Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3765, You’re Dead


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“Go on, run! Why aren’t you running?” Yang Kai turned his head and spat out a mouthful of blood. Lifting his head slightly, he looked down at Luo Ya condescendingly.


Luo Ya quickly said, “The Grand Dao battle has only just begun, must you insist on being so aggressive? Why don’t we just stop here? We can continue later. There will always be a time for a battle in the future.”


“Are you begging for mercy?” Yang Kai tapped his spear on his shoulders with a contemptuous look in his eyes.


“Yang Kai, hear this well. It’s not that this King doesn’t have the power to fight you, it’s just that I am not willing to fight with you when it will only end in a lose-lose situation,” Luo Ya replied in annoyance.


“That would depend on whether you have the qualification!” Yang Kai slammed the Azure Dragon Spear to the ground, his expression suddenly becoming serious. While forming hand seals rapidly, an ethereal Principle Strength began swirling around his body. The whole world seemed to stagnate, as if the flow of time had stopped at this moment.


“Time Flies Seal!” Luo Ya frowned deeply. The information the Demon Race had collected on Yang Kai was extremely detailed, so it was only natural for him to know what kind of Divine Abilities Yang Kai was capable of using. Therefore, he instantly knew what kind of attack was coming as soon as he saw the motions Yang Kai was making.


Among the information collected on Yang Kai, there were many things that could make a Half-Saint apprehensive; however, there were three in particular that stood out the most. The first was the strange Martial Truth he wielded. It was something that even gave the Demon Saints great headache, what more a Half-Saint? The second was his Space Principles. He had been able to repair and maintain the Territory Gates when he first entered the Demon Realm, and in comparison, his strength had grown immeasurably since then. Accordingly, his accomplishments in the Dao of Space had become increasingly powerful. The third was the Time Flies Seal. Since it involved Time Principles, it was even more bizarre and difficult to predict than Space Principles.


Up until now, the people from the Demon Realm remained a little puzzled. How could a single person cultivate two different Principle Strengths to such an extent? Moreover, be it the Dao of Space or the Dao of Time, both were extremely profound and esoteric. It was simply incredible for both of these powers to appear together in one person.


Hence, the thought of escaping instantly bloomed in Luo Ya’s mind the moment he noticed the aura of the Time Principles. The resolve to stand and fight just a moment ago shattered completely. Unfortunately, Yang Kai had already struck a palm in his direction before he could do anything. Time Principles spread out, causing Luo Ya’s thoughts to stagnate for a moment. It only lasted for a moment and he hurriedly snapped back to his senses, but even so, what entered his vision at that moment was an unstoppable spear crashing down on him.


At the juncture of life or death, Luo Ya desperately lifted a hand to summon a bunch of Demon Artifacts. Each Demon Artifact blazed with various colours in front of him, forming a solid layer of protection.


A series of cracking sounds rang out as the Demon Artifacts that were powerful enough to make any Demon King break their head open in order to obtain instantly exploded into dust. Luo Ya’s complexion swiftly turned pale as a huge force came rushing at him from the front. A feeling of pain spread out from his chest as though he had been hit head-on by an enormous mountain. His entire being was sent flying backwards into the air and his Demon Blood scattered across the sky.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai returned to his Human form and quickly pursued.


The battle resumed within the jungle. Despite being severely injured, Luo Ya still had the strength to fight back. Besides, it was only natural that he would not sit still and wait for death to come to him when Yang Kai was being so aggressive.


A quarter-hour later, Luo Ya lay on the ground somewhere in the jungle like a pile of hashed meat. The Azure Dragon Spear had pierced through his body and pinned him to the ground. On the other hand, Yang Kai was breathing heavily. Walking over from a distance, he came to stand in front of Luo Ya and looked down on the latter condescendingly with a look of indifference in his eyes.


That icy cold expression made Luo Ya panic. It had been many years since he last felt this helpless. In fact, such despair had not visited him ever since he became a Half-Saint. His heart was filled with grief, anger, and unwillingness. Unfortunately, things had already come to this point, so what was the point of feeling resentment? The only thing that made him furious was that he had not tried his best to fight Yang Kai from the beginning. If he had not been so timid at the outset, he might not have lost so badly in this battle.


“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk…” Yang Kai stared at Luo Ya as though looking at a dying dog. He thought back to the past when the pressure of a Half-Saint or Pseudo-Great Emperor had weighed down on him like a mountain. It had been so heavy that he couldn’t even breathe. Back then, he had wished that he had such powerful strength himself, and now, more than one Half-Saint had died at his hands, “The vitality of the Demon Race is really enviable.”


Following their big battle, Luo Ya’s body had been smashed in half. If any Pseudo-Great Emperor of the Human Race had been as severely injured as Luo Ya, they would definitely be powerless to survive and struggling would only serve to delay their death. However, it was different for the Demon Race. Even if Luo Ya’s body had been reduced to a pile of meat, he would not die as long as his Demon Heart survived. Naturally, his strength would be greatly reduced even if he managed to revive with his Demon Heart. In addition, the erosion of the Martial Truth was like maggots on rotting bones, so there was no way to get rid of it.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had similar resiliency. Since the power of his Dragon Source had been greatly awakened and even his Half-Dragon Form had grown immensely, the Dragon Clan’s originally powerful healing abilities had also gotten stronger.


“Mercy!” Luo Ya moaned. While speaking, a lot of fresh blood spurted out of his mouth.


“I gave you a chance previously. It’s too bad that you didn’t cherish it!” Yang Kai stretched out his hand, grabbed hold of the Azure Dragon Spear, and twisted it lightly. A look of pain appeared on Luo Ya’s face, but he was extremely stubborn and refused to let out a scream.


“Let me go and I will tell you everything you want to know.”


“What do you think I want to know?” Yang Kai looked at Luo Ya coldly.


“Everything about this Source Sealed World! Didn’t you ask me to surrender so that you can ask about this!?” Luo Ya gasped, blood dripping from his mouth, making him look extremely miserable, “I’m sure you know less about the Profound Heavens Temple than we do.”


Yang Kai snorted, “That’s only thanks to the traitor on your side!”


If the Great Emperors had still been here, the people from the Star Boundary who entered the Profound Heavens Temple would not have been this bewildered by the Source Sealed World. On the other hand, the Demon Race had Can Ye on their side. Although Can Ye was currently healing from his previous injuries, it was still possible for him to pass some information to the others. Therefore, it was safe to presume that the Half-Saints had more information on the Source Sealed World that belonged to the Star Boundary than the people of the Star Boundary themselves.


“As long as you swear on your Dao Heart and let me go, I will tell you everything I know.” The desire to survive flashed in Luo Ya’s eyes. Even if he was a Half-Saint, it was only natural to struggle to survive in the face of death.


Yang Kai said coldly, “Why should I swear an oath? Can’t I just take what I want to know directly?”


As soon as those words left his mouth, his left eye suddenly turned golden and a majestic slip appeared in it. An endless majesty filled the air, captivating people’s Souls.


Then, a terrifying wave of Divine Sense pressed down on Luo Ya like a tsunami. It was only for a moment before that Divine Sense came into contact with a layer of protection which was obviously his Soul defence.


“No!” Luo Ya screamed in shock. In that brief instant, he had felt an intense pain running through his mind as though his head was being pierced by thousands of needles. His expression became horrified after sensing Yang Kai’s Soul cultivation. Although Yang Kai was no more than a High-Rank Demon King, the Divine Sense that Yang Kai unleashed was much stronger than his own. It was simply abnormal.


Even so, this was not the time to consider this. Upon realising that Yang Kai wanted to break through his Knowledge Sea’s Defences to directly search his Soul for his secrets, Luo Ya quickly bolstered his resistance. It was just that he was already an arrow at the end of its flight. It was only thanks to Yang Kai not giving him the final blow that he could still struggle with his dying breath. What’s more, his Soul cultivation was not as strong as Yang Kai’s to begin with, so how could he do anything to stop Yang Kai? He barely held on for ten breaths before a cracking sound rang out in his head. His Soul Defence had been penetrated.


The pain was so intense that he became unable to even think for himself. All he could feel was the wave of Divine Sense that was rampaging about his Knowledge Sea without any scruples, tearing it apart. Nothing could be hidden from this intruder in his mind. All the secrets hidden in his Knowledge Sea were revealed at this moment. However, Luo Ya suddenly showed a strange and relieved smile at that time and muttered, “You’re dead.”


At the same time, Yang Kai, who was focused on investigating the many secrets in Luo Ya’s Knowledge Sea, let out an exclamation and his expression changed drastically, “A Soul Wisp!?”


He could clearly sense an aura that did not belong to Luo Ya hiding within the latter’s Knowledge Sea. Although that aura was very weak, it was also extremely pure. More importantly, it gave off an exceedingly ominous feeling.


It all happened in an instant. Luo Ya’s Spiritual Energy poured into that wisp, causing it to surge violently and transform into an illusory figure. That figure was slender and tall with fiery-red hair and scarlet eyes. He stood within Luo Ya’s Knowledge Sea, looking at Yang Kai’s outpouring Divine Sense with a smile that simply radiated with pure hostility.


“Xue Li!” Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically. He instantly understood what was going on, but he never expected that Xue Li and the other Demon Saints would go to such lengths just to protect the secrets of the Profound Heavens Temple that were hidden within the minds of the Half-Saints. [I can’t believe he planted a Soul Wisp into Luo Ya’s Knowledge Sea! If Luo Ya has this, then all the other Half-Saints probably do too…]


Luo Ya’s pleading previously might have been sincere. Nobody was willing to die if they had a chance at survival after all. On the flip side, it could also have been deliberate just to make Yang Kai relax his vigilance.


Whatever the case, he would have survived this ordeal if Yang Kai had agreed to the oath. Even though he had been injured by the Martial Truth, they were standing in the Profound Heavens Temple that contained countless precious treasures. Who could say whether Luo Ya would come across some method to neutralise the Martial Truth? If Yang Kai refused to comply with his request, then this was the inevitable outcome. In this case, Yang Kai, who had tried to harm him, would certainly suffer as a result.


As of this moment, Yang Kai was out of luck. There was no time to think as he swiftly withdrew his Divine Sense. By then, Luo Ya’s Spiritual Energy had merged with Xue Li’s Soul Wisp completely. All the secrets in Luo Ya’s mind had vanished out of sight, so it was impossible to investigate any further. Furthermore, the rapid growth of Xue Li’s Soul Wisp was making Yang Kai feel very threatened.


The Divine Senses of two illusory phantoms, one chasing and the other running, were silently clashing with each other inside Luo Ya’s Knowledge Sea. It didn’t take long for Yang Kai’s Divine Sense to escape out of Luo Ya’s Knowledge Sea, but unfortunately for him, Xue Li’s Soul Wisp pursued, following him back in the direction Yang Kai had fled, all the way to the latter’s Knowledge Sea.


The sky was full of stars inside the pitch-black Knowledge Sea. There was the Star Field Source of Heng Luo Star Field, as well as a seven-colour brilliance shining in the middle of the black flames of Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.


Xue Li turned his head and looked around, staring at the seven-coloured treasure island. His scarlet eyes seemed to be able to break through the illusion and observe its essence, causing him to murmur with a greedy expression, “Soul Warming Lotus?”


“Do you want it?” Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar stood to the side, squinting at Xue Li.


“It’s one of the world’s Supreme Treasures. Who wouldn’t want it?” Xue Li licked his lips, his gaze full of envy and desire, “It will become mine once I kill you.”


“Really… I’m not as easy to kill as you seem to think. Besides, this is my territory.” Yang Kai grinned at Xue Li, raising both hands into the air, causing the pitch-black Knowledge Sea to churn…




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  1. Gonna go ahead and say that he should have absolutely no problems handling a wisp of Xue Li’s soul. His soul cultivation was even way stronger than a half-saint charm demon’s even though charm demons specialise in soul cultivation. An example being Yu Ru Meng’s soul being even stronger than Serene Soul Great Emperor’s. Since his soul cultivation is second only to the Great Emperors/Demon Saints, he should have absolutely no problem dealing with a small fraction of their soul.

  2. Might as well walk around with a sign saying he has the soul warming lotus by now.
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  3. Even if Xue Li have split his entire soul into 40 wisps leaving nothing for himself – that’s still just 2.5% strength soul vs. almost GE grade soul backed by soul attack charged for decades, soul attack artefact, that silly flower and yang aspected flaming knowledge sea. That joke of a threat should be just a snack to his insects, while Yang boy himself wouldn’t even floss after gulping down that sucker. MoMo’s bullshitting drama again out of nothing.

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