Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3770, Surprised?


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Inside the jungle, an approximately 10-metre-tall giant wolf darted from tree to tree. That giant wolf was covered in silver fur that was spotless, soft, and smooth. Moreover, it had a strong and noble figure. The aura it exuded was impressive, equivalent to a peak Monster King. Its pale blue eyes flickered with a cold light and it would look around its surroundings from time to time with an almost humanised expression.


At a certain moment, the silver giant wolf abruptly stopped in its tracks, cocked its ears, and listened to something carefully. Then, it turned around and ran off in another direction.


Over a thousand kilometres away from where the giant silver wolf was located, a violent energy was running rampant inside a deep mountain valley. There were several figures colliding and clashing with each other in a great battle. The impact of these powerful forces stirred up everything in the mountain valley, causing a hazy and dusty atmosphere to fill the air. It should have been a place with extremely beautiful scenery, but it was now a completely dilapidated mess.


Sword Qi flashed, followed by an icy burst of Sword Intent. The entire mountain valley was shrouded in ice and the ground was covered with frost. Amidst the clashing sounds, a slender figure was pushed back several dozen metres.


Bing Yun immediately stabilised her stance, her fair face flushing with a faint tinge of red. Suppressing the churning vitality in her body, she furrowed her brow together deeply as she stared hard at the two enemies overflowing with Demon Qi in front of her. One was tall and the other was short.


Understanding her situation, she sighed softly, [This is going to be very troublesome.]


She had encountered these two Half-Saints by chance in the Profound Heavens Temple. Unfortunately, she was alone while there were two enemies. Hence, there was nothing much to say about her situation. A battle immediately broke out between them and although Bing Yun was determined to escape, the opposing two Half-Saints naturally would never give her the chance to flee. They chased her all this way into this mountain valley and eventually blocked off all her escape routes. Forced into a corner, Bing Yun turned to confront them instead.


While she was also a Pseudo-Great Emperor, she only became one some ten years ago. How could she compare to the two veteran Half-Saints who had centuries of accumulation behind them, much less when the two of them were working together?


The way forward was rather rocky seeing as she could neither escape nor win against them. Even so, Bing Yun’s expression remained cold and indifferent. She had been cultivating for so many years now that she had long since become indifferent to the prospect of death. Along the way, she enjoyed all the beautiful sceneries of life and was also more than fortunate to participate in this event that only occurred once in tens of thousands of years. Even if she lost her life in the Profound Heavens Temple, she would not have any regrets.


The only thing she could not forget was Yang Kai. She had already made plans to protect him before she entered the Profound Heavens Temple. She was supposed to support him together with Yang Yan so that he could seize that one and only opportunity to become a Great Emperor and rescue the Star Boundary from its current crisis. Unfortunately, more than ten days had passed since she entered this place and while she came across many good things during this time, she could not find any trace of Yang Kai.


[But… Forget it. I can’t even take care of myself right now. There’s no time to worry about others.] Bing Yun took a small breath and raised her longsword as Ice Principles churned around her.


On the opposite side, the two Demon Race Half-Saints stared at Bing Yun coldly. The taller one had scarlet eyes and even his hair seemed to be dyed with fresh blood. It was obvious that he belonged to the Blood Demon Clan. Meanwhile, the shorter one was full of muscles and explosive power. He was clearly from the Strength Demon Clan.


The two Demons had joined forces to suppress Bing Yun which made this quite a simple matter. As long as nothing unexpected occurred, this battle was destined to end with her death. What the two of them had to do was finish this battle at the smallest price possible.


The Blood Demon stared at the flawless woman dressed in white in front of him, stuck out his tongue, and licked his lips, “There is a smell of ice. Her blood will definitely be delicious. Don’t kill her later. I want to drink every single drop of her blood.”


The Strength Demon coldly snorted, “Kill first, talk later.”


The woman in front of him was certainly a stunning beauty, it was just that… Having reached this level of cultivation and strength, what kind of woman had he not seen before? Needless to say, he was not going to let his guard down just because of a beautiful woman. No matter how beautiful the woman opposite him was, she was still a Pseudo-Great Emperor. She might be able to drag one of them down with her in a desperate counterattack.


“Fine, fine, how boring!” The Blood Demon did not dig his heels in on this matter. While speaking, he inadvertently glanced at a rocky outcropping not far away and smiled contemptuously.


Likewise, the Strength Demon also glanced in that direction, snorted coldly, and stopped paying attention to whatever was in that direction.


In the next moment, the Blood Demon transformed into a streak of bloody light and rushed towards Bing Yun, followed closely by the Strength Demon. Although the Strength Demon’s speed was slower, the ground shattered under his feet as he moved and his punch blasted out before he even arrived. Moreover, his fist was shrouded in an aura that seemed capable of shattering worlds.


Bing Yun’s expression remained unchanged as she drew a large circle in front of her with her long sword. Ice Principles filled the air along with a chill cold enough to penetrate the heart. The large circle was followed by a smaller circle, and then another even smaller circle. Circle after circle, the concentric rings intertwined, seemingly derived from each other with a sense of infinity.


The Blood Demon plunged straight into the endless Sword Circles and his bare figure was revealed in an instant. When the Sword Intent swept across him, his clothes were cut to pieces and countless small wounds appeared on his skin. However, the fresh blood that flowed from the wound seemed almost like a sentient creature, transforming into numerous Blood Snakes that penetrated the barrier formed by the Sword Circles and attacked Bing Yun directly.


Bing Yun frowned in response and while continuing to draw circles with her sword, she fluttered backwards in retreat.


Meanwhile, the Strength Demon emerged out of nowhere, falling from the sky and smashing his fists downward. There was a loud explosion and the interlocking Sword Circles lost their shape, opening a flaw in Bing Yun’s defences.


At that moment, the Blood Demon took the opportunity to slip through and let out a maniacal laugh, “Surrender without a fight if you know what’s good for you! You’ll suffer less that way!”


He was still fervently hoping to capture her alive in order to refine her blood little by little at a later date, but in the next moment, he frowned. A hostile look appeared on his face and he looked to the side and snapped, “An ant that doesn’t know its place!”


Just as he was about to make his move, a ten-metre-tall and unbelievably robust silver giant wolf suddenly leapt out of the rocky outcropping with its fangs bared. Its huge figure moved about with unimaginable agility as it opened its mouth wide to bite off the Blood Demon’s head.


The Blood Demon was so furious that he laughed instead. This silver giant wolf might look quite extraordinary, but it was still just a Monster Beast comparable to a Monster King in strength. He did not know if it had lost its mind or something for it to gain the courage to attack him. 


In any case, he had already noticed the wolf when it first appeared in this place. The gap in their strength was massive after all. Besides, he was certain that he was not the only one who noticed it. His companion and the Human woman had most certainly noticed this wolf too. It was just that a Monster King had no right to intervene in a battle between a Pseudo-Great Emperor and Half-Saints, so the three of them had ignored it completely. At least… until this moment when the silver giant wolf suddenly attacked.


This situation was no different from a child rushing into an adult’s battle; thus, the Blood Demon was amazed by how ignorant and fearless this wolf was. He raised his hand and pointed, and while no force seemed to appear from his finger, the silver giant wolf lunging at him suddenly whimpered. All the blood in its body began to boil and its originally robust body began to swell up in a very short time. It didn’t take long before it exploded into a blood mist with a loud bang.


Blood Demons were masters when it came to blood manipulation. As long as blood existed, it would serve as the foundation for them to perform their Secret Techniques. Although the giant silver wolf was equivalent to a Monster King and was quite powerful, how could it withstand the force behind a Blood Demon Half-Saint’s attack?


Seeming to have expected this result, the Blood Demon ignored the giant silver wolf after pointing his finger at it and turned his attention back to Bing Yun. Contrary to his expectations, however, he suddenly saw a new figure out of the corner of his eyes. The figure appeared out of nowhere from the middle of the blood mist that used to be the silver wolf just now. 


The Blood Demon turned pale in shock, but before he could even see what was going on, he turned into a bloody light and quickly retreated.


At that moment, a cold light was released and a spear shadow thrust out. The whole world seemed to become frozen for a moment.


Bing Yun’s Sword Intent had been disrupted, so her aura was slightly disordered as a result. Glancing at the figure who popped up in front of her without any warning, surprise flashed across her eyes; then, she immediately broke into a smile.


[So, that’s how it is! No wonder the Monster Beast on the level of a Monster King acted so foolishly and even dared to intervene in a battle that was beyond its level.] She originally thought that the reason behind the silver giant wolf’s behaviour was that it had yet to gain sentience. Now it would seem that it had nothing to do with its intelligence at all. It was obvious that it was being controlled by somebody else; after all, a Monster Beast would act according to instinct even before it gained sentience and no Monster Beast would be so stupid as to throw itself to its death.


When Bing Yun broke out into a smile, the Blood Demon who retreated previously widened his eyes abruptly instead, his scarlet pupils trembling violently as he gritted his teeth and shouted, “Yang Kai!”


The figure that had appeared without any warning from the middle of the blood mist was none other than the target that the Demon Saints had specifically ordered to kill!


At this moment, the person who was regarded as a thorn in the side by all the Demon Race Half-Saints was standing with his back to the Blood Demon. Yang Kai was holding a spear with both hands. In addition, there was a short and sturdy figure pierced through on the tip of his spear. That figure was the Strength Demon from before.


The Azure Dragon Spear and been thrust through the Strength Demon’s chest and out through his back, piercing a hole right through him. An injury of this level was not something that could be taken lightly even for a Half-Saint.


Hanging from the tip of the Azure Dragon Spear, the Strength Demon stared at Yang Kai who was standing less than a metre away from him, his eyes widened with a look of disbelief mixed with a trace of bloodthirsty hatred.


This had started off as a two-on-one battle where the Demons held the upper hand. Who could have expected Yang Kai to pop up out of nowhere? The perfect situation turned around in an instant because of his appearance.


Yang Kai tilted his head and glanced at the Strength Demon with a sinister smile curling the corners of his mouth, “Surprised? Happy to see me?”


The Strength Demon grunted, gripping the Azure Dragon Spear with both hands as he squirmed and exerted force into his hands, as if trying to pull it out.


“Well? Say something!” Yang Kai flicked his wrist and a Dragon Roar immediately sounded from the Azure Dragon Spear. A wave of Supreme Dragon Pressure, along with Yang Kai’s Martial Truth flooded into the Strength Demon’s body through his open wound like a raging tide.


The Strength Demon opened his mouth and spat out a large amount of blood, his expression suddenly becoming livid.


Fresh blood sprayed down and drenched Yang Kai’s face, but he did not flinch. The crimson liquid only made his smile seem even more wicked than before, as if a malevolent Devil Lord was standing here.


The aura coming from Yang Kai made Bing Yun, who was standing behind him, frown slightly and she couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable.


“Die!” The Strength Demon suddenly opened his mouth and roared. He stopped trying to pull himself from the spear and instead used it to propel himself closer and smashed his fist down on Yang Kai. His desperate blow was fuelled by all the strength he could muster and space shattered in response.


Unperturbed, Yang Kai held the spear in one hand, clenched his other hand into a fist, and punched. When the two fists clashed against each other, a huge shockwave spread out into the surroundings from where they stood.




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