Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3764, Half-Saint Luo Ya


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Yang Kai silently crept over. By the time he arrived at the place, he found that there was nobody around. The towering ancient trees in the surroundings were leaning precariously to the sides and the ground was a mess. There were also more than a dozen Monster Beast corpses that looked similar to wild wolves scattered across the ground. These Monster Beasts no longer contained any aura and their blood stained the ground.


Although these Monster Beasts were dead, Yang Kai could tell at a glance that each of the dozen or so wolves was equivalent to a Monster King. Moreover, the leader of the pack that was covered in silver fur was much larger than its companions. It was most likely a peak Monster King. A group of Monster Beasts like this was not weak in terms of power.


It had taken Yang Kai no more than ten breaths to rush to this place after hearing the commotion. For a person to kill so many powerful Monster Beasts in such a short period of time indicated just how powerful they were. Furthermore, the aftermath of the battle lingered in the air along with a faint trace of Demon Qi…


Yang Kai smiled slightly and looked in a certain direction, “Are you going to come out by yourself? Or, do I have to invite you first?”


The surroundings remained silent; there was no answer. Yang Kai did not ask a second time and instead reached out, clenched his fist, and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear out. Without missing a beat, the spear pierced the ground in an electrifying thrust.


There was a loud explosion. A huge hole was blasted into the ground by a great force. Amidst the flying dust, a figure sprang from the ground and quickly escaped into the distance. It was just that, no matter how fast that person was, how could he be faster than Yang Kai? The Azure Dragon Spear turned into a spread of spear shadows that covered the skies, sending a series of clanging sounds ringing out as shockwaves ran rampant.


Afterwards, two whooshing sounds echoed as two figures clashed and separated. Yang Kai stood in the void, holding the spear in one hand and a smile on his face, a gentle breeze blowing causing his hair to dance in the wind.


Not far away stood a Half-Saint whose Demon Qi was surging violently. He looked livid as he glared and ground his teeth, “Yang Kai!”


“It is this King!” Yang Kai snorted, fresh blood leaking from the corner of his mouth while he spoke. Although it was brief, he had suffered some minor losses in the exchange just now. The opponent was a Half-Saint, not some weak pushover. The other party’s all-out retaliation had caused Yang Kai to suffer a shock that made his internal organs churn unsteadily. He consequently sustained light injuries. While his combat power might be comparable to a Half-Saint’s, Yang Kai’s true cultivation was not there yet. Fighting a Half-Saint without falling into a disadvantageous position was already a huge achievement in and of itself.


One of the reasons he managed to kill the Stone Demon Half-Saint previously was that he had taken his enemy completely by surprise. Yang Kai had relied on the sharpness of the Azure Dragon Spear and the peculiarity of his Martial Truth to win that battle. In addition, he also had Lin Yun’er, Lan Xun, and Mo Xiao Qi helping him from the side. These three young women might only be Emperor Realm Masters, but they were personally taught by Great Emperors and had powerful artifacts in their possession. It was only natural that they could not be taken lightly.


While speaking, Yang Kai glanced at the waist area of the Half-Saint opposite him. There was a forearm-length gash at that spot and fresh blood was gushing out of the wound. Even though there was Demon Qi surrounding the wound, it made no difference. No matter how small the injury, being wounded by Martial Truth would cause the injury to worsen until it became fatal.


This Half-Saint had clearly realised that the moment he recognised Yang Kai and his already livid expression became uglier than ever. He reached out a hand to cover his wound but could not stop the blood from flowing no matter what he did.


“If I remember correctly, you’re called Luo Ya, right?” Yang Kai tilted his head to the side and stared at Luo Ya. During his time in the Demon Realm, he had travelled across many continents to repair and maintain the Territory Gates. Most of those continents were governed by Half-Saints, so he had actually met a fair number of them. For that reason, he knew most of the Half-Saints in the Demon Realm. The person in front of him was one of those Half-Saints he once met.


Luo Ya was a Sand Demon! He had been hiding underground just now, so it would seem that he knew the noise of the battle might alert others and draw them to this place to investigate. Hence, he immediately concealed himself after killing those Monster Beasts, just in case. It was just that he never expected Yang Kai to arrive so quickly, much less pinpoint his location with such ease.


“If I knew this was going to happen, I would have killed you back then!” Luo Ya snapped bitterly. The first time he met Yang Kai on his continent, Yang Kai had not held such terrifying combat power yet. If he had made a move at the time, he could have succeeded in taking Yang Kai’s life. Moreover, that chance of success was extremely high. Unfortunately, Yang Kai had now grown to an extraordinary extent. It would take a Demon Saint taking action personally to kill him now. Any Half-Saint trying to kill him on their own would only find the attempt to be as difficult as ascending to the Heavens. 


“Who can say for sure what will happen in the future?” Yang Kai reached out to wipe the blood at the corners of his mouth and used the spear to point at Luo Ya, “You have two choices, surrender or die!”


Luo Ya seemed even more furious upon hearing those words and a dangerous look flashed across his pale-yellow eyes, “Do you really think I’m afraid of you?”


“Sorry! Wrong answer!” Yang Kai grinned. As soon as the smile spread across his face, he had already arrived in front of Luo Ya.


The Azure Dragon Spear quickly enlarged in front of Luo Ya’s eyes. The weapon rushing at him didn’t seem like some spear, it was more like a Dragon lunging at him with fangs and claws bared. The petrifying Dragon Pressure actually made a Half-Saint like him a little breathless. Forcefully suppressing the anxiety in his heart, Luo Ya gave a furious roar and his Demon Qi surged.


When the Azure Dragon Spear landed in the middle of Luo Ya’s chest, Yang Kai frowned. It did not feel as though his attack had landed on a solid entity. Following that attack, Luo Ya exploded violently and transformed into a huge sandstorm that encased Yang Kai inside.


The wind howled while sand and gravel danced in the air. The tiny grains of gravel seemed to have turned into countless indestructible blades. In just a moment, Yang Kai was covered in wounds. Fresh blood dripped from all over his body, and the surrounding trees collapsed around them.


“How dare you offend the majesty of a Half-Saint!? This King will kill you here today!” Luo Ya’s voice came in all directions, making it difficult to figure out where he was hiding.


Next, a high-pitched Dragon Roar rang out. The Dragon Head of a Golden Dragon appeared and disappeared in a flash. With the activation of the Dragon Transformation Secret Art, Yang Kai transformed into his more than 1,000-metre-long Half-Dragon Form. The gravel swirling around him pounded against his Dragon Scales, causing sharp rattling sounds to ring out incessantly. Those sounds were accompanied by a shower of sparks that flashed continuously. Meanwhile, the 1,000-metre-long giant spear swept out horizontally. The sandstorm that covered a large area was cut in half; however, it instantly returned to its original condition a moment later.


“I am invincible within this sandstorm! What can you do to me!?” Luo Ya’s voice echoed again. It was erratic and hard to pinpoint. While speaking, a trickle of sand separated from the sandstorm and formed a vigorous Sand Dragon that came lunging at Yang Kai with its fangs.


Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly as his spear thrust out, a huge black ball leisurely appearing at its tip. The black ball was filled with nothingness and chaos. 




The combined power displayed by using the Azure Dragon Spear to activate Rupture was not as simple as one plus one equals two. The entire world seemed to collapse towards the black ball before disappearing in a flash. The Sand Dragon lunging at Yang Kai was completely swallowed up in the process and the blast even hollowed out a huge hole in the middle of the sandstorm.


At the same time, a giant sand figure with Luo Ya’s appearance suddenly emerged behind Yang Kai. The figure opened its two big hands and violently smashed them towards Yang Kai’s head in a clapping motion.


Yang Kai could sense the attack, but it was too late to dodge. There was a loud explosive noise. Then, he was struck so hard that his body staggered unsteadily and he became dizzy. Before Yang Kai could regain his footing, Luo Ya, who was composed of sand and gravel, threw another punch. This time around, the punch landed squarely in the middle of Yang Kai’s back. There was another loud explosive noise and Yang Kai’s staggering figure plunged forward as though he was struck by lightning. At the same time, a spray of blood mist spurted out of his mouth. Despite his rather severe injuries, however, the corners of Yang Kai’s mouth curled up into a smile. His Golden Dragon Eyes stared at a certain part of the sandstorm and he grinned madly, “Found you!”


If Luo Ya had not made a move, it would have been extremely difficult to pinpoint his exact location. However, the vague fluctuations he made the moment he attacked were enough for Yang Kai to lock onto his whereabouts. Therefore, Yang Kai ignored the huge Sand Demon behind him and thrust his spear to the side with both his Demon Qi and Dragon Strength.


A cry of shock rang out as Luo Ya’s figure was revealed in the endless swirl of gravel and sand. His expression was horrified as he desperately moved about within the sandstorm, trying to avoid this terrifying blow. Unfortunately, the spear followed him closely like maggots on rotting bones.


With a deafening explosion, the huge Sand Demon fell apart. All the sand and gravel from the sandstorm gathered behind Luo Ya to form a thick and solid sand shield in the blink of an eye.


In the meantime, the spear had already arrived. Its ferocious force rampaged, causing the sand shield to explode into pieces. Luo Ya screamed in pain and borrowed the power of the thrust to quickly escape into the distance.


Retracting his arm, Yang Kai stared at the smear of fresh blood on the tip of the spear and smiled coldly. Afterwards, he strode forward and chased after Luo Ya.


Both of them were in the same league in terms of strength. While Luo Ya should be stronger than Yang Kai, the Martial Truth attached to Azure Dragon Spear made him cautious about acting lest he be wounded in the process. He had already been slashed by Yang Kai’s spear at the outset and suffered a small injury as a result.


What’s more, Yang Kai had used a method that left both parties sustaining great losses during their subsequent exchange of blows to ensure that Luo Ya would suffer greatly regardless of the injury he himself received. How could Luo Ya dare to continue fighting after that?


Yang Kai might be rather injured, but he could recover completely with some recuperation. On the other hand, Luo Ya’s injuries were not as easy to deal with and there was no Demon Saint around to help him neutralise the Martial Truth eating away at him here. It would be difficult even to suppress the wound just by relying on his strength alone.


Just within these few breaths, Luo Ya could already feel the strange energy in his initial wound causing trouble within his body. Moreover, the force seemed to penetrate even deeper into his bones and meridians with the use of his Demon Qi. If he continued in this battle, he would ultimately face a tragic ending even if Yang Kai would not get away unscathed either.


“Damn this power!” Luo Ya’s face was ashen. There was no way he would have been so afraid of Yang Kai if not for this Martial Truth. Furthermore, trying to escape from a person who was proficient in the Dao of Space was nothing but a fool’s dream. All he could hope for right now was to encounter other Demon Half-Saints, join forces with them, and repel Yang Kai together. As for trying to kill Yang Kai… the chances were too slim, it was better to not even consider the possibility.


Be that as it may, what made Luo Ya despair was that he did not know how vast the Profound Heavens Temple was. The commotion caused during his fight with Yang Kai could not have been small, but even so, the noise had not attracted another Half-Saint towards them. Not even a Pseudo-Great Emperor from the Star Boundary had appeared.


While fighting and retreating at the same time, Luo Ya felt his heart sinking. The longer he dragged things out in his current condition, the worse it would be for him. Thus, the struggle between fear and desperation couldn’t help flashing before his eyes. All of a sudden, that struggle vanished and was replaced by a resolute look. His escaping figure stopped abruptly, turned around, and stared at Yang Kai coldly.





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  1. Ah, yet another “YK has indeed gotten stronger, but don’t think for a second he can actually really compete with Half-Saints now, its amazing enough that he is not at a disatvantage immediately” chapter. I wonder if we will get 40 repeats of that the whole arc.

    YKs soul is supposed to be stronger than literally any half saint by a large margin, which has been shown to be entirely useless. All the significant powerups since he fought Wind Lord (which he could have killed even back then if it where not for Flowing Times artifact), including the freaking ancient dragon super spear, amount to “the only reason YK even has a chance is bc they can’t deal with the martial truth”. This has to be the most frustrating corner author has ever written himself into.

    1. Well, at first YK could ambush a PGE while abusing world bead and pulling out all his menagerie to fight ’em to a standstill. Now he’s fighting pretty much with brute force only, using Space Principles simply to keep up with the quarry. I would say there’s still something of an improvement.

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