Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3767, Battle


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“A Shadow Demon and a Bone Demon…” Sheng Yu Zhu glanced at the two Demons with her beautiful eyes and immediately recognized their identities. Although she had constantly been in retreat to recover the strength she lost and did not participate in the Two Worlds Great War, it did not prevent her from sending the Luo Sha Sect disciples out to gather information on the Demon Race. The Demon Race proclaimed to have a hundred different Clans, but only a few of those really stood out among them. Moreover, each Clan had their own distinct characteristics, making them extremely recognizable.


“This is going to be a little troublesome…” She frowned slightly. Despite being caught in a pincer by two Demon Race Half-Saints, Sheng Yu Zhu unexpectedly did not show signs of panic.


A strange cackling laugh rang out at that moment as the Bone Demon’s teeth chattered open and close, making a sound similar to metal striking metal, “You sure have terrible luck. I can’t believe you bumped into us here. Can you please die for us?”


Although his tone was polite, his voice was as cold as ice.


She smiled in response, “Are you that confident?”


The Bone Demon snorted, “It’s two against one. How can I not be confident?”


“Stop wasting your breath on nonsense and just get on with it!” The Shadow Demon Clan had always been one of few words, just as they were stingy about revealing their figures to others. After the Shadow Demon finished speaking, he turned into a stream of black light and lunged toward Sheng Yu Zhu.


Likewise, Sheng Yu Zhu moved at the very same moment the Shadow Demon made his move, her delicate body showing unimaginable swiftness as she rushed at the Shadow Demon coming at her and simultaneously reached out to grab at something in the void with both hands. Twin sabre-like artifacts were summoned into her grip, an ancient aura fluctuating around the curved blades that gleamed with a cold light.


“Hm?” The Shadow Demon exclaimed in surprise. It would seem that he did not expect a Human woman to be so daring. Not only did she not try to escape despite facing a two-on-one battle, she even took the initiative to attack. Nevertheless, this was exactly what he desired. The other party was all alone, so this woman would undoubtedly be at a disadvantage in this battle.


A dagger appeared silently as the Shadow Demon’s figure flashed several times, a cold light gleaming from his blade as he slashed at Sheng Yu Zhu’s waist and abdomen. There was no feeling of his attacks landing, however, and contrary to his expectations, her figure dissipated immediately after being hit. His expression froze in surprise for a moment before he quickly looked toward the Bone Demon and shouted, “Watch out!”


As soon as those words rang out, Sheng Yu Zhu suddenly appeared behind the Bone Demon. The twin sabres in her hands drew a beautiful arc as her cold voice sounded, “You should treat your Seniors with more respect.”


Although the Demon Race Half-Saints had lived many years, Sheng Yu Zhu had undoubtedly lived much longer than them; thus, she had the right to call herself ‘Senior Sheng’.




A crisp sound rang out from the Bone Demon’s neck as his head fell. The two orbs of Ghost Fire danced violently in his eye sockets as he muttered, “What…”


He didn’t even manage to see how she had attacked him before his head was chopped off cleanly. Fortunately, he was a Bone Demon. If it had been a Demon from any other Clan, they would most likely have suffered a heavy blow from that attack.


Roaring loudly, the Bone Demon’s skull-less body lifted a hand to catch his fallen head while the other hand slammed upward abruptly. Five bony fingers shot out, expanding in the wind to transform into five armoured Bone Demons wielding Demon Artifacts of different shapes and sizes. The Demon Qi coming from each Bone Demon was astounding and far beyond the level of a High-Rank Demon King. Although it was not on the level of a Half-Saint, the combined force of these five Demons was not to be underestimated either.


“Hard to kill indeed.” Sheng Yu Zhu swept her gaze around, allowing the five Bone Demons to surround her as she locked her beautiful eyes onto the Bone Demon Half-Saint again.


The Bone Demon Half-Saint placed his head back on his neck and turned it with a slight crack. Once he confirmed that there were no hidden problems with his head, he shouted angrily, “You’ll pay for that!”


Her attack had not caused him any damage, but it had frightened him quite a bit. He had been sure that it was going to be easy to take down the other party in a two-on-one battle, but who could have expected that this woman would be so difficult to deal with? Hence, he suddenly became furious out of shame.


The five Bone Demons gathered around Sheng Yu Zhu immediately took action. Five powerful Demon Artifacts flashed with light and came down on Sheng Yu Zhu all at once, resulting in a loud explosion as her figure was smashed apart.


At the same time, a chill shrouded the Bone Demon Half-Saint’s body. A sword light slashed straight across his eyes seemingly from nowhere. Even though he had long since lost his physical body, he could still feel a chill run up his spine at that moment. Even his hands and feet felt cold. The biggest weakness of Bone Demons was the Soul Fire in their eye sockets. While this Race did not have a Demon Heart, their Soul Fire was their root. If their Soul Fire was extinguished, they would immediately turn into a pile of broken bones. On the flip side, they were practically immortal so long as their Soul Fire remained safe.


*Dang…* A crisp sound rang out as a black shadow appeared out of nowhere. Sparks erupted in all directions as the Shadow Demon stopped Sheng Yu Zhu’s attack and snarled coldly, “Concentrate!”


“I know!” The Bone Demon gritted his teeth, hatred overflowing from the Soul Fire in his eye sockets, “I’m going to skin her alive!”


“Only if you have the ability,” Sheng Yu Zhu’s voice remained calm as the twin sabres in her hands turned into a storm of slashes that enveloped both the Shadow Demon and the Bone Demon.




Somewhere in a swamp, three figures were locked in pursuit. The one fleeing at the forefront was a Demon Race Half-Saint that was emitting a stench of decay similar to a corpse that was resurrected after being buried in the ground for countless years. It was a Half-Saint from the Corpse Demon Clan.


He was being chased by two Pseudo-Great Emperors of the Human Race. One of them was somebody Yang Kai had some friendly relations with, Army Commander of the Fifty-Third Army, Fu Ren Jie.


Fu Ren Jie was pretty lucky. Not long after entering the Source Sealed World, he managed to meet up with a companion. Both of them were Army Commanders from the Star Boundary, so they were quite friendly with each other. After some deliberation, they decided to cooperate on their journey to find the legendary Illusionary Heavens Furnace.


Yang Kai had not concealed the information he received from Sheng Yu Zhu; therefore, all the Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary knew to search for the Illusionary Heavens Furnace that would act as the key for them to become a Great Emperor when they entered the Profound Heavens Temple. It was just that even Yang Kai and Sheng Yu Zhu were clueless about the Illusionary Heavens Furnace, so how could the others know any more?


Nevertheless, their harvest has been great so far. There were many precious treasures to be found in this swamp that had long medicinal ages. The two of them had made quite a fortune, but everything would be in vain if they entered the Profound Heavens Temple only to fail to become a Great Emperor.


When the pair suddenly came across a Demon Race aura during their search, they immediately gave chase, which then resulted in the current situation. On the other hand, the Corpse Demon didn’t even stop to consider anything when faced with the prospect of confronting two Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary alone. He instantly turned around to escape; hence, this cat-and-mouse chase had gone on for an entire day. Although the pair tried to attack the Corpse Demon on several occasions during that period, the latter had dexterously dodged and avoided all of those attacks.


“It will be bad if we drag this out any longer! Don’t hold back!” Fu Ren Jie suddenly shouted. He was extremely annoyed that they had failed to tie down the other party after chasing him for so long.


Unfortunately, this was something that could not be helped. If the other party was determined to escape, it would not be easy for them to stop him. Seeing as it wouldn’t do anybody good to continue with this pursuit any longer, Fu Ren Jie was preparing to use some sort of powerful Divine Ability.


The middle-aged man beside Fu Ren Jie nodded and said, “I’ll stop him!”


Along with a series of crackling sounds, a smattering of lightning suddenly appeared around the man’s body. It immediately turned his entire figure into a bolt of lightning as he dashed forward in the direction of the fleeing Demon.


The Corpse Demon seemed to sense the danger coming from behind him and turned around to spew out a dense mass of Corpse Qi. The lightning bolt penetrated the Corpse Qi, however, causing a muffled groan to escape from both sides.


The figure of the middle-aged man appeared a couple thousand metres behind the Corpse Demon with an abnormal flush on his face. It was obvious that the move he used just now put a heavy burden on him; otherwise, he would have intercepted the enemy earlier and not have waited until this moment. Nevertheless, his effort paid off as there was a scorched burn mark on the shoulder of the Corpse Demon, as though he had been struck by lightning.


The World Energy in the world seethed violently and gathered around Fu Ren Jie’s body at that moment. His expression was solemn as she swiftly formed a set of hand seals and pushed his Principle Strength madly.


Thanks to the Profound Heavens Temple being a Source Sealed World, the World Energy was very rich in this place. As a result, both the Humans and the Demons experienced a great increase in the power of their Divine Abilities upon entering.


Following Fu Ren Jie’s actions, a fireball appeared in front of him. The fireball was only the size of a fist, but it was as dazzling as the sun itself. Not to mention, it was exuding a horrifyingly searing heat that made all the muddy water in the swamp evaporate rapidly.


It was conceivable that even the Corpse Demon Half-Saint would be in deep trouble if he was hit by this fireball; however, despite being in an obviously terrible situation with one enemy in front of him and the other behind him, he simply laughed evilly to himself.


The middle-aged man standing behind the Corpse Demon Half-Saint frowned and instinctively felt that something was wrong, “What are you laughing at?”


The Corpse Demon’s laughter gradually grew wilder, causing their eardrums to hurt, “Foolish Humans! Did you think I was trying to escape!? You’re wrong! I was simply buying time to refine them!”


“Refine them?” The middle-aged man frowned, wondering what the Corpse Demon meant.


On the other hand, the Corpse Demon took a deep breath with a look of joy on his face, “The Source Sealed World of the Star Boundary, the Profound Heavens Temple, really is a good place! You only see the various precious treasures lying around you. But, for this King, there are other treasures buried here…”


“Not good! Hurry up and attack!” When the middle-aged man saw the Corpse Demon’s deranged expression, he knew that they could not delay things any further even though he did not know what the other party was about to do. While urging Fu Ren Jie to speed up his preparations, his figure transformed into a flash of lightning again that struck the Corpse Demon like a punishment from the Heavens.


“Come out, my servants!” Intricate patterns flashed across the Corpse Demon’s palms, illuminating dazzling patterns. Then, he pushed his palms downwards sharply.


There was a deafening rush of noises and from the depths of the swamp emerged numerous silhouettes. Hundreds of figures appeared in the blink of an eye. Among those many figures, some headed towards the incoming lightning strike while others headed towards Fu Ren Jie who was in the process of channelling some powerful Secret Technique.


*Hong hong hong…* 


A series of explosions rang out and amidst the thunder and lightning, the figure of the middle-aged Pseudo-Great Emperor was revealed again, his complexion ashen. Meanwhile, Fu Ren Jie released his ultimate move. It was just that his attack was blocked by the incoming figures before it could approach the Corpse Demon. The flames erupted in all directions, causing more than half of those figures to be blasted into pieces. The power of the Divine Ability that took Fu Ren Jie so much time and energy to prepare was truly extraordinary. Unfortunately, all his efforts were in vain since the attack missed the Corpse Demon.


On the contrary, it was Fu Ren Jie, who performed this Secret Technique, whose breathing became a little uneven instead.


“Corpse Refinement!” The middle-aged man gritted his teeth and shouted, his expression turning slightly grim.





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