] With a flash of his thoughts, Yang Kai stepped forward. His figure blurred swiftly and he vanished from the spot by the time his foot landed on the ground. Then, his figure reappeared out of nowhere in another part of the jungle. Rubbing his chin thoughtfully, Yang Kai looked rather pensive.


His Instantaneous Movement had not been restricted, which was good news for him. It meant that he could still escape even if he encountered multiple Demon Half-Saints joining forces against him. Nevertheless, it would be best if he could reunite with Bing Yun and Yang Yan in addition to finding the Illusionary Heavens Furnace as quickly as possible.


He originally thought that he would definitely take the lead in the Grand Dao battle due to the World’s Will that he carried in his body, but now who could say? He might have been able to sense something when he entered the Profound Heavens Temple, but contrary to his expectations, the intangible World’s Will had not given him any substantial help whatsoever. He could not sense anything out of the ordinary either.


Yang Kai did not know how large the Profound Heavens Temple was nor where the Illusionary Heavens Furnace was located; thus, he could only adapt to the circumstances and bear with them for the time being. Concealing his aura as best as possible, he began making his way through the jungle. The harvest he made along the way was astronomical! This jungle was extremely rich in materials, filled with many precious treasures that had long since gone extinct in the Star Boundary, many of which he couldn’t even identify, let alone know their specific function. Most likely, the only one who could recognise those herbs was Wondrous Pill Great Emperor.


However, Yang Kai had his Sealed World Bead and medicine garden, so whatever he came across, he would place it directly inside and leave the two little Wood Spirits to slowly figure things out.


After travelling hastily for an hour, Yang Kai had crossed thousands of kilometres through the jungle when, all of a sudden, he stopped in his tracks abruptly and turned his head to look in a certain direction with a smile creeping onto his face, “I finally met somebody.”


There were faint sounds of fighting coming from that direction. He had no idea what the specific situation was; nevertheless, having encountered others by accident, he had to go and check it out in case it happened to be Yang Yan or Bing Yun.





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